Thursday, September 15, 2016

‘Hillary Health Trutherism’ Accusation Collapses as the Conspiracy Theories Turn Out to Be TRUE… HuffPost, WashPost, MSNBC, CNN All Looking STUPID Beyond Belief…

by Mike Adams, Natural News:
For months, any writer, blogger or news publisher who dared talk about Hillary Clinton’s collapsing health was denounced as a “conspiracy theorist” or “Hillary health truther.” The strategy is obvious by now: The wholly dishonest and deceitful liberal media was trying to force people to stop discussing Hillary’s collapsing health condition by shaming people into not wanting to appear as “kooks” or “wing nuts.”
But as even Jimmy Kimmel — the propagandist-in-chief of the lying liberal regime — had to admit on his show Wednesday night, “You know, these conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton’s health would be a lot harder to believe if they didn’t actually come true.”
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More Jobs Shipped Out Of The Country: Ford Moves All Small Car Production To Mexico

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:
What is going to happen when America finally doesn’t have any manufacturing jobs left at all? On Wednesday, we learned that Ford Motor Company is shifting all small car production to Mexico. Of course the primary goal for this move is to save a little bit of money. This hits me personally, because my grandfather once worked for Ford. He was loyal to Ford all his life, and he always criticized other members of the family when they bought a vehicle that was not American-made. When I was young I didn’t understand why making vehicles in America is so important, but I sure do now. By shipping jobs overseas, we are destroying jobs, we are destroying small businesses and we are destroying our tax base. If we want to be a wealthy nation, we have got to make things here, and hopefully we can get the American people to start to understand this.
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Trump Heckled In Flint: I Didn't Invite You Here To "Give A Political Speech"

In a continued attempt to reach out to African-American voters, Trump visited Flint, Michigan yesterday to tour contaminated water facilities but things didn't go quite as planned during his post-tour remarks.

Hacked Emails Reveal Politicians Voting Against Trump!

from The Money GPS:

A Chart Which Peddles Fiction

Do not, we repeat not, show this chart to President Obama...

"Wrong Way Gartman"

Gartman Buys Far Out-Of-The-Money SPY Puts

"In our retirement funds here at TGL, we have chosen to simplify our positions in that we’ve liquidated the small long position we had had in fertilizer shares and took those funds and bought more aluminium shares, while at the same time having sold more of the same out-of-the money calls against those shares. We have a very, very small position in “SPY” puts that are rather far-out-of-the-money at the moment as a bearish “punt."

Mexico Builds A "Wall" (And Guess Who Paid For It)

Mexico is building a 'wall'... on its southern border (to keep illegal immigrants out). Perhaps even more ironic, The FT notes that the Obama administration is coy about its role in Mexico’s crackdown but is sending $75m in equipment and training to help stop Central Americans from crossing illegally into Mexico... in other words, US Taxpayers funded a Mexican wall to keep immigrants out.

Empire Fed Mysteriously Rises Even As All Components Deteriorate

Over the past year we have seen numerous occasions where regional Fed diffusion indexes posted a headline rebound despite all their components deteriorating. Today was one such day, when moments ago the NY Fed released the Empire State Mfg Survey, which "somehow" rose from -4.21 to -1.99 (it still missed expectations of a -1.00 print). We say somehow because thie "rise" happened even as every component in the index declined.

Retail Sales Growth Tumbles To 6 Month Lows, Stuck In Recession Territory

Having warned that retail sales could be weak (based on BofA's credit card data), year-over-year growth in retail sales rose just 1.9% (its weakest since March's plunge) and worryingly in historical recession territory. MoM data was disappointing across the entire spectrum with actual contractions versus expectations of gains (Core -0.1% vs +0.3% exp, and Control -0.1% vs +0.4% exp). This is not what Janet wanted... (or maybe it is)

Initial Jobless Claims Confirm Hillbama's "Everything Is Awesome" Meme; But...

Initial jobless claims continue to live in a distorted world of its own...

Taper Tantrum II: "There's No Simple, Painless Solution"

It is time for central banks to start acknowledging their limitations, and doing so by acting and not talking about their future intentions. It is also time for investors to stop believing that central banks had the answers to begin with.

On This Day Eight Years Ago Lehman Filed For Chapter 11: There Have Been 672 Rate Cuts Since

Bank of England Keeps Rate, QE Unchanged As Expected, Hints May Cut More

As was expected by the consensus of economists, and facilitated by the recent surge of positive economic data out of the UK, moments ago the BOE did not surprise, when it kept its interest rate at 0.25% after a unanimous 9-0 vote, which also included keeping the BOE's government bond and corporate bond purchases unchanged at GBP 435 and 10bn, respectively.

US Futures, European Stocks Rebound, Bonds Fall Ahead Of US Data Deluge

The overnight session started with more weakness out of Asia, where chatter that the BOJ may end up doing nothing despite all the trial balloons (as we hinted yesterday), sent the USDJPY sliding, pushing the Nikkei lower, leading to a 7th consecutive decline in the Topix, the longest such stretch since 2014 even though the BOJ is now actively buying a record amount of ETFs. However, the modest dip in S&P futures and European stocks proved too much for BTFD algos, and risk promptly rebounded.

Expect Third Election In Spain: Rajoy Blows Any Coalition Chance With Graft Appointee

Any hope of Rajoy securing a coalition or even a minority government via abstention flew out the window yesterday. Rajoy had secured the backing of Ciudadanos on the premise Rajoy would clean up corruption. But moments after the last coalition vote, which failed, Rajoy’s economy minister attempted to appoint a corrupt and disgraced colleague to a lucrative position at the World Bank. Accusations have been ongoing ever since, and yesterday things blew up in Spanish parliament in a very heated debate.

China Floods Economy With Over Rmb 1 Trillion In New August Credit

When one month ago China announced that it had created just Rmb 488 billion in new credit as per its broadest credit aggregation metric, Total Social Financing, there was broad concern that the PBOC had again hit the brakes on the country's rampant credit expansion. Those concerns were more than allayed, however, overnight, when the PBOC released its latest August new credit data, which saw total credit grow by well over Rmb 1 trillion.

European Leaders Discuss Plan For European Army

"We are going to move towards an EU army much faster than people believe." But the creation of a European army, a long-held goal of European federalists, would entail an unprecedented transfer of sovereignty from European nation states to unelected bureaucrats in Brussels, the de facto capital of the EU.

The World Is Turning Ugly As 2016 Winds Down

The negative reverberations in our current economic and political environment are becoming so strong that it is impossible for people to not feel at least some uneasiness in their gut. We imagine this is the same kind of sensation many felt from 1914 to 1918 during World War I and the terrible birth of communism, or perhaps in the early 1930s at the onset of the Great Depression and the rise of fascism. Some global changes are so disturbing that they send shockwaves through the collective unconscious before they ever hit the mainstream. People know that something is about to happen, even if they cannot yet clearly define it.

1 In 5 CEOs Are "Successful Psychopaths"

"We hope to implement our screening tool in businesses so that there’s an adequate assessment to hopefully identify [these successful psychopaths] - to stop people sneaking through into positions in the business that can become very costly..."

Your Future...

Venezuela's "Death Spiral" - A Dozen Eggs Cost $150 As Hyperinflation Horrors Hit Socialist Utopia

For many Venezuelans, by every economic, social and political measure, their nation is unravelling at breakneck speed.

Here’s a Great Example of How They’ll Default on Social Security

by Simon Black, Sovereign Man:
On March 5, 1997, I signed up for the American Airlines “AAdvantage” loyalty program.
I was 18 years old and didn’t know anything about travel. Back then it was exciting to even set foot on a plane.
But over the years travel has become a huge part of my life.
I’ve been all over the world to more than 120 countries and have travelled millions of miles, including on American Airlines.
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Self-Driving Vehicle Revolution to Wipe Out 4 Million Jobs

by Wolf Richter, Wolf Street:
But we’re not prepared.
Tesla made headlines the other day with the first traffic fatality caused by its “Autopilot” system, which had failed to “see” a big tractor-trailer rig that had pulled right in front of the car. But humans fail to see things too, and gruesome accidents are happening with humans behind the wheel. Last year, 38,300 people were killed in traffic accidents in the US, up 8% from 2014, and 4.4 million were injured enough to require medical attention.
Other manufacturers all have similar or better systems than Tesla’s beta version, but they’re more conservative in their hype and what they allow drivers to do.
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New WikiLeaks DNC Dump Reveals Government Positions for Sale to Highest Bidder

by Josie Wales, The Event Chronicle:
Early Tuesday afternoon, interim chair of the DNC, Donna Brazile, issued a statement indicating the Democratic Party was bracing for a new batch of email leaks to be released. About an hour later, Wikileaks delivered, tweeting a link to a 670 MB file, along with instructions for downloading. In her statement, Brazile warned of potential malware risks in accessing the documents and outright blamed Donald Trump and “Russian agents,” despite the fact the hacker has not yet been identified by law enforcement officials.
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Central Bankers Transition Into The Next Currency Is Almost Complete

from X22 Report:


from Money and Trading:
Sitting on the table next to me is $50,000, 1922 Reichs bank note. The man with his face on the note looks a little grumpy. Maybe it’s his bad haircut, or the goofy hat, or maybe he knows the currency with his face on it is going to be valued as nothing.
What would the person holding this note in 1922 have to share with the people around the world today? Was this one of the Reichs bank notes stacked next to a fireplace to keep a home warm? Did the wheelbarrow this currency was sitting in get stolen, or did it just end up in the street when it was deemed utterly worthless?
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