Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Wikileaks' Assange Hints Murdered DNC Staffer Was Email-Leaker, Offers $20k Reward For Info

The mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of 27-year-old Democratic-staffer Seth Rich have stirred Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to offer a $20,000 reward for information leading to a conviction. But it is Assange's comments during a Dutch TV interview that are most disturbing as he hinted that Rich - who was in charge of DNC voter expansion data - was the email-leaker and his death was a politically-motivated assassination.

Shock Claim: Hackers Set To Release PRIVATE VIDEOS OF CLINTON: “The World Will See The Real Hillary”

by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:

With Wikileak’s Julian Assange announcing this week that a new trove of hacked Hillary Clinton documents will be released to the public, it has been claimed that this latest leak of sensitive campaign material may be the death knell for the former Secretary of State.
But this next round of leaks may not just include damning emails that tie Clinton to pay-to-play schemes through her family’s Clinton Global Initiative fund.
According to a 4chan post from an anonymous source who appears to have inside knowledge of the coming leaks, hackers have obtained personal videos of Hillary Clinton that will reveal “the real Hillary.” The source of the leak is reportedly Clinton’s closest aide, Huma Abedin.
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Latest Hillary Email Scandal Reveals State Department "Favors" To Clinton Foundation

In Hillary's latest email scandal, new released emails many of which were not disclosed to the FBI, show that requests for "favors" from the Clinton Foundation started to roll in just 3 months after Hillary was confirmed as Secretary of State.

Hillary Clinton May Have A Brain Tumor: Board Certified MD/Psychiatrist

from The Alex Jones Channel:

Wall Street Reacts To The BOE's QE Failure

As first reported yesterday, in a striking development, the BOE failed to monetize all the longer-maturity gilts it had hoped to purchase on just the second day of its restarted QE operation, as it encountered something striking: an offerless bond market. Today Wall Street responds.

Deutsche Bank Unexpectedly Found To Have Massive Capital Gap, Larger Than Its Entire Market Cap

After the ECB concluded its latest annual stress test, which as expected found no problems with Europe's largest banks, yesterday in an unexpected outcome, German economic research institute ZEW found that Deutsche Bank had the highest potential capital shortfall, as much as €19 billion in a study of 51 European banks using U.S. Federal Reserve stress test methods. The capital gap is greater than DB's entire market cap. 

After Turkey Warns West May "Lose" The Country, NATO "Reminds" Ankara It Is Still An Alliance Member

Less than a day after Turkey's surprising pivot toward Russia, when in his first post-coup trip abroad Turkey president Erdogan flew not to a western, or NATO, ally but instead jaunted to meet with Vladimit Putin to repair and cement future ties, a suddenly very defensive NATO and in what some commentators dubbed an "odd move", reminded Turkey that it is still an ally member.

Gold & Silver Surge, USD Purge As Productivity Plunge Trumps Payrolls Pandemonium

It appears dismal productivity trumps euphoric payrolls data...

"It's A Mad World" Chart Of The Day: Italian Bonds Edition

We know it's early in the trading day but we are quite confident that this will endure as today's WTF chart of the day. Despite soaring NPLs and a systemic banking crisis (drastically intertwined with sovereigns since Draghi unleashed "whatever it takes") and record high national debt-to-GDP, it now costs investors 19bps to lend money to Italy for 12 months...

The Consequences Of Big Oil's Exploding Debt

How do you ride out low oil prices and still pay dividends and CEO salaries? You double down on debt, apparently.

BOJ Leaks September Statement To Ease Investor Concerns That It May Be Tapering QE

To quell any speculation that it may be easing off in its "inflation boosting" monetization efforts, moments ago the BOJ "leaked" what its September statement would be, and as Reuters reported the BOJ has "already prepared a preliminary outline of a "comprehensive" assessment of its policies due next month that will maintain a pledge to hit its 2 percent inflation target at the earliest date possible, sources familiar with its thinking said." The general tone would suggest that a tapering of the BOJ's massive stimulus program is unlikely.

US Futures Flat; Bonds Rise, Dollar And Oil Slide Over US Productivity Collapse Fears

Following yesterday's muted action which saw the S&P500 close unchanged, it has been more of the same listless trading overnight, with US equity index futures little changed as the Nikkei fell on the back of a stronger Yen, while government bonds rose and European stocks reversed early gains following the BOE failed bond monetization operation. Crude oil dropped for a second day after Saudi Arabia told OPEC that it pumped a record 10.67 million barrels of oil a day,

Bank Of England Suffers Stunning Failure On Second Day Of QE: "Goodness Knows What Happens Next Week"

Simply stated, the Bank of England just encountered an offerless market. "It is a bit of a surprise that this went uncovered in the first week of the operation, goodness knows what happens next week."

5 Things The Media Isn't Telling You About The Olympics

As athletes from all corners of the globe compete in the Olympic spirit, news outlets forget about the country’s problems. Here’s a rundown of the five most concerning issues facing tourists, athletes, and Brazilians themselves during this year’s leading international sporting event.

The Charade Continues: London Gold And Silver Markets Set For Even More Paper Trading

Today the London Metal Exchange (LME) and the World Gold Council (WGC) jointly announced the launch next year of standardised gold and silver spot and futures contracts which will trade on the LME’s electronic platform LMESelect, will clear on the LME central clearing platform LME Clear, and that will be settled ‘loco London’. Together these new products will be known as LMEprecious.’


by Steve St. Angelo, SRS Rocco:
The U.S. and world are heading toward an accelerated breakdown of their economic and financial markets.  Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of analysts fail to understand the root cause of this impending calamity.  This is also true for the majority of precious metals analysts.
The reason for this upcoming systemic collapse of the U.S. and Global markets is quite simple when you understand the information and are able to CONNECT THE DOTS.  While it has taken me years of research to be able to finally put it all together, new information really put it all into perspective.
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by Jeff Berwick, The Dollar Vigilante:
We are at an incredible moment in history.
US stock markets are at nominal all-time highs. Government bonds are at or near all-time highs. Yet, central banks worldwide sit at 0% interest rates or less because things are too precarious to even raise rates a paltry 0.25% for fear of collapsing the entire system.
In “traditional” economics this makes no sense. But we are far out of “traditional” now… we are in the extreme end-stages of a collapsing system. When that happens, nothing makes sense from a traditional/normal perspective.
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Marc Faber Issues A Stunning Warning That A Gigantic 50 Percent Stock Market Crash Could Be Coming

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:
Are we about to witness one of the largest stock market crashes in U.S. history? Swiss investor Marc Faber is the publisher of the “Gloom, Boom & Doom Report”, and he has been a regular guest on CNBC for years. And even though U.S. stocks have been setting new record high after new record high in recent weeks, he is warning that a massive stock market crash is in our very near future. According to Faber, we could “easily” see the S&P 500 plunge all the way down to 1,100. As I sit here writing this article, the S&P 500 is sitting at 2,181.74, so that would be a drop of cataclysmic proportions. The following is an excerpt from a CNBC article that discussed the remarks that Faber made on their network on Monday…
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Competitive Devaluation: The Policy of Traitors, Thieves, and Fools

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls:
One of the great absurdities concerning the talking-heads who masquerade as “journalists”, and the laughable charlatans who masquerade as “economists” is that both groups have accepted (as truth) enormous quantities of economic mythology, without the slightest analytical scrutiny. Nowhere is this more true than with the ludicrous dogma known by the euphemism “competitive devaluation”.
Competitive devaluation is a deliberate strategy of undermining the value of one’s own currency, by engaging in monetary policies which deliberately drive down its exchange rate. This is what passes for economic wisdom in the Western world: the way to build your economy is to devalue your currency (as rapidly as possible) in order to supposedly make yourself “more competitive” in export markets.
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from Harvey Organ:
For the August gold contract month, we had a good sized 267 notices served upon for 26,700 ounces. The total number of notices filed so far for delivery: 11,543 for 1,154,300 oz or tonnes or 35.903 tonnes
In silver we had 61 notices served upon for 305,000 oz. The total number of notices filed so far this month: 271 for 1,355,000 oz.
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Photos Confirm U.K. Special Forces Protecting Terrorists In Syria

by Brandon Turbeville, Activist Post:
On August 8, 2016 the BBC published photographs and reported on yet another illegal incursion into Syria by Western NATO forces and yet another violation of Syrian national sovereignty by the United Kingdom. This time, the photographs show British Special Forces operating on the ground inside Syria in al-Tanf, near the Syrian-Iraq border, an area that is also near the Jordanian border.
The pictures themselves date back to June of this year and appear to have been taken shortly after a battle at al-Tanf between the New Syrian Army and ISIS, both Western-backed terrorist organizations. The British soldiers are photographed allegedly setting up a perimeter in order to guard the NSA base from further incursion by ISIS.
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