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The Currency Collapse That’s Happening Right Now

from Uncommon Wisdom:

You may have heard warnings of a currency collapse. And one is happening now. But it’s not the US dollar or the euro — it’s the Iranian Rial. Here’s a chart showing how many Rial it takes to buy a dollar over the last 70 days.
Interestingly, Iran has responded to the crisis by blocking several gold and currency rate websites. It’s the government equivalent of putting fingers in the ears and singing “La-la-la, I can’t HEAR you!!!”
Maybe next, the Iranian government can outlaw mentioning “Zimbabwe”.
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, speaking at Tehran press-conference yesterday, said that the Central Bank of Iran will eventually sort out this problem of jumping currency rates.
Sure, sure. But what will the exchange rate be when that happens?
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Putting the BULL Back into Gold BULLION: Three of the World’s Wealthiest Go For GOLD 

by David Potts, Financial Review:

Three of the world’s four richest investors are batting for gold, so the wonder is why its price isn’t a lot higher.
It is hovering around $US1775 an ounce and well below its record just over a year ago of $US1923; bullion has yet to beat its 1980 peak of $US2467 in today’s dollars.
Billionaire hedge fund traders including George Soros, who two years ago called gold “the ultimate bubble” at $US1275 an ounce and subsequently sold down his holdings, and John Paulson, who famously bet against sub-prime mortgages before they imploded, have lifted their holdings of gold substantially through exchange-traded funds.
These are low-fee managed funds listed on the New York Stock Exchange, which invest in bullion, tracking its price cent for cent.
Paulson’s own hedge fund is reportedly 44 per cent gold.
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Is The IMF Now Recommending Capital Controls...?

It takes all of three seconds on the ground in Spain to realize that this country is hurting. Big time. It’s amazing what the combination of debt, deceit, and a bona fide banking collapse can do to a nation.  Consequently, depositors are moving money out of the country en masse, often to the tiny principality of Andorra next door - a highly capitalized, low tax banking jurisdiction. This leaves the already thinly-capitalized Spanish banks in an even weaker position. As we have painstakingly pointed out a number of times, the way the banking system works in most of the world is a complete fraud since most banks only hold a tiny percentage of their customers’ deposits in cash. The moment there are more than a handful of depositors wanting their money back, the bank has a big problem. This is happening nationwide in Spain. As such, the IMF is now recommending that Spain (and other nations in the eurozone periphery) take action “at the national level” to stem this flight of funds and prevent people from moving money abroad. Capital controls by any other name should smell so foul.

More Incredibly Important Developments In Both Gold & Silver 

from KingWorldNews:

Today King World News is reporting on more incredibly important developments taking place in the gold and silver markets. Acclaimed commodity trader Dan Norcini updates KWN readers globally on what the key players are doing right now in these critical markets, and what to expect next as the battle in the gold and silver markets continues to rage.
Norcini has been stunningly accurate in his predictions of the movement of the gold and silver markets. Now the acclaimed trader discusses these important developments in both metals: “$1,800 has been a critical resistance level that has now been reinforced three times. This level has a great deal of technical significance because the bulls have attacked the $1,800 area on those three separate occasions, but each attempt has been rebuffed.”
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How To Identify The True Enemies Of Freedom...

The greatest and most often exploited weakness of any revolution for freedom is the inability of the downtrodden populace to identify the true enemy. Even the most successful battles against despotism, like the American Revolution, often only had a distant sense of who they were really fighting against. In the coming years, the American people will face numerous threats; some real, some imagined in the sterile conference rooms of a black-hearted think tanks.  But, the most terrifying threat to our cultural roots of free thought, expression, and prosperity is wielded by a very particular and exclusive group of thin-blooded ego-maniacs.  Identifying them is not difficult.  Hiding their true nature is nearly impossible for a person or institution whose narcissism is so pronounced.  They adore their own insanity and wish to share it with the world.

Freedom: A Truly Unknown Ideal 

by Ed Bugos, Dollar Vigilante:

Economics is a relatively new science. It is called a dismal science by some. Others refuse to acknowledge it as a science altogether. Rather, for them it is a branch of what is dubiously called “political science” (an oxymoron if there ever was one) propagated by bourgeoisie sycophants. Before moving on, let’s quickly dispense with this nonsense. It is quite obvious to anyone participating in the libertarian or free market movements today that the biggest threat to freedom in the last few decades has come from the right—the supposed bourgeoisie—which uses the state to impose a form of “state capitalism” (distinct from free market capitalism) on society whereby they use the state to limit free competition, tilt the playing field, and earn “rent”, or income over and above what the free market would have earned them. These robber barons are no friends of free market capitalism which is for the young and not so rich who wish to become rich one day. It is the untried type. And that is a fact that has yet to dawn on the left wing strata of modern society who seem to believe that if only we could tie the hands of the rich—so they cannot use the state in this way— then the field would be open for the left to achieve their egalitarian utopia. The point is that the voice of freedom and free market capitalism does not come from the left, center, or right, in the traditional sense. Rather, it comes from all of those corners to one extent or other, though usually a very minor extent of each. Free market capitalism is laissez faire capitalism which means little or no government. And although the right claims this idea rhetorically, it has scarcely ever really aimed for it. It simply pays lip service to it, and that plays right into the hands of the socialists.
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Forget Class-Warfare; It's Age-Warfare We Should Worry About

As class-warfare implicitly breaks out - trumpeted by our political leaders - it seems that there is another, much more relevant, trend that is occurring that strikes at the heart of our nation. With Friday's jobs number still fresh in our minds, Citi's Steve Englander takes a look at one small slice of the demographics subject and found a rather concerning and little discussed fact. Employment-to-population ratios among older individuals have gone up in recent years, in contrast to the so-called prime-aged 25-54 cohort, where employment-to-population is much lower than earlier. It seems the real divide in this nation is not between rich and poor but old and young - as the 55-plus (and even more 65-plus) are forced to stay in the workplace as retirement remains a dream (thanks to ZIRP and Keynesianism's excess crises from boom-to-bust leave median wealth well down - even if the rich are 'ok').

Mixed Beige Book Lives Up To Its Name

Stocks popped on some bloomberg flashing red headlines from the Fed's Beige Book but quickly faded as bonds did not move. The reality - summed up in the worldcloud - is 'mixed' - for sales, for prices, for demand, for jobs:

Stocks Slump To Post-QEternity Lows; At Draghi Cliff's Edge

We had the knee-jerk reaction spike. That was faded. Then we had the retest as hope remained - though it was led by the most defensive sectors as we have pointed out. That was faded. Double-top? S&P futures now sit at the top of the Draghi/ECB spike cliff...

Goldman On The Reality Of The Jobs Market

Some prefer to see the 'employment' glass half-full, some half-empty, and others see the glass smashed into a million shards on the keynesian kitchen floor. The zealousness with which the 'number' has been dismissed and praised has generated more questions than answers. Goldman's Jan Hatzius addresses the question of the pace of progress in the labor market, the reasons for the contrast between GDP and employment, the amount of slack left, and the implications for Fed policy.

The CEO Letter Heard Around The World "Vote Obama; Lose Your Job"

NewsBusters reports on THE letter from David Siegel, the founder and CEO of real estate company Westgate Resorts on Monday threatened to fire some employees if Barack Obama is reelected and carries out his plan to raise taxes on the so-called rich. The following are highlights from an email message sent by Siegel to his staff that was obtained and verified as authentic by Gawker. "The economy doesn't currently pose a threat to your job. What does threaten your job however, is another 4 years of the same Presidential administration. So, when you make your decision to vote, ask yourself, which candidate understands the economics of business ownership and who doesn't? Whose policies will endanger your job?"

Microwave for 2-3 seconds to kill RFID chips... 

Texas schools punish students who refuse to be tracked with microchips

from RT:
A school district in Texas came under fire earlier this year when it announced that it would require students to wear microchip-embedded ID cards at all times. Now, students who refuse to be monitored say they are feeling the repercussions.
Since October 1, students at John Jay High School and Anson Jones Middle School in San Antonio, Texas, have been asked to attend class with photo ID cards equipped with radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips to track every pupil’s location. Educators insist that the endeavor is being rolled out in Texas to stem the rampant truancy devastating the school’s funding. If the program is judged successful, the RFID chips could soon come to 112 schools in all and affect nearly 100,000 students.
Students who refuse to walk the school halls with the card in their pocket or around their neck claim they are being tormented by instructors, and are barred from participating in certain school functions. Some also said they were turned away from common areas like cafeterias and libraries.
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Lindsey Williams: The Final Countdown

from InfoWars:

Alex talks with pastor Lindsey Williams who has tracked the machinations of the elite as they choreograph the destruction of national economies and the sovereignty of nations. Williams is the author if The Energy Non-Crisis. Alex also takes your calls on today’s show.

US Intelligence Committee Claims Chinese Corporations Are National Security Threat

by Susanne Posel, Occupy Corporatism:

The US House Intelligence Committee (USHIC) is warning American corporations in a new report against conducting business with 2 Chinese firms because of national security threats. Both Huawei Technologies and ZTE, two of the world’s largest telecommunications corporations and suppliers of cellular phones and technology are being highlighted by the US government and blamed for cyber-attacks. It is also claimed by the USHIC that they are involved in digital espionage.
Hong Lei, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman, explained that “[China] hopes the U.S. will do more to benefit the interests of the two countries, not the opposite.”
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The Biggest Lie 

by Clarice Feldman, American Thinker:

When the intellectually and rationally bankrupt are out of ideas they default to immature and unashamed name calling.  Those that merely disagree with the black president become racist, and any critical analogy can be construed to have racist intent.  For example,  Romney’s use of his sons’ childhood attempts to cover a lie was deemed by one pundit to be a sly effort to call the black president ‘boy’.  How ridiculous.
To make every disagreement about race demeans the real civil rights struggle, which involved public beatings, fire hoses and police dogs.  Racism is now based more on the thickness of one’s skin than its color.
Accusations of racism has become a method of quelling free speech, and when it no longer works,  Romney is accused of being a liar.  Unable to accept the defeat of the unprepared amateur by a competent professional, the Obama sycophants use the term ‘liar’ with the same carelessness and meaninglessness previously reserved for ‘racist’. 
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Cartel Copycats

from TF Metals Report:
Remember when BTFD was exclusively our mantra? Now it seems that everyone is getting in on the act.
Just what the heck is going on here? From all traditional accounts, the table is set for another, cruel selloff. Cartel short positions are high. Lease rates are low. The dollar has been rallying. However, since Friday, gold is only down $25 or so and silver isn’t even down a buck. What gives? A couple of very important things:
  1. Overt QE. Think about it…the 30% silver smashes of 2011 both occurred when QE2 was either ending or had ended. Same with gold. After the Great Cartel Panic of August 2011, gold was driven lower because the only current QE was the “sterilized” Operation Twist. Lack of overt QE had lessened physical demand to the point where paper price could easily be driven lower without significant consequences for The Cartels.
  2. Robust current demand for physical. Every London fix is being attended by “Eastern” central banks, sovereign funds and large investors. Every single one. Even last week when China was “closed”, demand continued unabated, regardless of price action. Bids are moved up and bids are moved down but orders are being filled at each Fix.
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America’s Moral Degeneracy

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts,
On May 31, 2010, the Israeli right-wing government sent armed military troops to illegally board in international waters Gaza aid ships of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla organized by the Free Gaza Movement and the Turkish Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief. The Israelis murdered 8 Turkish citizens and one US citizen in cold blood. Many others were wounded by the forces of “the only democracy in the Middle East.”
Despite the murder of its citizen, Washington immediately took the side of the crazed Israeli government. The Turks had a different response. The prime minister of Turkey, Erdogan, said that the next aid ships would be protected by the Turkish navy. But Washington got hold of its puppet and paid him to shut up. Once upon a time, the Turks were a fierce people. Today they are Washington’s puppets.
We have witnessed this during the past week. The Turkish government is permitting the Islamists from outside Syria, organized by the CIA and Israel, to attack Syria from Turkish territory. On several occasions a mortar shell has, according to news reports if you believe them, fallen just inside the Turkey border. The Turkish military has used the excuse to launch artillery barrages into Syria.
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Obama’s ring: ‘There is no god but Allah’

He’s worn band on wedding-ring finger since before he met Michelle
from World Net Daily:
As a student at Harvard Law School, then-bachelor Barack Obama’s practice of wearing a gold band on his wedding-ring finger puzzled his colleagues.
Now, newly published photographs of Obama from the 1980s show that the ring Obama wore on his wedding-ring finger as an unmarried student is the same ring Michelle Robinson put on his finger at the couple’s wedding ceremony in 1992.
Moreover, according to Arabic-language and Islamic experts, the ring Obama has been wearing for more than 30 years is adorned with the first part of the Islamic declaration of faith, the Shahada: “There is no god except Allah.”
The Shahada is the first of the Five Pillars of Islam, expressing the two fundamental beliefs that make a person a Muslim: There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is Allah’s prophet.
Sincere recitation of the Shahada is the sole requirement for becoming a Muslim, as it expresses a person’s rejection of all other gods.
Egyptian-born Islamic scholar Mark A. Gabriel, Ph.D., examined photographs of Obama’s ring at WND’s request and concluded that the first half of the Shahada is inscribed on it.

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Alert: Highly Sophisticated Large Scale Cyberheist Targets Customer Funds at Major U.S. Banks

by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:

A credible threat to the U.S. banking system has been identified by cyber security firm RSA and suggests that plans for a highly organized, large scale online bank heist targeting retail customers in the United States is currently underway.
In an advisory, RSA said it has information suggesting the gang plans to unleash a little-known Trojan program to infiltrate computers belonging to US banking customers and to use the hijacked machines to initiate fraudulent wire transfers from their accounts.
If successful, the effort could turn out to be one of the largest organized banking-Trojan operations to date, Mor Ahuvia, cybercrime communications specialist with RSA’s FraudAction team, said today. The gang is now recruiting about 100 botmasters, each of whom would be responsible for carrying out Trojan attacks against US banking customers in return for a share of the loot, she said.
Each botmaster will be backed by an “investor” who will provide money to buy the hardware and software needed for the attacks, Ahuvia said.
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by SRSrocco, Silver Doctors:
There comes a time when we just have to say “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”.
It looks as if everyone and their brother now expects gold and silver to enjoy a bloodbath.  Below we can see that CLIVE MAUND is once again showing his true colors as he has labeled precious metals investors ‘the sheep in his latest update predicting a ‘blood bath‘ in silver:

I would like to remind those who are now becoming convinced that Maund is right… he was calling for silver to crash to $18 in the beginning of this year.  He got that one wrong.. and had to recant and produce charts that show silver could actually head higher.  Typical of those who bow down to the art of TECHNICAL ANALYSIS.
Hey listen, silver and gold can sell-off from here.  But to use those words on the top of his chart to state that the SHEEP ARE GOING TO GET SLAUGHTERED… just makes me realize Maund is nothing more than a PAPER JUNKIE.
Does he not realize the precious markets are manipulated?  Does he not realize that a judge just announced last week that “POSITION LIMITS ARE NOT TO BE ENFORCED”?  Clive is part of the group of analysts that I now term “ANALYSTS GONE BAD”.
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Silver and Margin Requirements Redux

by Dr. Jeffrey Lewis, Silver Seek:
Wary silver investors may be wise to watch out for a pre-election margin hike. Especially if silver’s price gets too frothy or starts dragging the price of gold up along with it, since such events could signal the reemergence of unpopular inflationary pressures.
The Chicago Mercantile Exchange or CME is a self-regulated, for profit organization that sets its own margin requirements. The CME’s maintenance margins for silver futures contracts are still at relatively high levels compared with other markets, despite the precious metal’s recent consolidative trading patterns seen prior to the Fed’s announcement of its latest QEIII package.
Lower margin requirements used to attract greater speculative trading activity since it is cheaper to establish a given futures position in terms of the capital required to be placed on deposit as margin.
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Why Obama’s Healthcare Mandate Will Fail

from stefbot:

ACA: An Impossible Mandate – By John C. Goodman

Torturing the Iranian People – Groceries Skyrocket

from Wealth Cycles:
For many Western nations, torture of the Iranian people via economic sanctions is official policy. The tragic impact on the Iranian people offers a concrete example of why diversification of the means of storing wealth is such an important topic.
Grocery prices in Iran are skyrocketing, as the Iranian currency, the rial, loses purchasing power. Commenting on Syria and Iran Under Attack, Families Turn to Gold for Stability, we quoted the June 28 Financial Times (FT), reporting on the effect of the swings in currency value on families in Iran:
Sanctions… have pushed the price of chicken up 30% over the past week alone. Prices for other staples are soaring, including grains, up 55.8%; fruits, 66.6% and vegetables, 99.5%.
One Wealth Cycles reader commented on our article: “As a Lebanese that is deeply concerned, and even directly affected by the events happening to our neighbor Syria, I can say that this is an excellent analysis of the situation here. Keep up the good work.” That testimonial means a lot to us, as the facts are so often buried under media bias.
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Turd Ferguson – Time To Make An Economic Emergency Evacuation Plan

Turd says that according to a book he once read, those most likely to survive any disaster-natural or otherwise-were those who had a plan in place. Whether you’re in an airplane, facing a hurricane or an earthquake, there is no substitute for being prepared. Don’ waste any time, the emergency can occur at the moment you least expect it. An ounce of prevention is certainly worth a pound of cure. Also, as an aside, are you surprised that according to Zerohedge, the energy market is also rigged? We aren’t!

Popping The “Black Friday” Myth, In All It’s Madness

from Zero Hedge:
And so another urban legend falls, this time of the retail “doorbuster” ploy known as “Black Friday”, whose only goal is to get as many gullible US shoppers into retail stores with promises of massive discounts and unbeatable bargains. As it turns out the promises are completely hollow, based on an analysis by the WSJ, those highly touted Black Friday deals aren’t deals at all, and in fact the bulk of the “discounts” are smaller compared to comparable price cuts throughout the year.
In fact, the only thing that is true about the day that launches Holiday shopping, is that it is a great demonstration of the herd effect in play, where people line up in droves just because other people line up in droves. In the meantime, everyone else has already managed to snag that much desired purchase long ago and at a lower price. Of course, if this key day that anchors the start of the profitable retail shopping season is relegated to the dustbin of urban legendry, then retailers’ already negligible margins will be cut even further, leading to severe adverse economic consequences for a country whose economy is 70% based on consumption, and which is already on the edge as said consumer is largely tapped out and whose credit cards have been maxed out long ago.

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Investor’s Are Moving Cash Out Of The Equity Markets

from Gregory Mannarino:

On Merkel’s Gamble

by Bruce Krasting, Bruce Krasting Blog:

What to make of the Merkel visit to Athens today? What was she thinking about? Some possible answers:
A)   Merkel is a political genius. She has seized on a historical moment. Ms Merkel’s trip has provided much needed proof that she (and therefore Germany) stand shoulder to shoulder with Greece and its leaders.
She has traveled to a hostile capital in the face of growing dissatisfaction in Germany with the Greek bailout costs. She has, once again, stood defiantly in support of the EU, the Euro and Greece’s continuing in the Union.
Any lingering doubts that may exist about the commitment of the EU leaders toward full monetary union should be eliminated as a result of her State visit.
Draghi has said, “The Euro is forever”. That was a monetary commitment. Merkel’s visit to Athens should be considered a political commitment. Of the two commitments, Merkel’s means more than Draghi’s.
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We Have Tight Gold Supplies & Future Supply Constraints

from KingWorldNews:
Today Rick Rule warned King World News about tight gold supplies and future supply constraints.  This interview also discusses the frightening conditions that workers face in places like South Africa.  At the bottom I also have a note about a video I sent Richard Russell a decade ago regarding the world’s deepest gold mine.
But first, here is what Rule had to say: “One of the things that is interesting to me and it should be to all mining industry investors and speculators, is the social unrest in South Africa.  It’s a very, very complex situation, and I’m trying to understand it better.  I’m lucky here to have a couple of South Africans who work for us with great ties to the country.”
Rick Rule continues @

America Wages Financial War on Europe

by John Skerencak (aka John Jay), Rick
Everyone knows that a major reason for the dominant position of the USA after World War II was that Europe and Asia were left in rubble. The 8th Air Force in Europe and the 20th Air Force in the Pacific did a thorough job. “Bomber” Harris of England pitched in, and Curtis LeMay’s B-29 fire bombings in Japan were so effective that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were spared so that the new atomic weapons would have pristine targets. When peace arrived in 1945, the Cold War suddenly broke out, and that took Russia, East Europe, and China out of the picture. Combined with a strong dollar that was much in demand and a matchless military, US manufacturing made the transition from war to peace and emerged stronger than ever. This enabled the post-WWII US economic boom.
Flash forward to today. Now our manufacturing base is in ruins and the dollar is a shadow of its former self. However, our military is still matchless, our provocateurs are global. Putting aside the issue of why and how our manufacturing and dollar were gutted, the question is…what now? I look at the spread of financial fraud from our shores to Europe and see two “air forces” carrying the bomb loads: New York and London – a repeat from WWII.
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Great Asset Repositioning

by Greg Hunter, USAWatchdog:
Since this site went on line three years ago, more than a dozen readers either emailed or commented they cashed out of their IRAs or 401-Ks, paid the tax and penalty, and invested in physical gold and silver.  One reader, in particular, told me he did this when gold was at the outrageous “bubble” price of around $800 per ounce.  With the latest announcement of “open-ended” QE (unlimited money printing) by the Fed, it sure looks like everyone who did that made the right choice.  I am sure there are many more who bought gold at $300 to $400 per ounce and silver at $10 to $15 per ounce, but those were the early birds.  You might call them visionaries.  What has been going on in the last few years is what I call the “Great Asset Repositioning,” and it is now fully underway. 
Farmland, gems, oil wells and rare art are also in the category of hard assets, but it is gold and silver that are at the center of this move out of paper and into real assets.  This trend includes everyone from the small investor to central banks. 
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Reality Check: Is This The End of The Petro-dollar?

from BenSwannRealityCheck:

Ben Swann Reality Check explains the petro-dollar and looks at how the national media isn’t telling you that China is actively working to end it.

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