Saturday, October 8, 2016

Deutsche Bank Raises $3 Billion In Debt, As Hedge Fund Explains What Its "Bail-In" Would Look Like...

While speculation that Qatar investors may come to Deutsche Bank's rescue came and went on Friday, the German lender quietly took advantage of the relentless global appetite for yield and on Friday evening Deutsche Bank issued its first US dollar-denominated bond in five months when its raised $3 billion in five year paper

Dead People And Illegal Immigrants Are Being Registered To Vote All Over America

Without free and fair elections, what hope is there for the future of America? 

Twitter Sale Process Said To Be "Almost Dead"

For Twitter shareholders it may be easy come, easier go.

Podesta Emails Reveal Illegal Coordination With David Brock Super PAC

These Podesta emails clearly show coordination between the Hillary campaign and the David Brock Super PAC, "Correct the Record", which we believe is technically a felony.

A Real Life "House of Cards" - The Most Striking WikiLeaks Revelations From The "Podesta Files"

A recap of all the "greatest hits" from the "Podesta Files" from WikiLeaks.

Backlash Grows Months After the FBI’s Sham Investigation Into Hillary Clinton

by Michael Krieger, Liberty Blitzkrieg:
“What Difference Does It Make.” Those simple words offer a perfect glimpse into the life and times of Hillary Clinton. A woman who gets away with everything and anything, and who now wants to be President of these United States.
From her earliest days as a public figure, an aura of shadiness and lack of accountability permeates. For starters, there’s the infamous 1978 case of her turning $1,000 into $100,000 by trading cattle futures, an endeavor in which she had no expertise.
Naturally, nothing ever came of the cattle trading incident, kicking off a pattern that has continued to play out throughout her career. It’s this reality that has made her increasingly bold — and dangerous.
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Dilbert's Scott Adams Outlines 14 Reasons Why 'The Trump Tapes' Don't Matter

"Today America united as a nation to decide how many alleged Trump gropes equals one alleged Bill/Hillary Clinton rape. "

Hillary Clinton: Rape Enabler

from Paul Joseph Watson:

As Another Trump Recording Emerges, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey And Juanita Broaddrick Attack Clintons

The flames in the dumpster fire over Trump's "extremely lewd" sexual comments about women just keep getting bigger.

Do We Really Want War With Russia?

We’ve been down this path before...

Russia Deploys Nuclear-Capable Missiles To Kaliningrad, Near Polish Border

Russia shipped its nuclear-capable Iskander missile system toward Kaliningrad, its territorial enclave bordering Poland, according to Western government officials, "introducing a powerful military asset into an already tense region and prompting expressions of concern by allied officials."

Duterte Dares CIA To "Oust" Him, Puts Joint Patrols With US On Hold

"You want to oust me? You want to use the CIA? Go ahead," Duterte said in a speech in his southern home town of Davao city, while railing against US President Barack Obama. The speech follows and accusation last month in which Duterte said the CIA was plotting to kill him, but gave no specifics. "Be my guest. I don't give a shit."

Trump Tells WSJ There Is "Zero Chance I'll Quit"

In an interview with the WSJ, Donald Trump has said there’s "zero chance I'll quit" adding that his campaign is not in Crisis and that ‘the support I’m getting is unbelievable."

Gold CoT Report Is Playing Out As Usual: First Lower, Then Much Higher Prices Coming

"The carnage in bullion and mining shares represents a great buying opportunity because eventually these paper games will stop working."

Saudi Air Strike Kills At Least 82, Injures 534 At Yemen Funeral

An airstrike carried out by Saudi-led coalition warplanes targeting a funeral ceremony in the Yemen capital of Sanaa has killed at least 82 and injured more than 534 people, news agencies report, citing local officials. Hundreds of body parts were found inside and outside the hall after the strike.

China Mocks "Chaotic" US Presidential Race

With the scandals surrounding both presidential candidates surpassing anyone's wildest predictions, and the rest of the world just as stunned at ongoing developments in the US political system, one country has decided the time has come to take a direct stab at what it dubs America's "arrogant democracy" and "flawed politics"- China.

US Caught Faking Al Qaeda Videos in Iraq

by James Corbett, The International Forecaster:
When a joint investigation by The Sunday Times and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism is headlined “Fake News and False Flags” you know that something is so rotten in the state of Denmark (or the District of Criminals) that the stench can no longer be ignored.
Long story short: “The Pentagon gave a controversial UK PR firm over half a billion dollars to run a top secret propaganda programme in Iraq, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism can reveal. Bell Pottinger’s output included short TV segments made in the style of Arabic news networks and fake insurgent videos which could be used to track the people who watched them, according to a former employee.”
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The Next Recession Looms Large

by Peter Schiff, Euro Pacific Capital:
Currently economists and market watchers roughly fall into two camps: Those who believe that the Federal Reserve must begin raising interest rates now so that it will have enough rate cutting firepower to fight the next recession, and those who believe that raising rates now will simply precipitate an immediate recession and force the Fed into battle without the tools it has traditionally used to stimulate growth. Both camps are delusional, but for different reasons.
Most mainstream analysts believe that the current economy can survive with more normalized rates and that the Fed’s timidity is unwarranted. These people just haven’t been paying attention. The “recovery” of the past eight years hasn’t been just “helped along” by deeply negative real interest rates, it is a singular creation of those policies. Since June 2009, when the current recovery began, traditional economic metrics, such as GDP growth, productivity, business investment, labor force participation, and wage growth, have all been significantly below trend. The only strong positives have been gains in the stock, bond and real estate markets. We have had an “asset price” recovery rather than a bona fide economic recovery. This presents unique risks.
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A “Cat 5” Financial System Hurricane Swirls Offshore

by Dave Kranzler, Investment Research Dynamics:
One of the biggest benefits I get from writing newsletters (Mining Stock and Short Seller’s Journal) is that I get “grassroots Main Street” intel from subscribers. This has led to some invavluable insights into the housing market and the general economy all over the country.
Yesterday I received this email:
Heard from a friend east of the Atlantic that things are worse than are even being reported by alternative media. I bet the only thing the banks would like more is if the Chinese took another week off! I also heard next week could be big trouble.
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Doug Casey: Why the Euro Is a Doomed Currency

by Doug Casey, International Man:
For a long time, I’ve advocated that the world’s governments should default on their debt. I recognize that this is an outrageous-sounding proposal.
However, the debts accumulated by the governments of the U.S., Japan, Europe and dozens of other countries constitute a gigantic mortgage on the next two or three generations, as yet unborn. Savings are proof that a person, or a country, has been living below their means. Debt, on the other hand, is evidence that the world has been living above its means. And the amount of government debt and liabilities in the world is in the hundreds of trillions and growing rapidly, even with essentially zero percent interest rates. This brings up several questions: Will future generations be able to repay it? Will they be willing to? And, if so, should they? My answers are: No, no and no.
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This weekend the mainstream media is reporting that ‘Germany’s Merkel cannot afford to bail out Deutsche Bank‘, to which we say, yeah no kidding. The $75 Trillion in derivatives on Deutsche bank’s books are sinking the bank like the Titanic, and the situation is terminal. Jim Sinclair and Bill Holter from JS Mneset join me to discuss what Jim says is “the most dangerous period in world history” and as goes Deutsche bank. “so goes the world.”

While the Focus is Still on Deutsche Bank, Don’t Forget About Italy

from Rogue Money:
Over the past two weeks the primary focus by the world’s financial caretakers has been on Deutsche Bank, and its potential to collapse several other institutions through the counter-party risk of its $40-70 trillion derivatives book. But as the markets have appeared since last Friday to shrug off the German bank’s imminent insolvency problems, little has been mentioned about the other economy in Europe that has an even greater risk of bringing about the next ‘Lehman Moment’.
Over the next month, Italy is expected to vote on a referendum which if passed, would allow Matteo Renzi to institute new reforms that have kept the Italian economy both in stagnation, and austerity since the 2008 financial crisis. But with several of their major banks teetering on collapse in equal or greater measure to that of Deutsche Bank, the potential of an Italian banking implosion not only threatens the Western banking system, but also the future of the European Union itself.
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