Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Bank Of England Suffers Stunning Failure On Second Day Of QE: "Goodness Knows What Happens Next Week"

Simply stated, the Bank of England just encountered an offerless market. "It is a bit of a surprise that this went uncovered in the first week of the operation, goodness knows what happens next week."

Media Outrage After Trump Suggests "2nd Amendment People" Can Stop Hillary

Just three days ago, as Hillary Clinton "short-circuited", we noted "the only question is whether Trump can keep his mouth shut long enough to give Hillary more chances to stick her foot in hers." Unfortunately, despite the potential for the Orlando shooter's father to play on tonight's media spin, Trump has managed to refocus attention on himself - by noting that "maybe '2nd Amendment people' can stop Hillary Clinton."

ed note...I don't give a damn who said it...They are 100% correct ...

The beauty of the second amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it...

And the ignorant Sheeplez still think their vote counts...

7 Minutes To Steal The Vote: American Democracy "Astonishingly Vulnerable To Hackers"

As voters prepare to putatively choose the next American president in November, tales of rigged elections — from the primaries to the presidency — continue to top headlines across the country. With the sheer mountain of political funny business already evidenced this year, electronic voting machines don’t offer anywhere near the sound comfort of retribution the voting public craves.

This is HOW the Polls are Rigged – ABC and Washington Post Document

from InvestmentWatch Blog:
Document shows how Washington Post and ABC rig their polls.
The call and ask for the YOUNGEST person in the home.
So, they are taking a poll of the LEAST INFORMED people, in most cases, BUT NOT the most likely to vote:
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Why Isn’t the Media Covering Hillary Clinton’s Extremely Bizarre Behavior?

by Michael Krieger, Liberty Blitzkrieg:
On December 27, 2015 Dilbert creator Scott Adams wrote the following on his blog.
One of the skills a hypnotist has to master is reading people’s inner thoughts based on their body language. That’s a common skill for people in the business world too, but hypnotists go deeper than looking at crossed arms and furrowed brows. We learn to look for subtle changes in breathing patterns, tiny changes in muscle tone, variations in skin color (blushing or not), word choice, pupil dilation, and more. I assume law enforcement people look for similar tells when doing interrogations.
As regular readers know, I’m a trained hypnotist. And to me, Hillary Clinton looks as if she is hiding a major health issue. If you read Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Blink, you know that so-called “experts” can sometimes instantly make decisions before they know why. In my case, I am going to make an “expert” hypnotist prediction about Hillary Clinton without knowing exactly which clues I am picking up, or whether I am hallucinating them.
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The Class Struggle Is Real

Tragically, the message of liberalism is simple, yet so difficult to communicate: violent exploitation through politics creates destructive class conflict; peaceful cooperation through the market doesn’t.

Chinese Bond Yields Tumble To 2009 Lows As Spooked Investors Rush Out Of Potential Defaults

The biggest (unspoken of) bubble in the world, just got bubblier. Following the lowest 10Y China government bond auction yield since records began in 2004, a surge of foreign inflows (seeking yield) combined with domestic flight-to-safety from the increasingly default-ridden corporate bond sector has sent China's government bond yields to 2009 lows.

An Unsolvable Math Problem: Public Pensions Are Underfunded By As Much As $8 Trillion

The Fed's interest rate policy has driven long-term return expectations for investors lower but pensions are slow to update their assumptions to reflect the current "reality"... when/if they do the consequences will be pretty scary

2016: The Year America's Two-Party System Officially Began To Implode

As November inches closer, America’s two-party duopoly continues to implode. Disillusioned Democrats are making a mass exodus from their party while prominent Republicans vow to support Clinton over Trump, and once clear-cut lines in American politics are disintegrating as Americans seek other, actually “less evil” options.

Misunderstanding The Real Problem: An Updated Version Of The "Peak Oil" Story

The amount of oil (or for that matter, any other resource) isn’t a fixed amount. If the price can be made to rise to a very high level, the quantity that can be extracted will also tend to rise–in fact, by a rather large amount. The “catch” is that wages for the vast majority of workers don’t rise at the same time. As a result, goods made with high-priced oil soon become too expensive for workers to afford, and the economy falls into recession. The result is prices that fall below the cost of production. Thus, the limit on oil supply is not the amount of oil in the ground; instead, it is how high oil prices can rise, without causing serious recession.

Former CIA Director And Hillary Supporter: "We Should Kill Russians And Iranians Covertly"

Morell: We need to make the Iranians pay the price in Syria; we need to make the Russians pay the price.
Rose: We make them pay the price by killing Russians and killing Iranians?
Morell: Yes. Covertly. You don't tell the world about it. You don't stand at the Pentagon and say we did this.

Forget The Fed’s 0.25%, Short-Term Rates Have Already Risen By 1% For The Real World

The Fed has only raised rates once (+0.25%) in this so-called tightening cycle but the short-term rate where the rubber meets the road, Libor, has tightened by nearly 1% (1yr Libor), and it has risen more than 30 basis points in the last 5 weeks! This has put 4 times the Fed’s tightening pressure on all types of US Dollar borrowers around the world; from adjustable mortgages to student loans to financing for ships. This should be a major concern for the Fed.

Why The Father Of The Orlando Mass-Shooter Was Sitting Behind Hillary

Well this is a little awkward...

Who Got Us Into These Endless Wars?

"America’s role in the world is to corral Russia, defend Europe, contain China, isolate Iran, deter North Korea, and battle al-Qaida and ISIS wherever they may be...bleeding our country's military. We are also to convert Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Afghanistan into pro-Western preferably democratic countries, and embrace “free trade,” accepting the imported merchandise of all mankind, even if that means endless $800 billion trade deficits, bleeding our country’s economy." Otherwise, you are just an isolationist.

WTI Slides After Unexpected Large Crude Build

Having rallied from last week's unexpected Cushing draw (seemingly ignorant of the crude build), crude prices faded heading into tonight's API data. With expectations of draws across the board, crude prices tumbled after API reported a surprise build (the 3rd week in a row) of 2.09mm (-1.5mm exp.) - the biggest build in 3 months. Cushing also saw a significant build (while product inventories dropped).

US Approves Sale Of 130 Abrams Battle Tanks, 20 Armored Vehicles To Saudi Arabia For $1.2 Billion

The State Department has approved the potential sale of more than 130 Abrams battle tanks, 20 armored recovery vehicles and other equipment, worth about $1.15 billion, to Saudi Arabia, the Pentagon said on Tuesday.

Worst Productivity Data In 37 Years Sends S&P, Nasdaq To Record Highs

Black Pastors Across America Are Breaking The Law To Help Promote Hillary Clinton

According to a recent Pew Research survey, “28 percent of those who have attended black Protestant churches in the last few months heard their pastor support Hillary Clinton.” This is a pretty remarkable statistic considering it is illegal to do so.

Saudi Economic Collapse Leaves 16,000 Foreign Workers Abandoned In Labor Camps

The accelerating collapse of Sauidi economy has left over 16,000 foreign construction workers abandoned in the middle of the Saudi Desert (where summer temperatures spike to 122 degrees) with no job, no money and no way home.

Give People A Universal Income To Keep Them Quiet While Global Government Grows

"More and more people are aware of what’s going on and that the worst trends of modernity are being extended internationally at a rapid clip... but the internationalists have a solution for that. Give everybody money. Print it and hand it out. That will keep people quiet for as long as necessary."

The California Paradox: Highest Per Capita Debt, Lowest Default Rate

While California may have the highest per capita debt, it also has the lowest default rate across the entire US. Which is incidentally where it also was in the years 2003-2005, just before its default rate exploded after the subprime bubble burst.

Is The Donald A Dollar Risk?

The U.S. dollar will weaken sharply if Donald Trump wins the presidential election in November, according to Bloomberg's Mark Cudmore. But it’s less clear if the sell-off has legs beyond his potential inauguration in January.

What Happens Next?

It's different this time, stupid!

Hillary Clinton’s Health In Rapid Decline – Will She Even Make It To Election Day At This Rate?

by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:
Hillary Clinton’s health is starting to become a major political issue, and there are many that believe that her health problems may force her to drop out before we even get to election day. On Sunday evening, the Drudge Report ran a photo of Hillary struggling to get up a set of stairs along with this headline: “2016: Hillary conquers the stairs”. Well, it turns out that particular photo was about six months old, but it sparked a much deeper debate about Hillary Clinton’s health. As you will see below, Clinton has been having seizures even while in public, she has been regularly having horrible coughing fits, she has a very large hole in her tongue that has not been explained, and she has been falling down way too often for a woman her age. No matter whether you are for her or against her, it should be apparent to everyone that this is a woman that has some very serious health issues.
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US On The Verge Of Complete Failure In The Middle East, The Petrodollar Is Doomed – Episode 1043b

from X22Report:

Obama’s operation choke point was to remove the competition for large corporations. UK is sending 60 troops to Africa to garrison the countries there. South Korea is not putting the responsibility on China to control North Korea. Syria and Russia are on the verge of taking back Syria. The US is on the verge of complete failure in the middle east, which means the petrodollar is doomed. Obama sets up a cyber attack command which will be separate and apart from the NSA.

It’s Getting Uglier in Spain

by Don Quijones, Wolf Street:
No government, no problem.
With all the world’s attention focused on the slow-motion disintegration and belated — and possibly ill-fated– “rescue” of Italy’s financial system, other somewhat smaller but nonetheless important crises are going unnoticed in Europe’s hinterlands. They include the gathering problems in government-less Spain.
Last time Madrid had an elected government was 232 day ago. Even after a second round of elections in June, there is no guarantee that Spain’s two major parties, the Popular Party (PP) and the Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE), will find enough common ground to form the so-called Grand Coalition that the country’s banks and corporations have their hearts set on. And without that, a third round of elections, in December, is almost inevitable.
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Roundup Herbicide 125 Times More Toxic Than Regulators Say

by Sayer Ji, The Sleuth Journal:
A highly concerning study published in the journal Biomedical Research International reveals that despite the still relatively benign reputation of agrochemicals such as Roundup herbicide, many chemical formulations upon which the modern agricultural system depend are far more toxic than present regulatory tests performed on them reveal. Roundup herbicide, for instance, was found to be 125 times more toxic than its active ingredient glyphosate studied in isolation.
Titled, “Major pesticides are more toxic to human cells than their declared active principles,” the study evaluated to what extent the active principle (AP) and the so-called ‘inert ingredients,’ i.e. adjuvants, in globally popular formulations account for the toxicity of 9 major pesticides: 3 herbicides, 3 insecticides, and 3 fungicides.
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The Clinton Foundation Exposed | Charles Ortel and Stefan Molyneux

from Stefan Molyneux:

State, federal, and foreign laws bar public charities from being run for private gain in interstate commerce. Charles Ortel joins Stefan Molyneux to discuss the arguments and evidence which show the fraud and illegality of the Clinton Foundation operations. Charles Ortel is an investor and writer who graduated from Horace Mann School, Yale College and Harvard Business School. Mr. Ortel has been one of the leading voices in exposing the corruptions of the Clinton Foundation.

Why Washington is Terrified by the Prospects of the Upcoming Putin-Erdogan Meeting

by Martin Berger, New Eastern Outlook:
It’s been announced that Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan will go to St. Petersburg to hold a personal meeting with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin this Tuesday. According to Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, it will be the first personal meeting of the two leaders since November 2015 that will focus on the restoration of bilateral relations between Russia and Turkey that deteriorated rapidly after the downing of Russia’s Su-24 over Syria. It’s been reported that the two presidents will be holding talks with businessmen and may even discuss the compensation that Turkey will pay for the destruction of the Russian military aircraft.
Last time Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan met was in November 2015 at the G20 summit in the Turkish city of Antalya. Less than two weeks later the Turkish Air Force brought down a Russian bomber over Syria, which resulted in the diplomatic and economic relations between the two countries being frozen.
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MELTDOWN: The Global Financial System Is A Ponzi Scheme. By Gregory Mannarino

from Gregory Mannarino:

The Collapse of the Euro and the New World Order: Both

by Gary North, Lew Rockwell:
The phrase “New World Order” has been around for over a century.
The Progressives in the USA and the Old Boy Network of Great Britain — the Round Table Network — were pushing for globalization before World War I. So were the liberal Social Gospel Protestant theologians, who saw this as an extension of the kingdom of God. The Versailles peace conference was their golden opportunity. The League of Nations was the incarnation of their vision. This would be a New World Order.
This week, I came across a book by Samuel Batten, The New World Order. It was published in 1919. It was a defense of the post-War globalism. It was written from the perspective of the Protestant Social Gospel. It began:
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Erik Prince: Hillary Clinton ‘Very Likely Caused’ Iranian Nuclear Scientist’s Death

by John Hayward, Breitbart:
Former Navy SEAL and former Blackwater CEO Erik Prince addressed the controversy surrounding President Obama’s secret $400 million payment to Iran on Monday’s edition of Breitbart News Daily with SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon.
“For the administration to deny that it was a ransom payment is a complete lie,” said Prince, adding:
When you have the aircraft holding on the deck in Iran – pilots there, crew there, flight plan filed, everything waiting until the fee arrives – and of course, the administration doesn’t do it in dollars because that would be another violation of federal law, so they did it in euros and Swiss francs, once again with America paying off Iran.
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