Thursday, August 4, 2016

"It's A Sad Time In History" Clint Eastwood Rages “We're Really A Pussy Generation... F##king Get Over It"

"[Trump’s] onto something, because secretly everybody’s getting tired of political correctness, kissing up... We’re really in a pussy generation. Everybody’s walking on eggshells... Just fucking get over it. It’s a sad time in history."

Turkey Says Obama Lies — U.S. Was Behind Failed Coup

by Eric Zuesse, Washington’s Blog:
U.S. President Barack Obama has been resisting the demands of the Turkish government to extradite the person that Turkey alleges was behind the failed July 15th Turkish coup-attempt, and the Turks are now stepping up pressure against Washington by implying that Obama has been lying about Washington’s advance knowledge regarding the coup.
The Turkish government is preparing a formal extradition request to Washington regarding Fethullah Gülen, the exiled Turkish cleric in Pennsylvania, whom the Turkish government alleges was behind the July 15th coup-attempt. The Turks are demanding that when the U.S. government receives it, their extradition request will quickly be complied with.
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10 Facts The Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You About The War In Syria

Corporate media regularly attempts to present Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria as solely responsible for the ongoing conflict in the region. The media does report on events that contradict this narrative - albeit sparingly - but taken together, these underreported details shine a new light on the conflict.

What Happens When Rampant Asset Inflation Ends?

The insanity of the two strategies to keep inflated asset prices alive is no hindrance to their implementation. The collapse of asset inflation will implode all the fiscal and financial promises based on ever-inflating assets and reveal the unsustainability of the status quo's strategy of substituting debt and asset bubbles for stagnating real income.

Bank Of England Stock Bounce Fizzles, Bonds & Bullion Bid

"Get back to work Mr. Carney" - it appears the yuuge over-deliver from The Bank of England governor is just not enough to keep the dream alive in equity market land as S&P gives up its QE bounce gains as bonds and bullion remain well bid (amid cable's weakness)...

Japan Proposes "Wage Controls" As Abenomics' Desperation Measure

"I think it might be necessary to encourage a discussion throughout all ministries about a wage target policy," Yamamoto told reporters in Tokyo on Thursday morning. The veteran lawmaker, whose formal job description is minister responsible for regional revitalization, has made it clear he won’t be tied down with a narrow focus.

BOE Cuts By 25 bps To Record Low 0.25%, Boosts QE By £60 BN Including Corporate Bonds; Gilt Yields Crash

As expected, the Bank of England unanimously cut rates by 25 bps to a record low 0.25%. However in a somewhat surprising move, the BOE also expand its QE by £60 billiion to £435 billion in a 6-3 vote, of which up to £10 billion will be in the form of corporate bond purchases, as we previewed last night. Overall a very dovish decision, with Mark Carney providing more monetary stimulus than many had expected, sending sterling plunging and the FTSE100 surging.

Initial Jobless Claims Hover At 43 Year Lows, Diverge From Challenger Layoffs

Following Challenger Gray's 2nd consecutive monthly rise in layoffs, appearing to resume its uptrend from last year, initial jobless claims rose a modest 3k to 269k (slightly worse than the expected 265k), still near 43 year lows...

Armed Police Fill London Streets Morning After "Deranged" Knife Attacker Kills US Woman

London has boosted up its police response, with armed police on the streets today after a 19-year old Norwegian citizen, of Somali descent, stabbed and killed a US woman in her 60's and injured five others in Central London's Russell Square at 10:30 p.m. Wednesday night as reported las night.

Pound Plummets, Gilt Yields Crash To All Time Low After Uberdovish "Kitchen Sink" BOE Announcment

All the speculation that central banks are putting the brakes on unconventional monetary policy and shifting to fiscal stimulus demands, were tossed aside this morning when the BOE launched what was been dubbed a "kitchen sink" response. As a result, sterling plunged over 1% while 10Y Gilts yields crashed to fresh all time lows around 0.65%.

S&P Futures Flat As Europe, Asia Lifted By Banks, Yen; All Eyes On The Bank Of England

In a mostly quiet session, European and Asian stocks rose, pushed higher by financial stocks and the USDJPY which initially dipped on some hawkish comments by BOJ deputy governor Iwata, only to rebound later in the session, lifting the Nikkei 1.1%, while the Stoxx 600 rose 0.4% led higher by the banking sector. S&P futures are unchnaged after yesterday's last hour ramp. The key event is the BOE decision due in half an hour.

Full BOE Preview, And A Look At What UK Corporate Bond QE Will Look Like

  • Bank of England are widely expected to cut rates to 0.25% with a 25bps rate reduction fully priced in OIS markets.
  • The central bank is also touted to expected to announce further stimulus measures including the potential restart of its QE programme, the LFP Scheme, or corporate QE.
  • 2017 GDP growth forecast is likely to see a significant downgrade amid early signs of a deterioration in the UK economy, while GBP depreciation is likely to support 2017 Inflation forecasts.

Dear Millennials, We Found The Best Housing Markets For You! But, There's A Catch...

For the adventurous Millennials looking to escape mom and dad's basement we've identified a couple of affordable housing markets for you...

US General In Europe Agrees With Trump: NATO States Must Pay More For Defense

While US media continues to hammer Trump for what 'uncited sources' are saying, European media notes that the commander of U.S. European Command said allied nations must pay their fair share of defense costs to deter Russia in comments that support Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's tough talk on NATO.

Class 8 Truck Orders Plunge To Lowest Level Since February 2010

July Class 8 trucks orders were, in a word, abysmal

An Angry White House Snaps Over Secret Iran "Hostage" Payment: "Why Is That Relevant"

"Some of the money that Iran [received from US taxpayers] is being used for those purposes too... But the bulk of the money has been going to shoring up their economic weakness, exactly how we predicted....But why is that relevant? Why is that relevant?"

The Social Justice Cult Should Blame Itself For The Rise Of Trump

Elections are always a distraction from tangible solutions. They are an anathema to honest debate; a circus of delusions and prefabricated talking points. They offer the illusion of choice in order to placate the masses. They are a theater of false hopes. That said, elections do accomplish one thing very well - they are great for mobilizing large numbers of people into opposing camps and pitting them against each other over ideologies and political celebrities.  Sometimes, these elections can lead to internal war.  This is where we stand in 2016...

Trump Taj Mahal To Be Shuttered... Again

In a move that couldn't be worse timing for The Donald, Carl Icahn is closing the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, a property Icahn acquired out of bankruptcy, after a battle with union workers over wages and healthcare

Get Prepared The Economic Indicators Are Declining Rapidly – Episode 1039a

from X22Report:

Real estate deals are collapsing in Vancouver, as more people back out of deals. ADP job reports shows construction jobs have declined. Office Depot, Kate Spade and others are reporting losses during this incredible recovery. Auto sales decline for the month of July, the only reason auto sales had a boost was because of fleet sales and government sales. Service sectors declines and Q3 does not look good. Mortgage apps fall again, and real estate companies are preparing for losses. The European banks did not do well in the stress tests and their stocks are dropping.

Venezuela Is Beta Testing Executive Order 13603- Food Shortages and Slave Labor

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:
In an article I wrote last week, I reported on Wikileaks finding, from Clinton’s leaked emails, that Secretary of State Clinton played a large role in the present state of extreme shortage being experienced in Venezuela and it was deliberate.
Further the actions being pursued by the Venezuela government exactly parallel the articles and provisions contained in Executive Order 13603.
Is this just a coinciddence? Or is EO 13603 being beta tested in Venezuela for later application in the United States?
In the following paragraphs, I lay out the actions of the Venezuelan government in dealing with their contrived food crises and then offer a comparison to what is written in Obama’s EO 13603.
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Something Strange is Afoot, U.S. Sees Massive Gold Inflows

by Nathan McDonald, Sprott Money:
Well, well, well. Something incredibly strange is afoot. What exactly is happening is the million dollar question. Regardless of what it is, a shift has occurred that has shocked many in the precious metals community and has others scratching their heads in confusion.
Everyone knows that the West has been bleeding gold for decades, especially the United States, which has systematically been selling their citizen’s true wealth and hollowing out the foundation of their financial system. Yet, a massive and dramatic shift has occurred. A massive amount of gold is flowing BACK towards the United States.
Switzerland, which typically exports a minor 0.5 metric tonnes per month to the United States, has just completely gone into full gear and exported a monster amount of gold in the month of May 2016.
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from The Next News Network:

Sputnik News reports A stress test conducted a few days ago by the European Banking Authority confirmed the poor condition of many credit institutions in Europe. Italian banks and Germany’s Deutsche Bank are doing the worst.


from Harvey Organ:
For the August gold contract month, we had a large 732 notices served upon for 73,200 ounces. The total number of notices filed so far for delivery: 9657 for 965,700 oz or tonnes or 30.037 tonnes
In silver we had 19 notices served upon for 95,000 oz. The total number of notices filed so far this month: 140 for 700,000 oz.
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