Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Uncle Sam Prepares To Unleash Up To 30,000 Drones Over America For "Public Safety"

The Federal Aviation Administration is working towards putting the finishing touches on rules and regulations for widespread domestic drone use, and the agency expects as many as 30,000 UAVs will be in America’s airspace by the decade’s end. As Russia Today notes, given that the department has already addressed the issue of acquiring drones to give the DHS a better eye of domestic doings, though, those law enforcement operations in question could very well transcend away from legitimate uses and quickly cause civil liberty concerns from coast-to-coast. All drones will be equipped with Electro-Optical/Infra-Red sensors, as well as the technology to sniff out certain chemicals from thousands of feet above our heads. Have no fear though, since the "Robotic Aircraft for Public Safety" program is for your own protection, we are sure Janet Napolitano would suggest.

Walmart workers strike in a dozen cities

from RTAmerica:

For the second time in less than a week, Walmart employees walked off the job Tuesday to protest against the franchise’s salary policy. Among other demands, protesting ask Walmart to pay the workers at least $13 per hour. The first retail worker strike against Walmart started in Los Angeles, CA and has spread now to a dozen other America cities. RT’s Liz Wahl has the details.

Are Businesses Quietly Preparing For A Financial Apocalypse?

US corporations are sitting on more cash than at any point since World War II. That's without including banks. We're only talking about nonfinancial corporations – the ones that sell goods and services and make the economy go. Those businesses hold $1.4 trillion. As investors, we can infer quite a bit from corporations' inability (or unwillingness) to deploy their cash. For one, it indicates that business have assumed a very defensive stance. Cash, of course, is a buffer against uncertainty - the uncertainty that business slows for any reason. But $1.4 trillion? That tells us that businesses are not just a little jittery about the future. They're prepared for an apocalypse.


by Andy Hoffman, MilesFranklin.com:
I have been a financial analyst since 1989; diligently watching economic news, reading earnings reports, and observing securities markets EVERY DAY. During this period, I spent seven years as an (award-winning) sell-side analyst, three as a buy-side analyst, and four as a bond trader. In other words, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone more “tuned in” to current trends.
Throughout these 23 YEARS, I’ve seen the issuance of thousands of economic and corporate reports, many of which it was my JOB to forecast; particularly, earnings projections for oilfield equipment, service, and drilling companies.
For those not privy to the workings of the sell-side, “EXPECTATIONS” are created by corporate Investor Relations departments; coyly “guiding” analysts toward a certain “range.” Once the range is established, it is up to each analyst to determine if they want to tow the company line, or “go rogue.”Expectations
Read more @ MilesFranklin.com

The ECB-Driven Toxic Debt Loop At The Heart Of Europe's Misery

Just as we will not tire of pointing out the unintended consequence of the Fed's central-planning efforts, so it is time, courtesy of the IMF's latest missive, to point out the vicious circle that the ECB has created and encouraged in Europe. The unintended consequence of the ECB's intervention - as both perpetual backstop and lender of last resort - has created an ever-increasing fragmentation between the core and the periphery (exactly the supposed 'issue' Draghi is attempting to fix with his OMT). The toxic-debt-loop as capital leaves the periphery for the core, pressuring peripheral bond yields/spreads, and forcing private sector borrowing to be replaced by public-sector not only clouds the true picture for real-money investors or depositors (risk-based pricing has been destroyed) but encourages front-running fast-money flows which do nothing but provide short-term cover for banks/sovereigns to delay the inevitable (and potential market-clearing) deleveraging/restructuring that is required. Because the fundamental issue is one of solvency - not liquidity - the ECB's continued artifice of plugging liquidity shortfalls does nothing but lessen the confidence in the system and reduce any faith in price levels as without addressing the real insolvency, trust will never return.

Greece’s Deadly ‘Lagarde List’ Threatens EU Elite 

from cgreene34 :

Coming to a station near you soon...

Syria: Is the West Contemplating the Assassination of President Bashar Al Assad? 

by Prof Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research:

Plans to Assassinate the Syrian Head of State Bashar Al Assad
According to reports, a Franco-Saudi plan to assassinate Bashar Al Assad had been initiated in Spring 2012. France’s former president Nicolas Sarkozy “reportedly spent his last days in office trying to convince Obama to be part of the attack … on Assad’s palace, family and members of the Syrian government. ( See The Deccan Herald, May 12, 2012). President Obama , according to reports, “was reluctant to be part of this ‘complex’ mission and despite repeated requests from former French president Nicolas Sarkozy, the plan to involve US forces never took off.” ( See The Deccan Herald, May 12, 2012)
RT quoted the Debka news agency in Israel saying the American President was not ready to ‘loan’ his military’s firepower to help the Franco-Saudi mission that relied on air strikes and intense bombardment of Assad’s stronghold in Syria.
Read More @ GlobalResearch.ca

SOLA 3.2 The Big Joke 

from TruthNeverTold :

Is Silver the New Gold? (Infographic)

by The Silver Bomb, Silver Seek:

The value of silver has skyrocketed in recent decades –leading many investing experts to believe that silver’s price could outpace gold for the first time in history.
This infographic covers silver’s meteoric increase and the factors that have led to silver’s exploding value.
Read More @ SilverSeek.com

Alasdair Macleod – Analysis of Keynesian Ponzi Economics & EU, UK, Gold

from WallStForMainSt:

Financial War in Iran, Riots in Greece and Jobless Conspiracies in the US!

from Capital Account:

The IMF lowered growth forecasts and warned of a world-wide recession in its World Economic Outlook report. This was the IMF’s bleakest assessment of global growth prospects since the 2009 recession, according to the Wall Street Journal. Is the IMF late to the party? It upgraded growth prospects for only one major nation from its previous forecast: the US! Did the IMF take into account that the US is in a QE induced coma? We talk to Mike Shedlock about the meaning behind the IMF’s report.
Also, the US jobs numbers released by the BLS last week are still making headlines. The downturn in the unemployment rate during the election season prompted some high profile people, such as former GE CEO Jack Welch, to suggest that President Obama’s team manipulated the data. Our guest, Mike Shedlock, Investment Advisor for Sitka Pacific Capital, is here to dispel the conspiracy theories around the drop in unemployment.
In 2003 Austan Goolsbee, who later became an Obama aide, argued that in previous economic downturns “the unemployment rate has been low only because government programs, especially Social Security disability, have effectively been buying people off the unemployment rolls and reclassifying them as not in the labor force.” He cites the loosening of the standards to qualify for disability payments in the 1980s and 1990s as a reason for the increase of those in the disability system, a form of ‘invisible unemployment.’ The trend of rising disability insurance has continued in this recent economic downturn. We talk to Mike Shedlock, author of the popular blog Mish’s Global Economic Analysis, about factors that cloud and complicate the unemployment picture.

Gold, Silver & The Smart Move By The Chinese In Commodities

from KingWorldNews:

Today acclaimed money manager Stephen Leeb spoke with King World News about the action in the metals: “You are going to see this (type of volatility). It’s going to be part of the dynamic for some time to come.” Leeb also discussed what the Chinese are doing right now in the commodity markets, and it will surprise KWN readers.
Here is what Leeb had to say: “People are still worried about Europe staying together, Eric. You still have massive unemployment in Spain and Greece, and you have the Germans who are very dependent on being in the eurozone because they are getting the benefits of a very cheap currency.”
Stephen Leeb continues @ KingWorldNews.com

Food Prices Rising: Reaching Near Emergency Levels, Riots Expected

by Lisa Garber, Activist Post

According to a group of researchers, their mathematical model using food prices can predict social unrest and riots. Given the drought and rampant speculation, this may bode ill for several regions in the world. Food prices have been rising for quite some time, and aren’t showing any sign of slowing.
People raise their voices and go to arms for reasons too complicated to address here altogether, but it would be folly to leave hunger out of the equation. The spark may be an anti-Islam film or an incident of police brutality, but Yaneer Bar-Yam of the New England Complex Systems Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts says that it’s high food prices that create “the range of conditions in which the tiniest spark can lead to riots.”
Read More @ Activist Post

NATO Signals Readiness to Attack Syria

by Kurt Nimmo, InfoWars:
NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said on Tuesday the military alliance is ready to attack Turkey following a week of theatrical performances on the Syrian border designed to portray Turkey’s neighbor as an ominous threat.
“Obviously Turkey can rely on NATO solidarity,” said Rasmussen. “We have all necessary plans in place to protect and defend Turkey if necessary.”
Despite evidence that the mortar used in the attack on Turkey was of NATO manufacture and Syria has formally apologized for the attack it did not commit, Turkey has continued to pummel its northern neighbor with artillery barrages over the last week.
“Ankara may want an escalation in the stand-off with Syria, but there will be no NATO war without US backing,” John Glaser writes today. “Although the US has been meddling in Syria’s conflict – by sending aid to the rebel fighters and fueling the violence – many in the US still don’t see an outbreak of war in Syria as workable.”

Read More @ InfoWars.com

The Hijacking of American Political System

from Joe Joseph:

Joe Joseph and Tim Watts lay out evidence that there is INDEED a conspiracy against the voting public in America. The political system of the United States has been hijacked and this broadcast lays out the evidence needed to convince your friends, family members, and others.

Nonprofit organizations exposed: American Dietetic Association and others in bed with Monsanto

by Ethan A. Huff, Natural News:

There is a reason why the American Dietetic Association (ADA), which was recently renamed the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND), often makes ridiculous nutrition recommendations such as to eat lots of grains as part of a “healthy” diet, or to avoid eating fats, particularly saturated fats, which it falsely suggests are harmful to health. It turns out that this nonprofit organization and many others routinely accept cash contributions and sponsorships from major industry players like Monsanto, Procter & Gamble, and the National Dairy Council, which steer the types of information they disseminate publicly.
According to information compiled by the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), a food safety and nutrition advocacy group, the ADA, for years, has been accepting cash donations from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and processed food industries in exchange for allowing these industries to basically publish its materials, and craft its nutrition advice.
Read More @ NaturalNews.com

IMF Solutions Reinforce Problems

by Staff Report, TheDailyBell.com

IMF: Global economic slowdown is getting worse, US must avoid ‘fiscal cliff’ … Updated at 8:30 a.m. ET The International Monetary Fund said the global economic slowdown is worsening as it cut its growth forecasts for the second time since April and warned U.S. and European policymakers that failure to fix their economic ills would prolong the slump. Global growth in advanced economies is too weak to bring down unemployment and what little momentum exists is coming primarily from central banks, the IMF said in its World Economic Outlook, released ahead of its twice-yearly meeting, which will be held in Tokyo later this week. − NBC
Dominant Social Theme: The IMF is concerned.
Free-Market Analysis: The IMF is getting a good deal of play with a worried world forecast. The concern was stated in the IMF’s “World Economic Report.”
Read More @ TheDailyBell.com

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