Monday, September 19, 2016

Dear FBI, This Is Intent: Hillary's "Oh Shit" Guy Sought Reddit Advice On How To "Strip VIP's Emails"

New discovery finds "Oh Shit" guy sought tech advice in July 2014, 5 months before Hillary delivered emails to the State Department, on how to "strip out a VIP’s (VERY VIP) email address from a bunch of archived email."  Could someone within the FBI please explain how this does not constitute "intent"?

Haitian Senate President Exposes Clinton Foundation: “Hillary Clinton Tried To Bribe Me!”

from ZeroHedge:
Former Haitian President of Senate is speaking out to tell the truth about Clinton Foundation at a Trump event! The former president said that Clinton was trying to buy him. She tried to appeal to him (bribe him).
She defrauded the people of Haiti…
“I spent 4 hours with Bill Richardson to tell Bill Clinton not to invade Haiti.
A week later the embassy called me and told me that Bill Clinton has a messenger for him.
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“Contingency Plan” Now Called For By Former DNC Chairman- Allows Insertion Of SELECTED Elite Puppet

by Bernie Suarez, The Sleuth Journal:
As if the voter fraud and election stealing is not bad enough, the idea of how the election will be stolen just took a twist in a new direction.
With the Hillary Clinton obvious collapse this past weekend at the 9/11 memorial event in New York City which was caught on video for the world to see, all the lies and deceit of the Democratic party and the Hillary-mainstream media complex regarding her health issues are now fully exposed. And with options running out as the world watches their lies it seems like it’s time to float out the possibility of plan B or what Former DNC Chairman Dan Fowler is calling a “contingency plan”. More on this plan in a minute.
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Trump Lashes Out After Hillary Accuses Him Of Inspiring Terrorism

Hillary:"...we know Donald Trump’s comments have been used online in recruitment for terrorists."
Trump: "Hillary Clinton's weakness while she was Secretary of State, has emboldened terrorists all over the world to attack the U.S., even on our own soil. They are hoping and praying that Hillary Clinton becomes President - so that they can continue their savagery and murder."

"She's So Full Of S**t" - Lessons For Hillary: Pricey Ads, Catchy Soundbites Don't Work

Hillary Clinton has spent several times what Donald Trump has spent to air television ads in key states. That will likely continue; in a new count by Advertising Age, the Clinton campaign and its allied super PACs have booked $145.3 million in ad time between now and Election Day, to $4.4 million for Trump and his groups. The disparity has terrified some Republican strategists who fear Trump is being drowned in a tidal wave of Clinton ads. But what if it doesn't really matter?

FBI Director Says He Covers His Webcam (And That You Should Too)

During the discussion on the importance of cybersecurity, this week, Assistant Attorney General John Carlin asked FBI Director James Comey if he still had his webcam covered with tape, a question referencing previous statements by the director. Comey replied, Heck yeah, oh, heck yeah.He continued to encourage the public to do the same thing...

Bernie Sanders Asks The Only Relevant Question About The Wells Fargo Scandal

Your future...

Venezuela: Over 15% of People Eat Garbage to Survive

by Frances Martel, Breitbart:
A new study finds Venezuela on the brink of famine, with an alarming fifteen percent of citizens saying they can only feed themselves with “food waste discarded by commercial establishments,” while nearly half say they have had to take time off work to search for food.
The study — conducted by More Consulting and published in the Spanish-language Diario de las Américas — reflects a reality that has become the signature of President Nicolás Maduro’s tenure: a food and medicine shortage that forces most in the nation to wait in supermarket lines that can last up to eight hours. On many occasions, after the wait, they find that there is nothing left to buy.
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The FSA...(free shit army) will make sure you will be eating garbage...That's what happens with socialism/communism...

Why Socialism Is Here To Stay

“[T]he government has to take resources from someone before it can dole them out to others. This act of taking destroys an economy. The more you take from the productive members of society, the less productive they become. That’s the primary lesson of the history of socialism.”

"The Big Short's" Steve Eisman Reveals What The Next Big Short Is

Asked to name the next big short, Eisman initially declined. “I’m not in such a rush to do it again,” he said. “It took years off my life.” Then he relented, saying, “The only big short out there is when the world loses confidence in QE.”

Are you dumb enough to believe this was an accident...?

DHS Admits "Mistakenly" Granting Citizenship To 858 Immigrants From "Countries Of Concern To National Security"

According to a DHS report released today, ICE officials identified 858 immigrants from "countries of concern to national security" that were "mistakenly" granted U.S. citizenship though deportation charges were never pursued because the DOJ refused to prosecute the cases.

The 'Emerging Art Bubble' Has Burst: "Everyone Got Caught With Their Pants Down"

"I feel like we were a little bit drunk and didn’t think of the consequences... then the bottom fell out. Everyone got stuck with their pants down."

"Panic Gasoline Buying" In Southeast Leads To "Massive Lines", Gas Shortages, Price Gouging

"Warped" WaPo Calls For Prosecution Of Its Own Source (after Accepting Pulitzer For Snowden Leaks)

"...what makes today’s Washington Post editorial so remarkable, such a tour de force, is that the editors are literally calling for the criminal prosecution of one of the most important sources in their own newspaper’s history. Having basked in the glory of awards and accolades, and benefited from untold millions of clicks, the editorial page editors of the Post now want to see the source who enabled all of that be put in an American cage and branded a felon. That is warped beyond anything that can be described."

Fun With Fake Statistics: The 5% "Increase" In Median Household Income Is Pure Illusion

The truth is the rich are getting richer and everyone else is losing ground as inflation chews through stagnant incomes and rising debt loads stripmine disposable income. Bought and paid for cheerleaders for our failed, corrupt status quo will always hype bogus, purposefully misleading statistics - but don't mistake fakery for fact.

"Buy-The-Bombing" Stock Rally Fades Amid Crude Tumble & China Turmoil

Traders Worry As Divergence Deja Vu Looms

While 'everything was awesome' this morning in stock market land (economic data, Fed uncertainty, and domestic terrorism aside), the more troubling reality under the surface of the equity market's gains is a plunge in 52-week highs... a divergence which spelled big trouble the last time it occurred.

Trump Issues Statement On Weekend Attacks: "That's Why I Propose Extreme Vetting"

While luckily this weekend's various terrorist attacks across the nation did not lead to casualties, both presidential candidates have been using the disturbing event to push their political agenda. Earlier today it was Hillary, and now it is Trump's turn who released the following lengthy statement, saying this weekend's attacks in Minneapolis, New York and New Jersey should be a "wake up call for every American", and explain why Trump "proposes extreme vetting for immigrants from troubled."

Missing Ingredient To Solving The Refugee Crisis: Common Sense

UK prime minister Theresa May will address the UN General Assembly on Tuesday. She seeks UN Action to Control Mass Migration Flows. In contrast, we propose a 10-point “common sense” solution, not UN action.

Cruz Calls For Refugee Crackdown As De Blasio Admits NY/NJ Bombing Was "Act Of Terror"

As NY Mayor Bill de Blasio stated during a press conference that officials "have every reason to believe [the NY/NJ bombings] was an act of terror," Sen. Ted Cruz has called on Congress to crack down on accepting refugees saying it's "past time to take off the blinders."

China Facing Full-Blown Banking Crisis, World’s Top Financial Watchdog Warns

by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, The Telegraph:
China has failed to curb excesses in its credit system and faces mounting risks of a full-blown banking crisis, according to early warning indicators released by the world’s top financial watchdog.
A key gauge of credit vulnerability is now three times over the danger threshold and has continued to deteriorate, despite pledges by Chinese premier Li Keqiang to wean the economy off debt-driven growth before it is too late.
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Four Current Events that Could Challenge the Prepper Lifestyle

by Jeremiah Johnson, Ready Nutrition:
ReadyNutrition Readers, in these uncertain times, many will still say that nothing is certain except death and taxes (Ben Franklin). Well, eventually we all die, but we wish to postpone that “life-changing” event for as long as humanly possible. When the SHTF, millions will die: such is inevitable. The taxes will probably be gone for a good while, but we are going to lay out a “What’s Happening?” of the major threats we will have to deal with that can cause the “death” part.
Current events have revealed some “bleak” news, almost on a daily basis. Let us look at some of the upcoming events that we need to be aware of:
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Trump: Trojan Horse for the Establishment or Mighty Mouth for Mankind?

by David Haggith, The Great Recession Blog:
I crave the opportunity to see an antiestablishment candidate win the election. I would exult in seeing our corrupt establishment shattered. So, while I do not like Trump the man (as it would appear he has never done anything that didn’t entirely serve his own self-interest and pompous ego), I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing him upset establishment Republicans and establishment Democrats alike. (And, yes, they are “alike,” so let’s just call them “the establishment” because whether they are Republican or Democrat is not relevant; both parties exist to serve the same rich people and themselves either way.)
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Merkel’s Party LOSES Power in Berlin As Polls Show WORST Results in History

by Pamela Geller, Freedom OutPost:
Did Merkel really think she could overcome the consequences of massive Muslim invasion?
‘We can do it’ motto came to mock Merkel. No, Chancellor, they didn’t want to do it — settle millions of hostile invaders.
Exit polls said her ascendant arch-political rival – the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party – clinched 12.9 per cent of the vote, higher than the 11.5 per cent predicted earlier. The win comes a fortnight after it pushed the chancellor’s CDU conservatives into third place in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, her home state. Michael Grosse-Broemer, a senior CDU lawmaker, acknowledged the abysmal result.
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