Monday, December 19, 2016

Donald Trump Seals Electoral College Victory, Officially Becomes 45th US President

It's officially over: Donald Trump has secured 304 Electoral Votes following the Texas vote (with 2 faithless electors), officially securing the presidency of the United States.

The Best Election Map Yet

Behold, the Clinton archipelago...

Caution: Protection Required

Negativity has been replaced by positivity, any sense of caution has been thrown to the wind, bullishness is pervasive and bears look like idiots. In short: All the conditions one wants to see if one is interested in a market fade or at least in getting some protection.

Shit Hits The Fan for 10,000 workers...

Car-tastrophe - GM, Fiat Chrysler Idle 7 Plants; Over 10,000 Workers Affected

Just weeks after Ford idled four plants "due to slowing sales", GM and Fiat Chrysler announced today that they will idle seven plants across Canada and US as they work to reduce near-record high inventories amid weakening sales. Just over 10,000 workers will be idled.

12 Dead, 48 Injured After Pakistan-Born Refugee Rammed Truck Into Berlin Christmas Market

A truck plowed into a crowd at a busy Christmas market in western Berlin leaving 12 dead according to Berlin police, and 48 people injured. The driver of the truck has been arrested (identifed as a Pakistan-born refugee who arrived in Germany in Feb 2016), and his co-driver (a Polish national) is said to have died during the crash.

THe END oF HoPe...

You open your big mouth, you are fair game...


CalPERS Announces Plans To Sell $15BN In Equities Over Next Two Years

The CalPERS board just reduced their target equity allocation by 5% indicating they will be net sellers of approximately $15 billion in equities over the next next two years.

Financialism, Not Capitalism

In short, we’ve wasted just about ten years calling a depression a recovery, and all because money is so unstable that it has become, for the mainstream as well as mainstream authorities, unrecognizable. If you don’t know what money is, you aren’t going to know when money is a problem.

Saddam Hussein's CIA Interrogator Admits Being Convinced He Should Have Been Left In Power

“You are going to fail. You are going to find that it is not so easy to govern Iraq.  You are going to fail in Iraq because you do not know the language, the history, and you do not understand the Arab mind.”

Trump Urges "Civilized World Must Change" After Today's Terror Attacks

Trump's Oil Price Dilemma

It looks like the president-elect is beginning to assemble a team to deliver on at least part of his campaign promises of 'An America First Energy Plan'. But Trump’s promised rise of oil and gas production over the years could have several consequences...

IMHO...He will be recruiting his kind of Terrorists...

Obama Vows To Use Retirement To Become "Recruiting Scout" For Young Democratic Talent 

"What I am interested in is just developing a whole new generation of talent.  There are such incredible young people...I've seen passionate about issues like climate change, or conservation, criminal justice reform. You know, campaigns to — for a livable wage, or health insurance."

Lock the Bitch up...

IMF Board Expresses "Full Support" In Christine Lagarde Despite Negligence Conviction

"The Executive Board took all relevant factors into account in its discussions, including the Managing Director's outstanding leadership of the Fund and the wide respect and trust for her leadership globally," the executive board said in a statement. "In this context, the Executive Board reaffirms its full confidence in the Managing Director’s ability to continue to effectively carry out her duties."

Monday Humor? Obama Warns Trump On Use Of "Executive Orders"

The President who once taunted Republicans in Congress with phrases like "elections mean something" and "I've got a pen, and I've got a phone" before signing a litany of executive orders, is now admonishing President-elect Trump on doing the same.

Obama Hits The Golf Course After Learning About Turkey, Berlin Attacks

"During his vacation in Hawaii, President Barack Obama has been briefed by his national security team on the assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey. The president on Monday directed his team to give him updates as warranted. After a morning workout, Obama headed to Lanikai, where he will play golf at Mid Pacific Country Club."

Russian Ambassador In Turkey Murdered In Terrorist Attack By Shooter Screaming "Allahu Akbar" - Live Feed

The Russian ambassador to Turkey, Andrey Karlov, has been shot dead after an armed attack in Ankara.

How Is Martin Sheen Any Different Than Vladimir Putin?

So if Russia messes with the political process to advance Donald Trump (as the official narrative goes), it’s evil. Yet when Martin Sheen blatantly tries to manipulate the election against Donald Trump with a pathetic piece of propaganda, the New York Times is noticeably silent.

More Electors Mutiny Against Hillary: Three Cast Votes For Colin Powell, One For "Faith Spotted Eagle"

Drama unfolded in Washington State, where four members of the Electoral College cast their votes for a candidate other than Democrat Hillary Clinton. Clinton received eight votes, former Secretary of State Colin Powell got three, and Faith Spotted Eagle, an elder in the Yankton Dakota tribe, got one.

Bonds Have Best Day In Over 3 Months Amid China Carnage, Turkey Terror, & Berlin Bloodbath

Bill Clinton: "James Comey Cost Her The Election"

"[Trump] doesn't know much...One thing he does know is how to get angry, white men to vote for him."

Putin Says Assassination Of Russian Ambassador Is Provocation Aimed At Disrupting Syria Peace Process

"This murder is clearly a provocation aimed at undermining the improvement and normalization of Russian-Turkish relations, as well as undermining the peace process in Syria promoted by Russia, Turkey, Iran and other countries interested in settling the conflict in Syria," Putin said in a statement on Monday evening.

The Deep State Blues

This dishonest meme was also designed by The Deep State to distract the public from the substance of the emails disclosed by WikiLeaks - namely, the scamming and trickery of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), and the influence-peddling of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation, which had her flirting with indictment last summer, and only reinforced her already-established public image as an unscrupulous person.

China Responds To Trump - "We Don't Like The Word 'Steal'"

On Monday, China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokeswoman Hua Chunying took a swipe at Trump when he said that “we don’t like the word ‘steal’ -- the word is absolutely inaccurate" in response to Trump's Saturday tweet. He then added that "This is just like you found a thing on the street, and you have to take a look and investigate it to see if the thing belongs to one who wants it back."

Kissinger: Trump Could Go Down in History as a ‘Very Considerable President’

by Pam Key, Breitbart:
Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Presidents Richard Nixon and President Gerald Ford’s former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger said President-elect Donald Trump, “has the possibility of going down in history as a very considerable president.”
Kissinger said, “Donald Trump is a phenomenon that foreign countries haven’t seen. So it shocking experience to them that he came into office. At the same time extraordinary opportunity. And I believe he has the possibility of going down in history as a very considerable president because every country now has two things to consider. One, their perception that the previous president or the outgoing president basically withdrew America from international politics so they had to make their own assessment of the necessities.”
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‘Be Ready For The Madness’ – Inauguration Day Chaos Being Orchestrated Now

by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:
Desperate liberal snowflakes that cannot handle the fact that their presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, did not win the presidency, have done everything in their limited power to prevent President-Elect Donald Trump from taking his place as the 45th President of the United States. Now Soros-linked groups are planning complete Inauguration Day chaos for Washington DC on January 20, 2017.
They tried to steal the election by petitioning for recounts, which ended in utter failure as the one state they won their bid for recounts in, ended up widening Trump’s lead.
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James Clapper Refuses to Brief Congress on the Proof That Russia Hacked the DNC

by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:
I am sorry, but he has not basis to refuse to show his evidence. He is clearly trying to instigate a revolution in the Electoral College. He should be held in CONTEMPT of Congress and he is clearly playing politics now with the intelligence community. This is just showing how far we have gone already from our model’s forecast that 2015.75 was the PEAK IN GOVERNMENT. This is becoming blatantly obvious. Congress should hold Clapper in prison on Contempt until he agrees to brief the nation showing the EVIDENCE that the DNC was hacked by Russia. Even if it was, the emails released have exposed unbelievable corruption and collusion between the Democrats and the media, who obviously will not really push this issue for their own conflict of interest issues.
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The Final Currency War, Part lll-China’s Revenge!

Andy Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

“When gold goes above $1,430, we whack it.”  This, one of the hundreds of blatantly collusive “chat” messages between UBS and Deutschebank gold traders between 2004 and 2013, per this article from the PM communities’ newest champion, Allan Flynn of the “Comex we have a problem” blog.  Who, as was the case a week ago, when he publishedequally damning communications regarding the relentless manipulation of silver during that period, has uncovered all the evidence anyone could ever need to prove Wall Street has been involved in suppressing prices for more than a decade.
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In October 2017, Will the CIA Regret Its Fight with Trump?

by Jacob G. Hornberger, via Lew Rockwell:
The fight between President-Elect Trump and the CIA over Russia’s alleged interference with the U.S. presidential election could have a major impact on what is set to happen in October 2017. That is the month when thousands of the CIA’s super-secret records relating to the assassination of President Kennedy are set to be finally released to the public, after more than a half-century of secrecy.
When the Warren Commission published its report on the assassination in 1964, it ordered that many of the records relating to the assassination be kept secret for 75 years. Of course, that secrecy ruling never made any sense given the Commission’s official finding — that JFK had been assassinated by a lone nut. If it were really just a lone-nut assassination, why not order a release of everything relating to the case, especially since the supposed lone nut had himself been assassinated? And why 75 years of secrecy?
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WATCH: Honest News Anchor Destroys CIA Russia Hack Claims in Under 5 Minutes

by Claire Bernish, The Free Thought Project:
When unnamed officials with the CIA recently claimed Russia hacked the U.S. presidential election, but failed to provide any evidence, suspicions immediately circulated that the allegation constituted a fabrication — particularly as left-leaning corporate media unquestioningly parroted the story.
This, after the Washington Post first tried — and miserably failed — to convince the U.S. populace professional Russian propagandists were running nearly every alternative and independent media outlet, and had plotted to smear Hillary Clinton to ensure Donald Trump’s victory.
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Not So Happy New Year: The Conflicts That Could Lead to WWIII in 2017

from Sputnik News:
President-elect Trump will have a lot on his plate in dealing with foreign policy hotspots when he steps into the Oval Office. Last week, the Council on Foreign Relations listed a possible NATO-Russia war, a Korean peninsula standoff and terrorism as the main ‘high impact’ threats to the US. But there are other dangers. Sputnik takes a closer look.
Last week, the CFR, an influential US think tank which has many senior US politicians, academics and senior media figures as members, released its annual survey of the “top international concerns” for US national security for 2017.
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from InfoWars:
Biomorphic warhogs
An eye-catching video showing Chinese combat biomorphic robots has emerged in the Internet.
Chinese military biomorphic robots resembling animals were spotted in a video which found its way to the Internet, Russian newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta reported.
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Rising Rates in Imploding Bond Markets

by Larry Edelson, Deviant Investor:
“If you give it more than 5 seconds of brain time, it’s too much. Of course, Yellen was going to raise the Fed funds rate today. Free market forces have already done it for her over the past four or so weeks.
She could no longer not raise rates any more than I could stop ISIS all by myself, dead in its tracks on a moment’s notice.
Or change today’s weather. Or any market for that matter. All of this stuff is preordained in advance by the powers-that-be, which are essentially:
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