Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wow! Hillary Struggles to Fill High School Gym in City of 776,000 Democrats...

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:
Hillary held a small rally today at West Philadelphia High School in Philadelphia. In 2015 there were 776,750 registered Democrats in Philadelphia.
But Hillary could only fill a high school gym. And it’s a SMALL gym.
It was another embarrassing display. It’s a good thing the liberal media sent reporters – so they could help fill up the stands.
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Carl Icahn Turns Apocalyptic: "I Am More Hedged Than Ever, A Day Of Reckoning Is Coming"

"I have hedges on, I'm more hedged than I ever was. [The market] is way overvalued at 20 times the S&P and I'll tell you why: a lot of it is a result of zero interest rates. That's going to be hurtThere's going to be a day of reckoning here.  I've seen it many times in my life.  When things look good, they look great.  You go into the sky.  But that's when you have to really pull down and really stop buying."

Trump Explains Why He Doesn't Trust US Intelligence Hours Before First Briefing

Earlier today Trump decided to trash the U.S. Intelligence community, just hours before he's scheduled to receive his first security briefing, declaring that he "won't use them."

Traders Buy Everything After Fed Minutes Send USD Lower

Despite what seemed somewhat more hawkish than the July Statement, Fed Minutes sparked a dovish reaction sending the USDollar reeling, rate hike odds falling, and in turn bonds, gold, oil, and stocks higher...

"Several Participants Pointed Out The Elevated Level Of Equity Values"

"... during the discussion, several participants commented on a few developments, including potential overvaluation in the market for CRE, the elevated level of equity values relative to expected earnings, and the incentives for investors to reach for yield in an environment of continued low interest rates."

And The Market Breaks...

Bond yields are plunging, the USD is tumbling, and precious metals are surging after the unquestionably hawkish fed minutes... and so, how do you stop the market melting down? Break The Market...

FOMC Minutes Show Fed Members Split Over July Rate-Hike, Fear Financial Risks From Low Rates

With Fed speakers attempting to jawbone the current narrative back from the uber-dovish record-high-creating Fed statement, all eyes today were glued on how hawkish the statement would be with regard 2016 hikes - few, some, or many? Since The Fed statement, GDP expectations have crashed to cycle lows but that has not seemed to stop The Fed:
But perhaps most notably, several Fed officials are concerned of financial risks from too low rates.

Million Dollar Bounty Offered For Hillary's "True" Health Records

As questions abound over Hillary's "mental and physical stamina," the Clinton campaign has come out swinging blasting any concerns over the presidential candidate's strange behaviors as "deranged conspiracy theories" adding that Trump was "simply parroting lies." But, if the Clinton campaign thought they could brush this off with their media pals' help, think again as an unprecedented bounty of $1 Million is being offered for Clinton’s true medical records.

Expecting War? Russia Conducts Armored Train Drills For First Time In 15 Years

One could only conclude that Putin is not playing around anymore.

Ford Announces Plans To Self-Destruct Starting In 2021

Ford plans to have fully autonomous vehicles for sale by 2021.  We ran some simple math to show why that probably marks the beginning of the end for auto OEMs.

Why An OPEC Production Cap Is Unlikely

The initial reaction to the announcement of the September OPEC meeting is premature, however. There are several reasons why it is unlikely any action will be taken by OPEC at the meeting to restrain output. Nevertheless, continued speculation prior to the meeting in late September will likely hold oil prices above $40 per barrel for now.

More Crony Capitalism: Aetna Gives An Ultimatum To The DOJ - "If Humana Deal Is Blocked, We Exit Obamacare"

In a glaring example of crony capitalism, Aetna CEO Bertolini wrote that, despite Aetna’s past support for Obamacare, "unfortunately, a challenge by the DOJ to that acquisition and/or the DOJ successfully blocking the transaction would have a negative financial impact on Aetna and would impair Aetna’s ability to continue its support, leaving Aetna with no choice but to take actions to steward its financial health."

Former Insider Nails Confused FOMC: "At The Moment, The Best Description For The Fed Is Schizophrenic"

"We have come to the point where psychological terms best describe the Federal Reserve’s communications policy..."

Former JPMorgan Banker Convicted Of Insider Trading

In one of the few cases of insider trading leading to an actual conviction, earlier today, a former Wall Street investment banker was found guilty for engaging in insider trading by tipping his father off to unannounced healthcare mergers. Sean Stewart, who previously worked at JPMorgan and Perella Weinberg was found guilty by a federal jury in Manhattan on all nine counts he faced, including securities fraud.

Your Bank Has Worse Technology Than Delta Airlines

by Simon Black, Sovereign Man:
It started in 1946.
American Airlines, then the largest airline in the United States (and second largest airline in the world after the Soviet Union’s Aeroflot) created a bold, new technology to book flight reservations.
They called it the “electromechanical reservisor”, and it was the first machine of its kind.
Before the reservisor, American Airlines employees booked all reservations by hand using index cards and lazy susan filing systems.
Needless to say, the manual system was prone to substantial human error, and airline executives were keen to automate the process.
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It No Longer Pays To Go To Work: Welfare Pays Better Than Most Jobs

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:
Have you been to your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) lately and was subsequently dumbfounded by what you saw?
To those of us who live in nice neighborhoods and are employed in a professional environment, you would be shocked by what you’d see at your local DMV.
I have subsequently come to the realization that the America that I live in is crumbling under my feet and I have no illusions that this country’s landslide into the depths inescapable poverty will eventually consume me as well. If you do not believe that this will not happen to you as well, you are self-deluded.
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The Federal Reserve’s Cycle of Monetary Insanity (and Treason) – Jeff Nielson

by Jeff Nielson, Sprott Money:
In 2008; the central bankers of the West went berserk with their monetary crimes. Interest rates were driven to near-zero. Money-printing was driven to near-infinity, as represented by the Bernanke Helicopter Drop.
As a condition for engaging in monetary policies which were more insane (i.e. more criminal) than anything ever done in our economies; the central bankers promised an immediate Exit Strategy , in early 2009: the normalization of interest rates and the normalization of money-printing. Through the middle of 2016 ; we’re still waiting.
The question, never asked by media drones, and never answered by the criminal central bankers is this. If near-zero interest rates (and now “negative” rates) along with exponential money-printing make our economies stronger, why weren’t we doing this 100 years ago? Why haven’t we always engaged in such policies, like we permanently engage in such policies now? It’s because you cannot build any economy through monetary chicanery.
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Ellen Brown – Cascade of Derivative Defaults Would Bring Everything Down

from Greg Hunter:

Countries are up to their necks in debt that cannot not be paid. The derivatives propping the debt up are hundreds of trillions of dollars. Public banking expert Ellen Brown contends, “The concern is this $500 trillion of derivatives just on sovereign debt. There is $100 trillion in sovereign debt globally, which is a huge bill, and then you have all these derivatives betting against it with credit default swaps that would pay off in the event of a default. So, they can’t let any of these governments go bankrupt.

The Herbal Remedy EVERYONE Should Know About: Turmeric Golden Honey Can Fight Weight Gain, Relieve Pain and Combat Inflammation

by Sarah Landers, Natural News:
You might have heard about the many health benefits of turmeric – or maybe you still think of this popular spice as only belonging in your spice rack. Either way, you may be surprised to find out that a simple combination of turmeric and honey (known as “golden honey”) is an extremely useful natural remedy, as recently reported by Natural News.
Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties that make it very good for your health. It is also able to destroy bacteria that cause diseases, aiding your body’s natural defense system. Combine turmeric with honey – which has its own antibacterial properties – and you have a pretty strong natural remedy. In fact, according to Healthy and Natural World, turmeric golden honey is considered to be the strongest natural antibiotic.
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When The Economy Crashes There Will Be A Reallocation Of Money Not A Reset — Bix Weir

from X22Report Spotlight:

The “Housing Crisis” in San Francisco Strangles Demand

by Wolf Richter, Wolf Street:
San Francisco housing bubble buckles under its own lopsidedness
Here’s the other side of central-bank engineered asset price inflation, or “healing the housing market,” as it’s called in a more politically correct manner:
San Francisco Unified school district, which employs about 3,300 teachers, has been hobbled by a teacher shortage. Despite intense efforts this year – including a signing bonus – to bring in 619 new teachers to fill the gaps left behind by those who’d retired or resigned, the district is short 38 teachers as of Monday, when the school year started. Others school districts in the Bay Area have similar problems.
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Hyperinflation is Nigh So Gold Will Go High

by Egon Von Greyerz, Gold Switzerland:
his coming autumn, we are likely to see the beginning of the hyperinflationary phase of the sovereign debt crisis. Hyperinflation normally hits an economy very quickly and unexpectedly and is the result of the currency collapsing. Hyperinflation does not arise as a result of increasing demand for goods and services.
The course of events in a hyperinflationary scenario can be summarised as follows:
Chronic government deficits
Debt issuance and money printing escalating rapidly
Bonds falling – interest rates rising fast
Currency collapsing
The above process turns into a vicious circle that accelerates quickly. The more money the government prints, the faster the currency will fall and the faster the currency falls the more money the government must print. Once the hyperinflationary spiral has started, it will feed itself like we have seen in the Weimar Republic, Zimbabwe, Argentina and many other places.
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