Thursday, October 27, 2016

Tanden To Podesta: "Whoever Told Hillary She Could Use A Private Server Should Be Drawn And Quartered"

"Do we actually know who told Hillary she could use a private email?  And has that person been drawn and quartered? Like whole thing is fucking insane"

Podesta Part 20: Wikileaks Releases Another Batch Of Emails; Total Is Now 34,197

With just 12 days to go until the November 8 presidential election, the final countdown is now one, and Wikileaks continues its ongoing Podesta dump by unveiling another 1000+ emails in the latest Part 20 of its Podesta release, bringing the total emails released so far to exactly 34,197, with just under 40% of the total dump left to go.

James O’Keefe Files Suit against Hillary Clinton and the DNC

by Tim Brown, Freedom OutPost:
After exposing Democrat voter fraud and election rigging on video, including claims that Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and DNC Chair Donna Brazile were personally involved, James O’Keefe of Project Veritas has decided to file suit against the DNC and Clinton.
According to the complaint filed by O’Keefe to the Federal Election Commission, he calls the actions of the DNC, which his team of undercover journalists uncovered, a “criminal conspiracy” and says that it should trigger criminal penalties under the law.
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Desperate? - Democrats Sue RNC Over Trump's "Rigged Election" Comments Alleging "Minority Voter Intimidation"

In a move that would seem beneath a campaign coasting toward a blow-out victory in just a couple of weeks, the DNC filed a "Hail Mary" lawsuit alleging that Trump's efforts to "ensure ballot integrity" were intimidating to minority voters.

US Real Estate Stocks Plunge To 7 Month Lows As Rate Hike Odds Soar

Dear Janet, you have a problem...

"Recession Risk Is Rising" Fast, Deutsche Bank Warns "Outlook Remains Fragile"

While 'some' measures of the US labor market look rosy, one indicator is flashing signs of frgaility... and, as Bloomberg notes, it's an important one too.

Small Stocks Threaten Breakdown – Can They Hang On?

What happens next?

Putin Asks: "Is America Now A Banana Republic"

"Does anyone really think that Russia can affect the choice of the American people. What, is America a banana republic?!"

Bond Rout Sends Dow, S&P Into Red As USD Jumps

US equity and bond markets are under pressure as the USD index rallies this morning. Cable's collapse and a plunge in SEK have pushed the USD Index back up towards 8 month highs and US equities back into the red for the day...

RBC: "That Is VaR Crushing DV01 Destruction At Its Finest"

The absolute focus overnight / today is “core” macro though, as global developed market rates are being re-priced “risk manager style,” particularly with EGBs under MAJOR pressure as the buyside is caught wrong-footed (as I type, Slovak 10Y +7.2bps, Denmark 30Y +9.4bps, Netherlands 30Y +9.9bps, Finland 30Y +10.1bps, German 30Y +9.9bps, Austria 30Y +9.3bps…and even front-end seeing outsized moves with the Belgian 2Y +2.2bps).  That is VaR crushing DV01 destruction at its finest.

Pending Home Sales Growth Disappoints As Post-Summer Slump Accelerates

Pending Home Sales are following the usual seasonal pattern, fading quickly after the summer jump. Year-over-year, pending home sales are up just 2% (NSA), less than the expected 4% rise and considerably slower than the same time last year.

Ugly! "Failure Almost Guaranteed" Regardless Of Who Wins The Election

The word of the day is “ugly”. That’s how Steen Jakobsen, Saxo Bank CIO and chief economist describes the US presidential campaign, broken social contracts, public debt, and productivity. Things are so ugly, Jakobsen says “failure is almost guaranteed” regardless of who wins the election.

US Stocks & Bonds Are Tumbling

US treasury yields are extending their earlier spike (from UK GDP) with 30Y up 5bps on the day (and the curve steepening). While historical correlation between stocks and bonds has come in a little, it appears risk-parity unwinds are also hitting as US equity markets have dumped at the open also...

Oil Spikes On OPEC Cut Headline (Misses Russian Refusal Headline)

Oil prices are spiking after headlines hit stating that "SAUDI, GULF OPEC ALLIES MAY CUT OIL OUTPUT 4% FROM PEAK:REUTERS." However, it appears the machines missed the rest of the stories, beginning with "RUSSIA TOLD GULF/OPEC MEMBERS THAT IT WILL NOT CUT OUTPUT."

Thursday Humor: Jobless 'Claims'

Presented with no comment but a deeply furrowed brow...

Core Durable Goods Orders Extend Longest Non-Recessionary Streak In US History As Business Spending Plunges

For the 21st straight month, Core Durable Goods Orders contracted YoY - the longest in US history outside of a recession. Business spending proxy segment of the report, New Orders non-defense, ex-aircraft plunged 1.2% MoM (much worse than the -0.1% expectation) and down 3.6% YoY.

The only reason this piece of crap will say he's voting for Trump, is so he's not thrown out of office...Don't let him kid you...he's a self serving tool... that wants to stay in office...

Top Republican Congressman Says He'll Vote For Trump Weeks After Dropping His Support

Qualcomm Buys NXP For $47 Billion: Biggest Semiconductor Deal Ever

Last night, David Rosenberg pointed out something troubling:  we have just witnessed five multi-billion dollar deals this past week alone — $207 billion globally (AT&T/Time Warner; TD Ameritrade/Scottrade) in what has been the most active announcement list since 1999. We can now add another massive deal to the list: this morning Qualcomm announced it would buy NXP Semiconductors NV for about $47 billion, including debt, as it seeks to expand the reach of its chips from phones to cars.

Leaked Memo Exposes Shady Dealings Between Clinton Foundation Donors And Bill's "For-Profit" Activities

Doug Band provides vivid details on Bill's personal financial arrangements including raising "more than $50 million in for-profit activity for President Clinton to date" and "$66 million in future contracts, should he choose to continue with those engagements."

Twitter in the Shitter...

Twitter Beats On Revenue And EPS, Cuts 9% Of Workforce As Part Of Business Restructuring

Twitter surprised investors by reporting a beat not only on revenue but also on EPS, while monthly active users rose by 4 million, to 317, of which the increase in US MAUs was 1 million rising to 67 million, but also by annoucing a major RIF and the start of a restructuring process.

Belgium can't even govern itself...

Stalled EU-Canada Trade Deal Gets Greenlight Following Belgium Approval

One week after Canada demonstratively walked out of European trade talks, with Canada's Chrystia Freeland saying that "the European Union is not capable right now to have an international agreement, even with a country that has European values like Canada", moments ago a planned trade deal between the European Union and Canada overcame a key hurdle Thursday when Belgium said it would approve the accord.

Prepare For The Pirates: Direct Democracy Driven Political Party May Gain Power In Iceland

"We are not here to gain power, we are here to distribute power." – Ásta Guthrún Helgadóttir Pirate member of Iceland’s Parliament. The possibilities are endless once you start jailing bankers...

Buy... And Hold On! The Chart That Your Wealth Manager Does Not Want You To See

The "Buy and Hold" narrative spewed by every asset-gatherer and commission-taker is perhaps far better understood as "buy and hold on tight" as the following chart shows, for many, equity exposure is simply inappropriate (or too scary)!

Germany's Migrant Rape Crisis: Where Is The Public Outrage?

Despite the mounting human toll, most of the crimes are still being downplayed by German authorities and the media, apparently to avoid fueling anti-immigration sentiments. Meanwhile, the Federal Criminal Police Office (Bundeskriminalamt, BKA) has offered advice to German women on how they can protect themselves from rapists: "Wear tennis shoes instead of high heels so that you can run away."

Merkel Accuses Facebook, Google Of "Distorting Perception", Wants Access To Algorithms

"These algorithms, when they are not transparent, can lead to a distortion of our perception, they narrow our breadth of information" said the German chancellor adding that “the algorithms must be made public, so that one can inform oneself as an interested citizen on questions like: what influences my behavior on the internet and that of others?"

Paul Craig Roberts: "Putin's Nukes Could Wipe Out Entire American East Coast" In Minutes

Hopefully it would never come to that, but we shouldn’t live in a false world where we pretend these situations can’t harm us.

The Dark Agenda Behind Globalism And Open Borders

The people behind the effort to enforce globalism are tied together by a particular ideology, perhaps even a cult-like religion, in which they envision a world order as described in Plato’s Republic. They believe that they are “chosen” either by fate, destiny or genetics to rule as philosopher kings over the rest of us. They believe that they are the wisest and most capable that humanity has to offer, and that through evolutionary means, they can create chaos and order out of thin air and mold society at will. This mentality is evident in the systems that they build and exploit. 

Take it out in Gold and Silver...

RT’s Bank Accounts Closed – It’s Nothing to Do With Syria

by Seth Ferris, New Eastern Outlook:
As the world now knows, British bank NatWest, part of the Royal Bank of Scotland group, has told Russian media outlet RT that it should take its business elsewhere. Initially it was reported that the bank had “frozen” RT’s accounts, meaning it had impounded the money, but it now says that the accounts have merely been closed, meaning that RT can withdraw its money – provided it then takes it to another bank.
NatWest, and the rest of the Royal Bank of Scotland group, are effectively owned by the British government, which acquired the majority share in 2008 to prevent it collapsing. As RT is also state-owned, it has been inferred that this is another form of sanction. British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson denies this, but he also denies several of his chidren, several parts of his ancestry and practically everything else he has ever written or been recorded saying.
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Globalization Faces Challenges

by John Browne, Euro Pacific Capital:
For much of the second half of the 20th Century, and even into the new millennium, “Globalization” was the dominant theme used to describe the drift of the world economy. It was widely considered both natural and inevitable that the world economy would continue to integrate and that national boundaries would become less constraining to commerce and culture. And with the exception of the eternal “anti-globalization” protesters, who robotically appeared at large gatherings of world leaders, the benefits of globalization were widely lauded by politicians, corporate leaders and rank and file citizens alike. But a casual glance at the world headlines of 2016 suggests that the belief in globalization has crested, and is now in retreat. What are the consequences of this change?
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Fiscal Stimulus: Just an Excuse to Grow Government

by David Stockman, DailyReckoning:
Between 1870 and 1913, the real GDP of the United States — as best they can estimate it — rose from $20 billion to $131 billion (1958$).
That gain of 4.3% per annumcompounded over 43 years is the highest real GDP growth on record for a continuous equivalent period of time. But here’s the wonder of it…
During that golden age of growth and prosperity, the U.S. had no central bank and not even one episode of fiscal stimulus!
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from FinanceAndLiberty:

Hillary’s Lawyer – “We Have to Clean This Up!”

by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:
The Wall Street Journal broke the story on Sunday night about the connections surfacing between the Democrats and Jill Mcabe’s run for the Senate who is the wife of one of the top FBI investigators into the Hillary emails. According to the Journal, the finance records show Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s PAC gave $467,500 to Jill McCabe’s 2015 state Senate campaign. Then the Virginia Democratic Party itself spent an additional $207,788 on her campaign. McCabe, who ended up losing to the Republican incumbent, is married to Andrew McCabe, the FBI’s deputy director.
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Inflation in 2017 Ticking Time Bomb!

from The Money GPS:


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