Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Disgraced Anthony Wiener Allegedly Sexted, Had Online Relationship With Underage Girl...

A 15 year old high school student tells the Daily Mail that Weiner wanted her to "dress up in school-girl outfits" and engage in "rape fantasies"

Is Yellen Worried That She Is Causing Asset Bubbles? Here Is What She Said

"we routinely monitor asset valuations, while nobody can know for sure what type of valuation represents a bubble, that's only something one can tell in hindsight, we are monitoring these measures of valuation and commercial real estate valuations are high."

Yellen Responds To Trump

"In order to insulate monetary policy from short-term political pressures and I can say, emphatically that partisan politics plays no role in our decisions about the appropriate stance of monetary policy....  We do not discuss politics at our meetings and we do not take politics into account in our decisions."

No, The Fed Doesn't Have A Plan. Yes, The Fed Really Is Monetizing Government Debt

Oh, what a difference a few years make. Extraordinary monetary policy is the new normal, and all those pundits who assumed the Fed knew what it was doing were- and are- wrong.

Janet Yellen Tries To Explain Why Donald Trump Is Wrong - Fed Press Conference Live Feed

Once again The Fed chickened out - despite reaching every goal they have set. Janet Yellen needs to explain why Trump is wrong, given her comments that "the case for an increase in fed funds rates has strengthened but [we] decided, for the the time being, to wait for further evidence of continued progress."

Fed Now Sees Only Three Rate Hikes Thru End Of 2017; Cuts Long-Run US GDP Potential

As a result of the revised dot plot, the Fed now sees one rate hike in 2016, supposedly in December and only two rate hikes next year, down from their June median projection of three. Also  as r-star continues to plauge the Fed, the long-run interest rate is now seen at 2.875%, down from 3.0% three months ago.

Fed Inaction Sparks Buying In Bonds, Stocks, Gold, Oil As VIX Tanks

The Fed does nothing... again. So - Buy all the things...

Fed Chickens Out: 3 Presidents Dissent As Fed "Decides To Wait For Further Evidence" Of Strengthening Before Hiking

With rate hike odds tumbling post-J-Hole thanks to Brainard (but up to 24% today), macro data deteriorating, European banks tumbling, and China money markets turmoiling, expectations were low for a 'surprise' rate hike today. And sure enough, they didn't...
No addition of "Risks are balanced" language and cuts the long-run growth rate for the US economy below 2% for the first time ever.

The honest answer is that the US Dollar is just about worthless...causing  inflation...The Dollar has lost 97% of it's purchasing power since the Fed was created...END the FED...

Mylan CEO Explains To Congress Why EpiPen Prices Rose 550% in 9 Years - Live Feed

Mylan chief executive Heather Bresch, the daughter of Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), has been called by The House Oversight Committee to explain why she has significantly increased the price of the EpiPen, an auto-injector used to treat severe allergic reactions, by over 550% in the last few years, due to "justified outrage from families and schools across the country struggling to afford." The committee claims it will " encourage greater competition in the EpiPen market by speeding FDA’s approval of generics." Grab your popcorn.

Russia Deploys Flagship Aircraft Carrier To Syria Coast

Russia's defence minister said Wednesday that Moscow was dispatching its flagship aircraft carrier to bolster its forces in the eastern Mediterranean off Syria. The Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier would be sent to join Russia's current naval deployment there, minister Sergei Shoigu said during a televised meeting.

$195 Billion Asset Manager: "The Time Has Come To Leave The Dance Floor"

"When the supposed solutions to the Fed’s dilemma are merely new “problems,” you know you are approaching the cycle’s end... long-term investing is predicated on not just knowing where the happening parties are during the reflationary parts of the cycle but more importantly, knowing when the time has come to leave the dance floor. In our view, that time has already come."

Suddenly Wall Street Is Sweating: "A September Rate Hike Would Lead To A Big Shock"

"A hike would be a huge surprise. I think risk assets fall a lot (>2% correction), USD goes up and rates rise, led by the front end."... "Big shock. Rates sell off initially along with risk assets, view hike as a policy error, unless they also crushed the long-term dots."

The Three Stages Of Empire

"I consider it self-evident that we are in the third and final stage of self-serving Imperial decay."

Canadian Mint Employee Allegedly Smuggled $140,000 Of Gold Inside His Rectum

An employee of the fortress-like Royal Canadian Mint allegedly smuggled about $140,000 in gold from the facility, evading multiple levels of detection with a time-honoured prison trick. Hiding the precious metal up his butt.

FBI Release Photos Of 2 More "Unknown Individuals" Related To NY Bombing

The FBI is asking for the public's assistance in locating these two unknown individuals.

The Economy, The Stock Market, & The Fed

Currently no-one expects the Fed to hike today and it probably won’t. It is definitely possible though that the FOMC statement will contain a strong hint regarding a likely rate hike in November or December, since the Fed for some reason no longer wants to surprise markets. Such an announcement could well have the same effect on the markets as an actual hike though.

Crowdfunded House Flipper Raises $1 Million In 12 Hours... And It Only Costs Him 14%

"...something is wrong in at least one of those markets...It usually is the market with the least-experienced players, and they usually end up wishing they hadn’t played."

Is Trump Wrong On Trade?

The real culprit or cause of the loss of purchasing power is the American Central Bank. It is directly responsible for the growth in income inequality and the slow decline in living standard of the American middle class. Monetary policy is “econspeak” for legal counterfeiting! If Trump really wants to make America great again, he should seriously consider returning the U.S. to sound mone.

SEC Charges Hedge Fund Icon Leon Cooperman With Insider Trading

When it rains - for hedge fund managers, it pours - If it's not lack of alpha, it's insider trading. Moments ago, the SEC charged iconic hedge fund manager, Omega Advisors' Leon Cooperman with insider trading, accusing him of generating substantial illicit profits by purchasing securities in Atlas Pipeline Partners (APL) in advance of the sale of its natural gas processing facility in Elk City, Oklahoma.

Apple In Talks To Buy Supercar Maker McLaren

Apple's ambitions to take on Tesla in the electric car space, Uber in the self-driving space, and in general, to pivot into the auto industry have not been exactly a secret over the past year, but few had any idea how Tim Cook would go about doing this. Today, the FT reveals that the world's most valuable company plans to transform the auto industry by purchasing British supercar maker and Formula One team owner, McLaren technology.

Crude Extends Gains After Bigger Than Expected Inventory Draw (Despite Production Rise)

Following last night's surprisingly large API-reported crude draw, DOE confirmed the drop with a 6.2mm draw (less than API's 7.5mm though) with some wondering if the Colonial Pipeline closure affected inventories. Cushing saw a notable build and Distillates inventories rose for the 6th week in a row. While gasoline inventories fell (Pipeline?), production rose for the second week in a row.

How does it make you feel that Millions are on welfare and food stamps and homeless while the lowlife scum politicians get us deeper and deeper in money to their friends...

Why Are We Sending $38 Billion to Rich and Powerful Israel?

from The Anti Media:
Last week’s announcement of a record-breaking US aid package for Israel underscores how dangerously foolish and out-of-touch is our interventionist foreign policy. Over the next ten years, the US taxpayer will be forced to give Israel some $38 billion dollars in military aid. It is money we cannot afford going to a country that needs no assistance to maintain its status as the most powerful military in the Middle East.
All US foreign aid is immoral and counterproductive. As I have often said, it is money taken from poor people in the US and sent to rich people overseas. That is because US assistance money goes to foreign governments to hand out as they see fit. Often that assistance is stolen outright or it goes to the politically connected in the recipient country.
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The Entire Economic System Is One Big Illusion: Charles Hugh Smith

from X22Report Spotlight:

Obama is Protecting the Terrorists, America to the Rescue of ISIS-ISIL-Daesh. Testimonies of Syrian Soldiers Who Witnessed the US Airstrikes

by Prof Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research:
These testimonies by Syrian soldiers who are fighting the Islamic State rebels (ISIS-Daesh) confirm what we already know.
The United States of America is not fighting the terrorists in Syria.
The Obama administration, with the support of its allies including Turkey and Saudi Arabia, is supporting the Islamic State (ISIS Daesh)
Obama’s counterterrorism campaign in Syria and Iraq is bogus.
Read carefully:
The testimonies confirm the unspoken truth:
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Caddell: George H.W. Bush Endorsement of Hillary Clinton Is Establishment ‘Protection Racket’

by Dan Riehl, Breitbart:
Long-time Democratic pollster Pat Caddell joined Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Tuesday to discuss recent polling, as well as news that former President George H.W. Bush may be voting for Democrat Hillary Clinton. “This is a protection racket here, and they have never been under greater threat,” said Caddell, referencing the candidacy of GOP nominee Donald Trump.
“It’s not surprising in a way,” he continued. “We misunderstand that this Trump thing is not so much an ideological contest, even a partisan contest. It’s really an insurgency against the political class by the people. That’s why both Bernie Sanders and Trump did so well” in their respective primaries.
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from InfoWars:
Breaking news: Major climate science error exposed!
At the recent high-level climate change conference in London, a fundamental error in climate science was revealed for the first time.
The much-vaunted “climate consensus” turns out to have been wrong all along.
At the London conference, 80 Professors, 60 Doctors of Science and 40 other experts, including Piers Corbyn, brother of Britain’s opposition leader, who has a first-class degree in Astrophysics, were shocked to learn that the error, first introduced a generation ago when climate scientists borrowed feedback math from electronic network analysis without really understanding it, is the reason for their exaggerated predictions of how much global warming Man may cause.
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War on Cash Turns to $20, $50, and $100 Bills

by Clint Siegner, Money Metals:
Harvard professor and economist Ken Rogoff is once again leading the chorus of high-level academics and officials who declare cash is only for criminals. He made his case in a recent Wall Street Journal editorial called the “Sinister Side of Cash.” The solution, he declares, is to simply get rid of anything but the smallest bank notes.
In his vision, drug dealers, human traffickers, and tax cheats are everywhere, but they are reliant on cash. Our benevolent central planners can largely incapacitate them by ridding society of anything larger than a $10 bill.
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The Stock Market Is Teetering on the Edge of a Cliff

by Doug Casey, Casey Research:
“It’s a very dangerous time” to be an investor.
You might think is a quote from Casey Research founder Doug Casey. But Paul Singer actually said this last week at the Delivering Alpha conference in New York City.
Delivering Alpha is one of the most anticipated investing conferences of the year. Investors from around the world attend it to hear from the “who’s who” in the investing world.
This year, many of the world’s top investors agreed on one thing: the markets are very dangerous.
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Japan’s New Framework of Hyperinflationary Failure

by Andy Hoffman, Miles Franklin:
Am I allowed to start with Deutsche Bank? Or do I have to defer to the Bank of Japan’s Keystone Kops; who once again laid a giant goose egg? Who, beyond a shadow of a doubt, proved they have not a clue what they are doing – in dramatically accelerating the pace at which the “Land of the Setting Sun” plunges to “second world” status, en route to becoming the first “Western Power” to experience 21st Century hyperinflation.
Hmmm, what to do? As sadly, I could easily write entire articles on countless other topics as well – such as the Bank of International Settlements issuing a dire warning about the massively over leveraged Chinese banking sector; Donald Trump’s surging popularity; Wells Fargo’s “crime of a lifetime”; the exploding worldwide pension crisis; OPEC’s Secretary General all but confirming “no deal” at next week’s “all-important” crude oil producers meeting; and the U.S. national debt – and budget deficit – expanding at the fastest rate since the 2008-09 financial crisis. And the answer is, I’m starting with Deutsche Bank – as unquestionably, it poses the greatest near-term risk to global political, economic, social, and monetary stability.
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Bye Bye Deutsche Bank

by Dave Kranzler, Investment Research Dynamics:
No way to know for sure when the Bundesbank, Fed and ECB lose control of Deutsche Bank’s balance sheet. But its stock price just hit an all-time low since its NYSE-listing in October 2001.
Anyone who owns the Deutsche Bank “Tier 1” bonds should sell them now. They are currently yielding about 8%, which puts on the same “tier” as U.S. triple-C (CCC/Caa) rated credits.
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Stocks Explode Higher After Fed Cuts US Growth Potential To Lowest On Record


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