Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Behind The Trump/Sanders "Revolution": Angry White Men

If the establishment had its way, America would be no country for angry white men. As WSJ reports, Tuesday’s primary elections underscored an emerging, central reality of the 2016 presidential campaign: This is the year of the dissatisfied white male.

Will the Oligarchs Kill Trump?

by Patrick J. Buchanan, LewRockwell:

Narrow victories in the Kentucky caucuses and the Louisiana primary, the largest states decided on Saturday, have moved Donald Trump one step nearer to the nomination.
Primaries in Michigan, Mississippi and Idaho on March 8, and in Florida, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri and North Carolina on March 15, may prove decisive. If Marco Rubio does not win his home state of Florida, he is cooked, as is Gov. John Kasich if he does not win Ohio.
Ted Cruz already looks to be the last man between Trump and a GOP nomination that has gone, in the last seven elections, to George H. W. Bush, Bob Dole, George W. Bush, John McCain and Mitt Romney.
All five of those nominees since 1988 seem appalled by Trump’s triumphs and only slightly less so by the Cruz alternative.
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Are You Kidding Me? Chinese Exports Plunge 25.4 Percent Compared To Last Year

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

We just got more evidence that global trade is absolutely imploding.  Chinese exports dropped 25.4 percent during the month of February compared to a year ago, and Chinese imports fell 13.8 percent compared to a year ago.  For Chinese exports, that was the worst decline that we have seen since 2009, and Chinese imports have now fallen for 16 months in a row on a year over year basis.  The last time we saw numbers like this, we were in the depths of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression of the 1930s.  China accounts for more global trade than any other nation (including the United States), and so this is a major red flag.  Anyone that is saying that the global economy is in “good shape” is clearly not paying attention.
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Grand Jury Gone Rogue: Hardcore Criminal Hillary Clinton Faces Life in Prison

from Truth Warriors:

Get the following information and video out through all sources! Loretta Lynch and the Justice Department are trying to stop the Grand Jury but that’s not going to be allowed to happen! Grand Jury looking at serious charges against Hillary Clinton and obstruction of justice on DOJ’s Loretta Lynch! This has gone to a full blown civil war with the GOOD guys fighting Loretta Lynch’s Department of “Justice” who is trying to save the VERY guilty Hillary Clinton. US and French Intelligence releasing massive intelligence briefs through Stew Webb and Tom Henneghan. Hillary Clinton sent assassination teams to kill both these men and they can now prove this!
Hillary Clinton Target of Runaway Grand Jury!…

Obama Calls Surprise Meeting With Financial Stability Oversight Council

by Pam Martens and Russ Martens, Wall Street on Parade:
Last Friday, the Obama administration announced that the President would be meeting at the White House with key Wall Street regulators yesterday. In fact, the meeting yesterday included 9 of the 10 voting members of the Financial Stability Oversight Council (F-SOC), the body created under the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation to prevent another catastrophic collapse of the U.S. financial system. The President also brought along a key group of his economic advisers and, interestingly, Neil Eggleston, the White House Counsel. (See full attendee list below.)
F-SOC is chaired by U.S. Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew, who likely functions as President Obama’s eyes and ears on the Council and for financial stability issues in general. Lew attended yesterday’s meeting and sat across from the President at the press conference that followed. (See video of full press conference below.)  Lew may have some qualms about what’s he’s hearing in F-SOC meetings from the Office of Financial Research, another body created under Dodd-Frank. The Office of Financial Research has raised repeated warnings about the interconnected mega banks posing potential threats to stability. The last thing President Obama wants for his legacy is to take office in the midst of the greatest financial crash since the Great Depression and leave office in the midst of a new one.
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On The Seven Year Anniversary Of "The Most Hated Bull Market Ever" - How We Got Here

The Next Act of the Neocons

from NYTimes:
AFTER nearly a decade in the political wilderness, the neoconservative movement is back, using the turmoil in Iraq and Ukraine to claim that it is President Obama, not the movement’s interventionist foreign policy that dominated early George W. Bush-era Washington, that bears responsibility for the current round of global crises.
Even as they castigate Mr. Obama, the neocons may be preparing a more brazen feat: aligning themselves with Hillary Rodham Clinton and her nascent presidential campaign, in a bid to return to the driver’s seat of American foreign policy.
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Will Italian Banks Spark Another Financial Crisis? NON-PERFORMING LOANS EQUAL12% of Italy’s GDP

by Jeffrey Moore, Global Risk Insights:
In the 14th century, the Medici family of Florence began its rise to prominence, investing profits from a thriving textile trade to fund what would become the largest banking institution in Europe. The success of the legendary banking family helped to usher in the Italian Renaissance and thus change the world. Now, Italian banks seem poised to alter the world yet again.
Shares of Italy’s largest financial institutions have plummeted in the opening months of 2016 as piles of bad debt on their balance sheets become too high to ignore. Amid all of the risks facing EU members in 2016, the risk of contagion from Italy’s troubled banks poses the greatest threat to the world’s already burdened financial system.
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Cheap Oil, The U.S. Dollar & The Deep State

Those expecting a major weakening in the USD to push oil higher shouldn't hold their breath awaiting this outcome. Maybe the USD will weaken 20%, but why would it do so when every other central bank is weakening its currency? Wouldn't it make much more sense to drain wealth and geopolitical leverage from oil exporters?

This 4,000-year Old Financial Indicator Says That a Major Crisis is Looming

by Simon Black, Sovereign Man:
Over 4,000 years ago during Sargon the Great’s reign of the Akkadian Empire, it took 8 units of silver to buy one unit of gold.
This was a time long before coins. It would be thousands of years before the Lydians in modern day Turkey would invent gold coins as a form of money.
Back in the Akkadian Empire, gold and silver were still used as a medium of exchange.
But the prices of goods and services were based on the weight of metal, and typically denominated in a unit called a ‘shekel’, about 8.33 grams.
For example, you could have bought 100 quarts of grain in ancient Mesopotamia for about 2 shekels of silver, a weight close to half an ounce in our modern units.
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"Output Freeze A Joke", China Demand To Fall, And Other News That Should Be Moving Oil

In this bipolar market, where only momentum, liquidity, technicals and short squeezes matter, as well as the occasional kneejerk reaction to a flashing red headline (usually some lie out of Venezuela or Nigeria about an imminent OPEC meeting which has not even been scheduled), one thing that no longer seems to have an impact on prices is actual news and fundamentals. So to help those who are blindly following the price of oil as an indicator of what is happening, here is a brief recap of the main news and research reports that should be impacting where oil trades today, but almost certainly won't.

"Israel Must Be Wiped Off The Face Of The Earth": Iran Launches Missiles Inscribed For Netanyahu

S&P Futures Jump As Rebound In Commodities Helps Defense Of Key Support Trendline

With China's Plunge Protection Team having intervened and set a positive spin on another poor session, traders put declines in Asia behind them as European markets rose along with U.S. index futures and commodities. European shares advanced for the first time in three days on speculation the region’s central bank will ramp up monetary stimulus on Thursday. A gauge of raw materials rebounded from its biggest selloff in a month, buoyed by gains in oil and copper. Furthermore, the previously noted selloff in Japanese government bonds - one which triggered circuit breakers and which some speculated may have been precipitated by the BOJ itself - dragged Treasuries and German bunds lower, gold fell a second day and the euro dropped versus most of its major peers.

Sudden Plunge In Japanese Government Bonds Triggers Circuit Breaker, Halts Market For 30 Seconds

Just 24 hours after hitting record low negative yields, trading of Japan’s government bond futures was halted for 30 second after the price of the contracts dropped as much as 0.6% driven by a sudden, dramatic selloff in the 10 Year JGB. The Benchmark bond tumbled, pushing yields up eight basis points to minus 0.015 percent as of 2:51 p.m. Yields rebounded after dropping more than five basis points to a record minus 0.1 percent Tuesday.

“Freedom Always Dies Bit by Bit”: Bundesbank Takes Sides in War on Cash

from Wolf Street:
There are two sides in the global war against cash. On one side are many of the world’s governments, central banks, fintech firms, banks, credit card companies, telecommunication behemoths, financial institutions, large retailers, etc. According to them, the days of physical currency are numbered, so why not pull the plug already, beginning with the largest denomination bills such as the $100-note and particularly the €500-note?
On the other side are people who like to use cash – most of whom, according to the dominant official narrative, are either criminals or terrorists. After all, they must have something to hide; otherwise, why would they use a private, untraceable (not to mention archaic, dirty, dangerous and unhygienic) form of payment like cash?
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Trump Tops, Rubio Flops, & Bernie Stuns Clinton In Michigan

GOP Leaders, Tech Execs Plot Against Trump At Secret NeoCon Island Meeting

The Financial System Is A Larger Threat Than Terrorism

What this picture shows is that government, economists, and presstitutes are allied against citizens achieving any financial independence from personal saving. Policymakers have a crackpot economic policy and those with control over your life value their scheme more than they value your welfare. This is the fate of people in the so-called democracies. But the greed, fraud, and self-serving behavior of Western financial systems, aided and abeted by governments, could be leading to such a breakdown of economic life that the idea of a private financial system will become as abhorent in the future as Nazism is today.

Trump: Another Manchurian Candidate?

from The Daily Bell:
Trump’s rise disturbs world media … As the U.S. woke up Wednesday to the news that Donald Trump had triumphed in a majority of the states up for grabs in the Super Tuesday contests, the wider world also woke up to the prospect of a man whom some consider a demagogue occupying the world’s most powerful political office … – Financial Express
The mainstream media is filled with howls about Donald Trump. Even the most positive articles about him tend to catalogue his political achievements within a larger context of GOP consternation and evident fury.
Here is our question, as close observers of the mainstream media: Is it propaganda of a sort? Is the evident antipathy orchestrated to serve certain purposes of a shadowy power elite?
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Romney Condemnation Huge Boost to Trump

by Kit Daniels, Infowars:
Nearly 1/3 of GOP voters said they were now more likely to support Donald Trump after he was condemned by Mitt Romney, according to a new poll.
Thirty-one percent of GOP voters said Romney speaking out against Trump last week propelled them to support the GOP frontrunner, which is the complete opposite of what Romney intended.
The Morning Consult poll also found that 30% of those who voted for Romney in 2012 were also , 20% were less likely and 48% said the Romney speech denouncing Trump didn’t affect their decision either way.
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Why Cornell University Is Accused of a GMO Propaganda Campaign

by Christina Sarich, Natural Society:
With funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and support from selected journalists and industry-supported academics, Cornell University is allegedly propping up GM industry myths for biotech and agribusiness companies.
Cornell is an Ivy League school known throughout the world as one of the most impressive academic institutions, but it seems to have abandoned scientific objectivity for the promise of a paycheck.
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Keep eating that yummy Pacific Ocean fish...


from The Daily Sheeple:

This Friday, it will officially have been 5 years since the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami disabled Tepco’s nuclear power plant in Fukushima. But despite the passing of 5 years, we still don’t really know much damage this disaster really caused. We don’t know what the long-term effects will be on the environment, or on the people of Japan, and both Tepco and the Japanese government have lied to the world about the gravity of the situation.
And the situation is still much more serious than they’ve been letting on. We know that plant is still leaking radiation, we know the ocean and the area surrounding Fukushima is still radioactive, and we know that the nuclear power plant is a flimsy house of cards that could crumble at any moment.
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DHS Secretary: ‘There’s Only So Much Border Security You Can Accomplish’

by Melanie Hunter CNSnews:
Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson told the Senate Homeland Security Committee Tuesday that more must be done to address the problems in Central America that have led to an uptick in unaccompanied children attempting to cross the U.S.-Mexico border, because “there’s only so much border security you can accomplish” to deal with people who are motivated to leave their homes to travel to the U.S.
“We have to do more in Central America, which is the heart of the problem. Just in my 26 months in office, I have learned that as long as you have powerful underlying push factors – poverty, violence, drought, and the like – there’s only so much border security that you can accomplish – whether it’s more personnel or more walls to deal with people who are motivated to leave their homes and travel thousands of miles to come here,” Johnson said.
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