Thursday, August 11, 2016

Trump Accuses Obama Of Being The "Founder Of ISIS; Crooked Hillary Clinton Is The Co-Founder"

“ISIS is honoring President Obama,” Trump said during a rally in Fort Lauderdale, adding that “He is the founder of ISIS. He founded ISIS." He did not spare Hillary either: "I would say the co-founder would be ‘Crooked’ Hillary Clinton,” Trump added of his Democratic rival.

A Nation Of Sheep, Afraid Of Words: Lies, Damn Lies, & Hillary Clinton Lies

"I don’t think what Donald Trump says is worse than actually what Hillary Clinton in fact has done... Trump lies are mostly garbled, stream-of-consciousness word salad. HRC lies are lawyerly, meticulous, calculated, and brazen."

Obamacare On "Verge Of Collapse" As Premiums Set To Soar Again In 2017

If Obamacare enrollments continue their current trend and insurers continue to hike premiums at alarming rates then Republicans may not have to worry about "repealing and replacing Obamacare" as it might just work itself out "naturally".

Oil Tops $42 As OPEC Headlines Seeks To Start Another Short Squeeze

Having plunged yesterday on 'real' excess supply data, WTI crude is rallying this morning - back above $42, NYMEX close dump levels - on the heels of the latest OPEC/NOPEC headline farce on output freezes (the day after Saudis announce record output!!)...

Someone's Lying

Initial jobless claims dropped 1k to 266k (from a downwardly revised 267k) remaining near 43-year lows. Here's why that's odd...

Macy’s Jumps 10% After Sales, Earnings Decline; Will Close 100 Full-Line Stores

Nothing says panic-buy a retail stock like the shuttering of 100 stores (14%) but that is what Macy's is doing. With a loss of $1 billion in revenues from the store closures,it seems like an odd reaction to the decline in sales that CEO Terry Lundgren has blamed on "abnormal weather patterns."

Ukraine Puts Troops Near Russia Border On Combat Alert As Tension With Moscow Spikes

In what may be the biggest rise in military tensions between Ukraine and Russia, moments ago Ukraine's president announced he has put all forces forces on the border with Crimea and eastern Ukraine on combat alert.

Valeant Responds To Criminal Probe Report

"Valeant previously disclosed in October 2015 that the United States Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York commenced an investigation involving Valeant... Valeant takes these matters seriously and intends to uphold the highest standards of ethical conduct as we move forward with our mission to improve people's lives with our healthcare products."

US Futures Rebound, European Stocks Higher As Oil Rises

The summer doldrums continue with another listless overnight session, not helpd by Japan markets which are closed for holiday, as Asian stocks fell fractionally, while European stocks rebounded as oil trimmed losses after the the IEA said pent-up demand would absorb record crude output (something they have said every single month). S&P futures have wiped out almost all of yesterday's losses and were up over 0.2% in early trading.

Russia Pulls Out Of Ukraine Peace Talks Citing Crimea Attack; Videos Of Detainee, Weapons Captured

The mainstream media is starting to wake up to the re-emergence of tensions in Ukraine with a short translation of every report being "it's all Russia's fault." But, with so many obvious complications, Minsk II was setup to fail right from the start. By accident or design, the setup is precisely what warmongers like.

Mussolini Would Be Proud: Italy Proposes Jailing "Reckless" Vegan Parents

If parliamentarian Elvira Savino has her way, Italian parents who insist on a vegan diet for their children will risk up to four years in jail. In her shockingly tyrannical over-reach, the center-right party member seeks to "stigmatize the reckless and dangerous eating behavior imposed by parents” who make children go vegan.

Islam's "Quiet Conquest" Of Europe

"Dear Europeans, continue to think about a shorter working week, early retirement, abortion on demand and adultery in the afternoon. With your laws, we will conquer you. With our laws, we will convert you...".

California to Throw Adults in JAIL if They Refuse Government-Mandated Vaccines

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:
In case you haven’t noticed, there’s an incremental push right now by the controlling elite to force vaccinations on all Americans, both young and old. And this agenda is gaining considerable traction in California, where legislators are now moving forward with plans to force childhood vaccines on all adults who work in daycare centers, both private and public.
Senate Bill 792, also known as the “Day care facilities: immunizations: exemptions” act, was presented quietly alongside SB 277, which eliminates personal, philosophical and religious vaccine exemptions for children who attend both private and public schools in the Golden State. The bill, as recently heard by the California Assembly Human Services Committee, reads as follows:
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High-Dose Vitamin C Injections Shown To Annihilate Cancer Cells

by Joe Martino, The Sleuth Journal:
High dose vitamin C injections have shown positive results in fighting cancer cells in studies done in vitro, on mice and on humans. Peer-reviewed medical research has been recently published in the journal Science Translational Medicine that reports the findings of a team of researchers from the University of Kansas who tested the effects of vitamin C given in high doses intravenously on a group of human subjects with cancer. They found that the injections fought cancer cells yet left healthy cells well intact unlike chemotherapy.
The BBC reports that vitamin C effectively targeted ovarian cancer cells while completely avoiding healthy cells. The benefits of high-dose vitamin C injections were also observed in conjunction with chemotherapy. Some are suggesting that the injections provide a great boost alongside chemo treatment. However chemo does destroy all cells, both healthy and not and is often the cause of death for cancer patients.
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How Long Can Economic Reality Be Ignored? — Paul Craig Roberts

by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:
Trump and Hitlery have come out with the obligatory “economic plans.” Neither them nor their advisors, have any idea about what really needs to be done, but this is of no concern to the media.
The presstitutes operate according to “pay and say.” They say what they are paid to say and that is whatever serves the corporations and the government. This means that the presstitutes like Hitlery’s economic plan and do not like Trump’s.
Yesterday I listened to the NPR presstitutes say how Trump pretends to be in favor of free trade but really is against it, because he is against all the free trade agreements such as NAFTA, the Trans-Pacific and Trans-Atlantic partnerships. The presstitutes don’t know that these are not trade agreements. NAFTA is a “give away American jobs” agreement, and the so-called partnerships give away the sovereignty of countries in order to award global corporations immunity from laws.
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by Geoffrey Grider, Now the End Begins:
Since the Democratic National Committee emails were leaked a few weeks ago, three people associated with the DNC have all been found dead under what could be questionable circumstances. Some — including Bernie Sanders supporters — suspect the Clintons were behind the deaths, just more episodes in the alleged “Clinton body count” dating back to the 1990s. Others dismiss the speculation as left-wing conspiracy nuts. But until the police have completed their investigations and the medical examiners have released autopsy reports, it is premature to make any determinations.
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