Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Wikileaks: We Have the Email That Will Put Clinton in Prison! — Julian Assange

from Julian Assange:

Julian Paul Assange is an Australian computer programmer, publisher and journalist. He is editor-in-chief of the organisation WikiLeaks, which he founded in 2006.

This Is What Trump Should Do In The Second Debate

"Fuck all these skewed polls. The debate didn't matter, and it didn't change anyone's mind..Trump should have been hammering the Clintons (that's right, Hillary and Bill) on putting Wall Street in change of America's economy, but he spent far too much time defending himself...Trump needs to paint the Clintons as the tag team that gave the country away to the banksters, and forced 76% of Americans into living a paycheck to paycheck lives..."


from The Next News Network:

George Soros’s False Flag Factories – Wayne Madsen

by Eric Dubin, The News Doctors:
Global hedge fund tycoon and political provocateur George Soros is leading a war of symbols, namely flags and banners either resurrected or conjured up by his myriad non-profit groups, to stir religious, racial, and ethnic tensions the world over. From the Serbian OTPOR! movement and its clenched-fist symbol adopted by protests groups around the world to the menacing black and white flag of the Islamic State, which first appeared during the Soros-backed «Arab Spring» rebellions, Soros’s «false flag» factories have been running at break-neck production speeds.
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MASS PANIC as Biggest Ever Bail-In to Occur in Germany’s Deutsche Bank!

from The Money GPS:

Elon Musk Reveals The Spaceship For Colonizing Mars

For those gathered today at the International Astronautical Conference in Guadalajara, Mexico, an animated video showing SpaceX's new rocket - known as "Big Falcon Rocket" - presented in the clip below, provides a sneak peek of Elon Musk's next ambitious initiativeL colonizing Mars.

Deutsche Bank Fears Spark Buying Panic In Bunds (Despite Rising Germany Sovereign Risk)

Investors have piled into global developed market sovereign bonds as fears of Deutsche Bank collapse ripple through global markets. Interestingly, despite rising default risk concerns in Germany CDS, Bunds have been aggressively bid with negative yields now out to 15 years (and Finland NIRP to 10 years).

$356 Billion Fund Manager: "Now Is The Most Treacherous Time Ever. I've Never Seen This In My Career"

"For any professional investor, this is the most difficult period we’ve ever experienced", said Blackstone's Joe Baratta, adding that "You have historically high multiples of cash flows, low yields. I’ve never seen it in my career. It’s the most treacherous moment."

Crude Chaos Strikes: Saudis Admit "No Deal" But "Hopeful" For November

Having failed completely to consumate a freeze deal in Algiers, the Saudi oil minister throws out a bone of hope to crude bulls that November's OPEC meeting may see a freeze deal. Crude is testing its lows of the day but bouncing around like Hillary's eyes as the minister desperately tries to keep the dream alive.

It's Not Really About Deutsche Bank

It is never a good thing when official sources either named or unnamed are quoted in the media as denying bailout discussions. For any bank such rumors and denials are harmful because, obviously, they are a reflection of common perception. Furthermore, most people know all-too-well the true nature of any denials, thus reinforcing only that much more the troubling perceptions in the first place.

Trump vs Clinton Head-To-Head Was The Most Watched Presidential Debate In History

While the unscientific polls say otherwise, capital markets and the online bettors say that Hillary dominated last night's debate. However, Trump was the undisputed winner when it comes to another metric: social media engagement. According to Twitter, "the debate was the most tweeted-about political event in the social media company's history."

Curve Flattens After Treasury Sells $34 Billion In Uneventful, Tailing 5Y Auction

We were not surprised to see the high yield print at 1.129%, tailing the 1.128% When Issued by a marginal 0.1 bps. Putting this in context, it was the second lowest 5Y auction yield since June 2013, with the exception only of last month's auction pricing at 1.25%

Deutsche Curve Inverts As Bundesbank Dismisses State Support Of "Zombie" Banks

Deutsche Bank Sub CDS closed above 500bps for only the second day in its history (and the longer-term CDS curve inverted once again) as a bad day ended worse with Bundesbank member Andreas Dombret exclaimed "state support of banking sector must end," warning that it only "props up zombie banks." His pronouncements also pushed politicians to make the hard decisions and "tell banks they need structural reform."

Is Charlotte Our Future?

Celebrating the racial diversity of the Charlotte protesters last week, William Barber II, chairman of the North Carolina NAACP, proudly proclaimed, “This is what democracy looks like.” Well, if Barber is right, so, too, was John Adams, who warned us that “democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.”

The Global Housing Bubble Is Biggest In These Six Cities

In the latest report by UBS wealth Management, which compiles the bank's Real Estate Bubble Index,  it found a new champion for the title of "world's biggest housing bubble", namely a familiar name, Vancouver, but also that as many as six cities had made the "bubble" category, up from last year's two.

Silver Is Getting Slammed But Bonds Best Post-Fed

Silver is tumbling and gold is back below pre-Fed levels along with stocks. Bonds remain the safe-haven...

Is This Sleeping Dragon Ready To Awaken?

The Chinese stock market has been eerily quiet of late – is that about to change?

'Mastermind' Of Bridge-Gate Testifies Chris Christie Knew Of Plot In "Real-Time"

Despite New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's previous denial that he had real-time knowledge of the politically-motivated traffic jams on the GWB, Bloomberg reports that, David Wildstein testified that Christie was told of events as they took place.

Wells Fargo May Claw Back Millions From Carrie Toldstedt, John Stumpf As Soon As Today

The Wells board could make a decision as soon as Tuesday on whether to clawback compensation from the bank's two disgraced executives. The board wants to take action before Mr. Stumpf returns to Capitol Hill; he is scheduled to testify Thursday before the House Financial Services Committee.

Obama Goes to the U.N. and Tries to Entice World government One Last Time

from Rogue Money:
With the media having a field day covering Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton ’round the clock, the American people have had little time seeing what their current President has been doing in his final months in office. And when Barack Obama went ‘downtown’ to the United Nations to give his last speech to the ‘world’, perhaps the mainstream realized that they better keep it under wraps because the President issued his last and most enduring call to bring about a one world government.
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What Blows Up First, Part 3: Really, Deutsche Bank?

by John Rubino, Dollar Collapse:
Calling Wall Street’s banks stupid and dangerous is like calling the sun “big and warm.” It’s a clear understatement of an obvious fact. The same goes for calling Japan and China economically clueless. Their actions pretty much guarantee that they’ll ultimately enter some sort of death spiral.
Germany, meanwhile, is many things, but clueless and stupid aren’t normally on the list. So why is that country’s biggest bank causing nightmares for global policy makers and investors? Because – in a sign of just how close we are to the end of the fiat currency/fractional reserve banking era – Deutsche Bank is behaving in ways that would make executives at Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns step back in alarm. It seems, for example, to have become a derivatives junkie. Like a Vegas high-roller who can’t stop raising his bets, DB’s exposure to this unregulated, largely off-balance-sheet market now exceeds not just its host country’s GDP, but that of its entire continent:
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by Piper McGowin, The Daily Sheeple:
Europa, a Jovian moon the Hubble Space Telescope has keeping an eye on since 2012, may have a subsurface ocean on it scientists now believe. For the past four years, they have been observing geysers erupting out of Europa’s south pole sometimes up to 120 miles into space.
Now NASA is holding a special conference in light of “surprising evidence of activity” in regards to a potential subsurface ocean on the moon which scientists determined earlier this year has a similar chemical composition to the oceans on Earth. Now that the geysers are consistently happening, NASA plans to spend $100 million to launch a probe past Europa sometime in the 2020s to ascertain whether or not vapor samples can be obtained through a flyby (rather than the exhaustive drilling process they once believed would be necessary to penetrate Europa’s frozen surface.
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Going the Way of the Denarius

by Jeff Thomas, International Man:
History repeats. (Or it rhymes, depending on your choice of words.)
Throughout history, there has been an extraordinary tendency for governments (and cultures) to follow similar paths. Even regarding eras thousands of years apart, we see people behaving in much the same way, over and over. This is particularly true in the case of “wrong moves.” Over and over, people and their governments make the same mistakes, seemingly never learning from past errors.
Why should this be? In fact, how is this even possible? Surely, if a government in the 21st century were to make egregiously bad decisions, they are unlikely to be the same bad decisions that were made in, say, Rome, in the 4th century.
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Does “Race” Only lead when shooting officer is White?

from TRU News:
Two icons in print media show to only emphasize police officer race when officer is White, Random sampling review.
63 percent of articles mentioned Shelby’s white race and Crutcher’s black race in the same sentence.
Only 40 percent of the articles mentioned that the officer involved was black.
The other 86 percent of articles ignored the officer’s race, but mentioned that the victim was black.
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Greedy Pro-war US Lobbyists are Eager to Allow the Middle-Eastern Carnage to be Carried On

by Jean Perier, New Eastern Outlook:
Allegations regarding the “peace-loving nature of Saudi Arabia and its aspirations amid the so-called fight against terrorism have been recently discussed by political circles across Western countries.
Western officials have unleashed particularly harsh criticism toward Riyadh in connection with its ongoing military operations in Yemen that have claimed civilian lives by the hundreds. For instance, the UN coordinator for the delivery of humanitarian aid to Yemen, Jamie McGoldrick, announced on August 30 that the Saudi armed intervention resulted in a civilian death toll of 10,000 people in just 18 months of fighting.
British political and business circles are now questioning the approval of the sale of 3 billion pounds worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia that London approved, similarly such concerns are being voiced in France, with Paris having sold up to 13 billion euros worth of weapons to Riyadh.
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Hillary VS Donald: So Who REALLY Won?

from Zero Hedge:

he question everyone is asking this morning is who won the debate. The answer is: it depends who you ask.
To be sure, conservative website Drudge Report had Trump a blow out winner with over 82% of the nearly 500,000 votes cast, which however can probably be explained by the self-fulfilling ideology of most of the site’s visitors.
Alternatively, the left-leaning CNN, conducted a snap poll, which gave Clinton the win with 62% to Trump’s 27%. It was the biggest, and fastest, exercise conducted by an opinion polling firm.  The poll of 521 registered voters who watched the debate was a sample which the network warned leaned more Democratic than the average – starting the night with Clinton ahead 26 per cent among the sample. While CNN handed the victory overwhelmingly to Clinton, it was more mixed on whether the debate will make a difference, with 47 per cent saying it would not affect their vote, 34 per cent saying it moved them towards Clinton, and 18% towards Trump.
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Police Killings Won’t Stop

by Chris Hedges, Washington’s Blog:
The corporate state, no matter how many protests take place in American cities over the murder of unarmed citizens, will put no restraints on the police or the organs of security and surveillance. It will not protect the victims of state violence. It will continue to grant broader powers and greater resources to militarized police departments and internal security forces such as Homeland Security. Force, along with the systems of indoctrination and propaganda, is the last prop that keeps the corporate elites in power. These elites will do nothing to diminish the mechanisms necessary for their control.
The corporate state, by pillaging the nation, has destroyed capitalism’s traditional forms of social control. The population is integrated into a capitalist democracy by decent wages and employment opportunities, labor unions, mass-produced consumer products, a modest say in governance, mechanisms for marginal reform, pensions, affordable health care, a judiciary that is not utterly subservient to the elites and corporate power, the possibility for social, political and economic advancement, good public education, arts funding and a public broadcasting system that gives a platform to those who are not in service to the elites. These elements make possible the common good, or at least the perception of the common good.
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Wikileaks: EVERYONE Working at Platte River Networks Had Access to HIllary’s Top Secret Emails

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:
In March 2015 an unnamed Platte River Networks technician deleted Clinton emails after a congressional committee had ordered them preserved.
Clinton, her aides, and Platte River Networks, the company Clinton hired to handle her email system, violated a subpoena by deleting her emails.
On Friday afternoon the FBI dumped 189 pages of heavily redacted Clinton witness interviews before the first presidential debate.
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Russian Hackers Breached Democrats' Cell Phones: FBI

Having had most of their computers hacked, a new threat has emerged for Democrats. Reuters reports that FBI investigators believe "foreign hackers" have targeted mobile phones used by "a small number of Democratic Party figures, possibly including elected officials" according to four political and government sources said on Tuesday.

The Onion Fact-Checks Last Night's Debate

Addressing issues ranging from national security to trade to their personal controversies, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump squared off in the first presidential debate Monday. The Onion takes a look at the validity of their bolder claims:


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