Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Nine Horsemen Of The US Recession Apocalypse...

Expert Warns That Unparalleled Financial Destruction Is “Just Six Months Away”

by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:

The time is nigh.
The crash is coming. It’s waves can be felt pulsing through the system, foretelling its arrival.
But how long will it be until it hits, and how big will its magnitude be?
According to Yale’s Vikram Mansharamani, it is only months away.
Via London Express:
FINANCIAL bubbles across the globe are imploding and the problem is only set to get worse... Prices are falling around the world thanks to the collapse of China’s debt fuelled economic growth and this has triggered a succession of disastrous events that are starting to be realised, according to Vikram Mansharamani, an author and, lecturer at Yale University.
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There Is No Other Way To Say It, The Economy Will Crash This Year: Bo Polny

from X22Report Spotlight:

Visualising America's "irrelevant" Exports & Imports

The U.S. Census Bureau recently released its data on U.S. trade in goods by selected countries and world region for 2015. Based on the data, the U.S. exported over $1.5 trillion and imported over $2.2 trillion in goods throughout 2015. This leaves leaves the U.S. with a negative balance of $735 billion! So the next time someone comes on TV and proclaims that the collapse in world trade volumes is irrelevant to the US equity market and US economy... perhaps point them in this direction.

Former-PM Admits "Future Existence Of Japan Was At Stake" As Mutations Appear In Fukushima Forest

"The future existence of Japan as a whole was at stake," admits Japan's prime minister at the time of the 2011 quake and tsunami, revealing that the country came within a "paper-thin margin" of a nuclear disaster requiring the evacuation of 50 million people. Naoto Kan expressed satisfaction at the three TEPCO executives facing charges over negligence, but this shocking admission comes as AFP reports, conservation group Greenpeace warned that "signs of mutations in trees and DNA-damaged worms beginning to appear," while "vast stocks of radiation" mean that forests cannot be decontaminated.

Legalizing Weed Has Done What 1 Trillion Dollars And A 40 Year War Couldn't

The Mexican drug cartels are finally meeting their match as a wave of cannabis legalization efforts drastically reshapes the drug trafficking landscape in the United States. It turns out that as states legalize cannabis use and cultivation, the volume of weed brought across the border by Mexican drug cartels dramatically decreases — and is putting a dent in their cash flow.

Murder Is Washington’s Foreign Policy

from Paul Craig Roberts:

Washington has a long history of massacring people, for example, the destruction of the Plains Indians by the Union war criminals Sherman and Sheridan and the atomic bombs dropped on Japanese civilian populations, but Washington has progressed from periodic massacres to fulltime massacring. From the Clinton regime forward, massacre of civilians has become a defining characteristic of the United States of America.
Washington is responsible for the destruction of Yugoslavia and Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, and part of Syria. Washington has enabled Saudi Arabia’s attack on Yemen, Ukraine’s attack on its former Russian provinces, and Israel’s destruction of Palestine and the Palestinian people.
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Trump Supporters - In Their Own Words

The Most Painful Part Of The Short Squeeze May Be Yet To Come, JPM Warns

Does this mean the short squeeze - whether ordinary course of business or engineered by banks to push the price of both the S&P and oil higher so that energy companies can sell equity and repay secured bank loans (as we speculated last week) - is over? According to JPM, not just yet, even though by now the weakest hands have clearly tapped out. In fact, since there has been virtually no rotation into ETFs, the most brutal part of the squeeze may be just ahead. Here's why:

The Afghan War Explained In Two Headlines

Alan Greenspan's Pickled Economy

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan resurfaced this week. We couldn’t recall the last time we’d heard from him. But, alas, the old fellow’s in desolate despair. Any remorse he now has is too little too late. Like a pickled cucumber, his actions, and the actions of his predecessors, can never be undone. Today we’re all living with the exacting consequences of Alan Greenspan’s pickled economy.

Why JPMorgan Disagrees With Buffett That "Babies Born Today Are The Luckiest In History"

"There are good reasons to believe that ‘the luckiest generation in history’ statement is overly optimistic. US primary results show a very strong lead for D. Trump in the Republican Party, and a surprisingly good showing for B. Sanders. We believe this indicates that a significant part of the electorate disapproves of the current political establishment and feels left behind by the new economy"

Guest Post: What Trumpism Means For Democracy

Whether or not Donald Trump ultimately succeeds in winning the White House, historians are likely to rank him as the most consequential presidential candidate of at least the past half-century.

EU Bombshell: The Balkan Route To Germany Is Closed

8 days ago, Brussels said Europe had 10 days to fix the EU's migration system or "the whole think comes apart." Somethig tells us there will be no grand coalations in the next 48 hours between Erdogan and Tsipras which sets the stage for a showdown. According to a leaked draft, the Balkan Route is now set to be frozen altogether.

"The Bounce Has Run Its Course" Bob 'The Bear' Janjuah Warns S&P Heading To 1700s

It is important to remember that in bear markets the strength is to the downside, the violence is to the upside, with counter-trend rallies in bear markets often being the most painful. Markets simply do not go down (or up) in straight lines. The over-reach of central bankers and their failed policies is not news to me. What is news to us, especially after the BOJ's easing in January, is that markets are now either at or very close to losing all confidence in the post-GFC policy response crafted by the Fed/ECB/BOJ et al much earlier in 2016 than even we had expected.

Sweden Begins 5 Year Countdown Until It Eliminates Cash

Famous. Last. Words. "... but I think it's going to be so simple that you pretty soon realize that this is a lot easier and better than having cash"

Steve St. Angelo: Continued Increase in Silver Eagle Buying

from The Daily Coin:

The U.S. Mint has been rationing the volume of silver eagles released to the public since July 2015. The Royal Canadian Mint has followed suit. The Australian Perth Mint, has increased their monthly production of silver coins more than two fold.
This is the backdrop which is shining a light on our broken economy. In 2008 the U.S. Mint increased their production and release of silver eagles by 50% year-over-year. Each subsequent year the U.S. Mint has reached a new high with the exception of 2012, which is okay because in 2013 the volume, not only reached a new high it was higher than 2011!!
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Salmon caught near Seattle proven to be inundated with antidepressants, cocaine and more

by Daniel Barker, Natural News:
We’re all familiar with horror stories about juveniles on drugs, but normally it’s humans that are involved, not fish. This case, however, involves juvenile chinook salmon who never had the chance to “Just Say No.”
Disturbing new research has indicated that young salmon found in Puget Sound tested positive for more than 80 different drugs, including cocaine, antidepressants and dozens of other medications used by humans.
When researchers tested the water at and near sewage treatment plants in the estuaries of Puget Sound near Seattle, Washington, they discovered high levels of drugs and personal care products – at some of the highest concentrations found anywhere in the nation.
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The Biggest Profit Opportunity Since 1859

from Outsider Club:

How bad has it gotten for oil companies?
They’ve cut so much spending that there are only 502 drilling rigs still active in the country, according to the latest Baker Hughes count. In the next few weeks, that could fall below 488 — the lowest level on record.
Drill rig record-keeping began in 1958, so the history is murky, but Paul Hornsell, head of commodities research for Standard Chartered Bank, says you’d have to go back to the 1860s to find a time with so little activity.
That’s shortly after the Pennsylvania oil rush began in 1859.
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