Sunday, August 7, 2016

"Sell Everything"... But Why: What Has The Smartest Investors So Spooked?

Reuters Baffled As Clinton's Lead Over Trump Suddenly Evaporates

We're gonna need another polling methodology 'tweak'... "The reasons behind the shift were unclear."

CNN Host Slams America's Greatest Olympian Ever For Not Being Black, Muslim Woman

Michael Phelps may be the greatest Olympian the world has ever known but for CNN host W. Kamau Bell, he is just a "tall, successful, rich white guy" who clearly didn’t "need the honor" of being chosen by his athlete peers as America's flag-bearer. Instead, Bell exclaims, Ibtihaj Muhammad, a woman, an African-American and a Muslim to boot, should have been chosen because "right now America has enough tall, successful, rich white guys hogging the spotlight trying to make America great."

Gold Medal Shooter Looking To Make History In Rio Blows Holes In California's Gun Laws

Kim Rhode is looking to become the first American in history to win a medal in 6 consecutive Olympic games... amazing accomplishment but not one that we suspect the media wants to highlight as it doesn't fit well with their "guns are bad" narrative...

The Trick To Staying Sane In The Market's New Normal Ponzi Narrative

Just as there’s a scheme to pay old investors with new investors money (aka a Ponzi.) There’s another part of the scheme that rarely gets talked about: i.e.,The narrative that fuels the scheme to begin with. Much like the original structure which involves money, this too needs an ever-growing amount of gullible, willing participants. However, the currency here is narrative.

The S&P Is Now Set To Report Its Second Consecutive Annual Earnings Drop Since The Financial Crisis

As a result of recent cuts to Q3 earnings consensus, and the slowdown to Q4 EPS growth, one can forget about 2016 full year earnings growth. According to Factset, year-over-year earnings are now forecast to decline -0.3% for the full year, after starting off the year at +6%.  This would mark the second time the S&P has reported 2 consecutive years of earnings declines since 2008 and 2009.

If The Fact Neocons Are Now Supporting Hillary Clinton Confuses You, Read This

It kinda feels like reality has slipped off its axis and we’ve landed on a Bizarro World version of America. Democrats are acting like Republicans. Pat Buchanan is championing the GOP’s “Peace Candidate.” And the Neocons are fleeing from a party they’ve used like a geopolitical cudgel for the better part of three decades. Neo-confused? Don't be...In a word — it’s Russia.

The Most Cynical Take On Friday's Jobs Number: "The Fed Will Not Hike In September With Trump In The Race": Citi

"Fed credibility is near zero so a strong number doesn’t matter much. This Fed is not going to hike two months before an election where the Republican candidate is seen by many as unfit to lead. So NFP doesn’t matter much. This drop in Fed credibility is borne out in the price action as you have probably noticed that the market doesn’t react at all to Fed commentary anymore." - Citi

Goldman: Sell Right Now And Go Away For The Next 365 Days

"In the US, muted growth will be offset by P/E multiple contraction, suggesting a flat US equity market in the next 12 months. Stock valuations stand at historical extremes. The median trades at a forward P/E of 18.2x, ranking in the 98th percentile since 1976. Rising wage inflation will weigh on profit margins and limit further P/E expansion. Expectations of additional Fed tightening by year-end represent another headwind to higher equity prices"

Japan Protests After Discovering Chinese Military Radar In Disputed Waters, Fleet Of 300 Chinese Vessels

Japan has launched a formal complaint after discovering a Chinese radar installed on a gas platform in the disputed East China Sea. Tokyo fears this may suggest China is willing to use its gas platforms in the East China Sea as military objects. Additionally, Japan about complained after about 300 Chinese vessels have been “coming and going” around the islands.

Stunning Images From America's Most Important Aquifer

If history is any guide, warnings regarding excessive global groundwater depletion will not result in any material change in consumption behavior until it's too late. What happens after that is anyone's guess but there is a saying in California that "whiskey is for drinking and water is for fighting"...we suspect that's not too far off.

Deflation Is Always Good For The Economy

The major threat to the economy then is not deflation but policies aimed at countering it.

"Is Robot Hillary Melting Down?" - Trump Video Mocks Clinton As A Short-Circuiting Robot

A new video released overnight by the Trump campaign mocks Hillary Clinton as a malfunctioning, "short-circuiting" robot, an obvious reference to her perplexing Friday quote, which Hillary will have a tough time overcoming. "Is robot Hillary melting down," the video, posted by Trump asks.

Why Nations Fail

It's what you do with what you've got... "Yes, national prosperity has some correlation to the resources available to the State, but importantly, it's determined by how those resources are put to productive -- and fair -- use."

German, Austrian Politicians Compare Erdogan To Hitler

The leader of Germany's liberal Free Democrats likened Turkish President Erdogan's purge of state institutions to the actions of the Nazi party in the 1930s. His comments echo those of Austria's far-right Heinz-Christian Strache who said on Saturday that Erdogan's use of the failed putsch in July to crack down on his opponents was reminiscent of Hitler's use of the Reichstag blaze to amass greater power.

"These Are Not Normal Times" If Trump Wins, Will Obama Declare Martial Law To Remain In Office?

If Barack Obama truly believes all of the things he said about Donald Trump, does he also believe that he has a responsibility to keep Donald Trump from taking office?

The Warren Buffett Economy: How Central-Bank-Enabled Financialization Divided America

Needless to say, the above outlandish graph does not capture capitalism at work. Nor did the speculators who surfed upon this $45 trillion bubble harvest their monumental windfalls owing to investment genius. Instead, it is the perverted fruit of Bubble Finance, and there is no better illustration of this bubble surfer syndrome than the sainted Warren Buffett.

Trump Was Right? Obama Admits US Must Partner With Russia To Beat ISIS

Well this is a little awkward. Following John Kerry's "seeking cooperation" apology tour to Moscow, President Obama appears to be following the path that Donald Trump has suggested as reports, Obama said Thursday at the Pentagon that The United States must try to broker a deal with Russia to coordinate military operations in Syria and drive the Islamic State group out of that country. Perhaps he had not checked with Hillary on Putin's apparent level of 'Hitler-iness' or perhaps, just perhaps, Trump was right in suggesting diplomatic efforts before bombast, and warmongery?


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