Thursday, September 15, 2016

Clinton Foundation CEO Admits To Pay-For-Play: "No Question" That "Courtesy Appointments" Were Made...

Clinton Foundation CEO openly admitted that there is "no question" that Foundation donors received "courtesy appointments" yesterday morning on MSNBC but then seemed to retract those statements this morning on CNN...sounds like someone got in a little trouble back at the office.

DEMOCRATS in Western PA Break With Party BIG TIME to Support Donald Trump!

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:
Donald Trump has been working his butt off to court voters in Pennsylvania and his efforts seem to be paying off. In fact, lots of Democrats in western Pennsylvania are breaking with their own party to support Trump and they have good reasons for doing so.
The Atlantic reports:
Why Democrats in Western Pennsylvania Are Voting Trump
CHARLEROI, Pa.—Angela LeJohn is 49, has worked at a local energy company for nine years, and loves it. A registered Democrat, she never once voted for a Republican and never expected to entertain such a thought—not even in a local election—until this year.
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Spot The (Book Review) Difference

The Mainstream Media Bet The Farm On Hillary... And Lost

The MSM has forsaken its duty in a democracy and is a disgrace to investigative, unbiased journalism.

Harvard Crushes The "Obama Recovery" Farce With 9 Simple Charts

A New Problem For Hillary Emerges

With Trump suddenly surging in the polls, the Democrats are panicking as Hillary's lead in the RealClearPolitics average has shrunk to just 1 points. However, as the latest set of polls shows, the Donald is not the only thing Hillary's campaign has to worry about: a new threat has emerged. Or rather two.

Former Treasury Secretary Warns Banks Riskier Now Than In 2008 Crisis

"To our surprise, we find that financial market information provides little support for the view that major institutions are significantly safer than they were before the crisis and some support for the notion that risks have actually increased."

Infrastructure Spending Does Not "Grow The Economy"

In simple terms that even Donald Trump and Paul Krugman can understand: there is no such thing as the Infrastructure Fairy that takes government spending and magically turns it into economic growth.

Deutsche Bank Slapped With $14 Billion Fine By DOJ Over Mortgage Probe

Blowback? Just a few weeks after the EU slapped Apple with a $14 billion bill for "back taxes," the U.S. has responded with $14 billion fine on Deutsche Bank related to the DOJ's outstanding probe into the company's trading of mortgage-backed securities during the financial crisis.

Six Striking Observations About Corporate Debt

"It is usually a bad idea to buy corporate high yield bonds late in an economic upturn. Let me share some facts with you that undermine the perception outlined above..."

The Status Quo vs. Donald Trump

"...the corrupt status quo of both useless political parties are making a huge calculated error by coming together so publicly against Trump. By rallying so aggressively and passionately around Hillary Clinton, the worst of the worst from America’s oligarchy have succeeded in the impossible. They have made a billionaire reality tv star look like a counter culture iconoclast."

GMO: The Market Is About 70% Overvalued

"Much of the run-up over the past few years has been primarily about multiple expansions. And the scary thing about multiple expansions is that they are reliably mean-reverting—if they run too far, the market always takes it back, sometimes with a vengeance. And we are currently almost 70% too far."

Les Deplorables: "Enough Is Enough"

They may not live at the level of Victor Hugo’s “Les Misérables,” but it was only a matter of time before les déplorables - our own writhing mass of unheard Americans - rebelled against the intellectual elites’ ancien régime of political correctness.

Beware Central Banks' "Illusion Of Control"; Spitznagel Warns "If The Fed Hikes, Markets Will Go Down Very, Very Hard"

"There is this sort of collective psychology that says that the Fed can keep this going, that the Fed is in control. But, in fact, central banks are not in control... Central bank balance sheets are twenty-trillion, the whole global securities and derivatives market is a half-a-quadrillion. So, in fact, central banks are miniscule compared to that. The only thing they have going for them is this collective psychology. It’s an illusion of control."

European, Japanese Bankers Threaten Mutiny Over Basel Committee's Capital Rules

European and Japanese banking officials are reportedly enraged that the (US-backed) world's top banking regulator would dare to demand banks hold higher levels of capital to meet credit, market and operational risks. These rules are not new, of course, but the bankers, used to getting their own way reportedly demanded in two heated meetings this week that The Basel Committee 'scale back; the rules to ensure the rules have no “particularly negative consequences for specific regions,” such as Europe.

Jill Stein Urges "Pardon Edward Snowden, Now!"

"His whistleblowing was among the most important in US history. I would publicly acknowledge his heroism, as Barack Obama should, without delay..."

YouTube Has Quietly Begun "Censoring" Journalists Who Criticize Government

So it’s not a surprise to see many claiming their content is being censored by Google’s YouTube. After all, with the amount of power the company holds in Washington, it’s as if Google - or Alphabet - is an actual wing of the government.

Dismal Data Deluge Sparks Buying-Panic In Stocks

Merkel Braces For More Misery With Humiliating Berlin Election Rout

Still reeling from a state election rout which unleashed a party row about her open-door migrant policy, Angela Merkel's conservatives are bracing for further losses in the Berlin city vote on Sunday.

The US War On Terror Has Cost $5 Trillion And Increased Terrorism By 6,500%

Mission Accomplished?


Handing over our internet like the Panama canal is UNACCEPTABLE! ACT NOW!
from grindall61:

SERVED: Shadow Government Gets Subpoenaed

The cult of Hillary gets called in to answer for their privatized investigation into Clinton’s emails.
from The Alex Jones Channel:

Facing the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, spokespersons for the DOJ, State Department, FBI, Department of National Intelligence, The CIA, The Geo spatial Intelligence Agency, and The NSA faced a frustrated Congress that had been given the cold shoulder when it came to the sharing of key details of Hillary Clinton’s endangerment of U.S. National Security.

100% PROOF: The Debt Bubble Is Now Running The Fed. By Gregory Mannarino

from Gregory Mannarino:

Unprecedented Global Bond Bubble Threatens Holders of Cash

by Stefan Gleason, Money Metals:
As big as previous real estate and stock market bubbles have been, the current global bubble in government debt dwarfs them all. Not only is it far bigger in size and scope (some $60 trillion in sovereign bonds now trade globally); it is also unprecedented in character.
Falling Interest Rates
The world has rarely seen a bond bull market that is not only 36 years old, but also shows few signs of ending. And never before in recorded history have interest rates gotten so low across the board.
How much lower can interest rates go? Conventional wisdom once held that rates could only get as low as 0%. WRONG! In the current crazed central banking climate, yields on cash can move below zero, and they could stay there for longer than anyone can possibly imagine.
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Chaos Has Never Been Closer: “Obama May Suspend Election” If She Is Too Sick

by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:
The events are all lined up, and the system is geared for chaos. At any moment, a despotic leader could take control.
But how could it ever happen in America?
With economic collapse again on the horizon, and a basket of issues coming to a head, several factions of the population are tipping towards revolution. Much of it has played out in the election cycle; the establishment has lost all credibility, and the people are seeking anti-establishment voices. Alternate means of maintaining control are implemented.
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Google’s Anti-ISIS Propaganda Program To Be Used On Americans Next

by Lori Harfenist, Activist Post:
Google’s tech incubator, Jigsaw, teamed up with a London-based startup to run a program that would identify potential ISIS jihadi sympathizers and then influence them by showing them anti-ISIS videos when they clicked on what appeared to be pro-ISIS videos. The program was a success in their eyes, so now they turn their sights on their next group to target for influence: ‘violent’ right-wing Americans. The Resident discusses.
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Why the Fed Can’t Hold the Stock Market Together Much Longer

by Justin Spittler, Casey Research:
Volatility has come storming back…
For the past couple months, the stock market has been eerily quiet. Now, this wasn’t completely unexpected. After all, many traders on Wall Street take off all of August.
But this summer was abnormally calm.
The S&P 500 went 40 days without a 1% move. That was its longest stretch without a big move in decades.
When the market is this quiet, many investors let their guards down. They buy stocks they know are risky. They stop checking their portfolios. They forget to set “stop losses,” which will automatically sell a stock if it starts to tank.
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You Will Be Poor

by Robert Gore, The Burning Platform:
How much of your wealth does the government want? How much do you have?
There has been a progression through each iteration of monetary theft. A trial balloon launches, usually from academia, which proposes an “innovation” contrary to reigning practice and orthodoxy. A curmudgeonly minority reject it; the majority, securing their places on the intellectual fashion forefront, excoriate the old and after a suitable time for faux consideration and discussion, embrace the new.
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Media Silent as Company Behind Dakota Pipeline Steals More Land in Texas for a Different Project

by Claire Bernish, The Free Thought Project:
Energy Transfer Partners, the company responsible for construction of the hotly contentious Dakota Access Pipeline, has another controversial pipeline project with the potential to contaminate drinking water and the environment and destroy an area in Texas described as sacred and environmentally vital — and the ruthless company has been suing landowners to snatch their property for its own profiteering.
Known as the Trans-Pecos pipeline, the relatively short 143-mile project would carry natural gas from western Texas’ Permian Basin — likened to “America’s Saudi Arabia” as the country’s “Most Important Oil and Gas Resource” by Forbes — across the border into Mexico. But this project will run through the state’s pristine, remote Big Bend area, considered sacred to some and an environmental treasure to others, and — despite Texas’ long history of devotion to Big Oil and Gas — has sparked vociferous debate about property rights and corporate power.
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Your Money or Your Life: What’s Behind the Latest Government Scam to Rob You Blind?

by John Whitehead, Freedom OutPost:
“The fact is that the government, like a highwayman, says to a man: Your money, or your life. And many, if not most, taxes are paid under the compulsion of that threat. The government does not, indeed, waylay a man in a lonely place, spring upon him from the road side, and, holding a pistol to his head, proceed to rifle his pockets. But the robbery is none the less a robbery on that account; and it is far more dastardly and shameful.”—Lysander Spooner, American abolitionist and legal theorist
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