Friday, August 5, 2016

Caught On Tape: Hillary Exclaims "We Will Raise Taxes On The Middle-Class"

Flanked by sleepy billionaire-for-the-masses Warren Buffett, Hillary Clinton was cheered by a crowd of mooing followers in Omaha as she angrily exclaimed "...we are going to raise taxes on the middle class!”

In Latest Scandal, Trump Retracts Statement He Saw Video Of "Iran Cash Exchange" Just As Clip Emerges

In what has emerged as the latest scandal involving Donald Trump, the presidential candidate on Friday retracted a statement that he had seen a video on TV of a plane carrying $400 million in cash to Iran. However, what is ironic is that just as Trump was backtracking, the video in question, together with commentary from Iran, did indeed emerge.

Wikileaks’ Julian Assange: We Will Release Proof that Hillary is Rigging the Election!

from TheDailyTrump:


30,000 Refugees "Go Missing" As Swedes Face Increasing Violence From Asylum-Seekers

The daily Svenska Dagbladet reported that 30,000 people whose asylum application had been rejected and were scheduled for deportation, had gone missing. The police say they lack the resources to track down these illegals... but do not complain: "If you disagree with the establishment, you are immediately called a racist or fascist, which we definitely are not. At times I felt that this was what it must have been like to live in the old Soviet Union."

Atlanta Fed Sees Dramatic Surge In Economy, Pegs Q3 GDP At 3.8%

Dear Janet, you have a problem! With jobs surging, stocks at record highs, volatility near record lows, China stable, and Brexit behind us, today's shocking upgrade of the US economy by The Atlanta Fed (to +3.8% growth) leaves The Fed with little to no excuse for hiking rates at least once if not twice this year...

Massive Majority Of Europeans Disapprove Of EU Handling Of Refugee Crisis

When the history books are finally written, the tone-deaf handling of the refugee crisis by EU bureaucrats will be seen as one of the primary catalysts in the ultimate disintegration of the European Union.

"Jobs Data Nowhere As Strong As Headline" - Analysts Throw Up On Today's Seasonal Adjustment

According to Mitsubishi UFJ strategist John Herrmann, the "jobs headline overstates" strength of payrolls. He adds that the unadjusted data show a “middling report” that’s “nowhere as strong as the headline" and adds that private payrolls unadjusted +85k in July vs seasonally adjusted +217k. He believes that the government used a "very benign seasonal adjustment factor upon private payrolls to transform a soft private payroll gain into a strong gain."

The U.S. Has Lost 195,000 Good Paying Energy Industry Jobs

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:
Not all jobs are created equal. There is a world of difference between a $100,000 a year energy industry job and a $10 an hour job running a cash register at Wal-Mart. You can comfortably support a middle class family on $100,000 a year, but there is no way in the world that you can run a middle class household on a part-time job that pays just $10 an hour. The quality of our jobs matters, and if current long-term trends continue unabated, eventually we are not going to have much of a middle class left. At this point the middle class has already become a minority in America, and according to the Social Security Administration 51 percent of all American workers make less than $30,000 a year right now. We have a desperate need for more higher paying jobs, and that is why what is happening in the energy industry is so deeply alarming.
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S&P 500 Surges To Record Highs As Rate-Hike Odds Soar

Stocks are loving it... good jobs news is good news indeed and 'investors' are buying the record-highs to new record highs...

"Trump Is Cratering" In Latest Polls

We warned last week when Reuters 'tweaked' its survey methodology that things were about to get "interesting" in the polls... and they have. As one Republican pollster exclaimed "Trump is cratering" noting the swing from a 2 point lead to a 7 point lag in the space of two short weeks.

Investors (Over?) Trim Their Hedges

Volume in inverse ETF’s has dropped to its 2nd lowest level in more than 5 years; have traders become too complacent?

Where The July Jobs Were: "Obamacare Again Offset Weak Industrial, Consumer Sector"

Where were the July jobs? As our friends at Southbay Research point out, "Obamacare jobs offset weak Industrial and Consumer payrolls"

July Payrolls Soar By 255K, Smashing Expectations As Wages Rise More Than Expected: Rate Hike Eyed

So much for payrolls tracking tax withholdings. With many expecting a payrolls whisper number to come below the consensus print of 180K, moments ago the BLS reported that July payrolls soared by 255K, above the highest Wall Street forecast, and a number made even more impressive by the upward revision to the June print from 287K to 292K.

Jim Cramer Wipes Out Retail Investors After Bristol Myers Plummets

"Even at $66 I remain a solid buyer."

Hyperinflation Defined, Explained, and Proven: Part II – Jeff Nielson

by Jeff Nielson, Sprott Money:
Part I began the somewhat ambitious mission described in the title: providing readers with the true definition of the term “hyperinflation”, in both economic and mathematical terms. This was done through first defining the term “inflation” itself. It was then explained how the dynamics of inflation/hyperinflation operate, through the use of a simple allegory. Finally, readers were provided with a real-life illustration: the hyperinflation of the U.S. money supply .
Part II continues this mission by explaining why the current economic context makes a full-blown, monetary episode of hyperinflation inevitable, meaning the collapse (to zero) in the exchange rate of our fiat currencies – at least those of the Corrupt West. The starting point here is obvious: “competitive devaluation” .
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It’s Time To Prepare For Hyperinflationary Collapse — James Wesley Rawles


Author, Patriot and Founder of James Wesley Rawles returns to SGT Report to discuss current events, including the Clinton crime family, the fragile state of the global economy and the coming hyperinflationary collapse of fiat currencies around the world. James says, it’s time to prepare with “tangibles, tangibles, tangibles.”

Recently Found Document Suggests That CIA Murdered Former U.N. Head

by Joshua Krause, Activist Post:
If you asked a typical American about conspiracy theories, he or she probably wouldn’t have any trouble rattling off an extensive list of theories ranging from the Kennedy assassination to 9/11. But if there’s one potential conspiracy that most Americans are totally unaware of, it’s the supposed CIA plot to kill UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskj√∂ld.
Dag had been the Secretary General for eight years, but died in an accidental plane crash in 1961, while en route to a cease-fire negotiation in the British protectorate of Northern Rhodesia. But, over the years, there have been multiple claims that the plane was shot down, and that he was actually killed in an assassination plot that involved some combination of the CIA, a Belgian Mining Company, a South African paramilitary unit, and British intelligence. Why? Because he was pushing for Congo’s independence, which would have hurt the interests of any of those forces.
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Americans are Fleeing the US in Droves

by Jean Perier, New Eastern Outlook:
A rapidly deteriorating political situation, accompanied by shrinking incomes and disastrous social conditions with racial problems to top it all off wouldn’t go unnoticed in any state.
The inhabitants of such a country in the long-run would be appalled by the prospects of living in poverty for the rest of their lives, surviving on crumbs that fall from the oligarchs’ table. Nobody wants to live without prospects or hope, therefore, people are often leaving such states in droves, renouncing their citizenship with no intention to ever return again.
And we are not talking here about those who fled the poorest countries of the world, even though a massive flow of such people has swept Europe over the last 12 months due to the massive number of refugees fleeing hunger, poverty and conflicts in the Middle East and Africa. In fact, we are talking about the so-called “stronghold of democracy,” namely the United States.
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Factory Orders And Trucking Have Imploded, Recovery, I Think Not

from X22Report:

Bailed Out Citigroup Is Going Full Throttle into Derivatives that Blew Up AIG

by Pam Martens and Russ Martens, Wall Street On Parade:
Having closely observed how Citigroup collapsed under the weight of its own corruption and risk-taking hubris in 2008 and spread its contagion across Wall Street, a headline we never dreamed we would see in our lifetime is shown above from Risk Magazine’s web site. The article under the heart-stopping headline is dated January 27, 2016 and informs readers that Citigroup is now viewed by clients as one of the top-three market makers in single name Credit Default Swaps in both North America and Europe. 
Credit Default Swaps are the instruments that blew up the giant insurance company, AIG, in 2008, requiring the U.S. government to bail out the company to the tune of $185 billion. The bailout money went in the front door of AIG and was then funneled out the backdoor to the big Wall Street banks that had used AIG as their counterparty to guarantee their bets on Credit Default Swaps. The AIG bailout was effectively a backdoor bailout of the biggest banks on Wall Street.
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