Friday, August 5, 2016

Where The July Jobs Were: "Obamacare Again Offset Weak Industrial, Consumer Sector"

Where were the July jobs? As our friends at Southbay Research point out, "Obamacare jobs offset weak Industrial and Consumer payrolls"

July Payrolls Soar By 255K, Smashing Expectations As Wages Rise More Than Expected: Rate Hike Eyed

So much for payrolls tracking tax withholdings. With many expecting a payrolls whisper number to come below the consensus print of 180K, moments ago the BLS reported that July payrolls soared by 255K, above the highest Wall Street forecast, and a number made even more impressive by the upward revision to the June print from 287K to 292K.

Jim Cramer Wipes Out Retail Investors After Bristol Myers Plummets

"Even at $66 I remain a solid buyer."

Don't Show Jack Welch This Chart...

In a miraculous case of deja vu all over again, after cratering for the first 5 months of the year (confirming an 'opposition' narrative of the economic weakness underlying a record high stock market), the jobs market has suddenly surged... now where have we seen this before?

Good News Is Good News (For Now): Jobs Beat Sparks Bond, Bullion Beating

As the pre-election ramp up in jobs data continues with this morning's big beat, it appears good news is good news for stocks as the USD surges and bonds and bullion are dumped post-payrolls...

Could Inflation Break The Back Of The Status Quo?

Unprecedented expansion of credit, wage inflation and much-needed limits on the power of central banks to give away billions to oligarchs will generate inflation. The central planners have successfully masked real inflation behind a smokescreen of official statistics, but eventually a wind will rise that blows the smokescreen away, and the reality of rising inflation will break the back of the financial-political status quo.

Support For Merkel Plunges After German Terrorist Attacks

After the recent surge in terrorist attacks on US soils conducted by ISIS-affiliated refugees who had entered the country thanks to Chancellor Merkel's "Open Door" policy, we expected that popular support for Merkel would once again drop in the polls, but not even we expected such a dramatic move.

The Bookies Would Stop Taking Bets On This NFP

Previewing The Payrolls Report: Watch Out For Short-End Fireworks

As the world awaits the next in the series of "most important jobs numbers ever," which has now been shown as only relevant to the degree by which it moves the S&P 500 higher (or god forbid lower), consensus expectations are for a goldilocks 180k gain in jobs and flat 4.9% unemployment rate. The market will be looking to see if the Fed's recent optimism surrounding labor market conditions (despite a collapse in their own LMCI) are justified and if the employment figures of July and August demonstrate a new trend in conjunction with June ahead of the September meeting... and of course the 'election adjustment'.

Nicaraguan President Removes Political Opposition From Congress, Nominates Wife As Vice President

Nicaragua is set to hold presidential elections in November 2016, where Ortega will run for his third term (after changing the constitutional term limits). Evidently, Ortega is the overwhelming favorite given that he banned the main opposition party from running. Moreover, last week he removed all political opposition from Congress, essentially guaranteeing himself a victory.

Futures, Global Stocks Rise As Oil, USDJPY Drops: All Eyes On The Jobs Report

With all eyes on today's jobs report, where consensus expects a 180K payrolls gain, European, Asian stocks and S&P futures all rise amid a surge in government debt as markets digest the BOE's "kitchen sink" easing for a second day. But please don't overthink it. In deja vu fashion, Bloomberg summarizes the action simply as "stocks rose around the world on speculation central bank stimulus measures will support the global economy." We've heard that just a few times before.

As Obama Slams Iran "Ransom" Allegations, He Refuses To Answer One Simple Question

For the second day after The White House was forced to admit dropping pallets full of $400 million of non-USD-denominated cash to Iran 'coinciding' with the release of four hostages and the Iran nuclear deal; the administration refuses to answer one simple question...

The End Of A Trend: Oil Prices And Economic Growth

Far from a sign of good things for the economy as whole, recently declining oil prices now tend to indicate a weakening economy that was already in a weak state. It turns out that the oil price and the economy are now in a very tight relationship, and we are going to be seeing them together a lot for a long time to come.

Mind The "GAAP" (Or How The Game Is Really 'Rigged')

The bottom line is that the game is rigged and if you're going to play it then you better be well trained at finding the shenanigans...

How Europe Is Getting Rich by Fueling Its Own Terror Epidemic

Though Europe does not have the rates of gun violence the United States continues to grapple with, European governments have made over a billion euros by fueling gun violence in the Middle East and North Africa.

War Or Peace: The Essential Question Before American Voters On November 8th

On this issue, the case is overwhelming...


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