Wednesday, August 3, 2016

An Angry White House Snaps Over Secret Iran "Hostage" Payment: "Why Is That Relevant"

"Some of the money that Iran [received from US taxpayers] is being used for those purposes too... But the bulk of the money has been going to shoring up their economic weakness, exactly how we predicted....But why is that relevant? Why is that relevant?"

Full BOE Preview, And A Look At What UK Corporate Bond QE Will Look Like

  • Bank of England are widely expected to cut rates to 0.25% with a 25bps rate reduction fully priced in OIS markets.
  • The central bank is also touted to expected to announce further stimulus measures including the potential restart of its QE programme, the LFP Scheme, or corporate QE.
  • 2017 GDP growth forecast is likely to see a significant downgrade amid early signs of a deterioration in the UK economy, while GBP depreciation is likely to support 2017 Inflation forecasts.

Dear Job Market, Take This Indicator & Shove It!

"...the earnings recession we’ve been told to ignore is, after all, relevant. Get it, got it, good..."

WikiLeaks Exposes Hillary’s Stunning Connection to ISIS — Mainstream Media Blackout Ensues

by Jay Syrmopoulos, The Free Thought Project:
Washington, D.C. – Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, claimed during the Democratic National Convention (DNC) that, “We have more material related to the Hillary Clinton campaign.”
Staying true to their word, WikiLeaks, with one simple tweet, dropped another bomb on the Clinton campaign – one so damaging it will almost surely be ignored by the mainstream media.
The latest revelation by the whistleblower organization reveals Hillary Clinton was a director of, and received over $100,000 from, French industrial giant Lafarge, which was recently exposed as secretly sponsoring the Islamic State for profit.
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Republican Mutiny Fizzles: "Trump Will Be On The Ballot"

"Donald Trump is the nominee of the Republican Party full-stop... That’s the reality. The rest is just a media-pundit concoction... The only need we have for an intervention is maybe with some media types who keep saying things that aren’t true,” 

EVERYTHING IS RIGGED: Medicine, Science, Elections, the Media, Money, Education, Search Engines, Social Media… You Are Living in a Fabricated Fairy Tale

by Mike Adams, Natural News:
After witnessing how Reuters just blatantly cooked the presidential election polls this week to favor Clinton and how the mainstream media is so terrifyingly biased in favor of Clinton that the very foundation of democracy is now in crisis, it’s time to tell you something that perhaps a lot more people are finally ready to hear:
Every institution in America is sold out, corrupted and politically rigged to favor Big Government and Big Business. “America is a lost country,” explains Paul Craig Roberts. “The total corruption of every public and the private institution is complete. Nothing remains but tyranny. And lies. Endless lies.”
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America's Oligarchs Support Clinton Almost Unanimously

Normally, both Parties' nominees have their own billionaires backing them (Republican billionaires backing the Republican nominee, and Democratic billionaires backing the Democratic nominee), and so there’s a real contest, they both have a chance; but not this time: Look at the figures, and you can see that, this time around, virtually all of the oligarchs are backing only one candidate: they have united around Clinton.

Not "The Onion": Argentina's Fernandez Says She Deserves A Nobel Prize In Economics

"...instead of having the courts chase us, they should be giving us a Nobel prize for economics... We inherited a country in default and we left it without any debt..."

Goldman Finds The Treasury Market No Longer Reacts To Economic Data

According to a just released Goldman analysis, the sensitivity of US Treasury yields to economic data surprises has declined to near record-lows over the last two years. In other words, the market no longer responds to data. What does it respond to? "Treasury yields have reacted more strongly to Fed communication." But where it gets truly perverse, is that the market, by ignoring the economy, is responding to a Fed which in turn is merely responding to the market.

Dear Millennials, We Found The Best Housing Markets For You! But, There's A Catch...

For the adventurous Millennials looking to escape mom and dad's basement we've identified a couple of affordable housing markets for you...

The Attack On The Second Amendment Is Not Finished

The Statist-Marxists (self-termed “Progressive Democrats”) are by no means finished hacking away at the branch of the Tree of Liberty bearing the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  The right of a free citizenry to keep and bear arms is a right the Marxist-Statists absolutely cannot tolerate.  We have seen it all throughout history: Hitler’s Germany, the Soviet Union, Cambodia…all of the totalitarian states must take the firearms from the hands of their citizens in order to make them subjects.

A Half Of Millennials Live Paycheck To Paycheck, Most Don't Think They Will Ever Be Millionaires

Most millennials say they are skeptical they will ever be millionaires, according to a new study. Worse, of all working Millennials, 54% of women said they live paycheck-to-paycheck compared with 43% of men... With such a bleak future to look forward to, we can understand why an entire generation's most merkatble skill is making selfies

Pompeo: Iran "Ransom" Payment Is Obama’s Iran-Contra Scandal

“Reports of the U.S. paying Iran $400 million in pallets of cash, using other currencies in order to circumvent American law, is something of Hollywood films—and is reminiscent of the Iran Contra scandal,” Rep. Mike Pompeo said in statement. “Have we not learned we cannot trust the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism?”

What Will Hillary Do? Goldman Ranks Russia 'Best Olympian' Nation Ever (Over #2 USA)

While exceptional USA is heralded as savior of the world and "greatest nation ever in the history of earth," by Hillary Clinton, it appears Goldman Sachs disagrees... when it comes to The Olympics. From an 'efficiency' perspective,  controlling for how populous, rich (income per capita), and 'efficient' they are, Russia is the greatest olympic sporting nation (and ironically Greece is worst)...

Shocking Undercover Videos Reveal Just How Easy It Is To Commit Voter Fraud...Over & Over & Over Again

Undercover videos prove that committing voter fraud in America is somewhere between very simple and extremely simple...

A Most Remarkable Market: In Week The S&P Hit Record High, Everyone Sold

This continues to be truly the most remarkable "market."

"The Deals Are Collapsing" - Vancouver's Housing Bubble Has Burst

As a new dawn breaks in Metro Vancouver’s real estate market, realty companies are reporting the first anecdotes of deals falling through as foreign buyers forfeited deposits on binding deals rather than pay the new tax, while local buyers withdraw offers in expectation that the market will tumble. In short: the Vancouver housing bubble has burst.

China's New Silk Road To Make A Big Move In Gold

In short, the New Silk Road is all about building alternatives to U.S. power. Part of that, of course, is displacing the U.S. dollar, the world’s premier currency. So it should be no surprise that China’s New Silk Road project is about to make its first big move in the gold market.

Tesla Misses, Burns Nearly Half A Billion, Warns It Has Hit Bank "Funding Limit": Stock Rises

Following several repeat, and loud, warnings that sales are slowing down, moments ago Elon Musk did not disappoint and reported results that missed substantially on both the top and the bottom line, with non-GAAP EPS of (1.02) nearly twice as bad as what consensus expected, while reporting nearly half a billion in organic cash burn, while warning that "we have reached our funding limit with a banking partner"

"We Have Lost Our Way... Someone Has To Stand Up For The Truth"

America has lost its way because there are far too many who believe government is the solution rather than the problem, far too many who have traded their liberty for subsistence. As de Tocqueville once said, "The American Republic will endure, until politicians realize they can bribe the people with their own money."

The Stock Market Has Predicted The Outcome Of Presidential Elections With 86% Accuracy

If you want Donald Trump to win the election, then you should be rooting for a stock market crash between now and November.

SILVER: The Bankers Achilles’ Heel… and TOP Performing Asset of 2016 YTD

MUST SEE: The Best And Worst Performing Assets YTD
from David Dees,

Chinese Drills Prepare for “Sudden, Cruel and Short” Electronic Warfare in Disputed Waters

by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:

The escalating tensions over claims to disputed waters in and around the disputed waters off the Chinese coast could be headed for deadly disaster.
While the U.S. has been intensifying its presence of warships in the South China Sea, China has been conducting an unprecedented number of drills, including some in concert with Russia.
Now, China is also conducting some brow-raising drills in the East China Sea, which bridges the gap between China and Japan.
More and more, it seems that the chances for a destructive war and failing diplomacy is very real – indeed, players as big as George Soros have suggested that WWIII is a distinct possibility that should not be dismissed.
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Wikileaks Exposes Hillary’s Benghazi Lies To Congress



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