Thursday, September 15, 2016

Late Stage Lying: Pneumonia Theory vs. Parkinson’s Disease Theory; Doctors Chime In...

"I am not a medical doctor but bug-eyed facial expressions and cough attacks lasting months coupled with stumbling and stuttering and exaggerated head motions getting progressively worse, all by the same person, hardly seem “perfectly ordinary” as many claim..."

Mark Cuban Explains Why He Changed His Mind About Trump

2015: Trump is "probably the best thing to happen to politics in a long, long time."
2016: "Is there any bigger jagoff in the world than Donald Trump?"

Small Business Survey Trips Economic Alarms

The problem for the Fed is that once again the window for a “rate hike” has likely closed. Economic uncertainty, deflationary threats, and market volatility will keep them boxed in for now. Unfortunately, the recent spike in LIBOR has likely already done a bigger job of tightening monetary policy than the Fed actually intended to do. This could cause problems in the not too distant future.

"The Bernank" Urges Use Of Negative Rates When Next Recession Strikes

"the fact that negative rates would be temporary and deployed only during severely adverse economic conditions would be an advantage. Like quantitative easing, which was also unpopular in many quarters, a period of negative rates would probably be tolerated by politicians if properly motivated and explained" - "The Ben Bernank"

Violent Clashes Break Out Between Locals And Refugees In German Town

If Angela Merkel has been waiting for just the right moment when she can unleash the Bundeswehr to "pacify" the unruly public, she may have an opening. According to Deutsche Welle, in the small town of Bautzen in the state of Saxony, a second night of violent clashes broke out between residents and migrants.

Trumps Slams "Totally Politically Controlled" Fed, Sees No Rate Hike Until Obama Has Left

"The Fed has become very political... beyond anything I would have thought possible..."

Merkel Meets With German CEOs To Address 99.97% Unemployment Among "Highly Unqualified" Migrants

Merkel pushes Germany's top CEOs to find jobs for migrants of whom "80 percent are not highly qualified"

YouTube Has Quietly Begun "Censoring" Journalists Who Criticize Government

So it’s not a surprise to see many claiming their content is being censored by Google’s YouTube. After all, with the amount of power the company holds in Washington, it’s as if Google - or Alphabet - is an actual wing of the government.

5 Core Economic 'Facts'

Scores of economic figures go screaming across our screens every day, many of them contradicting yesterday’s figures, and perhaps half of them based upon lies. On top of that, we have dozens of economic theorists arguing back and forth. In the end, it’s all too muddled for most of us to make out. We each have our guesses, but none of them are terribly certain. So, this week we’d like to point out the central economic facts of the moment, five fundamental conditions that we should all be clear on...

This Could Be A Problem...

Deconstructing The "Median Income Bullshit"

What do you do when the economy isn't growing the way you want it to but you need to win an election in the very near future?  Well, one option is to have the Census Bureau change its data collection methodology to goal seek the desired income growth.

"The Donald" Unveils Economic Plan To Make America Great Again - Live Feed

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will deliver a speech from the Economic Club of New York providing more clarity on his economic policies. Getting America working again thanks to tax cuts (and major debt) is the key message and we note that Trump is also expected to take questions following his remarks.

CLSA: "One Major Japanese Bank Is Borrowing $60 Billion From Money Market Funds"

"The above raises an issue for non-government borrowers of US dollars such as Japanese mega banks. For example GREED & fear heard this week in Tokyo that one major Japanese bank is borrowing US$60bn from money market funds."

Donald Trump Releases Medical Records: In "Excellent Physical Health"

The tit-for-tat election campaign continues with Donald Trump releasing his doctor's full statement on his health. While noting Trump has a body mass index that is considered 'overweight', Dr. Harold Bornstein proclaims Trump in "excellent physical health."

Business Inventories, Sales Disappoint; Leave Ratio Deep In Recession

Business inventories rose 0.5% YoY and Business Sales dropped 0.8% - the 19th month in a row of sales decline and inventry builds. Busines inventories to sales remain in recession territory as the decline stalled in July...

What "Obama Rebound"? Average Weekly Wages Declined In Most US Counties

Average weekly wages for the nation decreased to $1,043, a 0.5 percent decrease, during the year ending in the first quarter of 2016. Among the 344 largest counties, 167 had over-the-year decreases in average weekly wages. McLean, Illinois (part of the Bloomington metro area), had the largest percentage wage decrease among the largest U.S. counties (?13.3 percent).

Oil Plunges As Libya, Nigeria Supply Set To Worsen Glut

Glutter and Glutterer... Oil prices are extending their losses this morning as disappointing US economic growth indicators combined with expectations of a surge in supply from Nigeria and Libya are adding to fears about increasing overhang of oil stocks.

A Chart Which Peddles Fiction

Do not, we repeat not, show this chart to President Obama...

SERVED: Shadow Government Gets Subpoenaed

The cult of Hillary gets called in to answer for their privatized investigation into Clinton’s emails.
from The Alex Jones Channel:

Facing the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, spokespersons for the DOJ, State Department, FBI, Department of National Intelligence, The CIA, The Geo spatial Intelligence Agency, and The NSA faced a frustrated Congress that had been given the cold shoulder when it came to the sharing of key details of Hillary Clinton’s endangerment of U.S. National Security.

New WikiLeaks DNC Dump Reveals Government Positions for Sale to Highest Bidder

by Josie Wales, The Anti Media:
Early Tuesday afternoon, interim chair of the DNC, Donna Brazile, issued a statement indicating the Democratic Party was bracing for a new batch of email leaks to be released. About an hour later, Wikileaks delivered, tweeting a link to a 670 MB file, along with instructions for downloading. In her statement, Brazile warned of potential malware risks in accessing the documents and outright blamed Donald Trump and “Russian agents,” despite the fact the hacker has not yet been identified by law enforcement officials.
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Fed Intervention Has Completely Destroyed The Markets

by Dave Kranzler, Investment Research Dynamics:
Federal Reserve intervention has killed natural market processes. The Fed is also starting to lose control of its ability to manipulate the markets. Today is a good example. The S&P and Dow are negative as I write this (2:30 EST) after staging a big early day rally. Most sub-indices, like retail and housing, are also red. BUT, the infamous “FANG” (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google) stocks + Apple are up anywhere from .2% (AMZN) to over 3% (AAPL). These stocks are the largest stocks in the SPX by market-cap and are part of the “tool kit” the Fed has been using to keep the S&P 500 and Dow from spiraling lower.
Since late 2012, the Fed has been able to orchestrate the markets with heavy doses of direct and indirect interventionary tactics. It’s used a combination of money printing, plunge protection and propaganda to keep the stock market propped up, interest rates near zero and the price of gold suppressed.
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Central Banks: Turning Economies From Capitalist to Socialist with the Click of a Button

from Rogue Money:
Central banks have pretty much reached the end of their tether, with the world having very few bonds left for them to buy to keep their stimulus and quantitative easing schemes afloat. In fact, last week the European Central Bank head, Mario Draghi, stated that by the end of October he will have run out of bonds to buy, which include sovereign, bank, and even corporate debt instruments.
And while central banks like the ECB and Federal Reserve have yet to go full bore into buying other assets like stocks and equities such as Switzerland and Japan are already doing, a move into this arena will suddenly create unintended consequences that will resonate at the heart of economics in the Western hemisphere.
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Gov. Documents Reveal The Take Down of America Could Be Over In Two Years

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:
One of the readers to The Common Sense Show, provided me with a tip with regard to an advertised government position. The first reference to this concerning job occurs on and then the job seeker is redirected to
The CSS reader asked me a question and I thought this sounded suspect and I subsequently investigated. Here is what I found which was the result of this accurate tip.
When one follows the advertise of this FEMA position, one will observe the bolded SELECTIVE SERVICE Registration Requirement for the seemingly insignificant job of what looks like a glorified secretary position (i.e. administrative assistant).
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WikiLeaks: DNC Leak Exposes Possible Pay-to-Play and Insider Trading Schemes

by Edmund Kozak , via The News Doctors:
Yet another new wave of hacked DNC emails have come crashing down on the Clinton campaign, courtesy of WikiLeaks and the hacker Gucifer 2.0.
The new batch of emails appear to contain damaging revelations, including documents that suggest Democrats openly engaged in pay-to-play bargains, awarding important diplomatic positions to high rolling donors.
As if a thriving pay-to-pay scheme weren’t bad enough, the latest DNC leaks also include a file which suggests possible insider trading and securities fraud.
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You Knew This Was Coming: Mainstream Says Maybe Hillary Was Poisoned — By Putin

from Russia Insider:
It has happened. He has done it again!
Putin hacked the Democratic Party and was going to rig the election for Trump. But when this wicked scheme was exposed he went ahead and straight up poisoned the Democratic nominee — just as he has ‘taken car of’ of so many other who have stood in his way.
It has happened. Or at least the mainstream (regime) media wouldn’t mind if you believe that it did.
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David McAlvany: All Markets Are On Monetary Life Support

from WallStForMainSt:


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