Monday, August 1, 2016

Trump: "I'm Afraid The Election Is Going To Be Rigged"

Following Trump confidant Roger Stone's allegation that Hillary Clinton might "steal this election" using the Supreme Court, and the Reuters' poll "tweaks" which sent her to a 7-point lead, Donald Trump is raising the alarm that he "is afraid the election is going to be rigged."
The Simpson's have "Jumped The Shark"...

The Simpsons Join The Presidential Campaign By Endorsing Hillary, Mocking Donald Trump

The media's anti-Trump campaign has gotten to the point where even cartoons are endorsing Hillary.

"This Whole Mania Will End Tragically" - Impermanence & Full-Cycle Thinking

"This whole speculative mania will end tragically. How did we not learn this from 2000-2002, or 2007-2009, or the collapse of every other mania in history? My sense is that it’s a mistake to assume that yield-seeking hasn’t been fully exhausted across every class of securities...For those who insist that there is always a bull market somewhere, I would suggest that the most likely bull market to emerge here will be in bear market assets."

In US Elections, Money Matters!

Simply put, in 40 years of US national elections - money talks, and bullshit (along with hope, change, trust, policy, and every other potential differentiator) walks...

Success In Curbing Chinese Capital Outflows Spells Disaster For High End NY/SF Real Estate

Turns out China's capital controls enacted back in December to curb capital outflows might be working... which we're sad to report is bad news for all the 20-something year old I-bankers and tech geniuses reading this post from the comfort of their $2mm, 800 square foot apartments in New York and San Fran.

This Has Never Happened Outside Of A Recession

The Fed's latest Senior Loan Officer Survey for July 2016 showed that banks continued to tighten standards on commercial loans in 2016 for both commercial and industrial (C&I) and commercial real estate (CRE). This was the fourth straight quarter of tighter standards: something that has never happened outside of a recession.

"End The War On Black People" - BlackLivesMatter Demands Reparations, Investments, Political Power

"The Movement for Black Lives" today published a 22-page list of "demands" on behalf of the Black community, some of which you'll probably find quite shocking...

Smith and Wesson Hits All Time High After FBI Reports Record Gun Sales For July

According to the latest just released FBI data, a total of 2,197,169 gun background checks were processed last month, according to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. That’s up 37% from the 1,600,832 background checks processed in July 2015 and 891,224 checks processed in July 2008, months before Barack Obama was elected president.

Mainstream Media Wrong About Experts, Populism and Internet Truth

The elite’s controlling propaganda is failing...

Hillary: An Existential Threat to Humanity

by Stephen Lendman, SJ Lendman Blog:
Hillary is unique in the annals of US presidential politics, a despicable aspirant like no other, an unprecedented threat to world peace, security and humanity’s survival.
Letting her succeed Obama is an unacceptable risk no thinking, peace loving person should tolerate.
It’s inconceivable for anyone knowing her public record to support her – an untrustworthy, widely reviled she-devil, war goddess, racketeer, serial liar threat to virtually everything peace-loving people everywhere hold most dear.
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Clinton Lead Surges In Latest Poll As Trump "Bounce" Fades; Dead Gorilla Gains

Pick your poll: Trump +3, Clinton +5, Clinton +1, Trump +4, Clinton +7.


Visions Of Tomorrow From The Permanently High Plateau

Somewhere, someone first said “bull markets don’t die of old age.”  We suppose this throwaway phrase was first uttered in a time and place much like today.  That is, in the midst of a protracted bull market where stock prices had detached from the assets and earnings of companies their shares represent claim to.

Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse Kicked Out Of Stoxx Europe 50 Index

What do you do when you are one of the biggest indices in Europe and are unable to rise simply because two of your biggest constituents, if not so much in market cap any more but certainly in terms of systemic importance,  just can't catch a bid? Why you delete them, of course even if the two names in question happen to be Europe's two largest banks, Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse.

Social Fragmentation Suits the Powers That Be

by Charles Hugh Smith, Of Two Minds:
The Elites have successfully revolted against the political and economic constraints on their wealth and power.
Ours is an Age of Fracture (the 2011 book by Daniel Rodgers) in which “earlier notions of history and society that stressed solidity, collective institutions, and social circumstances gave way to a more individualized human nature that emphasized choice, agency, performance, and desire.”
A society that is fragmenting into cultural groups that are themselves fracturing into smaller units of temporary and highly contingent solidarity is ideal for Elites bent on maintaining political and financial control.
A society that has fragmented into a media-fed cultural war of hot-button identity-gender-religious politics is a society that is incapable of resisting concentrations of power and wealth in the hands of the few at the expense of the many.
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Martial Law Exercise? Feds Going Door-To-Door In Florida Asking For Urine Samples Amid Zika Outbreak

by Mac Slavo, Activist Post:
Officials have said that at least four people in Florida have contracted the Zika virus and warn that the virus now appears to be spreading domestically either through contact with mosquitoes or direct human-to-human transmission. Until recently, the virus only appeared in individuals infected outside of the United States, primarily in South America.
In an alarming development, according to CNN, federal, state and local officials have been deployed to canvas neighborhoods in Florida. The stated purpose is to ask questions, request urine samples and determine the spread of the virus.
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Ron Paul Warns – Americans Are Going to be Disappointed by Election Outcome

by Dr. Ron Paul, Market Oracle:
It is a sad commentary on the state of political life in the United States that our political conventions have become more like rock music festivals than competitions of ideas. There has been a great deal of bombast, of insults, of name-calling, and of chest-beating at both party conventions, but what is disturbingly absent is any mention of how we got to this crisis and how we can get out. From the current foreign policy mess to the looming economic collapse, all we hear is both party candidates saying they will fix it, no problem.
In her convention speech Hillary Clinton promised that she would “fight terrorism” and defeat ISIS by doing more of what we have been doing all along: bombing. In fact we have dropped more than 50,000 bombs on ISIS in Iraq and Syria over the past two years and all she can say is that she will drop more. How many more bombs will defeat ISIS? How many more years will she keep us in our longest war, Afghanistan? She doesn’t say.
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Paul Craig Roberts – The Real Likelihood of a Nuclear War

from Brave New World, via Sputnik News:
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, who served as an Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy in the Reagan administration, shares his view that there is a real likelihood of a nuclear war breaking out. Below are the main points covered in this radio programme.
“Firstly there is the Wolfowitz doctrine, which basically makes it clear that the United States should prevent the rise of any state that could present sufficient power to threaten American unilateral action. Russia has risen and has displayed such power….This is the reason for the constant demonisation of Russia’s leader. We have the number one candidate for the democratic Nomination Hillary Clinton, who now compares the President of Russia with Hitler….So what has happened is that every American president during my lifetime, especially Nixon and Reagan worked to create trust between the two major nuclear powers. But beginning with Clinton, the trust that had been achieved was progressively destroyed.”
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DNC Fabricates Russian Hacker Conspiracy to Distract From Its Bernie Scandal

by Patrick Lawrence, Russia Insider:
Now wait a minute, all you upper-case “D” Democrats. A flood light suddenly shines on your party apparatus, revealing its grossly corrupt machinations to fix the primary process and sink the Sanders campaign, and within a day you are on about the evil Russians having hacked into your computers to sabotage our elections — on behalf of Donald Trump, no less?
Is this a joke? Are you kidding? Is nothing beneath your dignity? Is this how lowly you rate the intelligence of American voters? My answers to these, in order: yes, but the kind one cannot laugh at; no, we’re not kidding; no, we will do anything, and yes, we have no regard whatsoever for Americans so long as we can connive them out of their votes every four years.
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