Sunday, September 25, 2016

"Hillary 2016" Caption Contest

As the source of this already viral photo simply exclaims "2016, ya'll."

Bush vs Obama As Explained By Glenn Greenwald In One Tweet

Trump vs Hillary: The Debate Of The Century... Gets Even Wilder

There is nothing we can say to underscore the importance of tomorrow's debate that can come even close to Goldman's characterization of what is about to be unleashed in just over 24 hours, starting at 9pm on Monday. As Goldman's David Kostin put it on Friday, the "upcoming debate ranks as the biggest match-up since the Mayweather/Pacquiao bout"...

Hillary, Trump "In Dead Heat" WaPo Finds, As Latest Poll Gives Trump 1 Point Lead Ahead Of Debate

According to the latest WaPo/ABC News poll, Hillary and Trump are set to meet for their first debate "in a virtual dead heat in the race for the White House." While likely voters are split 46% for Clinton vs. 44% for Trump, a sharp rebound for Trump in recent weeks, among registered voters, Clinton and Trump are tied at 41 percent, with Johnson at 7 percent and Stein at 2 percent.

Dr. Lisa Bardack’s Faustian Bargain

When Dr. Lisa Bardack was asked to become Hillary Clinton’s personal physician in 2001, it had to have been a crowning moment in the career of the Mt. Kisco internist. Dr. Bardack could have anticipated little downside... Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton corrupts everyone who serves her.

Dilbert Creator Scott Adams Explains Why He Switched His Endorsement To Trump

"...I don’t understand the policy details and implications of most of either Trump’s or Clinton’s proposed ideas. Neither do you. But I do understand persuasion. I also understand when the government is planning to confiscate the majority of my assets. And I can also distinguish between a deeply unhealthy person and a healthy person, even though I have no medical training. (So can you.)"

Edward Snowden Warns, Whatever You Do, Don't Use Google Allo

Google Allo, the new “smart” chat app launched on Wednesday, is ‘dangerous’ and should be avoided, according to whistleblower Edward Snowden, because it will "record every message you ever send and make it available to police upon request."

A Sunni Muslim Asks: Is "Radical Islam" The Problem Or Is "Islam" The Problem?

In 2015, President Obama told CNN that 99.9 Percent of Muslims Reject Radical Islam. He made the comments in response to a question about the White House avoiding using the phrase “Islamic terrorists.” Hillary Clinton says “Let’s be clear: Islam is not our adversary. Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.” Are they correct? Fundamentally, it may be fair to ask “Is religion in general the problem?”

The Obama Gun "Super Owner" - New Study Finds 50% Of Guns Owned By Just 3% Of Population

A new Harvard study reveals the growth of gun "super owners" in the United States that seemingly coincided with the start of the Obama administration and increasing rhetoric over new gun regulations.

Bond Risk Crashes To 2-Year Lows As VIX Shorts Fold

After 10 straight weeks of increasingly bullish speculative positioning ('longer' stock futures and 'shorter' VIX futures), the last 2 weeks have seen short VIX bets plunge at the fastest rate since pre-Brexit and the Aug 2015 crash. At the same time as this surge to hedging, the day since The Fed's utterly farcical fold have seen bond volatility crash to its lowest in two years.

Eric Peters: "In The End, Central Banking Monetary Magic Is All Nonsense, Empty Formulas, Illusions"

“Wir schaffen das,” whispered Yellen, explaining that the Fed was hawkishly holding rates steady, while lowering the dots. You see, when you’re unsure what’s most frightening, you insure against everything. But in the end, central banking monetary magic is all nonsense, empty formulas, illusions.

Chinese Contagion Risks Surge: Banks' Reliance On Each Other For Funding Hits All Time High

China’s smaller banks have never been more reliant on each other for funding, prompting rating companies to warn of contagion risks in any crisis.  "Contagion risks are definitely rising," according to S&P: "The pace of the development is concerning. If this isn’t stopped in time, the central bank will lose some control and flexibility of its monetary policy."

The Wedge That's Driving Facebook's Stock

The stock of Facebook has been in a rising wedge pattern for most of its lifetime – and the pattern is nearing a resolution.

Merkel Caves To Pressure On Migrant Policy: "Germany Has Done Enough", As Support For AfD Hits All Time High

In a recent Vienna summit with 9 other leaders of countries along the "Balkans Migrant Route," Merkel seemed to soften her tone on her "open-door" migrant policies saying that "Germany has done enough" while calling on "other EU countries to jump in.”

A Turning Point In The US Presidential Campaign. What Happened?

If Hillary Clinton’s illness had not materialized, someone would probably have had to have made one up for her. The Democratic presidential candidate’s dramatic drop in popularity just over the course of the last month has been attributed to her sudden health issues and pneumonia. Of course they’re claiming that Clinton will recover and that her extraordinary determination to keep fighting will make voters even more sympathetic to her. The biggest US media outlets are helping her spin that.

The Elite Are Ready To Create Chaos Across America

from X22Report:

REPORT: Elizabeth Warren Quietly Working Behind The Scenes to Build Far-Left Cabinet For Hillary

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:
Here’s one more reason to vote for Trump this November, as if you needed one. Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren has reportedly been tasked with setting up a progressive cabinet for Hillary, should she win.
Heat Street has the story:
Elizabeth Warren Is Setting Up a Shadow Cabinet for Hillary Clinton’s Administration
When Elizabeth Warren agreed to serve as one of Hillary Clinton’s primary surrogates, it left some progressives scratching their heads. After all, what could Elizabeth Warren, whose policies more closely align with Bernie Sanders’s than the designated nominee’s, get out of a Hillary Clinton alliance?
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It’s Official: America Is Not The Greatest Country On Earth… It’s 28th!

from ZeroHedge:
Violence, alcoholism, and obesity pose the biggest risks in the U.S.
But the rest of the world isn’t doing much better.
As Bloomberg reports, Iceland and Sweden share the top slot with Singapore as world leaders when it comes to health goals set by the United Nations, according to a report published in the Lancet. Using the UN’s sustainable development goals as guideposts, which measure the obvious (poverty, clean water, education) and less obvious (societal inequality, industry innovation), more than 1,870 researchers in 124 countries compiled data on 33 different indicators of progress toward the UN goals related to health.
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The Number One Way NOT To Become A Victim On The Street

by Ken Jorgustin, Modern Survival Blog:
I’ve posted a number of articles on the subject of personal security and situational awareness in the past. This one reinforces a message of how simple it is to avoid becoming a target, a victim, while on ‘the streets’.
While there are exceptions to every rule, this particular rule (a single word) will likely provide a 99% chance of NOT being a target while out and about on the streets or public places…
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Charlotte Pre-Planned? If Not Then Why Did 70% Of Protesters Have This In Their Pocket

from Lisa Haven:

WikiLeaks Bombshell: Hillary’s Brain Injury Caused By ‘Near Fatal Plane Crash’

by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:
If an unclassified email leaked by WikiLeaks is any indication, it appears that there may be much more to the story of what happened to Hillary Clinton back in 2012.
We’ve been told that she suffered a concussion… but was that just diplomatic cover for something else?
Bill Clinton himself publicly claimed that her 2012 concussion – supposedly from a simple fall – took a full six months to recover from:
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Climate Alarm Debunked but Climate Swindle Continues

by James Corbett, The International Forecaster:
First, the good news: The global warming alarm is officially over. Of course, for the more perceptive among you this is not news at all. The 18 year 8 month long pause in global “warming” (which, after a brief El Nino break, could be back by December). The demonstrable lack of a CO2-induced tropical hot spot. Record-breaking gains in Antarctic sea ice. Record-breaking lack of hurricanes making landfall. The demonstrably incorrect claim about “hotspots of acceleration” of sea level rise. And on and on and on and on ad infinitum.
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Chung Kuo

by Doug Casey, International Man:
This article is entitled Chung Kuo, which means Middle Kingdom.
The Chinese have long seen themselves as superior to every other race (like almost every race does) and the center of the world. It’s because they were so confident of this that they never ventured out as Europeans did, with a brief exception in the 15th century when a gigantic Chinese fleet, composed of ships vastly superior to those of Europe, ventured as far as Africa. Since dropping the ball on world conquest back then, or at least exporting their culture wholesale, they’ve been in stasis, and on the receiving end of what Europe had to dish out.
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One Step Away From Collapse, Are You Prepared?

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:
Can the banks withstand one more false flag event? The economy is hanging on by a thread. False flag events may no longer matter to the economic health of the nation. Last year the S&P downgraded Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and six other major financial institutions and nobody even noticed. Here comes another bailout, but it is not going to matter. This is the pyramid of power in the US. The game is over. Your money will soon be gone. However, if you need more convincing, please read on.
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Nothing To See Syria, Move Along…

by Melissa Dykes, Activist Post:
America is really trying to keep the wars alive. Melissa Dykes from Truthstream Media exposes the US military strikes on Syrian troops and how they tried to blame the Russia. Meanwhile ISIS coincidentally uses stooges to strike inside the United States? Who still believes this nonsense.
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