Wednesday, September 21, 2016

$195 Billion Asset Manager: "The Time Has Come To Leave The Dance Floor"

"When the supposed solutions to the Fed’s dilemma are merely new “problems,” you know you are approaching the cycle’s end... long-term investing is predicated on not just knowing where the happening parties are during the reflationary parts of the cycle but more importantly, knowing when the time has come to leave the dance floor. In our view, that time has already come."

Multi-Billion Tiger Cub Says "The Biggest Correction Since The 2008 Crisis" Has Begun

Tiger cub Robert Citrone said “we believe we are in the midst of the market correction we have been expecting," adding “It will likely persist over the next 3-4 months and be the largest correction since the 2008 crisis."

Not Even Goldman Has Any Clue How The BOJ Will "Control" The Yield Curve

"It is very unclear at this time exactly how the BOJ intends to “control” the yield curve in the future. The question is how it will control the overall level and shape of the curve when financial and economic conditions change in the future."

House Oversight Committee Orders Reddit To Preserve "Oh Shit" Guy's Posts

"This preservation order has the weight of law, you can't destroy things and hope things magically get erased,

Never #NeverTrump - Not Voting Trump Is Republican Suicide

Trump is Obama’s nemesis, Hillary’s worst nightmare, and a vampire’s mirror of the Republican establishment. Before November’s election, his next outburst or reinvention will once again sorely embarrass his supporters, but perhaps not to the degree that Clinton’s erudite callousness should repel her own. It may be discomforting for some conservatives to vote for the Republican party’s duly nominated candidate, but as this Manichean two-person race ends, it is now becoming suicidal not to.

9 Weird Things About The NYC And NJ Bombs That Will Make You Say Hmmmm...

"Weird stuff. Lots of weird stuff. I’m not saying it never happened or that this dude wasn’t a terrorist or that someone else was responsible or that this was a false flag. I’m saying that there are holes in the official story that one could drive an 18-wheeler truck through. But the official story sure does seem a bit questionable."

Clinton Foundation's Latest Scandal Involves Payments For "Exclusive Access To New Lime Production" In Haiti

What does the powerful European perfume industry trade group called the Fragrance Foundation and new "exclusive" Haitian limeoil production capacity have in common?  If you guessed the "Clinton Foundation" then you're the lucky winner.  

Charlotte Riots Night 2: One Shot As Protests Turn Violent, Police Unleash Tear-Gas, Flash-Bangs - Live Feed

Harvard Professor Preemptively Blames "Biased Media" Coverage For Hillary's Upcoming Loss

Harvard professor Thomas Patterson published an op-ed in LA Times preemptively blaming media bias, Russian hackers and sexism for Hillary's potential loss in November.

Disgraced Anthony Wiener Sexted, Had Online Relationship With Underage Girl

A 15 year old high school student tells the Daily Mail that Weiner wanted her to "dress up in school-girl outfits" and engage in "rape fantasies"

IRS Chief Requests Not To Be Impeached Despite Admitting He Misled Congress

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen expressed "regret" to Congress on Wednesday for his agency’s past mistreatment of tea party groups, but ahead of a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee, the top IRS official said he has cooperated with congressional investigators "and does not deserve to be impeached." In his prepared remarks, Koskinen said that impeaching him would be "improper" adding that "it would create disincentives for many good people to serve."

"We Out Like The Taliban" - Charlotte Protesters Fought Off By Walmart Staff, Cops

During the riots in Charlotte last night, that followed the shooting of an armed black man by a black cop, protesters stormed the local Walmart (purportedly to make the point that they will not stand for cop-killings anymore), but were met with an unlikely opposition. Walmart staff blocked the entrance to the store with pallets and defended the warehouse until police arrived.

The DEA's Own Website Proves The War On Drugs Is An Epic Failure

This summer, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) demonstrated its incompetence and exposed its archaic ideology on more than one occasion.

Russia Deploys Flagship Aircraft Carrier To Syria Coast

Russia's defence minister said Wednesday that Moscow was dispatching its flagship aircraft carrier to bolster its forces in the eastern Mediterranean off Syria. The Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier would be sent to join Russia's current naval deployment there, minister Sergei Shoigu said during a televised meeting.

New Report Proves What We Already Knew – The U.S. Economy Sucks

We're surprised it took this long, but it’s finally become mainstream thinking to acknowledge that the official unemployment rate is little more than nonsensical propaganda. As the emergence of massive populist movements on both the “right” and the “left” have demonstrated, something ain’t right in the U.S. economy, and everyday people get it.

Saudis Puzzled By Sept 11 Legislation, Blame Israel: "Mossad Must Have Done This"

Crown Prince Mohammad bin Nayef told the UN today that Saudi Arabia “was one of the first countries that denounced September 11."  Guess he forgot that time he blamed 9/11 on the Israelis, insisting to U.S. Ambassador Robert Jordan in 2001 that "the Mossad must have done this.”

When The Music Stops: Why The US Consumer Will Cause The Next Crisis

"They say to keep dancing until the music stops... Well we’re not hearing anything."

US Officials Claim ISIS Attacked US, Iraqi Troops With Mustard Gas

Shortly after Russia's accusations that a US drone was coincidentally overhead when the UN convoy was struck, CNN reports that US officials are stating that ISIS is suspected of firing a shell with mustard agent that landed at the Qayarrah air base in Iraq Tuesday where US and Iraqi troops are operating. Luckily, no US troops were hurt or have displayed symptoms of exposure to mustard agent.  Unfortunately, for now, John Kerry has been unable to find any YouTube clips to confirm the chemical weapons usage.

"We Have Done Nothing Improper" - Omega's Cooperman Responds To Insider Trading Charge: Full Letter

"We are highly disappointed with the Commission’s decision to file charges, and we strongly disagree with the Commission that either the firm or I have engaged in any unlawful conduct.... We have done nothing improper and categorically deny the Commission’s allegations."

Senate Approves Sale Of $1.15 Billion In Weapons To Saudi Arabia

The Senate backed a $1.15 billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia, even as Congress is preparing to override an expected presidential veto of a different bill allowing 9/11 victims’ families to sue the Saudi government. The Senate voted 71-27 to table, or kill, the resolution from Sens. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) that would have blocked the $1.15 billion sale of Abrams tanks to Saudi Arabia, which the State Department approved last month

The Central Bank Is Preparing To Use “Footnote 8” For The Economic Crisis

from X22Report:

What 15 Almonds A Day Can Do For You

from Green Med Info:
Almonds are familiar to many people as a healthy food, but how exactly do they affect our health? Rich in many compounds that can be lacking in a Standard American Diet (appropriately abbreviated S.A.D.), almonds can be a tasty solution to many of the chronic health conditions and diseases seen today.
Almonds are one of those nutrient-dense foods that can be hard to stop munching on once you’re crunching on the first one or two. Whether you’re sipping on a glass of creamy homemade almond milk, taking your first bite of strawberry-topped almond meal pancakes, or enjoying stir fry sprinkled with slivered almonds, you’re not just satisfying your appetite, you’re deliciously optimizing your health.
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Just As Flint Threatens Lawsuit, The State of Michigan Removed Their Power to Sue

by Claire Bernish, The Free Thought Project:
As the Detroit Free Press reports, Flint Mayor Karen Weaver filed a notice of intent to sue the State of Michigan with the Court of Claims back on March 24 — the last day of a 180-day limit from the time the city became aware of potential claims it could make against the state, according with court rules.
Weaver and Flint officials, at the time of filing notice, “had no plans to sue the state but had to take action to reserve the city’s rights” should that legal action have been warranted in the future, according to the Free Press.
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Grand Ascension or Great Collapse?

by Gary Christenson, Deviant Investor:
It depends upon your perspective and the markets you follow …
The global economy is drowning in debt – $230 Trillion and counting – that will not be repaid at current value. Expect hyperinflation or outright default.
Negative Interest Rates on $13 Trillion in sovereign debt are a sign of failure by central banks, governments, and Keynesian economists.
Pension plans and savers are hurt by low and negative interest rates. They have been sacrificed for the continued levitation in the stock and bond markets.
All of the above indicate a correction and possible collapse are coming. Perhaps it began this month, September 2016.
The charts of six markets tell the story.
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Bloomberg Reporter Asks Clinton If She Thinks Recent Terror Attacks Could Be Russian Plot to Help Trump

by Michael Krieger, Liberty Blitzkrieg:
America’s worthless media caught once again asking Hillary Clinton all the really important questions.
Such as…(from Mediaite):
Bloomberg Politics reporter Jennifer Epstein asked Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during a press conference Monday whether she believed the previous weekend’s terrorist attacks in New York and Jersey were a plot– possibly carried out by the Russians— to get her Republican opponent Donald Trump more votes.
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Who Runs America’s Military, Surely Not Obama

by Gordon Duff, New Eastern Outlook:
As numbers climb from the quite intentional bombing of Syrian Army positions near the Der Ezzor airport and families bury their dead from the not so accidental attack on a Kurdish refugee convoy north of Manjib, questions arise. Who actually runs the US military?
We know this, the US knows how to bomb. American planes like the F16 are continually upgraded with millions spent on each plane, new bombing systems and the US only uses GPS bombs, there are no unguided US munitions used. There are no excuses.
Then again the pilots, best paid and most experienced in the world, some with 15 years of bombing experience, weddings, funerals, villages around the world, many with individual kill counts of civilians in the hundreds. What am I getting at?
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Is Philippine President Duterte Boldly Challenging America?

by Stephen Lendman, The Sleuth Journal:
Rodrigo Duterte is unlike previous Philippine leaders, subservient to US interests, going along to get along.
Earlier this month, he called Obama a “son-of-a-bitch,” warning him not to criticize his extrajudicial killing policy, aimed at eliminating drug kingpins and dealers – reminding him of America’s longstanding deplorable record of unaccountable assassinations at home and abroad.
Last Monday, he challenged Washington again, calling for removal of US forces from Jolo and Basilan islands, saying:
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US Federal Debt Expanding at Fastest Rate Since the Crisis

by Simon Black, Sovereign Man:
A few days ago, the federal debt of the United States rather quietly and unceremoniously passed the $19.5 trillion mark.
And while that figure may seem absolutely confounding, what’s even more alarming is how rapidly the US government is racking up this debt.
In fact, for the 2016 fiscal year that ends in just ten more days, the US government’s debt growth of $1.36 trillion is on track to be the third biggest annual increase ever.
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WARNING: Russia Issues New “Rules of Engagement” in Syria: Any Aircraft Threatening the Syrian Army WILL BE SHOT DOWN (US/Turkey/Israel in the cross-hairs!)

from My Daily Informer:
After the United States and “Coalition” aircraft attacked Syrian Army positions “by mistake” – which killed 62 and injured over 100 Syrian Soldiers – Russia says the next mistake will be the pilot’s last, as new Rules of Engagement are now in effect.
Two days ago, on 17 September, US-led coalition jets bombed Syrian government forces’ positions near the eastern city of Deir ez-Zor, killing 62 troops and “paving the way” for Islamic State militants, the Syrian Army General Command told the state television.
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Shocking New Study Shows Chemo Kills Half of Cancer Patients, Not Cancer Itself

by Amy Goodrich, Natural News:
A new landmark study found that up to 50 percent of people who receive chemotherapy are killed by the treatment, not cancer itself. For the first time, researchers from Public Health England and Cancer Research U.K. examined the numbers of cancer patients who died within 30 days of starting chemotherapy.
Chemotherapy is an invasive and toxic treatment to kill cancer cells. Unfortunately, chemo doesn’t differentiate between a cancerous or a healthy cell. As a result, it kills all living matter on its way. Furthermore, chemo drugs are known to damage the immune system. This makes cancer patients more vulnerable to infections, which may contribute to the high mortality rates.
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