Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Indiana Voter Database "Riddled With Errors" Including 1,000s Of Dead Voters And Duplicate Registrations...

And you think your Vote counts...
If you want your Vote to Count and are voting for Trump...Wear RED Clothing...and look around and see who won...and then you'll know if the Election was Stolen by the "Wicked Bitch of The East"...

"Dead people are voting and it’s something this administration does not want to do anything about.  They must like who they are voting for"

How Dare the We The Sheeplez Pay Attention ...
In Fact...Everybody between now and the Election should wear some form of Red Clothing Every day possible so it shows up in the News...A Tie, Hat, Shirt,  maybe a red Bandana Anything...


from InfoWars:
“She voted straight Republican and the vote had changed to Clinton!”
Residents of at least two cities in Texas are complaining that they voted for Donald Trump only to see the voting machine switch their ballot to Hillary Clinton.
Early voting for the 2016 presidential election started yesterday for people in some areas who have been given the opportunity to avoid the long lines on November 8.
However, in Amarillo, a woman was shocked to see her ballot flip from Republican to Democrat.
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Rigged Election: Hillary and Trump Caught Partying Like BFF’s With Kissinger at Jesuit Gala

by Jeff Berwick, The Dollar Vigilante:
We have been very, very suspicious of Donald Trump since he began his political run.
Many believed he was an outsider who was our “only hope” to tame the US federal government beast. But it has become very clear he is not.
First, Wikileaks showed that Killary herself actually approved Trump to be her competitor. According to an email sent from an assistant at the Clinton campaign, Hillary was aware that Trump was going to run before the political process was fully underway.
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Press Freedom? Dakota Access Pipeline Documentarian Faces 45 Years In Prison For Filming Activists

"From the beginning, I was just dumbfounded by the charges.  They seem to come from out of nowhere.  I was doing my job."

Wikileaks Celebrates Hillary Clinton's Birthday By Releasing Another 1,500 Podesta Emails; Total Is Now 33,042

With less than 2 weeks left until the November 8 presidential election, and perhaps to celebrate Hillary Clinton's birthday, Wikileaks continued its ongoing Podesta dump by unveiling another 1,508 emails in the latest Part 19 of its release, bringing the total emails released so far to exactly 33,042.

Translation...Trump calls Biden a PUSSY...

Trump Says He'd Love To Fight "Mr. Tough Guy" After Joe Biden's "Behind The Gym" Threats

"...did you see Mr. Tough Guy Biden wants to take me to the back of the barn? ... I'd love that... some things in life you could really love doing..."

Trump Unexpectedly Regains Florida Lead In Latest Bloomberg Poll; Peso Slides

Momentum may be shifting Trump's way after the latest poll from Bloomberg showed that Donald Trump has regained a slim advantage in one of the most important battleground states, Florida, as key independent voters narrowly broke his way.

Rajoy To Form Minority Government Thanks To Abstentions: Expect No Stability

Mariano Rajoy is headed for another term as Spanish prime minister following two inconclusive elections. However, should the socialists reorganize, Rajoy could easily find himself facing a vote of no confidence in a year or so. Rajoy is corrupt as they come. Ciudadanos had to hold its nose to enter this fragile minority coalition. There is nothing at all stable about this setup.

The Boredom Before The Storm

With all the surprising and/or disturbing things going on – Brexit, China’s soaring debt, US/Russia/China saber rattling, the, um, unique US presidential race, the cyber attack that shut down big parts of the US Internet – you’d think that an unsettled world would be reflected in skittish financial markets. Instead we’re getting the opposite...

Deutsche Bank Probing "Misstated" Derivative Valuations After Finding "Divergences"

Deutsche Bank is probing whether it misstated the value of derivatives in its interest-rate trading business, and is sharing its findings with U.S. authorities. The reason for the probe is that, as has been a recurring case with many of its peers of the last few years, the bank found valuations that "diverged from internal models" at which point it began questioning traders.

'Investors' Panic Buy Stocks Into The Green On Oil Spike To $50

Presented with little comment aside to note that WTI is desperately clinging to $50 post-inventories, and if oil drops, what happens to stocks?

NATO Pushing For "Biggest Military Build-Up On Russia's Borders" Since The Cold War

NATO will press its member allies on Wednesday to "contribute to its biggest military build-up on Russia's borders since the Cold War " as the alliance prepares for a protracted quarrel with Moscow.

Clinton Campaign Chair Had Dinner With Top DOJ Official One Day After Hillary's Benghazi Hearing

In the latest revelation certain to reignite accusations of collusion between the Clinton campaign and the DOJ, among the recent batch of hacked emails released by Wikileaks, we learn that one day after Hillary Clinton's Benghazi tesimony last October, John Podesta, Hillary's campaign chairman met for dinner with a small group of well-connected friends, including top DOJ official Peter Kadzik.

"Obscene" Pentagon Folds Under Political Pressure, Stops Seeking Veteran Bonus Repayments

Having been exposed for lying to the public, it appears (two weeks before the election) that The Pentagon has backed off its demands for repayments of re-enlistment bonuses from tens of thousands of California National Guardsmen.

New Home Sales Rise But Miss After Dramatic Downward Revision

Thanks to a dramatic downward revision for August (from 609k to 575k), September's 593k new home sales rose more than expected (but was below expectations of 600k). The pickup in September demand was helped by an 8.6% gain in the Midwest and a 3.4% increase in the South, but sales fell 4.5% in the West.

Services PMI Spikes To 11-Month Highs But Employers Remain "Cautious On Hiring"

Following October's flash Manufacturing PMI spike (to 12-month highs), today's Services PMI surged to 54.8 (its highest since Nov 2015) led by the highest level of new orders in 2016. It appears the extraordinary surge in government spending in the last quarter has rippled through and spiked these surveys, notably divergen from the declines in regional Fed surveys.

Reuters Trial Balloon: ECB "Almost Certain" To Keep Buying Bonds Beyond March


"Obama Calls Obamacare Disaster 'A Starter Home', Republicans Should Be The Bulldozer"

Now voters are finally seeing what happens when the planners try to design a single health-care solution for a large and diverse country. Mr. Obama called ObamaCare “a starter home” in Miami. Republicans ought to campaign as the bulldozer.

Russia Cancels Refueling Stop In Spain Following Widespread Opposition

While details are unclear, Europa Press reports that Russia has cancelled its request to refuel three of its warships at Spain's eastern Mediterranean port of Cueta. Whether this is a pre-emptive move to avoid being shunned by Spain - after massive opposition from politicians and NATO officials - is unclear.

Wall Street Reacts To Apple's Disappointing Earnings

Having had a chance to digest AAPL's results, Wall Street's sellside analysts chimed in this morning, and the prevailing sentiment was neutral to negative, with Stifel's Aaron Raker most disappointed, downgrading the stock from Buy to Hold, and lowering his price target to $115.

Wholesale Inventories Growth Weakest Since 2010 Even As Auto Stocks Soar

Wholesale Inventories were unchanged year-over-year for the first time since June 2010 (up 0.2% MoM). However, below the surface things are worrisome with motor vehicle inventories up again MoM and up a shocking 9.0% YoY. Wholesale inventories-to-sales ratios are improving modestly but remain deep in recessionary territory.

It's Still The Media, Stupid!

For anyone to seriously challenge the American Leviathan, it must be understood that the mainstream media is a part of that despotic structure and it too must be neutered.  Donald Trump has done more than any Presidential candidate to expose the treachery of the mainstream media, now others must take up the cause.


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