Friday, September 23, 2016

Trump-Clinton Debate Rules Leaked: 90 Minutes Straight, No Step-Stool, & No Coughing Breaks Allowed

"There are no commercial breaks," a commission source explains. "Period."

"Sometimes Party Loyalty Asks Too Much" - Lifelong Establishment Democrat Urges Voters To Support Trump

"...I believe my party has become the party of the elites and moneyed class and has deserted its historic mission as the party of the working class and disadvantaged.Given my level of discomfort with the current leftist orientation of the Democratic Party, I am now supporting Republican nominee Donald Trump for president. I urge my fellow Democrats to vote for Mr. Trump."

Hillary Emailgate: How One Twitter User Proved The "Intent" That The FBI Missed After Months "Investigating"

Here's the story of how one twitter user named "Katica" seemingly proved the "intent" that the FBI "missed" in the Hillary email scandal with a couple of google searches

Dismal Deja Vu: Fannie & Freddie Lower Lending Standards

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are lowering mortgage standards... Because the only thing government is worse at than pricing risk, is learning from past mistakes.

Apple Tumbles After Channel Checks Reveal iPhone 7 Exuberance Misplaced

Despite exuberance from the wireless service providers, it appears channel checks from Germany's GfK, Germany's largest market research institute, show things for the iPhone7 are not as great as the carriers would like the world to believe.According to a GfK note, AAPL iPhone units shows that launch weekend sales for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were down by ~25% Y/Y compared to the first weekend of the 6S and 6Plus.

Keith Scott's Family Release Video Of Police Shooting

While the police are reluctant to relase the video of the actions leading up to the deadly shooting of Keith Lamont Scott in Charlotte, NC; the family has released their phone-recorded version of events...

Heidi Cruz Rejoins Goldman Sachs

While Goldman is best known for creating the revolving door, where it either soaks up SEC "regulators", spawns central bankers and/or Treasury Secretaries like Hank Paulson, a new function was revealed today: providing sabbaticals for the spouses of presidential candidates. Case in point: Heidi Cruz, who left Goldman Sachs last year to help her husband Ted Cruz in his quest for the Republican presidential nomination, is returning to the bank in a newly created role in the Houston office.

US-EU Trade Talks "De Facto Dead"

...German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel declared that [talks] were “de facto dead”. The French minister told the Handeslblatt newspaper that the United States had demanded too much and not compromised enough. "A crazy machine is moving here, the negotiations are a failure, nobody believes that they will come to a successful conclusion..."

WTI Extends Losses As US Oil Rig Count Rises To 7-Month Highs

With oil prices plunging after Saudis stole the jam out of the oil freeze hopers donut, US oil rig count (at seven month highs) rose 2 to 416 (the 13th week in a row) and the total rig count rose to 511.

ECB Embarrassment: €18 In QE Generated Just €1 In GDP Growth

NY Fed Slashes GDP Forecast, Now Sees Weakest Growth Since Financial Crisis

Just in case the Fed needed an "out" to its "hawkishly holdish" December rate hike, it got it moments ago when the NY Fed slashed its Q3 and Q4 GDP estimates, and now expects just 2.3% annualized growth in Q3 and 1.2% Q4, down 0.5% each from the previous forecasts of 2.8% and 1.7%.

Oil Tumbles To $44 Handle After Saudis Confirm "No Decision" Next Week, Fed Crackdown On Bank Commodity Holdings

We hinted earlier and now Saudi Arabia has confirmed that it "doesn't expect any decision" next week when oil producers meet in Algiers. Oil's reaction was swift with WTI tumbling to a $44 handle very quickly. Losses extended when The Fed confirmed its crackdown on bank commodity holdings.

France's "Great Wall Of Calais"

Building work has begun on a wall in the northern French city of Calais, a major transport hub on the edge of the English Channel, to prevent migrants from stowing away on cars, trucks, ferries and trains bound for Britain. Dubbed "The Great Wall of Calais," the concrete barrier — one kilometer (half a mile) long and four meters (13 feet) high on both sides of the two-lane highway approaching the harbor — will pass within a few hundred meters of a sprawling shanty town known as "The Jungle."

"It May Be Over For The BOJ" - Wall Street Throws Up On Kuroda's "Disastrous" New Policy

MidEast Gulf Officials Reportedly Say There'll Be "No Formal Deal" In Algiers Next Week

Following this morning's endless stream of rumors and denials regarding OPEC/NOPEC freezes, Argus Media is reporting that there will be no formal deal at next week's Algiers meeting clarifying that the meeting "will be informal, so will not result in any formal decisions."

New Surveillance Video Shows Rahami Planting Bomb On West 27th Street

Newly released surveillance video from NBC shows Ahmad Rahami planting an explosive device on West 27th Street in Manhattan

T. Boone Pickens Says Obama Is A Loser For The Energy Industry

According to energy magnate T. Boone Pickens, Obama has been a loser for the energy industry. And not just a loser, but “a complete loser”.

Manufacturing PMI Slides As New Orders And "Subdued Domestic Demand" Weigh On Growth Hopes

The brief July spike hopes of a rebound are officially dashed on the rocks of reality as Markit's Manufacturing PMI (preliminary) print for September missed expectations of 52.0, dropping to 3mo lows at 51.4. New orders and inventories declined but payrolls picked up modestly despite lsowing output. As Markit noted, "softer new order gains... alongside reports of subdued domestic demand" are the main concern.

"Wrong Way Gartman"

Gartman: "We Are Now Of Course Net Long Of Equities"

"Having suffered a very bad three week period, but noting that aluminium shares “gapped” higher yesterday and the day previous after having held their 200 day moving average earlier this week. We have had derivatives in place to hedge that position, but we’ve been reducing that derivatives position all week long and we are now of course net long of equities on balance."

Obama Explains How Hillary Wins The Debate

When asked for his advice to Hillary Clinton on how to 'win' the debate on Monday, President Obama has 2 simple words: "Be Yourself."

General Warns Hillary Is Psychotic

from The Alex Jones Channel:

The West is Attempting to Face the Truth

by Veniamin Popov, New Eastern Outlook:
I regularly read English printed media and should admit that the English deserve credit for their strong school of experts specializing in the Middle East, which remains one of the global leaders in the field. However, lately, when covering Russia, British newspapers have allowed themselves to employ a derogatory tone in an attempt to demonize our country.
Here is an example. When Moscow came up with new initiatives on Syria at the end of last year, the British press published a mind-boggling article where it said that despite the fact that the Russian proposals were sensible and realistic, Great Britain would not accept them simply because they had been put forward by Vladimir Putin.
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This One Picture Shows Why You Absolutely Must Own a Gun: ‘He Was Allowed to Drive Away Alive’

by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:
If you still had any doubts as to why the 2nd Amendment must be protected, and why self defense must be respected as the priority that it is, then just take a look at what happened during the already insane riots taking place in Charlotte.
Despite large cadres of riot cops on scene and North Carolina’s Gov. McCrory declaring of a state of emergency and calling in the National Guard, no one was able to protect the dozens of innocent bystanders who were beaten, attacked, intimidated and knocked over just because of the color of their skin or the fact that they ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time.
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Israel: Obama Acting like Clinton’s Employee

from TRU News:
A prominent Israeli political says President Obama is acting more like an employee of the Clinton campaign than the worlds strongest man.
(VERO BEACH, FL) Israeli cabinet minister Tzachi Hanegbi wrote that he believes President Barack Obama is acting more like an employee of the Clinton campaign than the worlds strongest man.
Hanegbi said there had been an “improvement” in Obama’s stance towards the Jewish State in his second term, however he was “not acting as the world’s strongest man, but as an employee of the Clinton campaign,” according to the Jerusalem Post.
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After FDA Found Weedkiller in Nearly 100% of Honey Products, it Kept the Information Secret and Refused to Warn the Public

by Daniel Barker, Natural News:
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been doing its best to protect Monsanto and the entire GMO industry by dragging its feet and hiding information regarding glyphosate content in foods.
Glyphosate, the most widely-used herbicide on the planet and an essential component in GMO agricultural methods, has been the subject of increasing concern – particularly since the World Health Organization (WHO) classified it as a “probable human carcinogen” in 2015.
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Don’t Believe the Fed; the U.S. Consumer Is Far from Strong

by Pam Martens and Russ Martens, Wall St On Parade:
Yesterday the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) of the Federal Reserve released its policy statement, which included its announcement to stand pat on interest rates at this meeting. The third sentence of this policy statement went like this: “Household spending has been growing strongly….” To use the parlance of Wall Street, the Fed was putting lipstick on a pig.
The average American might read that statement as it bounced around the newswires and conflate “household spending” with a strong consumer. Nothing could be further from the truth. Household spending data is actually capturing how Wall Street masterminds continue to fleece the 99 percent.
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Wall Street’s Next Ticking Time Bomb: Pensions

by Dave Kranzler, Investment Research Dynamics:
Make no mistake, the criminality and fraud of most, if not all, DC politicians that is being exposed now is also occurring in corporate America and at pension funds, especially with regard to fraudulent financial reporting. As an example, Exxon is now being investigated by the SEC over its asset valuation and accounting practices. The same concept can be applied to pension funds (public and private). The Dallas Fireman and Police Pension fund is the postcard example of both investment and accounting fraud:
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There’s No Wall Between the Fed and Banco de Mexico

by Nomi Prins, DailyReckoning:
In regard to monetary policy, Mexico is a good neighbor to the U.S. It has been mirroring Fed policy since the financial crisis. As the U.S. Fed cut rates to zero, Mexico did the same by cutting rates to a 3% low by 2014.
When the Fed did QE, Mexico did too. When the Fed raised rates for the first time in seven years on Dec. 16, 2015 by 25 basis points, so did Banco de Mexico, the very next day. But, there’s a twist…
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