Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Hillary: What Drugs is She On?

Among the side effects of Paxil listed by weakness; dizziness; blurred vision; visual disturbance; lack of concentration; anxiety; confusion.
by Kurt Nimmo, Infowars:
Reports, speculations, rumors abound concerning the health of Hillary Clinton. Among them: she has Parkinson’s.
Obviously, the situation would be clarified if we had access to a complete and unbiased analysis of her health and medical treatment. But how likely is that?
Meanwhile, if Hillary has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, there are drugs that are routinely prescribed, and their adverse effects should be noted.
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State Department Can’t Say if Clinton Emails Provided to Judicial Watch will be Made Public

from Washington Free Beacon:

Clinton Lied Under Oath at Least Four Times

from RTAmerica:

Million Dollar Bounty Offered For Hillary's "True" Health Records

As questions abound over Hillary's "mental and physical stamina," the Clinton campaign has come out swinging blasting any concerns over the presidential candidate's strange behaviors as "deranged conspiracy theories" adding that Trump was "simply parroting lies." But, if the Clinton campaign thought they could brush this off with their media pals' help, think again as an unprecedented bounty of $1 Million is being offered for Clinton’s true medical records.

Your Complete, Last Minute FOMC Minutes Preview, And How To Trade Them

Here are the key things the market will look for in today's FOMC minutes, made more interesting following yesterday's unscheduled, and substantially hawkish comments from Ny Fed's Bill Dudley. Also, for those looking to trade the minutes, here are some ideas on how the market may respond.

Deutsche Bank Cannot Be Saved – Will Make Lehman Brothers Look Minor

from World Alternative Media:

Gold Is At Extreme Correlations Against Stocks, Bonds, & Oil

Gold has been exhibiting some extreme correlations over the past three months. And by extreme, we mean the most negatively correlated it has been to stocks, bonds and oil prices in decades (or ever in some cases)...the only other times this happened was when the US was in the middle of a recession (1991, 2001, 2008).

Brazil Orders Seizure Of Ryan Lochte's Passport Over "False Claims He Was Robbed"

An order has been made to seize American swimmer Ryan Lochte's passport by Brazilian authorities after claims he 'lied about being robbed.' Earlier police had further questions for the swimmer - a 12-time Olympic medallist - about the supposed robbery and found 'little evidence' that it had taken place.

Portuguese Bonds Slump As Last-Investment-Grade-Standing Falters

The only thing standing between Portugal's insanely decoupled low bond yields and the ugly fundamental reality is a BBB rating from DBRS which enables The ECB to keep buying the nation's bonds. The problem is, pressure is mounting on DBRS (the only 1 of 4 raters to maintain Portugal as investment grade) to drop the hammer... and Portuguese risk is rising.

What? Me Worry? Volatility & The Election

2016 is an anomaly. Going into one of the more unpredictable elections, implied volatility is trading at a discount to realized volatility. Strangely, the equity markets trade as if the election results, be it a Clinton or Trump victory, are inconsequential for share prices. That stance is greatly at odds with what many of us think, as well as the palpable anxiety voiced by many traditional and social media outlets.

Oil Jumps On Inventories Despite Biggest Production Increase In 15 Months

With oil sliding after last night's surprise gasoline build from API (and headlines from the middle east), all eyes are on today's DOE data. As opposed to API, DOE reported a major drawdown in gasoline (-2.7mm) and along with draws in Crude and Cushing, oil prices jumped (despite a big build in distillates). Oil held gains despitye the biggest surge in US crude production since May 2015.

Lord Rothschild: "This Is The Greatest Experiment In Monetary Policy In The History Of The World"

"The six months under review have seen central bankers continuing what is surely the greatest experiment in monetary policy in the history of the world. We are therefore in uncharted waters and it is impossible to predict the unintended consequences of very low interest rates, with some 30% of global government debt at negative yields, combined with quantitative easing on a massive scale."

"Wrong Way Gartman"

Gartman Is Shorting Bonds, Would "Err Bearishly Of Oil"

Over the last week, there has been little guidance from one of the market's most steadfast directional beacons, Dennis Gartman. Luckily, he provided some much needed insight into what asset classes may  not  do in the coming days, targeting not one but two key products: oil, where we would "err bearishly" and bonds, which he is now shorting.

Oil Slides To $45 Handle After Saudis Set To Increase Output To Record High: Qatar Warns OPEC "Do Something"

Following last night's major build in gasoline inventories, the bullish exuberance in crude took another spill this morning as sources say Saudi Arabia is set to increase output yet again to a new record high. Furthermore, Qatar's energy minister urged OPEC and NOPEC to "do something" warnings that another failed meeting would "cause more damage than good."

Three "Red Flags" That The US Housing Slowdown Is Accelerating

One month ago, we showed three prominent "red flags" that the US housing market was starting to roll over. Fast forward one month and we find that the adverse trends observed in early July have gotten progressively worse, and we can now add one more.

Overwhelmed By Debt, Nearly 1 In 5 Young Adults Live With Their Parents Or Grandparents

In America today, more than 60 million people live in multi-generational households.  That number is so large that it may seem difficult to believe, but the truth is that vast numbers of young adults have had to move back in with their parents and grandparents in recent years due to the deteriorating economy.  Millions of our young people cannot find decent jobs once they leave school, and millions of them are absolutely overwhelmed by debt.

S&P 500 Tumbles Back Into 'Twilight Zone' As VIX Tops 13

While still a small drop (around 140 Dow points) from Monday's overnight highs, the last 48 hours seem to have signaled a change and with VIX back above 13 (don't panic), perhaps reality is dawning once again ahead of today's fed minutes...

The Odds Of A Global Food Crisis Are Rising

The vulnerability of global food production to extremes of weather is a profound reality that few grasp.

Retail Giant Target Slashes Earnings Estimates For 2H16 Citing "Challenging Environment"

Despite endless bloviation on the strength of the consumer and the 'recovery' about to happen any day/week/month now, this morning retail giant Target guided lower for 2H 2016 on the back of a "challenging environment in the back half of the year."

Japanese Coast Guard Releases Video Showing Hundreds Of Chinese Ships Near Disputed Islands

Hundreds of Chinese vessels sailing close to the disputed Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea have reportedly been captured on camera by Japan’s Coast Guard. The aerial footage indicates the high level of tension in the area. The video, apparently shot from inside a low-flying patrol aircraft, has been released online by the Japanese Coast Guard, the Japan Times reported on Tuesday.

Deutsche Bank Exec Suggests Scrapping Top Bonuses; Vows Bank Is "Better Than It Seems"

Overnight Deutsche Bank's consumer banking chief and member of its 10-member management board, Christian Sewing, told Bild that the German bank's board should discuss scrapping bonuses for top executives for a second year after Germany’s largest bank put dividend payments on hold. And since slashing bonuses tends to leave a bitter taste in the mouths of shareholders, Sewing tried to spin the recent speculation about the bank, telling Bild its "condition is significantly better than it seems."

China To Begin Aid And “Assistance,” Cooperation With Syrian Government

by Brandon Turbeville, Activist Post:
According to the South China Morning Post, the Chinese military will soon begin providing assistance and aid to the Syrian government, an agreement which was made on August 14.
The decision was made after a rare visit by special envoy Xie Xiaoyan, the former Chinese Ambassador to Iran, in March. In addition, the Chinese military delegation to Syria, which was headed by Chinese rear admiral Guan Youfei, the Director of International Cooperation at the Central Military Commission, met with the Syrian Vice Prime Minister, Fahd Jassem al-Freij, and the Syrian Minister of Defense.
“They reached consensus on enhancing personnel training, and Chinese military offering humanitarian aid to Syria,” said a report by Xinhua news agency.
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This Tipping Point Could Easily Escalate To World War III: Putin Says “The Threat of Nuclear War Is Very Real”

by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:
“I have this awful vision of the Baltic States being seized, NATO unable to respond, Putin then blackmails using nuclear weapons what is called chillingly ‘nuclear de-escalation’ and NATO is unable to do anything about it. The alliance collapses and at a stroke, Putin has destroyed … the organization perhaps he fears the most, NATO. America is decoupled from Europe and the world is changed irrevocably.
Add the other chilling aspect of this, that nuclear weapons are hardwired into Russian defense thinking, then it gets really serious and potentially existential. Because if there is any hint of a Russian military foot stepping across those borders of Latvia, Estonia or Lithuania that means war under article five of the NATO treaty … but it also means nuclear war in Europe.
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