Monday, August 8, 2016

Is Something Wrong With Hillary: Bizarre Behavior, Seizure Allegations Raise Doubts About Her Health


by Joshua Krause, The Daily Sheeple:
Now that Hillary has secured the Democratic nomination (to the surprise of no one), she has slowly shifted her rhetoric to sound more like Bernie Sanders. She knows that millions of Democratic voters absolutely despise her, and would rather vote for anyone else, or not vote at all. So she has to reel those voters back in, and convince them that she’s going to fight for at least a few of the same socialist policies that were made popular by Sanders.
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Princeton Professor Shows How Easy it Is to Hack an Election in Just 7 Minutes

by Claire Bernish, The Free Thought Project:
A professor from Princeton University and a graduate student just proved electronic voting machines in the U.S. remain astonishingly vulnerable to hackers — and they did it in under eight minutes.
In fact, Professor Andrew Appel and grad student Alex Halderman took just seven minutes to break into the authentic Sequoia AVC Advantage electronic voting machine Appel purchased for $82 online — one of the oldest models, but still in use Louisiana, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Virginia, Politico reported.
After Halderman picked the hulking, 250-pound machine’s lock in seven seconds flat, Appel wrested its four ROM chips from a circuit board — an easy feat, considering the chips weren’t soldered in place.
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Feds Raid Home, Office, Pub of Philly Union Boss Tied to DNC & Clinton

by Jillian Kay Melchior, Heat Street:
During the Democratic National Convention, the office of Philadelphia’s most powerful construction union stood out, decked in an enormous sign declaring “Hillary for President.” But on Friday morning, the union headquarters captured public attention for a different reason: a yellow Penske semi-truck parked on the curb outside, packed with dozens of boxes of evidence lugged out of the office by federal agents.
Authorities raided not only the office of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 98 but also the home of its powerful leader, John “Johnny Doc” Dougherty, who is also head of the Philadelphia Building and Construction Trades Council. In addition, law enforcement searched a pub run by Johnny Doc and other union bosses, as well as the offices of a labor-connected Philadelphia city councilman.
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Breaking: Secret Group Running U.S. Elections Discovered

from The Alex Jones Channel:

The facts we expose are incontrovertible. You are getting next level cutting edge intel. We know the Dems have engaged in massive fraud, The repubs have too, we just cover it like we see it. In front of the whole world, you saw Sanders win More than 10 states but it didn’t matter the super delegates wanted Hillary in. AP, Reuters, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC run the private organization that announces the winners.

Voters of America, you are being played – BIG TIME.

from Rachael L. McIntosh:
Voters of America, you are being played – BIG TIME.
I’ll start this off with one word: ELECTORAL COLLEGE.  Ok, that’s two, but you get my point (I hope).  This election for president of the United States of America is already settled.  It has been done and over with since last year and this whole circus we are forced to endure is simply theater to the point of, psy-op (psychological operation). And no.  I’m not being melodramatic.
Most people walking around fail to realize that the primary/caucus system we have going on here has only been around since 1972.  The Constitution of/for the United States of America tells us exactly how the electoral college is the only body that votes for president. (Some of you might appreciate the difference between the word ‘of’ and ‘for’ and I included that for your benefit).
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World Class Crash Coming No Matter What — John Williams

from Greg Hunter:

Economist John Williams thinks the global economy is weak, and a black swan could hit anytime and take it all down. The next crash will be the greatest ever. Williams contends, “It will certainly be a world class event that people will be talking about for centuries.”

Monday Humor? Spanish Bond Yield Plunges Below 1% For First Time Ever

What have you wrought Mr. Draghi?

Prospect Capital: The Enemy Within

John F. Barry III, the founder, chairman and chief executive of Prospect Capital, a Manhattan-based business development company, can't seem to get any respect.

Buffett Exits Entire Credit Default Swap Exposure, As Citi's Appetite For Derivative Destruction Surges

It was considered one of the bigger paradoxes for years. Back in 2003, Warren Buffett famously dubbed derivatives “financial weapons of mass destruction” and yet over the next several years went ahead and entered a number of the contracts, including both equities and credit, ostensibly by selling CDS to collect up monthly premiums. However, at least when it comes to CDS, after several years of Berkshire trimming its credit derivative exposure, it is now completely out. Meanwhile, Citi is loading up on any CDS it can find...

Trump Unveils His Economic Plan

After a pretty rough couple of weeks on the trail Trump is looking to reboot his campaign with an economic speech in Detroit..

"Poorer Than Your Parents?" New Study Shows 81% Of Americans Worse Off Than In 2005

The answer is the monetary policies of central banks benefit the wealthy and those with first access to money at the expense of everyone else.

Oil Surge Continues As Short Squeeze Accelerates

Despite a significant build at Cushing (Genscape +300k), tumbling China demand, and Libyan supply, the ever more financialized crude oil market is aoneway street higher of short-squeezing exuberance. As 2015's August explosion plays out again, WTI Crude just broke back over $43 as record shorts suffer...

Fed's Labor Market Indicator Bounces Back At Fastest Pace Since 2015

Thanks to Friday's 'magnificent' goldilocks jobs print, The Fed's Labor Market Conditions Index (once Janet Yellen's favorite indicator... until it started to turn down... and now just "experimental") bounced back ftom its 6-months of declines to 1.0% rise - the best since Dec 2015.

"Wrong Way Gartman"...

Gartman "Suffers Worst Day Of The Year", Flips Flops Again: "We Have No Choice, We Have To Dance With TINA"

The trend, despite our antipathy to it, remains upward and we have been undeniably wrong in having taken up a small bearish position via a bet on volatility rising.... We covered part of that position in the VXX last week. We covered more immediately after the news on payrolls was released, and we shall cover more today. We’ve no choice. We have to dance with TINA… There Is No Alternative…until the music stops even though we do not like the music and we do not like the band.

Preview Of Key Events In The Coming Week

The coming week brings multiple macro data releases for July, including inflation, trade data, retail sales, IP, credit and money supply. A relatively light US data calendar next week with retail sales the main release on Friday but also import and producer prices and Michigan sentiment coming up. Retail sales will be closely watched to assess consumer spending growth for 3Q.

Ex-CIA, Ex-Goldman, Anti-Trump Republican Launches Independent Presidential Bid

On the day that Trump is set to unveil his economic plan, as Hillary's post-convention bounce fades in the polls, Buzzfeed's McKay Coppins reports that Evan McMullin - a CIA veteran and Goldman Sachs alum - is preparing to launch an indepedent presidential campaign. Several key players in GOP's anti-Trump movement are behind this stunt effort...

IMF Studies Piketty’s Work On Income Inequality, Finds There Is "No Empirical Evidence” To Support Claims

When Thomas Piketty’s "Capital in the 21st Century" came out in 2013, it quickly became a favorite of the political left and neo-Keynesian economists as his findings fit the narrative of increasing income inequality. Paul Krugman said “ Mr. Piketty’s contribution is serious, discourse-changing scholarship in a way most best sellers aren’t.  There may be just one problem with Piketty’s earth-shattering revelation: it appears to be wrong.

If "Everybody Knows The Economy's Doing Better," What Is That Information Worth?

Maybe the "smart money" knows the real numbers are now so far from the central planners' rigged statistics that the carefully constructed narrative of "recovery" is doomed to an unwelcome intrusion of reality.

Oil Spikes On Renewed OPEC Supply Cut Chatter, Just As Hedge Funds Turn Record Short

The key catalyst for today's spike is another convenient report by OPEC, according to which the oil exporting organization will hold informal talks at an energy conference in September. However. the biggest threat to oil's recent price decline is that, like in February, hedge funds are now massively short. In fact, according to Bloomberg, hedge funds have gone all-in on lower oil prices, counting on seasonal weakness to play out again this year. Specifically, money managers increased wagers on declining crude prices to a record as futures dropped to the lowest in more than three months.

Delta Suspends All Flights "Due To System Outage Nationwide" With Computer Systems "Down Everywhere"

Delta Air Lines -  the second largest airline in the world - is reporting that all flights have been suspended "due to a system outage nationwide." Social media users have posted photos showing long lines of passengers waiting to check-in at airports. “Our systems are down everywhere. Hopefully it won't be much longer,” Delta Air Lines said in response to a passenger's tweet.

Weak Chinese Trade Data Confirms Global Slowdown, Imports Tumble

While central banks continue to "print" liquidity, now at a pace of nearly $200 billion per month, they are unable to print trade, perhaps the single best indicator of deteriorating global economic conditions. The latest confirmation came overnight from China, which reported another batch of disappointing trade data including imports which have now declined for 21 straight months, while exports have fallen for 12 of 13 months.


by Christina Sarich, Underground Reporter:
Monsanto is losing millions on failed GM cotton. The company illegally pushed a form of Bt cotton into India and Africa more than a decade ago, but farmers are now pushing back by planting their own indigenous seed.
Monsanto is accused of writing laws and then breaking them to enter the market in India, but after more than 300,000 farmer deaths between 1995 and 2013, many of them attributed to Monsanto, the company is finally paying for their misdeeds. The corporation’s greed is linked to farmer suicides throughout Maharashtra, considered the ‘Cotton Belt’ in India.
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John McCain’s 1969 “Tokyo Rose” Propaganda Recording Released

from TRU News:
Vero Beach, FL – (TRUNEWS) U.S. Senator John McCain recorded a Tokyo Rose-style propaganda message that was broadcast on North Vietnamese radio in 1969.
TRUNEWS, a nonprofit Christian digital news app, obtained the bombshell audio recording and released it today on the organization’s daily newscast hosted by Rick Wiles. TRUNEWS acquired the audio recording in cooperation with, a new media company founded by Charles Johnson.
The 1969 North Vietnamese radio broadcast has never been heard in the United States of America. In fact, there has never been any knowledge that such a recording existed. The audio recording was found in a misplaced file in the National Archives in Washington, D.C. The broadcast was recorded by the Foreign Broadcast Information Service, a branch of the CIA that monitored international shortwave and foreign radio broadcasts.
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Goldman: Sell Right Now And Go Away For The Next 365 Days

from ZeroHedge:
It really has not been a good year for Goldman forecasts. Alternatively, it has been a phenomenal year to fade every prediction made by Goldman (and Gartman) in the past 12 months.
Just last weekend, Goldman once again doubled down on what has been a distinctly wrong call since the Brexit aftermath, urging clients to “sell” equities for the next three months even as central banks unleashed one of the most forceful monetary reactions in recent history, steamrolling over all shorts. In response to this latest reco, wewondered if “Goldman again be wrong? It’s distinctly possible, in which case we expect the firm to capitulate some time in September, when the S&P is around 2,300 and urging what clients it has left to buy stocks at all time highs. That would clearly market the moment to sell everything. On the other hand, considering Goldman dreadful forecasting record over the past year, it is about time the firm got one reco right, if only purely statistically.”
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by Louis Cammarosano, Smaulgld:
The Swiss National Bank Holds About $1 Billion in Gold and Silver Mining Shares.
Swiss National Bank Gold Mining Holdings include Gold Giants Newmont Mining and Goldcorp.
Swiss National Bank Silver Mining Holdings include Silver Wheaton and First Majestic.
Swiss National Bank Precious Metals Mining Shares Valued at Approximately $1 Billion.
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Why The Jobs Report Is Not Nearly As Strong As You Are Being Told

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:
Happy days are here again? On Friday, the mainstream media was buzzing with the news that the U.S. economy had added 255,000 jobs during the month of July. But as you will see below, the U.S. economy did not add 255,000 jobs during the month of July. In fact, without an extremely generous “seasonal adjustment”, the number of jobs added during the month of July would not have even kept up with population growth. But the pretend number sounds so much better than the real number, and so the pretend number is what is being promoted for public consumption.
Why doesn’t the government ever just tell us the plain facts? Unfortunately, we live at a time when “spin” is everything, and just about everyone in the mainstream media seemed quite pleased with the “good jobs report” on Friday. However, as Zero Hedge has pointed out, the truth is that the “unadjusted” numbers tell a very different story…
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