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Hillary Clinton is dying… of either Parkinson’s or Vascular Dementia, either way both are terminal conditions and both can lead to pneumonia. Meanwhile, Hollywood has some brand new GOLD-related predictive programming prepared for Christmas as several central banks are actively buying up the stocks of the world’s best silver and gold mining companies, positioning themselves for the next, inevitable leg up.
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The Bank Of Japan Unleashes Chaos

"...even if we have the press release listing exactly what the BoJ was going to do, the market response to various policy mixes is such a coin-flip that it’s nearly impossible to prognosticate."

Germany Shuts Embassies, Schools In Turkey After "Acute Terror Attack" Indications

The German Embassy and all consular missions in Turkey were closed today following information of an acute threatened attack, according to German paper Bild. The closure was carried out as a precaution and to protect employees, teachers and students.

Why A JPM Trader Just Said "This Is The Most Uncomfortable I’ve Felt Investing In 35 Years"

"When $1.5 trillion in strategies are forced to reallocate due to (again) again enormous “vol of vol” / “convexity in the market” swings, it moves markets--period, end of story."

Germany Readies Internal War On Terror: More Large Scale Attacks "Conceivable, Even Probable"

Obviously, Germany is preparing for something big and messy on their own soil. The only question that remains, is will their society prevail after it’s all said and done?

Oil Pumps'n'Dumps As Algos Fight Over Distillates/Gasoline Inventories Surge & Surprise Crude Draw

Following last week's Hurrican Hermine-inspired collapse in crude inventories (and API's disapponting build), DOE surpreised with another (small) inventory draw (559k barrels). However, machinese were confused as the week saw major builds in Gasoline (most in 2 months) and Distillates (most in 8 months). Crude production rose  (+0.4% WoW) for the first time in 4 weeks further confusing the algos. Prices initially kneejerked higher but the product build and increased production sparked panic-selling once $45 stops had been run...

Trump Will Not Release Medical Records On "Dr. Oz Show"

In what may be a stroke of luck for Hillary Clinton, whose medical condition has been the only topic of belated mainstream media discussion this week, earlier today Donald Trump's campaign announced that it would not release his medical records or the results of his physical examination on "The Dr. Oz Show."

The Last Time This Happened, Stocks Crashed

Wondering why the stock and bond markets are tumbling simultaneously? Confused by the market's apparent inability to follow the mainstream media's narrative that higher rates are good for markets? Wonder no longer - the answer, as we have previously detailed - is the collapse in so-called "risk-parity" funds that force leveraged long positions in equity and bond markets to be unwound en masse.

What's The Real Unemployment Rate? That's The Wrong Question

The truth is the unemployment rate is a political number, not an economic one. If we want an accurate snapshot of employment, earned income and the state of small business, we have hard data that is already collected quarterly. Common sense suggests we will get more value from hard data than from politicized guesswork.

Stocks Suddenly Tumble In Catch-Down To Oil's Slump

In what is normally the pre-open ramp time, US equity markets just jolted lower into the red as they finally stopped ignoring the plunge in crude prices this morning...

The Chilling Thing CEOs Of Corporate America Said About Jobs

Corporate America has spoken again... and it does not fit with Hillbama's rosy picture of America's "recovery"...

US Import Prices Tumble For 25th Month In A Row As China's Deflationary Impulse Hits Fresh 6 Year Lows

Great news America - it's been over 2 full years since the cost of imported goods rose year-over-year (dropping 2.2%in August as expected). The month-over-month drop of 0.2% was bigger than expected and was the first drop since February as US airfares reportedly tumbled (especially to Europe). China's deflationary contagion hit fresh 6 year lows but prices from almost every region declined.

"No Panic" - Why For Once, It Makes Sense To Watch What Isn’t Moving

Markets are certainly on the move. For the first time in a long time, traders are relearning that location really does matter -- if you want to survive the trade. Suddenly, “extend duration” isn’t the answer to every question. Especially when the greater fool takes a holiday.

US To Provide Israel With Record $38 Billion In Military Aid

While the US relationship with Saudi Arabia can be described, perhaps courtesy of the latter's donations to the Clinton campaign, as one of preferential treatment when it comes to arms deals, the relationship with Israel is even simpler. As Reuters reports, the US and Israel reached an agreement on a record new package of at least $38 billion in U.S. military aid to be supplied to Israel over the next decade.

Trump Soars In Latest Polls: Sees 5 Point Lead In Ohio And Latest LA Times National Poll

Biggest German M&A Deal Ever: Monsanto Accepts Bayer's $66 Billion Takeover Offer, Creating Agri-Giant

In a transaction that will allow Bayer to command more than a quarter of the combined world market for seeds and pesticides, not to mention is set to be the biggest M&A deal for 2016, Reuters reported that Bayer has won over Monsanto's management with a $128 per-share cash offer to acquire the global seed market leader, in a deal worth $66 billion.

This Is How Much It 'Costs' To Get An Ambassadorship: Guccifer 2.0 Leaks DNC 'Pay-To-Play' Donor List

European Scientific Journal: 9/11 was a Controlled Demolition

by Tim Brown, Freedom OutPost:
On the fifteenth anniversary of 9/11, the European Scientific Journal published an article in which the organization stated that they believe the collapse of the Twin Towers in New York City were the result of controlled demolition, not the result of planes crashing into them.
The Journal, a publication of the European Scientific Institute (ESI), published the article titled, “15 Years Later: On the Physics of High-Rise Building Collapses.” reports:
The study was written in collaboration by Steven Jones of Brigham Young University (now retired), Robert Korol of McMaster University – a Mechanical Design Engineer in the aerospace industry, Anthony Szamboti, and Ted Walter of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. The highly-sourced study breaks down the scientific evidence while revealing the discrepancies in NIST’s official report, and we suggest our readers – especially the skeptics – read it in its entirety.
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The Economy: It’s Worse Than I Thought

by Dave Kranzler, Investment Research Dynamics:
I got an email from a colleague today that said, among other things: “The economy is tanking and, while you may be the most pessimistic around, you may not be pessimistic enough.”
To that I would say that I’m significantly more bearish than is reflected in my public analysis. I spoke to a couple people today who offered anecdotal stories about their particular business niches – businesses in which new orders are somewhat tied to discretionary spending – and they both said that new business activity is unusually slow and that the last time they experienced new order flow this slow this was in 2008.
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Wall Street Today: Fake Accounts, Fake Money, Fake Courts, Fake Regulators

by Pam Martens and Russ Martens, Wall St On Parade:
Last Thursday, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) announced that Wells Fargo was paying $185 million in fines and penalties for allowing its employees to open “more than two million deposit and credit card accounts” that were not authorized by its customers. The employees were attempting to “hit sales targets and receive bonuses.” In one of the most audacious forms of bank fraud, according to the CFPB, employees actually “transferred funds from consumers’ authorized accounts to temporarily fund the new, unauthorized accounts.” This resulted in untold numbers of customers being charged for insufficient funds in their legitimate accounts or paying overdraft fees.
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SPUTNIK EXCLUSIVE: Research Proves Google Manipulates Millions to Favor Clinton

from Sputnik News:
In this exclusive report, distinguished research psychologist Robert Epstein explains the new study and reviews evidence that Google’s search suggestions are biased in favor of Hillary Clinton. He estimates that biased search suggestions might be able to shift as many as 3 million votes in the upcoming presidential election in the US.
Biased search rankings can swing votes and alter opinions, and a new study shows that Google’s autocomplete can too.
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Foods That You Should NOT Store For Long Term Storage

by Ken Jorgustin, Modern Survival Blog:
There are lots of foods that store well for a very long time under the right conditions, however there are foods that do NOT store well for long term storage.
Here’s a list of a few of the foods that you should not store for ‘long term’…
Note: Long term food storage generally refers to 1 year or more.
Note: Food products intended for longer-term storage must be dry (about 10% or less moisture content).
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Silver to Gold Price to Reach 1:10 Ratio! Mining Expert Steve St. Angelo Interview

from CrushTheStreet:


by Jeff Berwick, The Dollar Vigilante:
Centuries ago banks actually stored real money (gold) and gave their customers paper receipts which made transferring and transporting easier.
Then as time went by, banks just began storing currency. Unbacked fiat paper is not money.
In those days the term “bank robbery” used to mean a man with a gun would come in and steal the currency from the bank.
Now, in the 21st century, the term “bank robbery” has a completely different meaning. Now, to quote the popular Russian turn of phrase, bank robs you!
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Desperately Poor Teens In America’s Impoverished Inner Cities Are Trading Sex For Food

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:
When people get hungry enough, they will do just about anything for some food. According to brand new research that was just released this week from Feeding America and the Urban Institute, there are millions of teenagers in America that live in “food insecure” households, and researchers were stunned to learn what some of these teens are willing to do to feed themselves. Some resort to shoplifting, others deal drugs, and there were a surprising number of participants in the study that actually admitted to trading sex for food. It wouldn’t be a shock to hear that these kinds of things are going on in an economically-depressed nation such as Venezuela, but this is the United States of America. We are supposed to be the wealthiest nation on the entire planet. Sadly, even while the stock market has been soaring in recent years, poverty in America has been on the rise. For those on the low end of the economic scale, things have gone from bad to worse since the end of the last recession, and millions of children are deeply suffering as a result.
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