Thursday, September 22, 2016

Do WhiteLivesMatter In Charlotte?

We have one simple question - how is beating, dragging, stripping, and laughing-at an innocent white man going to help the discourse about police violence against black men?

Monte Paschi Rescue On The Rocks: Regulators Now "Expect Bank To Ask Italy For Bailout"

European regulators expect Italian bank Monte dei Paschi di Siena will have to turn to the government for support, Reuters reports, although Rome would strongly resist such a move if bondholders suffered losses.

JPM Agrees With Trump That Fed Is Political, Accuses Yellen Of "Distorting Asset Markets, Blowing Bubbles"

The Fed is "imposing long-term harm for no short-term good here... we've got an inappropriate level of interest rates which is distorting asset markets, blowing bubbles and will eventually end up in inflation."

Hillary Asks "Why Aren't I 50 Points Ahead" In The Polls? Trump Responds

Seemingly shocked that after spending 10s of millions of dollars, she remains only modestly ahead in the polls, Hillary Clinton exclaimed during an teleconference with the Laborers' International Union of North America, saying, "Why aren’t I 50 points ahead?" Donald Trump was quick offer a three word reason... "because you're terrible!"

Twitter Unsuspends "Instapundit" Glenn Reynolds

As of about an hour ago, Twitter appears to have relented, and has reinstituted Instapundit's account under one condition, that he delete the offending tweet.

Traders Quickly Get Comfortable With Stocks Again. But...

Short-term volatility expectations plummeted during Wednesday’s post-Federal Reserve meeting stock market rally. However, considering this rush out of the VXST occurred from an already relatively low level (17.22), prior similar occurrences suggest the upside is perhaps limited here for the S&P 500.

Puerto Rico Blackout Enters Second Day - Entire Island Of 3.5 Million People Without Power

Amid continued struggles to restructure $70 billion of public debt, Puerto Rico's crumbling infrastructure finally gives out leaving 3.5 million people in the dark. 

One Of These Polls Is Not Like The Other

Far be it from us to claim that a mainstream media entity is exhibting bias or 'tweaking' its data, but a glance at the last 10 major national polls of the presidential election suggests 'something' is up...

NAR Stumped As Existing Home Sales Slide Continues; Lack Of Household Income Growth Blamed

"It's very concerning to see that inventory conditions not only show no signs of improving but have actually worsened in recent months from their already suppressed levels a year ago," said the NAr's Larry Yun. "While recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau (shows that household incomes rose strongly last year, home prices are still outpacing incomes."

A Nation Of Deplorable Skeptics? Consumer Comfort Crashes To Lowest Since 2015

We are a nation of deplorable skeptics. That is the message from Bloomberg's Consumer Comfort index, which just plunged to its lowest since Dec 2015... despite record highs in stocks.

"They're Buying Everything, Again" - Stocks, Bonds, Gold Extend Gains As VIX Crushed To 11 Handle

The Fed's complete failure and decision to lower its forecast for US long term growth to record lows has sparked buying across every asset class as the USD Index slides. VIX has been monkey-hammered back to an 11 handle as the looming US election appears to be entirely irrelevant...

Why Futures Are Surging Again: RBC Explains

And just like that: risk-parity / various other leveraged ‘target risk’ strategies (S&P Target Risk Aggressive Index saw its best day since first week in July yesterday) are back in the driver’s seat, as the Fed and BoJ went back to their “happy place” of a vol-suppression kind of world.  That is exactly who / what we are seeing in equities futures, UST futures / curves right now.  Lever it up again!

"Wrong Way Gartman"

Dennis Gartman: "We Are Entering The “Zimbabwe-isation” Of The Global Capital Markets"

"We are, it seems to us, entering the period we shall call the “Zimbabwe-isation” of the global capital markets and we say that with all sincerity… and requisite trepidation.  This will end badly of course. These things always do, but until they end… until the music finally stops… the game has to be played and the music, as it plays, has to be enjoyed."

Fed's National Activity Indicator Average In Contraction For 19th Month - Worst Non-Recessionary Streak In 49 Years

For 19 straight months, the smoothed average of the Chicago Fed's National Activity Index has been in contraction. This is the longest period of contraction without a recession in the 49 year history of the indicator...

Thursday Humor: Initial Jobless Claims Hit 43 Year Lows

Dear Labor Department, please explain...

200 Million Yahoo User Accounts Hacked

The latest massive data breach, one which may or may not be blamed on Putin, came overnight when ReCode reported that Yahoo is poised to confirm that a hacker has exposed approximately 200 million user accounts.

Egyptian Media: ISIS Is “Made Up” And U.S. Created 9/11 To Justify War On Terror

by Amanda Froelich, Activist Post:
More than ever before, American citizens are questioning the ‘official’ story behind 9/11. This was made evident by how popular two articles, “It’s Official: European Scientific Journal Concludes 9/11 Was A Controlled Demolition” and “This Video Destroys The Official Account Of 9/11 In Less Than 5 Minutes [Watch],” were on the anniversary of the tragic day.
U.S. residents aren’t the only ones looking for truth, however. Citizens – and the governments – of other countries have formed unpopular theories on what really prompted the NYC attacks. According to one Egyptian media site, the U.S. government is likely to blame.
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Fed Monetary Policy Is Being Held Hostage by Wall Street Banks

by Pam Martens and Russ Martens, Wall St On Parade:
While the U.S. Senate Banking Committee was taking testimony yesterday from the Chairman and CEO of Wells Fargo bank, John Stumpf, about his $19 million in pay last year and how Carrie Tolstedt was set to retire with $120 million from the bank, despite both of them presiding over the creation of two million bogus bank accounts and credit cards, the Federal Reserve’s Open Market Committee (FOMC) was debating the wisdom of hiking rates and setting off a temper tantrum by Wall Street banks or standing still and losing more credibility. We will know the outcome of that conversation when the FOMC makes its announcement at 2 p.m. ET today.
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You Have 3-4 Weeks-to-Prepare- No Food, Gold, Guns, Water? You Will Not Survive

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:
If Clinton cannot win, the globalists will crash the economy. For all intents and purposes, the economy has already crashed, only the crumbs are falling to earth.
Here is a quick look at where we are. I want to stress that we are weeks away from this possibility.
Plunging Oil Prices
The low oil prices represent a financial risk which is equivalent with the housing bust. Most recently, experts are sqmetalsseeing the signs of another global financial meltdown which is nudging the global economies into a series of quantitative easing in a new round of forcing taxpayers to support bankers from their own mistakes through the private theft of public assets.
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Paul Craig Roberts “Russia Didn’t Attack The UN Aid Convoy, It’s A False Flag”!

from The Richie Allen Show:

This Is How the Feds Will Ban Cash

by Bill Bonner, Casey Research:
OUZILLY, France – We came back from South America poorer but wiser.
For the first time ever, we have had to face the reality of politics; up until now, it was never more than an abstract, theoretical matter.
We read about the French Revolution, the Bolshevik Revolution, and the passage of Obamacare.
We knew politics was corrupt and repulsive. But except for a brief stint on the board of governors of our local church, we had nothing to do with it.
Now the wolf is in our own backyard… so close that we can smell its hot breath and hear the clicking of its pearly teeth as it snaps at our heels.
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Recession Watch: US Freight Drops to Worst Level since 2010, “Excess of Capacity” Crushes Rates

by Wolf Richter, Wolf Street:
“Overall shipment volumes are persistently weak.”
When FedEx announced its quarterly earnings today, it included some telling tidbits. In its largest segment, FedEx Express, domestic shipping volume edged up merely 1%. In its smaller FedEx Ground Segment, shipping volume jumped 10%, “driven by e-commerce and commercial package growth.”
Sales by e-commerce retailers jumped 15.8% year-over-year in the second quarter, according to the Census Bureau, and companies involved in getting the packages to consumers and businesses have seen growth in those segments. For the rest, not so much – as the goods-based economy is getting bogged down.
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Hillary’s Broken Trust Is a Media Catastrophe

from The Daily Bell:
What Hillary Clinton’s email scandal is really about, explained with a cartoon … It’s a constant source of news coverage, particularly in conservative outlets, where it’s turned into vessel for a larger message: that Clinton can’t be trusted. -Vox
Vox has written an article that minimizes suspicion about Hillary Clinton’s larger transgressions regarding her “email scandal” while attempting to focus on the “real” issues surrounding them.
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No, the Fed Doesn’t Have a Plan. And Yes, the Fed Really is Monetizing Government Debt

by Jeff Deist, Mises:
Oh, what a difference a few years make.
After the Crash of ’08, the Fed entered a period of “extraordinary” monetary policy marked by large scale purchases of Treasuries and other (worse) securities from commercial banks. This process, termed quantitative easing, began in November 2008 as a supposedly temporary measure to provide liquidity (and thus operational stability) to the banking sector. A Wall Street crisis would become a Main Street crisis otherwise, the story went.
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9 Weird Things About The NYC And NJ Bombs That Will Make You Say Hmmmm…

from Daisy Luther:

You know me – I’m not prone to conspiracy theories (cough). But, I noticed some weird things about the pressure cooker bomb attacks that took place in New York City and New Jersey this weekend and the subsequent arrest of the alleged perpetrator.
Some things just don’t add up. Trust me, you won’t even need to don your tinfoil because none of this is outrageous.
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FDA Finds Glyphosate Herbicide in U.S. Honey

by Julie Fidler, Natural Society:
It took years of begging and pleading, but the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) finally agreed in February to start testing for glyphosate in food. The agency announced just a few days ago that U.S. honey samples tested positive for the chemical, which is an ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide. [1]
The agency checks foods for pesticides every year, but for decades had refused to test for glyphosate. The decision to start checking for the chemical was made only after many independent researchers started conducting their own testing on various foods 2 years ago and found glyphosate in flour, cereal, oatmeal, and a host of other products.
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