Thursday, August 18, 2016

Dr. Drew Pinsky Says He Is "Gravely Concerned" About Hillary Clinton’s Health

Board-certified medicine specialist and TV personality Dr. Drew Pinsky has come out and said that he is “gravely concerned” about presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s health, pointing out that treatment she is receiving could be the result of her bizarre behaviors.

Al Gore Was Paid $Millions By George Soros To Push The Bullshit On Global Warming

from TheTruthDamit:

Private Prison Stocks Crash On News DOJ To Phase Out Their Use

Shares of GEO and CXW are crashing to multi-year lows after The Washington Post reports that The Justice Department says it will end the use of private prisons.

It's Time To Abolish The DEA And America's "War On Drugs" Gulag

Addiction and drug use are medical/mental health issues, not criminalization/imprisonment issues.

The Biggest Hack Yet: Why A Leak Of Clinton Foundation Documents Is Imminent

"Although no documents have emerged, the attacks have left some Democrats and Clinton campaign officials worried that the hackers might have obtained emails and voice messages that could be used to reinforce Republican charges that donors to the Clinton Foundation were rewarded with access to Clinton and her aides while she was secretary of state or to her husband, former President Bill Clinton."

"It’s Snowden Junior" - Former NSA Employees Say NSA Hack Is The Work Of A "Rogue Insider"

The leak of tools used by the NSA’s elite hacking team has resulted in speculation and finger-pointing in a desperate attempt to identify who could have exposed the government agency’s secrets. But one source says it was an inside job.

British Olympic Athlete 'Robbed At Gunpoint'; Officials Warn Of Curfew, Say "Rio Is Not A Safe Environment"

As Brazilian officials crack down on the four US swimmers allegedly robbed at gunpoint, The Daily Mail reports, a Team GB athlete has also been robbed at gunpoint in Rio while on a night out. The unnamed athlete is in shock but was uninjured after a similar m.o. is being reported of a taxi-based confrontation. British Team officials have warned they are considering imposing a curfew on athletes, banning partying in the city 'after dark', warnings that "Rio is NOT a safe environment, and the level of crime has spiked in the last few days."

Mystery Solved: Brazilian Police Say Lochte Fabricated Robbery; Got Rowdy In Gas Station Instead

The strange story involving US Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte may just have been resolved moments ago when a Brazilian police official told The Associated Press that American swimmer Ryan Lochte fabricated a story about being robbed at gunpoint in Rio de Janeiro. The official said that around 6 a.m. on Sunday, Lochte, along with fellow swimmers stopped at a gas station where they broke a door, and a guard asked them to pay for the damage.

Following "Deadliest Month" In A Year, Ukraine President Warns Of "Full-Scale Russian Invasion"

The last month has seen Russia pull out of peace talks (citing attacks in Crimea and detention of key individuals) and an increasing mobilization of Ukraine troops near the Russian border, and now, after the deadliest month since last August, Ukraine president Poroshenko has warned he isn't ruling out a full-scale Russian invasion and may institute a military draft if the situation with its neighbor worsens.

The Fed Now Has Its Own Facebook Page

The Fed may have gotten everything wrong, as recent "research" by John Williams confirmed earlier this week, but when it comes to what's important the Fed is right on top of things. Things like starting its own Facebook page.

HOG Slaughtered: Harley Davidson Tumbles After US Accuses It Of Evading Emissions Requirements

Until now, the emissions scandal revealed one year ago involving first Volkswagen and then countless other companies using "defeat devices" to evade emissions requirements, was contained to the car space. That changed moments ago when the U.S. government alleged in a lawsuit that Harley-Davidson “Screamin’ Eagle” after-market engine tuners are emissions-control defeat devices, and accused the motorcycle maker of violating federal air pollution laws.

And The Market Breaks (Again)

Despite a positive open, stocks startd to slide rapidly on heavy volume with VIX suddenly surging... so what was to be done!! Break The Market...

Caterpillar Retail Orders Suffer Second Biggest Plunge Since Financial Crisis

Caterpillar's rolling 3-month retail machine sales dropped by 19% in July vs the more modest 12% fall in June and May. It also means that, as shown in the chart below, in the past month CAT retail sales just posed the second largest monthly drop since the financial crisis.

Oil Panic-Buying Continues

Record Saudi output; multiple nations proclaiming no output freeze; US production up most in 15 months; rig counts gdp growth plunging, China demand tumbling... Brent near $50 and WTI soaring to 6-week highs...

How The Global Elites Screw Peons (While Media Fools Cheer)

People are not “mindlessly angry”. They are angry because they have been ripped off by the Fed, by their governments, and by ignorant media jackasses who are clueless about why there is so much anger.

The Right To Dissent

The irony is that these censors and would-be censors, such as the European Commission, the Dutch and Austrian courts, Facebook, Twitter are using their freedom of expression to suggest that someone else be robbed of his freedom of expression.

Philly Fed 'Hope' Jumps As New Orders Plunge, Employment Crashes To 7 Year Lows

Despite a modest bounce in Philly Fed headline data - thanks purely to a jump in 'hope' from 33.7 to 45.8 (the highest in 18 months) - the underlying components of the Philly fed survey are a disaster. New orders collapsed, employment crashed to 7 year lows, Average workweek plunged, prices paid soared, and inventories fell.

Wal-Mart Jumps After Beating, Guiding Higher Despite Drop In US Profits; Buybacks Soar

After several quarters of deteriorating results, moments ago US retail giant Wal-Mart redeemed itself by reporting adjusted Q2 earnings of $1.07 (net of a $0.14 adjustment from the gain of a sale in China), higher than the $1.02 consensus estimate, on revenue of $120.9 billion, up 0.5% from the $120.2 billion a year ago, and also higher than the $120.3 billion expected. The company also reported positive comp sales in the US for the eighth consecutive quarter, up 1.6%, above the 1.0% estimate.

Bin Laden’s Son Urges Overthrow Of Saudi Regime, Jihad Against US Influence

Al-Qaeda founder and 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden’s son, Hamza bin Laden, has called on the Saudi people to join global jihad and gain battle experience in Yemen to eventually overthrow the monarchy and put an end to US influence over the kingdom.

S&P Futures Unchanged As Europe Rises; Dollar Slide Sends Oil Above $47

In the latest quiet trading session, European shares rose while Asian stocks fell and S&P futures were little changed. Minutes of the Fed’s last meeting damped prospects for a U.S. interest-rate hike, sending the Bloomberg Dollar Spot Index doen 0.3%, approaching a three-month low. Dollar weakness continues to buoy commodities, with the Bloomberg Commodity Index set for the most enduring rally in more than two months, as WTI flirted with $47

With Windows 10, Microsoft Blatantly Disregards User Choice and Privacy

by Amul Kalia, via Wolf Street:
Wolf here: Microsoft has driven me nuts while it was trying to install its “free” Windows 10 on my two computers running Windows 7. The only thing it hasn’t done – not yet at least – is hold a gun to my head. I already know that if I get something for free, I’m the product.
This here is a “deep dive” by people who know and who deal with this sort thing, the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Read and gnash your teeth.
Microsoft had an ambitious goal with the launch of Windows 10: a billion devices running the software by the end of 2018. In its quest to reach that goal, the company aggressively pushed Windows 10 on its users and went so far as to offer free upgrades for a whole year. However, the company’s strategy for user adoption has trampled on essential aspects of modern computing: user choice and privacy. We think that’s wrong.
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Which Items Will Disappear First During A Major National Emergency?

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:
One day in the not too distant future, a major emergency will strike this nation, and that will set off a round of hoarding unlike anything we have ever seen before. Just think about what happens when a big winter storm or a hurricane is about to hit one of our major cities – inevitably store shelves are stripped bare of bread, milk, snow shovels, etc. Even though winter storms and hurricanes are just temporary hurdles to overcome, they still cause many people to go into panic mode. So what is going to happen when we have a real crisis on our hands?
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Carl Icahn Turns Apocalyptic: “I Am More Hedged Than Ever, A Day Of Reckoning Is Coming”

from ZeroHedge:
We profiled Carl Icahn’s notorious bearishness most recently two weeks ago when we showed that for the second quarter in a row, the billionaire’s hedge fund, Icahn Enterprises had kept on its record short bias, manifesting in a net -149% market exposure.
Unlike other hedge fund managers, however, Icahn does not provide monthly letters explaining his mindset which is why we eagerly watched a expansive, 40 minute interview he gave to Bloomberg’s Erik Shatzker, in which in addition to a detailed discussion of Trump and how the Republican presidential candidate would change the US economy, he shared some much needed insights into his gloomy vision of the market.
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Australia Finds Out Wind Power Doesn’t Really Work

from The Daily Bell:
Trust in public power companies misplaced … Former Labor minister Patrick Conlon urges carbon price to fix electricity system … A SENIOR Labor figure is urging a carbon price on electricity to lower household bills by kickstarting investment in new-generation power plants. – The Advertiser
Australian politicians have been obsessed with taxing carbon ever since the tax was briefly imposed and then repealed in mid-2104 by former prime minister Tony Abbott.
In fact, the Australian Labor Party wants up to half of the nation’s electricity to come from “renewables” by 2030. Former Labor state energy minister Patrick Conlon obviously endorses this position.
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New Yorkers on Obamacare Expected to Pay up to 80 Percent More for Health Insurance Next Year

by L.J. Devon, Natural News:
When New York’s Department of Financial Services reviewed insurers’ requests for the 2017 fiscal year, the state determined that individual Obamacare users would be hit with an average insurance premium hike of 16.6 percent. This is projected to negatively affect 350,000 or more individual Obamacare users in the state of New York. Small group users will be hit hard too, with an 8 percent increase. This 8 percent increase is projected to impact more than a million people in the state.
Average 16.6 percent premium hikes for New Yorkers in 2017
Health insurance providers originally sought an average premium hike of 28 percent to cover costs, but the state capped the premium increase at 16.6 percent. Nonetheless, policyholders will be shelling out hundreds of millions in wasted dollars that still won’t be enough to sustain health insurance companies. No amount of force, fine, mandate, tax or price control is going to fix the systemic problems, failures and faults within the medical system. As policyholders pay more, and as insurers lose money in the boondoggle, Obamacare can only be seen as a manipulative, controlling scheme that is an economic failure and a perpetuation of the problems detaching people from real health responsibility.
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45th Anniversary Of Nixon Ending The Gold Standard

by Mark O’Byrne, GoldCore:
This week 45 years ago, August 15th 1971 to be exact, President Nixon suddenly declared the end of the Gold Standard. He ushered in the modern monetary system based on fiat paper and digital currency that works so poorly for us today and led to the global financial crisis.
The dramatic announcement by ‘Tricky Dicky’ is a must watch and you can see it here:
“Your dollar will be worth just as much tomorrow as it is today… ”
This was one of the most important events in modern financial, economic and monetary history and is a seminal moment in the creation of the global debt crisis which has confronted the U.S., Europe and the world in recent years and continues to this day.
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Venezuela Confiscates Guns As Murder Rates Soar

As murder rates soar in the capital city of Caracas, government officials look to seize guns and register ammunition...


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