Friday, August 19, 2016

Vancouver Housing Market Implodes: Average Home Price Plunges 20% In 1 Month - "The Market Is Devastated"

The City of Vancouver currently has an average home price of $1.1 million, down 20.7% over the last 28 days and down 24.5% over the last three months. The average detached home is $2.6 million, down 7% compared to three months ago. There were only three home sales in West Vancouver between Aug. 1 and 14 this year, compared to 52 during the same period last year. That’s a decrease of 94%.

Cable Tumbles After British PM Confirms Article 50 Trigger By April 2017

Just when the world thought Theresa May would let that whole 'Brexit' thing slide, hoping everyone would forget about, the new British PM has confirmed that "article 50" - the legal execution of Brexit - will most likely be triggered by April 2017 (wanting to get this done before the crucial French and German elections). Cable is sliding notably on the news...

Where The Money Is Going: Record Inflows Into Emerging Markets, Longest Ever Outflows From Europe

One week ago we showed a stunning chart showing the panic among the investing public to allocate funds to emerging markets. There has been no change this week, with investors plowing money into emerging market equity funds at a staggering rate, hitting a 58-week high as "financial repression" and record low interest rates push the search for yield to truly unprecedented levels.

Secret Fed Minutes "Revealed"

"Nothing terribly catastrophic has happened yet, so we have decided to continue screwing responsible savers with interest rates that are at 5,000 year lows so that this dangerous asset bubble can persist..."

U.S Banks Are All Engaged in MASSIVE FRAUD!- Helen Chaitman

from Marcus Denning:

JP Madoff author is interviewed by Marcus Denning on Bernie Madoff, who was convicted of the largest ponzi scheme in U.S history. However the real story is how JP Morgan allowed this scam to go on and the degree to which criminal behaviour is mainstream in the banking system, which threatens to bring the entire global banking system down.

Silver Slumps To 6-Week Lows, Gold Ratio Surges

Silver is slumping this morning, back below $19.50 at its lowest level in 6 weeks. Gold is fading also but remains coiled around the $1350 level for now. While both well above pre-Brexit levels, we note that the Gold-to-Silver ratio is recovering after slumping post-Brexit...

Paul Tudor Jones, Facing Redemption Flood, Imposes Minimum Risk Levels, Demands His Traders Take More Risk

Some would call it a classic Martingale laced death spiral: following a surge in redemptions, Tudor is imposing minimum levels of risk that its traders must take to remain in its manager lineup. 

Hillary Clinton Said Colin Powell Urged Her To Use A Private Email, FBI Notes Reveal

For years, president Obama's recurring excuse for the poor performance of the US economy was that it was "Bush's fault." It appears that Hillary Clinton took a page out of the playbook when, pressed by the FBI, she told federal investigators that former Secretary of State Colin Powell suggested she use a personal email account, according to a New York Times report.

Global Stocks Drop, US Futures Down As Dollar Rebound Halts Longest Oil Rally In Years

European, Asian stocks and S&P futures all fell in another quiet, low-volume early session. With oil entering a bull market yesterday, and set for its longest run of gains in 4 years after, overnight crude stumbled, and reversed early gains, falling for the first time in seven days driven by rebound in the dollar which gained versus all G-10 currencies with commodity currencies underperforming.

Why A Deutsche Bank Whistleblower Turned Down A $8.25 Million Reward: In His Own Words

"I just got word from the Securities and Exchange Commission that I am to receive half of a $16.5m whistleblower award. But I refuse to take my share.  Deutsche did not commit this wrongdoing. Deutsche was the victim. Meanwhile, top executives retired with multimillion­-dollar bonuses."

Trump Stuns Skeptics With "Regret For Causing Personal Pain"

"I’ve never wanted to learn the language of the insiders, and I’ve never been politically correct – it takes far too much time, and can often make it more difficult to achieve total victory. Sometimes, in the heat of the debate and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don’t choose the right words or you say the wrong thing. I have done that, and I regret it, particularly where it may have caused personal pain."

Paul Singer Says "Everyone Is In The Dark"; Warns Of "Sudden, Intense Market Breakdown"

"This is the biggest bond bubble in world history... Everyone is in the dark... the ultimate breakdown from this environment is likely to be surprising, sudden, intense, and large."

Derivatives: Unexploded Financial Weapons

by Dave Kranzler, Investment Research Dynamics:
Central counterparties keep records of trades and help suck risk out of the banking system, but this only works if they themselves are well capitalised and have plans in place to deal with a sudden collapse of one or more of its members and get close to failure. Otherwise, they’re just unexploded nuclear bombs nestling deep in the financial system. – Business Insider LINK.
Who are we kidding. Since the 2008 de facto banking system collapse, the OTC derivatives problem has mushroomed out of control. The Obama Government heralded in the Dodd Frank legislation, which allegedly made the financial system safer for everyone. In reality it is nothing more than a fairlytale written with the goal of allowing the Too Big To Fail banks to cover up their continued derivatives Ponzi scheme.
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Six Years & 1000s Of Deaths Later, UN Admits It Imported Cholera To Haiti

Poor Haiti. It is not enough to be the poorest country in the world and to be in the sphere of corruption from the Clinton Foundation after suffering a devastating earthquake in 2010, now the UN has admitted that its peacekeeping troops literally imported cholera bacteria in its efforts to help the nation.

'Not My Fault!' Merkel Claims Islamic Terrorism Existed In Germany Before Refugee Influx

In a somewhat stunningly desperate effort to change the narrative (after being hit by numerous recent terror attacks claimed by ISIS), German Chancellor Angela Merkel proclaimed today that "islamist terror in Germany wasn't imported with refugees" adding that "terror existed in Germany before the refugee influx." Roughly translated, this Junckerian "don't blame me" lie is the latest effort to regain some public support in her nation (which has plummeted), continuing to position anti-immigrant sentiment as the biggest danger.

Could Trump Pull Off A Post-Party Coalition?

For the establishment, his billions mean nothing; Trump’s treated like a bum. Underneath all this sound and fury, something else is (quietly) going on. Powerful business interests discreetly supporting Trump – and away from the media circus — are convinced he’s got the road map to victory. The question is whether he may be able to tame his erratic behavior to seal the deal.

In The Next Emergency These "Key Items Will Be Completely Gone" From Shelves

"America has become crisis prone. The pressure points have been identified, and provoked. Civil unrest could be triggered on any given day – police killings, or stock market collapse. Maybe something to do with elections. After the initial 72 hours of confusion and the fog of war, people will be left stranded, hungry, and either ready to turn to government for help or on each other. Holdouts and hoarders are treated as criminals, and shortages on numerous essentials will make everyone desperate."

One Simple Chart Illustrates The Absurdity Of College Cost Inflation

One simple chart illustrates absurdity of college inflation over the past 20 years relative to other goods.  But don't worry Millennials, taxpayers will pick up your student debt bills.

State Department Admits Obama Lied - $400 Million Payment To Iran Was Contingent On Prisoner Release

If you define "ransom" as "a payment exchanged contingent on the release of a hostage" then you find yourself forced to admit that President Obama lied last week when he aggressively denied (and was irked at the question) that he paid Iran a $400 million ransom for the return of 4 hostages.  Today, The State Department's spokesperson John Kirby told the truth that the Iran payment was contingent on the prisoner release... but of course spun this 'ransom' payment as masterful diplomacy "deliberately leveraging the moment."

Yes They Exist - Meet The Democrats For Trump

“I don’t know what Trump would do if he’s elected,” said Mark Glyptis, president of the United Steelworkers Local 2911 and a Trump supporter, who voted for Obama in the past two elections. “But I know what Hillary would do..."

FDA Claims Frosted Flakes are Healthier Than Avocados, Highlighting Agency Incompetence and Corruption

by Isabelle Z., Natural News:
The FDA is supposed to be a trusted organization, but many people who have even the remotest inkling of basic nutrition are scratching their heads over the agency’s official definition of “healthy.” You don’t need an advanced science degree to wonder how a highly processed cereal made in a factory could be considered healthier than a fruit plucked directly from a tree, but that’s exactly what the FDA would have you believe. That’s right: according to the FDA, Frosted Flakes are healthier than avocados!
The system by which it classifies food as healthy or unhealthy is very basic and outdated. It suggests that foods that have low amounts of sodium, fat and cholesterol, along with some “beneficial nutrients,” are considered healthy, without bothering to distinguish between unsaturated and saturated fats.
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US-China Tensions in the South China Sea: Nukes, Bombers, and Land-to-Air Missiles

by James Holbrooks, Underground Reporter:
Southeast Asia — According to a statement released by U.S. Pacific Command (USPACOM), for the first time ever, all three of the Air Force’s “strategic power projection bombers” — the B-52, the B-1B, and the B-2 — flew in a single formation on Wednesday near the heavily disputed waters of the South China Sea.
After deploying from Andersen Air Force Base in Guam, the bombers “flew a formation pass,” then dispersed and“simultaneously conducted operations in the South China Sea and Northeast Asia,” according to the statement.
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How Hillary Could Steal the Election

from The Daily Bell:

By any objective measure, Donald Trump is poised to lose the November election by a wide margin.  Taking into consideration new swing-state polls from Quinnipiac University that show Trump trailing Hillary Clinton by 12, 10 and 3 points in Virginia, Colorado and Iowa, respectively, we can use RealClearPolitics’s average of recent polls in swing states (and 2012 results everywhere else) to estimate how this thing would turn out: Clinton with the easy win, improving on President Obama in 2012. – Washington Post
Here’s an article that shows definitively that Hillary is going to win the election but it doesn’t make much sense.
Every day something else goes wrong for Hillary. First the FBI explains she handled top secret data carelessly and then, not much later, leaked emails show she conspired with the Democratic Party to steal the nomination.
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Seth Rich Disappeared For Almost Two Hours Before He Was Murdered

Missing time between him leaving bar and being shot “unaccounted for”
by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars:
The mystery behind the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich has deepened after it was revealed that there was around an hour and a half of “unaccounted for” time between him leaving a bar and being shot dead.
Rich was shot in the back in Washington D.C. on July 10, the apparent victim of an attempted “robbery” despite the fact that no possessions were taken. Last week, Wikileaks’ Julian Assange appeared on Dutch television and implied that Rich was one of the sources of the DNC email leak.
A Daily Mail article that set out to debunk “conspiracy theories” surrounding Rich’s murder only served to throw up fresh questions.
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