Saturday, August 6, 2016


by Melissa Dykes, The Daily Sheeple:
Wow. Here’s something you don’t see every day…
You know it’s bad when someone is selling your “black soul” on Ebay, complete with a picture of a giant pile of bear poo.
User Hajismojo currently has Hillary Clinton’s black soul for sale on the popular auction site. Current bid is just under $20, which is probably more than most people would have thought the thing was worth.
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Reuters Baffled As Clinton's Lead Over Trump Suddenly Evaporates

We're gonna need another polling methodology 'tweak'... "The reasons behind the shift were unclear."

Lead Attorney In Anti-Clinton DNC Fraud Case Mysteriously Found Dead

Call it conspiracy theory, coincidence or just bad luck, but any time someone is in a position to bring down Hillary Clinton they wind up dead. In fact, as we noted previously, there’s a long history of Clinton-related body counts, with scores of people dying under mysterious circumstances. While Vince Foster remains the most infamous, the body count is starting to build ominously this election cycle - from the mysterious "crushing his own throat" death of a UN official to the latest death of an attorney who served the DNC with a fraud suit.

On This "Atom Bomb"-Anniversary, You're Being Lied To About Hiroshima (And Much More..)

It is the anniversary of dropping an atom bomb on Hiroshima. But is the Hiroshima narrative a lie..?

Establishment Tries To Suppress "Dissident Actuaries" Explosive Report On Public Pensions

America’s slow-motion public pension train-wreck (by some estimates, the shortfall currently exceeds $3 trillion) has been kept in motion for years by deeply dishonest accounting practices employed by state and local governments, which presume unrealistically that pension funds can consistently earn white-hot annual returns approaching eight percent. So it’s disappointing, but not particularly surprising, that the actuarial establishment moved to suppress a report pointing this out.

Saving The System: Exposing The 4 Fallacies Of Modern Monetary Policy

Monetary policy, we are told, is all about staving off recession and stimulating economic growth. However, not only is monetary debasement in any form counterproductive and destroys the personal wealth of the masses, but the economists who devised today’s monetarism have completely lost their way. The real reason for today’s global monetary policies is an ultimately futile attempt to prevent a systemic and economic crisis.

Is CMBS The Next "Shoe To Drop"? GGP Sales Suggest Commercial Real Estate Crashing

Apparently the stunning Soviet-era architecture of malls built in the 80's just doesn't draw the crowds it used to and valuations are crashing.  But that's ok, there's only a couple trillion of debt backing commercial real estate...should be manageable.

Record P/Es & A "Too Big To Fail" Market Explained

"...the thermostat is no longer meant to reflect the temperature inside the house, its only use is to convince you the house is warm..."


Presented with no comment...

Preparing For A World Without Cash

Central bankers throughout the world, from Canada to Ireland, have recently indicated that they might issue digital currency in the future... but, the centralization of banking under this system would also create a Leviathan with the power to monitor and control the personal finances of every citizen in the country.

14% Of Americans Have Negative Wealth

According to the New York Federal Reserve, 14% of the U.S. population lives in households that have “negative” wealth. In other words, these are households that have more debts piled up than assets. But it is the composition of debt that is also very telling... Negative wealth households have a whopping 47% of debt in student loans, while positive houses have just 6%.

The Propaganda War With Putin

In what has become an old fashioned American pile-on, President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party and what seems the entire political establishment as well as the MSM, have united to undermine Putin as if to prime the American public for war with Russia. A little hysteria wouldn’t hurt but most of all, a necessary requirement is to efficiently tutor the public consciousness to despise the adversary... War is, after all, more successful when the people have been thoroughly programmed.

Visualizing 31 Incredible Facts About Gold

No other metal can claim a legacy comparable to gold...

US B-61 Nuclear Upgrades Threaten International Security

from Sputnik News:
Now that the US National Nuclear Security Administration has officially approved upgrades for the B-61 bomb, Radio Sputnik’s Loud & Clear speaks to Hans Kristensen of the Federation of American Scientists to discuss the dangerous repercussions.
“The capabilities that are contained in this weapon are of a kind that are militarily more attractive for planners – those people who have to plan the strike – simply because if you have an increased accuracy of the weapon…then you can use lower-yield settings for a certain attack,” Kristensen tells Loud & Clear’s Brian Becker.
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