Tuesday, August 23, 2016

FBI Reports Linking Hillary To Vince Foster "Suicide" Disappear From National Archives

An "extensive investigation" reveals that FBI reports filed by former agents Coy Copeland and Jim Clemente linking Hillary to the "suicide" of Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster have gone missing from the National Archives.

Despite Her Large Scale Deception, FBI Just Discovered 15,000 More Clinton Emails

by Claire Bernish, The Free Thought Project:
1st Evidencing further attempts by Hillary Clinton to thwart the letter of the law, the FBI has discovered close to 15,000 additional emails and documents from her tenure as secretary of state — which her attorneys conveniently failed to disclose.
This means the cache of information from Clinton’s personal server is nearly double the size she originally claimed. A federal judge has now urged the State Department to begin releasing the email and document collection much earlier than mid-October as currently planned.
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Bahrain Prince Donates $32M To Clinton Foundation, “Gets Access to Secretary of State”

by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:
$32 million down, and … Next thing you know, the meeting was allowed. Wonder what he asked for?
More importantly, we should all be asking: is this really how we want foreign affairs to be handled – for private gain?
According to the Daily Caller:
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Over Half Of Hillary's Private Meetings As Secretary Were With Donors Who Paid $156 Million

At least 85 of 154 people who met or spoke to Clinton at  State, donated to her family charity. Combined, the 85 donors contributed as much as $156 million. At least 40 donated more than $100,000 each, and 20 gave more than $1 million. Separately, she met with representatives of at least 16 foreign governments that donated as much as $170 million.

How The Fed's Facebook PR Campaign Went Terribly Wrong

Hacked Documents Shows Obama/Soros Behind The Refugee Crisis In Europe

from X22Report:

Soros Emerges As Mastermind Behind Plan To "Enlarge Electorate By At Least 10 Million Voters"

Courtesy of DC Leaks we now know that a George Soros funded organization is behind a plan to "enlarge [the U.S.] electorate by at least 10 million voters."

Something "Unexpected" Happened When Seattle Raised The Minimum Wage

The University of Washington draws some "shocking" conclusions in a study on the impact of Seattle's recent minimum wage hike.

The Chimera Of 'Stable' Money

'Stable' money was a chimera. It did not bring stability to the world economy. It did not counter the instability emanating from deposit banking. It actually added to the severity of booms and busts. To function efficiently, capitalism needs a foundation of sound money, not stable money.

Brown shirts 2.0 ???

"In Preparation For Crisis" Germany Considers Bringing Back Military Service

The German government is considering bringing back nationwide conscription in times of crisis, such as situations in which the country needs to "defend NATO’s external borders."

California Supreme Court Decides "Grossly Ineffective" Teachers Should Keep Their Jobs

In the State of California 98% of teachers receive tenure after just 18 months on the job.  Once tenure is received it is virtually impossible for administrators to dismiss a teacher for being even "grossly ineffective."  The California Supreme Court's decision not to review a lawsuit that would have addressed these issues is a loss for California's students.

What Are The Odds That The 2020-2022 Olympics Will Be Cancelled?

It's tough to pay for an Olympics when 95% of your supposed "wealth" has vanished.

WTI Slides After Biggest Inventory Build In 4 Months

Amid the volatility of crude prices, inventory levels, and headline hockey; API printed a surprisingly large 4.464mm crude build (against expectations of a 850k draw). Having spiked early in the day on Iran rumors (and failed to fall on denials), WTI kneejerked lower after the API data showed the biggest crude build in over 4 months (and a bigger than expected build at Cushing).

Jill Stein: In A Time Of Universal Deceit, "WikiLeaks Founder Assange Is A Hero"

George Orwell said, “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” Thanks to WikiLeaks, we know that powerful institutions have been abusing their power and lying to the public. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is a hero. Like Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, and other whistleblowers facing government persecution, Assange has sacrificed his personal comfort and safety to bring us the truth.

Stocks Spike To Record Highs, Close Not "Off The Lows"

EU President: "Borders Are The Worst Invention Ever Made By Politicians"

If The British needed any more confirmation of their decision to leave The EU, Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, just gave them a big one. The often incoherent "when it's important, you have to lie" politician spewed more United States Of Europe tripe this morning when he called for European nations to drop border controls, claiming that borders were "the worst invention ever." Britain's new PM, Theresa May, was not amused...

The Permian Pitfall: A Race To The Bottom For Tight Oil

Remember the shale gale and Saudi America? The scale of those outlandish delusions has now dwindled to plays in a few counties in West Texas and southeastern New Mexico. Saudi Permian. It’s a race to the bottom as investors double down on the tight oil companies that can still tell a growth story.

The First Victims Of The Libor Surge Have Emerged... In Japan

So far US banks have escaped the recent Libor surge, but the higher funding costs and shrunken market are hitting Japanese banks particularly hard, as they have been sourcing as much as a third of their U.S. dollar liquidity in the short-term U.S. market. Japanese banks have about $125 billion to $150 billion of CP and CDs maturing before the end of September.

Hillary Responds To Health Allegations; Opens A Jar Of Pickles: "I Feel Like This Is An Alternate Universe"

While Hillary Clinton continued her press conference radio silence, having avoided media Q&A for over 260 days, last night the Democratic candidate did appear on ACB's Jimmy Kimmel live show where she responded to recent reports that her health is deteriorating, saying she feels like she is in an “alternative universe” and laughed off any questions about her health and stamina, arguing that the current speculation "makes no sense."

Media Worried Too Many Americans Will Question Legitimacy Of 2016 Election, Blame Trump

“…[M]any Republicans [elites] fear that Trump’s efforts to diminish people’s confidence in mainstream media, fair elections and politics itself will have a lasting impact,” POLITICO observes. You see, according to the corporate media, the only reason Americans think their elections are rigged in one way or another is because Trump said so.

FBI Probing If "Russian Hackers" Breached The New York Times, News Agencies

It's them Ruskies again! With pressure on Obama over his visit to Louisiana, and Hillary facing an avalanche of headlines over her "email crimes," it is time for a distraction... CNN reports, hackers thought to be working for Russian intelligence have carried out a series of cyber breaches targeting reporters at the New York Times and other US news organizations, according to US officials briefed on the matter.

If the idiots raise interest any appreciable amount...They will screw everyone...especially themselves...

8 Of 12 Regional Feds Voted To Hike Discount Rate In July, One Shy Of The 9 Last November

This means that as of a month ago, two thirds of all regional Feds were urging Yellen to hike the discount rate; they were the following: Boston, Cleveland, Dallas, Kansas City, Philadelphia, Richmond, San Francisco and St. Louis. Those who voted to keep discount rate at 1% cited argument that outlook and below-target inflation supported keeping current accommodation in place; banks were Atlanta, Chicago, Minneapolis, and especially the New York. Clearly they dominated the discussion.

Venezuela's Latest Response To Food Shortages: Ban Lines Outside Bakeries

The tragedy of Venezuela continues unabated, but that doesn't mean the government of President Nicolás Maduro has stopped trying to fix problems. Maduro has reportedly instituted a policy of fining bakeries that allow lines to stretch out their front doors, according to PanAmPost, claiming the lines aren't a true indicator of a severe shortage of bread, but rather, a political "strategy of generating anxiety."

President Obama Speaks To Flood-Ravaged Louisianans - Live Feed

This should be good... After a weekend golfing and "being busy," President Obama has touched down in Louisiana to survey the damage, kiss a few babies, and to make sure they are not cynical about the future...if they vote for Hillary.

Bond Market Gives Its Verdict On Yellen's Jackson Hole Speech With Stellar 2 Year Auction

Rhe key message from this auction is that 3 days ahead of Janet Yellen's speech on Friday, the bond market is convinced: there won't even be a trace of hawkishness when the Fed Chair speaks on Friday

Clinton Health Questions: Off-Limits Or Legitimate Issue?

Hillary Clinton is 68 years old. She's been diagnosed with cerebral venous thrombosis; head trauma, pregnancy, cancer, brain infection, autoimmune diseases and inborn clotting abnormalities are all predisposing factors, per the Washington Post. She's currently taking blood thinners. Four years ago, Clinton fainted, hit her head and suffered a concussion. But lately many in the media have become outraged that Clinton's health is being broached at all.

Here Are The "21 Charts That Keep The Bulls Up At Night" According To BofA

Investors Panic-Buy Saudi Default Protection Ahead Of Big Debt Deal

Amid expectations that The Kingdom will sell bonds as early as next month, investors are panic-buying protection against default on Saudi Arabia. The last few weeks have seen a surge in CDS notional outstanding to its highest on record even as Saudi risk has stabilized after quadrupling in the last year.

The US Real Estate Big Picture... A Thesis In Moral Hazard

Given central banks are all in and have no credible ideas (or credibility period), a NIRP driven speculative new housing bubble (for a population that is barely growing...hello China?) seems most likely.  If you haven't already, get busy front running the next moral hazard moonshot and then stay tuned.  Because as you read this, central bankers are already devising their next (even more destructive) "plan".

Artist's Impression Of Obama's Louisiana Visit

"It's a disaster..."

Tomorrow’s Ten-Baggers, Part 1: Jay Taylor’s Favorite Juniors

by John Rubino, Dollar Collapse:
Precious metals investors are a conflicted bunch right now. Most are happy with the action so far this year, and still expect rising gold and silver to send high-quality mining stocks to the moon. But most were also caught a bit off-guard by the miners’ recent spike. For every investor who loaded up on, say, First Majestic Silver at $2 in January and rode it to $20 in August, dozens more watched from the sidelines. Few today own all they’d like of their favorite miners.
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U.S. Government Reaffirms Total Support for Saudi War Crimes in Yemen

by Michael Krieger, Liberty Blitzkrieg:
Samuel Oakford just penned a powerful and important Op-Ed in the New York Times titled, Saudi Arabia Kills Civilians, the U.S. Looks the Other Way.
Here are a few key excerpts:
In the span of four days earlier this month, the Saudi Arabia-led coalition in Yemen bombed a Doctors Without Borders-supported hospital, killing 19 people; a school, where 10 children, some as young as 8, died; and a vital bridge over which United Nations food supplies traveled, punishing millions.
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Jeff Berwick: Billionaire Elites Piling Into Gold

from Palisade Radio:

Jacob Rothschild, Stanley Druckenmiller, George Soros, along with his associate Crispin Odey, and other billionaire elitists are moving massively into gold. In his recent semi-annual address to RIT shareholders, Rothschild announced that they are reducing their stock and currency exposure and increasing their gold holdings.


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