Friday, December 2, 2016

CONGRATS MINIMUM WAGE PROTESTERS! McDonald’s Unveils Job-Replacing Self-Service Kiosks Nationwide

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:
The “Fight for 15” movement has been staging protests for the last few years, insisting that fast food workers get a minimum wage of $15 dollars. They don’t care about the economic reality of their demands, they just want what they want. They also refuse to understand that being a fast food cashier is a starter job, not a career.
Many people warned them that their demand would have a negative impact on these jobs, as business owners would look for ways to work around them. That time has arrived.
Former McDonald’s CEO Ed Rensi writes at Forbes:
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Sudden Scramble For Gold In China Sends Premiums To 3 Year High

While paper gold traders can't seem to dump the precious metal fast enough, physical gold demand is soaring around the world. India retail premiums are spiking (amid demonetization), local China premiums soar to a 3-year-high (as capital controls loom), and coin sales from the US Mint have risen for the 4th straight month, accelerating post-election to the highest since July 2015 since Trump's victory at the election.

Nigel Farage in Copenhagen: ‘Year Of Political Revolution’ Proved ‘Total Disaster’ For ‘Media Broadcast Industry’

by Matthew Boyle, Breitbart:
COPENHAGEN, Denmark — Nigel Farage, the outgoing UK Independence Party leader who secured the Brexit victory in the EU referendum, told Breitbart News the legacy, corporate, and establishment media industry is one of the biggest losers in this “year of political revolution” around the world.
“This has been a year of political revolution and there’s been a total disaster for the poll industry and the media broadcast industry,” Farage told Breitbart News ahead of delivering the keynote address at the NewsXchange conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.
“If they got Brexit wrong, they got Trump doubly wrong,” said Farage, who went on to outline what he would be discussing in his keynote address.
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ONLY Alternative Media Should have access to the White House for Press Conferences...

Trump Should Replace The MSM White House Press Corps With Alternative Media

by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:
Over the past year and a half President-Elect Donald Trump has managed to shine a bright white spotlight on the mainstream media and exposed them as the number one source of manufactured and “fake” news across the world. He has done so by exposing their extreme biases, then using those same biases to garner free media and spread his message further than any campaign could through advertising alone.
This is a pattern seen through the primary campaign, into the general election campaign and one that Trump is continuing to utilize presently, and the MSM, having learned nothing, is still taking the rope Trump continues to hand them and hanging themselves with it.
In March 2016, before the primaries had even concluded, it was reported that Trump had received more “free media” than all of the other Republican candidates combined, as well as garnering more than both Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders combined.
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Clinton & Trump Aides Forum Devolves Into Screaming Match - "I Would Rather Lose Than Win The Way You Did"

"I would rather lose than win the way you guys did," ..... "I can tell you are angry, but wow... Will you ever accept the election results?" And it went down-hill from there...

Weekend Reading: Trumponomics

“The problem for Trump is that we no longer reside in the 80’s where a large group of ‘baby boomers’ were entering the workforce and driving a massive wave of innovation and productivity changes.  Today, we are on the wrong side of the demographic trends combined with falling productivity and labor force growth.”

Michigan Rejects Trump's Objection - Recounts Are Cleared To Start Next Week

"If allowed to proceed, the statewide hand recount could cost Michigan taxpayers millions of dollars and would put Michigan voters at risk of being disenfranchised in the electoral college."

Tech, Small Caps Suffer Worst Week In 10 Months As Trump Hangover Hits

VP Pence Lays Out Aggressive Agenda For First 100 Days

“I think the only thing that will surprise them is that Washington, D.C., is going to get an awful lot done in a short period of time.”

Death, Gold, & Taxes

A man from the French region of Normandy recently inherited a house from a deceased relative, only to discover his newly acquired home was actually a secret gold depository. However, this story of good fortune doesn’t end as happily as we would like...

Democrats Define Insanity

Presented with no comment...

The Bureaucracy Is Now More Powerful Than Congress

Who creates federal laws? Civics books say it is Congress, but the real answer today may be the executive branch. A recent report showed that the 229 major regulations issued since 2009 added over $100 billion in annual costs (according to the regulatory agencies), $22 billion coming in 2015. With estimates of the total regulatory costs now exceeding income tax burdens at over $2 trillion annually, regulations were far more burdensome for many Americans than legislation.

Chernobyl 'Safe' For Another Century Thanks To World's Largest Moving Structure

Over 30 years after a botched test at the Soviet nuclear plant sent clouds of smoldering nuclear material across large swathes of Europe, the world's largest land-based moving structure has been slid over the Chernobyl nuclear disaster site to prevent deadly radiation spewing from the stricken reactor for the next 100 years.

OPEC Deal Could Trigger Drilling Boom In U.S. Shale

If anyone is cheering the news of an OPEC deal it is U.S. shale producers.

These Were The Best And Worst Performing Assets In November And YTD

Iran Furious After Obama Said To Extend Iran Sanctions; Oil Jumps To 2016 Highs

Until today, the White House had not pushed for an extension of the Iran sanctions act, but that changed moments ago when Reuters reported that Obama is expected to extend the Iran sactions, in effect not only jeopardizing his own Nuclear treaty, but also threatening to cut as much as 1 million barrels in Iranian oil output should Trump reimpose the full Iranian sanctions next year. In response oil jumped to new 2016 highs.

Beyond Income Inequality

Can the current iteration of global capitalism be reformed, or is it poised to be replaced by some other mode of production?

Saving Face: America’s TPP Disaster

by Joseph Thomas, New Eastern Outlook:
Long before US President-elect Donald Trump even began his presidential campaign, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was already crumbling along with the rest of America’s so-called “pivot to Asia” policy.
In late 2011, then US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would begin promoting what was called “America’s Pacific Century.” A US State Department archive containing Secretary Clinton’s remarks on the subject would reveal the “pivot to Asia” being promoted as (our emphasis):
…a need for a more dynamic and durable transpacific system, a more mature security and economic architecture that will promote security, prosperity, and universal values, resolve differences among nations, foster trust and accountability, and encourage effective cooperation on the scale that today’s challenges demand.
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How December 4 Could Trigger the “Most Violent Economic Shock in History”

by Nick Giambruno, International Man:
It was the one moment that convinced Hitler suicide was better than surrendering.
On the morning of April 29, 1945, the bodies of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini and his mistress were dumped like garbage into Milan’s Piazzale Loreto.
A large mob of Italians quickly gathered. They pelted the former leader’s corpse with vegetables. They spat on it. They urinated on it. Some even emptied their pistols into his lifeless body.
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Credit Cycles and Gold

by Alasdair Macleod, GoldMoney:
The Trump shock produced some unexpected market reactions, partly explained by investors buying into a risk-on argument,equities over bonds and buying dollars by selling other currencies and gold.
This is because President-elect Trump has stated he will implement infrastructure investment and tax-cut policies. If he pursues this plan, it will lead to larger fiscal deficits, and higher interest rates. The global aspect of the markets recalibration focuses on the strains between the dollar on one side, and the euro and the yen on the other, both still mired in negative interest rates. The capital flows obviously favour the dollar, and are putting the Eurocurrency markets under considerable strain.
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German Government’s Plan to Seize All Farms in Crisis

by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:
Merkel’s Federal Cabinet has decided on new plans to supply the population in disasters, reports the Reuters news agency. The draft law adopted on Wednesday according to participant data provides inter alia new powers of the authorities. According to this, farms or other foodstuffs can be confiscated in order to ensure the nutrition of the population. The emergency plans are to take effect if a large number of Germans can no longer cover the free market with food. Examples of catastrophes are martial conflicts, a large-area power failure, a pandemic or a stop with large-area radioactive radiation.
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Why You Should Never Talk To The Police

by Ken Jorgustin, Modern Survival Blog:
Of their many duties, the police are there to enforce the law – not to interpret the law with regards to a judgement of you and the circumstance you may be in.
Depending on the circumstances, you may be arrested, even if you are innocent. But here’s the thing… when a LEO reads you your Miranda rights, take them seriously. Tell them that you’re taking ‘the fifth’ (the 5th Amendment to the Constitution) to avoid self-incrimination and you want an attorney, and then keep quiet until you have an attorney – even if you’re innocent!
The ‘Miranda warning’ wording varies, but here it is:

“You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have a right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you.”

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