Tuesday, March 1, 2016

"We're In Trouble": Alan Greenspan Delivers Stark Warning

“We’re in trouble basically because productivity is dead in the water…Real capital investment is way below average. Why? Because business people are very uncertain about the future.”

Spot The End Of Monetary Policy Effectiveness

This won't end well...

Worst Global Economic Data In 4 Years Sparks Stocks Best Day In 6 Months

Explaining Trump's Success In One Chart

Behold! The "wealth effect."

Three Weeks After Buying Stocks, Gundlach Is Cashing Out Again: "I'm Bearish"

In an interview with Reuters Jennifer Ablan after DoubleLine Capital's February flow figures were released (it was a $2.2 billion inflow) , Gundlach said the firm is now considering closing out some of its long positions in the stocks that they purchased three weeks ago.... And just to avoid confusion, this is where Gundlach stands now:  "I am bearish. There are just wiggles and jiggles in the markets."

Is Ackman Facing A Liquidity Crunch: CP Files Shelf With Pershing As Selling Shareholder

Earlier this afternoon, Pershing Square portfolio company (long 13.9 million shares) Canadian Pacific filed a $1.5 billion mixed Registration Shelf statement which covered everything from Common to Preferred to Warrants and Units. What was curious about the CP shelf is the following disclosure: "Certain funds managed by Pershing Square ... may also from time to time offer and sell Common Shares pursuant to this prospectus. See “Selling Shareholder."

Crude Crushed After API Reports Biggest Inventory Build In 11 Months

Following last week's builds overall and at Cushing, and Genscape's Cushing build warnings, expectations were for a 3.3m build overall (and 700k build at Cushing). API reported a massive 9.9mm build - the largest since April 2015; and a yuuge build at Cushing of 1.8mm (most in 3 months). Gasoline saw a draw but Distilates a notable build. Following today's v-shaped recovery in WTI, and NYMEX close ramp, the API data has sent crude reeling.

The Entire System Is Rigged Against Your Prosperity

This system makes the US, and most Western countries, easy to be a consumer. But it’s becoming more difficult to be a producer. This entire system is rigged against the Universal Law of Prosperity. And when all the incentives make it easier to consume than produce, it’s not hard to figure out where this destructive path will ultimately lead.

Downside Risk Escalates As "New Highs" Falter

So has the latest rally kicked the equity market correction to curb and have equity markets entered into a new bull phase? Unfortunately, one of the more reliable market internal data points is indicating to us that there is probably further downside ahead in the short-term for investors.

Google Releases Its Robotic Dog In The Wild, Leads To The Following "Close Encounter"

one week after GOOG shocked the public with the eerie-looking "Atlas", it has now gone the cuteness route and released another clip, this time of Spot, Google's electronic dog, which is seen in the following celip in "the wild" and engaged in a close encounters with its non-robotic peers.

Sweden's Migration "Industry"

Although a small clique in Sweden have become millionaires because of the migration industry, the schools, police, social services and taxpayers in Sweden have lost a lot and have a difficult and uncertain future. There will be major conflicts in Sweden. There is nothing "noble" in Sweden's migration policy, which, far from being a good example of how a migration policy should function, is an embarrassment and a disaster, and its final result is chaos, conflict, and corruption.

The Great Corporate Earnings Fraud

Corporate earnings reports for the fourth quarter are pretty much in the books. The deception, falsification, accounting manipulation, and propaganda utilized by mega-corporations and their compliant corporate media mouthpieces has been outrageously blatant. It reeks of desperation as the Wall Street shysters attempt to extract the last dollar from their muppet clients before this house of cards collapses.

This Is The Reason For Today's Nat Gas Surge

"On Tuesday, March 1, 2016, Rockies Express Pipeline LLC (“REX”) experienced an operational interruption at its mainline on Segment 390 in Monroe County, Ohio. REX is currently mobilizing repair crews however a return to service date is unknown at this time. REX will post updates as additional information becomes available. Accordingly, REX is declaring a Force Majeure situation..."

Someone Isn't "Buying" This Rally: The "Smart Money" Sells For Five Consecutive Weeks As Buybacks Soar

No matter what unleashed today's algo buying spree, one thing is clear: someone has to be buying and someone has to be selling into what, Investech yesterday explained, is the latest bear market rally. Thanks to Bank of America we know the answer to both.

Today's Rally "Explained" In Just Two Headlines

According to Larry "Ban $100 Bill" Summers, Donald Trump Is The "Greatest Threat To American Democracy"

"Donald Trump’s rise goes beyond his demagogic appeal. It is a reflection of the political psychology of frustration – people see him as responding to their fears about the modern world order, an outsider fighting for those who have been left behind. If we are to move past Trumpism, it will be essential to develop convincing responses to economic slowdown."

"VIX Tails" Send Dow Up 350 Points From Overnight Lows

A more wonkish conspiracy-theorizing onlooker might suspect that the increasing ubiquitousness of VIX tails is sending a message to markets of what to do next...

China's Mass Unemployment Wave Begins: Six Million Workers To Get Pink Slips

Today, Reuters finally peels away the first layer of just how bad China's mass layoff wave will be when it reports that China aims to lay off 5-6 million state workers over the next two to three years as part of efforts to curb industrial overcapacity and pollution. As Reuters adds, "China's leadership, obsessed with maintaining stability and making sure redundancies do not lead to unrest, will spend nearly 150 billion yuan ($23 billion) to cover layoffs in just the coal and steel sectors in the next 2-3 years."

Most "Priced In" Policy Since 2011 - Why Draghi Better Not Disappoint

Mario Draghi better put up or shut up at the next ECB meeting as the market is more-than-pricing-in a very significant deposit rate cut (deeper into NIRP). In fact, at -56bps, 2Y German bond yields are the most "priced in" since 2011 (and bear in mind he disappointed in December).

"Iron Lady" Summarizes Brexit Decision In 3 Words

In 1990, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher exclaimed her opposition the common currency and European integration very simply: "No! No! No!" Perhaps it is time to revisit her thoughts as Britain considers leaving The EU.

Global Manufacturing Rolling Over: Over 70% Of Global PMIs Decline In February

28 regions have reported their global manufacturing PMI surveys so far. Seven saw improvements in their manufacturing sectors in February, twenty recorded a weakening, and India was unchanged. This means that over 70% of the world saw manufacturing sentiment deteriorate in February compared to January.

Could Donald Trump Be A New Kind Of Transactional President?

The possibility that Trump would step on favored political toes and act pragmatically to rein in Imperial over-reach terrifies the bloated Imperial city of Washington D.C.

“Golden Cross” for Gold

from GoldSeek:

Last Friday, gold experienced a “golden cross,” a technical indicator that occurs when an asset’s 50-day moving average crosses above its 200-day moving average. It’s the first such movement in nearly two years and is a sign that gold might have further to climb.
But there’s more exciting news involving gold. On the same day that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie endorsed Donald Trump for president, the precious metal received its own high-profile endorsement. In a note to investors, Deutsche Bank said it’s time to buy gold, writing: “Buying some gold as ‘insurance’ is warranted.” The bank also stated its opinion that gold “deserves to be trading at elevated levels versus many other assets.”
The metal is already up 15 percent so far in 2016, its best start to the year in decades. But it started 2015 strong too, if you remember, before prices began to collapse in February.
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The Trump Assassination Danger Zone Begins In September

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

If Donald Trump continues to increase his GOP lead and the Elite of the GOP are not able to find a candidate capable of supplanting him at the Republican Convention, Trump’s danger zone with regard to assassination begins in September. Trump should really find a way to avoid the Ambassador Hotel at all costs for he will suffer the fate of Robert Kennedy.
Americans May Be “Dumbed Down”, But They Are Not Dumb Enough to Vote for Hillary, Cruz and Rubio
America’s ineptitude and unwillingness to fight for what is right, or to even know what is true, is re-elected in Rick Shenkman’s book, Just How Dumb Are We? Shenkman found that 87% of American college students could not find Iraq on a map. In fact, Shenkman also found that:
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Nine cancer cures that the Medical Mafia doesn’t want you to know about

by S.D. Wells, Natural News:
Are you a health nut? Why not? What’s stopping you? Do you think that it’s illegal to cure diseases with food, or is that just what you read in JAMA — The Journal of the American Medical Association? Maybe you saw some label that the FDA slapped on an organic product which says food can’t claim to cure any disease or disorder — yes — that was probably it. That’s because the only way to patent US “medicine” and make a fortune is to combine in a lab synthetic chemicals that cause horrific side effects, then pay the FDA millions to approve it. Unfortunately, that method also involves selling your soul to the Medical Mafia, who control you and perpetuate the “fake war” on cancer — the one that actually mutates MORE human cells and leads to an early grave. Do you want to participate in THAT?
So without further adieu, here are nine cures for cancer proven by people who had cancer but no longer do! Shhhh! Don’t tell the Medical-Industrial Complex.
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Improvised Weapons: Self-defense in the Real World

from Off Grid Survival:

I’m a huge supporter of the second amendment, and I’m a big proponent of always being armed; that being said, far too many gun owners rely solely on their firearm as their only means of defense. If you’re one of those people who believe you’re ready for anything, simply because you carry a gun, you need to seriously rethink your self-defense strategy.
Why self-defense tools and training are so important, even if you carry a gun.
No matter how great of a shooter you are, or how many times you’ve been to the range to practice your shooting skills, there are going to be times when you may not be able to get to your gun — think I’m wrong? Check out my article on guns vs knives in close quarters combat, and you’ll see exactly why non-firearm self-defense skills are something that every gun owner needs to learn.
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The “Dead List”: Who The Secret Government Plans to Target Next

by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:

Justice Scalia is just the latest of targeted and politically motivated deaths that have taken place during the Obama Administration, and virtually everyone is raising questions about the suspicious details surrounding his death, including the lack of autopsy or official investigation into the possible causes of death.
The motive is simple: subversion of the laws and rights of this country. Obama is likely enough to get a third Supreme Court appointment, in spite of the opposition. If he doesn’t, Hillary might.
Regardless, an effort that has already been well underway is coming to a head. And there is no reasonable doubt that a larger-than-Nixon enemies list exists, and is being executed.
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