Thursday, October 20, 2016

As seen on Zero Hedge: The fix is in - wag the dog...

Hollywood's greatest production of the year, maybe of the century, the US presidential Election.  Get your popcorn, tickets are free - the circus is in town.  It's the greatest show on Earth!

Hillary Clinton Adviser: She Doesn’t “Know What Planet We Are All Living In”

by Tim Brown, Freedom OutPost:
n recent months, the health and mentality of Hillary Clinton has come under scrutiny and rightly so. Now, in leaked emails, Wikileaks has provided yet another reason why she should not be in office. One of the Clinton’s long time confidantes and influential policy-politics-communications advisers wrote in an email to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta that she thinks Clinton “doesn’t seem to know what planet we are all living in at the moment.”
Neera Tanden is the confidante at the center of another release of Podesta emails leaked by Wikileaks. She is complaining to Podesta following Clinton’s remarks to voters in Ohio, “You know, I get accused of being kind of moderate and center, I plead guilty.”
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Wikileaks Taunts Democrats, Tweets "It Has A Surprise In Store" For Tim Kaine And Donna Brazile

“She Was In Full Meltdown”: Hillary Unleashed On Donna Brazile For Unapproved Debate Question

by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:
Hindsight is making more and more clear that Hillary’s outrageously rigged campaign is dependent – heavily dependent – on control over the media.
Nearly every question she has been asked during the past 18 months has been approved and agreed upon ahead of time. Hillary’s responses have been heavily scripted and rehearsed.
It even emerged that Donna Brazile, who is a CNN contributor and who was appointed interim chair of the DNC after Debbie Wasserman Schultz was forced out, shared questions that were meant to be spontaneous with the Clinton campaign in advance.
But in this alleged behind-the-scenes account, Donna Brazile becomes the brunt of Hillary Clinton’s anger after host Matt Lauer sprung an unapproved question about the email scandal on her.
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US 'Relocated' ISIS Terrorists Out Of Iraq, Into Syria To Fight Assad

As the Iraqi military with US support closes in on Mosul it is becoming clear that the US plan is to transfer the ISIS troops defending the city to Syria as part of the regime change plan there.

'Smoking Gun' Email Confirms DNC Involvement In Inciting Violence At Trump Rallies

"I just had a call with the campaign and the DNC. Everyday at one o'clock."

David Rosenberg Calls For A Multi-Trillion, "Helicopter Money" Stimulus Package

David Rosenberg has a modest proposal in mind for the US economy: he says only a massive, multi-trillion stimulus package which includes helicopter money attached to a $2 trillion perpetual bond, massive infrastructure spending and measures to tackle the $1 trillion student debt load, has any hope of kickstarting the US economy.

Wikileaks Emails Prove Obama Lied When He Said He Didn’t Know Hillary Was Using Unsecure Email Server

by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars:
New Wikileaks emails released as part 13 of the John Podesta hack provide yet more confirmation that Barack Obama lied when he claimed he didn’t know Hillary Clinton was using a private unsecure email server.
During an appearance on 60 Minutes in October 2015, Obama answered unequivocally “no” when he was asked, “Did you know about Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server?”
However, FBI documents released last month show that “Obama used a pseudonym when communicating with then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by email, and at least one of those emails ended up on Clinton’s private email server.”
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Jill Stein Slams Hillary Clinton's Foreign Policy As "Scarier Than Trump's"

Regrettably for Americans, Stein is right about the Democratic nominee. Those concerned about the future of America with someone as erratic as Donald Trump in the Oval Office are justified in their worry, but to believe Hillary is somehow a “better option” is not only a naive assumption — but a reckless one. A vote for Hillary is undoubtedly a conscious vote to go war with a nuclear-armed superpower.

Dead. Voter. Walking.

Thursday humor?

Wikileaks Releases First Batch Of Emails Sent To And From President Obama's Secret Email Address

Just when it seemed we could not get any more email leak excitement, here comes Wikileaks with what it claims is the first batch of emails obtained from a secret address used by president Barack Obama (

U.S. Foreign Policy 'Elites' Eagerly Await Expansion Of Overseas Wars Under Hillary Clinton

"Brace yourselves everyone, the next four years are going to be very, very ugly... The old world is dying, and the new world struggles to be born... now is the time of monsters."

Watch Trump & Clinton Roast Each Other At The Al Smith Dinner - Live Feed

As Trump and Clinton get set to "roast" each other at tonight's Al Smith dinner, one has to wonder whether the atmosphere will strike the same lighthearted tone of previous years or if there will be some fireworks.

Clinton Email That Caused The "Quid Pro Quo" Controversy Included Intel On Benghazi Attackers

The email behind the "quid pro quo" arrangement between the State Department and FBI has been revealed by Fox News sources and includes intel on arrests related to the Benghazi attacks in 2011

Everything You Need To Know About Money In The 2016 Presidential Race

Money runs politics, and here are just a couple charts to show just how much of it has been raised and spent on the 2016 presidential election.

Did Hillary Expose Nuclear National Secret In Last Night's Debate?

In an attempt to call into question Trump's "fitness to be President," did Hillary actually prove her own deficiency?

El-Erian Warns Of "Enormous Risk In Public Markets... Better Seller Of Stocks Than Buyer"

Investors "have been conditioned to believe, over and over again, that central banks can shield them," but, as Allianz' Mohamed El-Erian warns "the probabilities are now starting to tip in the likelihood of a bad outcome." Simply put, El-Erian explains that financial markets have "decoupled" from the economic problems of the world leaving "enormous risk in public markets because that’s the one that central banks have distorted to the greatest extent."

Stocks Are On The Wrong Side Of A Rate Hike

The problem with being a contrarian is the determination of where in a market cycle the “herd mentality” is operating. The collective wisdom of market participants is generally “right” during the middle of a market advance but “wrong” at market peaks and troughs. There are plenty of warning signals that suggest that investors should be getting more cautious with portfolio allocations. However, the “herd” is still supporting asset prices at current levels based primarily on the “fear” of missing out on further advances.

Black Worker Wages Rise The Most On Record

Who says there is no wage growth? Certainly not the Labor Department, at least when it comes to black workers. In a release on Thursday, the DOL reported that seven years after the "end" of the recession, median wages for full-time black workers jumped by 9.8% in the Q3 - the biggest quarterly jump since record began in 2000.

The Federal Reserve Is Hillary Clinton's Secret Weapon

Say what you want about Donald J. Trump, but he is correct about one thing: the Federal Reserve has, with near certainty, been holding interest rates down for political purposes - namely, to aid Hillary Clinton in getting elected president of the United States.

The "Fact" That 17 Intelligence Agencies Confirmed Russia is Behind the Email Hacks Isn’t Actually…A "Fact"

Does this seem like a fact?:  "We believe, based on the scope and sensitivity of these efforts, that only Russia’s senior-most officials could have authorized these activities.  However, we are not now in a position to attribute this activity to the Russian Government."

"Something's Broken" - VIXnado Sparks Total Chaos In Stocks As Copper & Crude Crumble

Why This "Boom" Doesn't Feel Like One

President Obama’s High Command at the Fed has had the luck which Napoleon looked for in his generals. The exercise of two Yellen puts seems to have delayed the late dangerous stage of asset price inflation to beyond 2016 Election Day.

The Next Event Is Building And Ready To Explode Like A Volcano

from X22Report:

A Looming Banking Crisis – Is a Perfect Storm About to Hit?

by Pater Tenebrarum, Acting Man:
Andy Duncan Interviews Claudio Grass
Andy Duncan of has interviewed our friend Claudio Grass, managing director of Global Gold in Switzerland. Below is a transcript excerpting the main parts of the first section of the interview on the problems in the European banking system and what measures might be taken if push were to come to shove.
Andy Duncan: How do you see the current situation in banking particularly in Europe?
Claudio Grass: One interesting indicator is that today in certain countries not bankers are making the highest average salaries any longer , they have been replaced with government servants. Overall I would say it is bad, but that was predictable. The system and the assumptions the whole sector is operating under are just not sustainable, and printing money out of thin air does not create wealth; on the contrary, it is destroying capital.
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In Effort To Save Saudi Arabia From The Houthis, Has The U.S. Created Another Gulf Of Tonkin?

by Brandon Turbeville, Activist Post:
No longer content to lead from behind with the occasional drone bomb, the United States has now resorted to launching missiles from vessels off the Yemeni coast into the embattled nation. Having launched attacks at several Houthi “command and control” centers allegedly housing radar, the U.S. is once again only entrenching its position as a great force for evil and destruction the world over.
Per usual, the U.S. justification for the attack is questionable at best, and, in the end, an example of just how arrogant and aggressive U.S. foreign policy is toward the rest of the world and, in particular, those nations and forces who do not capitulate to U.S. interests.
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East vs. West Division Is About The Dollar – Not Nuclear War

by Brandon Smith, Alt Market:
The interesting thing about working in alternative economics is that inevitably you will become the designated buzzkill. You may be presenting the facts on the ground and the reality behind the numbers, but most of what you have to report will not be pleasant. Alternative economists are doomed to be labeled “doom and gloomers.” And that’s okay…
The truth is what it is, and sometimes it hurts people obsessed with undue positivism and bull market naivety. However, as bad as we seem to be when it comes to a negative outlook, we do not necessarily present the most ugly options on the table.
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What Happens When the Electricity Is Off for Three Days?

by Charles Hugh Smith, Of Two Minds:
what happens when an electricity dependent society and economy has an extended loss of electrical grid and communications?
One of the hidden realities of modern life is its fragility. For example, few people are aware of the precariousness of the supply chain that refills gasoline/petrol stations around the world every few days.
A new book, When Trucks Stop Running: Energy and the Future of Transportation explores the fragilities of our truck-dependent supply chains.
Longtime correspondent Bart D. (Australia) recently experienced a multi-day regional loss of electricity. His first-person observations help us understand what breakdowns in energy are like on the ground.
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