Monday, October 31, 2016

John Podesta's Best Friend At The DOJ Will Be In Charge Of The DOJ's Probe Into Huma Abedin Emails

In the letter to Congress, the DOJ wrote that it “will continue to work closely with the FBI and together, dedicate all necessary resources and take appropriate steps as expeditiously as possible,” assistant attorney General Peter J. Kadzik writes in letters to House and Senate lawmakers. There is just one problem...

Janet Tavakoli: Life And Death On Wall Street

"We're in precarious times for sure. What we have done is unprecedented in the history of the United States. We got rid of the benchmark, the gold standard. We don’t have any any stable benchmark anymore. Instead, we have currencies that are being benchmarked off of each other. If you're measuring your weight you want a scale, right?"

FBI Finds No Links Between Trump And Russia, Probing Manafort Instead

Law enforcement officials say that none of the investigations so far have found any link between Mr. Trump and the Russian government. And even the hacking into Democratic emails, F.B.I. and intelligence officials now believe, was aimed at disrupting the presidential election rather than electing Mr. Trump.

Hacked Podesta Email Reveals Clinton Foundation "Coercing" Saudi Billionaire For Millions Of Dollars

"George told Ed Wood of the Clinton Health Access Initiative that the Sheik said he did not like 'coercion' and that we should know that he was 'good for the money.'"

The Clinton Collapse - Only The Deep State Is So Precise

The consensus view seems to be that the Establishment and the Deep State see Trump as a loose cannon who might upset the neo-con apple cart by refusing to toe the neo-con line. This view overlooks the reality that significant segments of the Deep State view the neo-con strategy as an irredeemable failure.

Over Half A Trillion In M&A: October Mergers Smash All Records With $500.1 Billion In Deals

Now that October is officially over we can close the deal books and do the math: according to Dealogic, it was a record month for dealmaking, smashing all previously records with just over half a trillion dollars, or $500.1 billion, of mergers and acquisitions announced globally.

Short walk... off tall building...

Brazile Exclaims "Please God, Let This End Soon" As CNN Fires Her For "Uncomfortable Interactions" With Clinton Campaign


"What Trump Represents Is Not Crazy... And Is Not Going Away" - Peter Thiel Full Transcript

"Our elites have been the habit of denying difficult realities for too long...and now someone different is running; someone who rejects the stories that tel us everything is fine... No matter what happens in this election, what Trump represents is not crazy... and it's not going away."

Viva La Revolución?

“The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant.

Citi: The FBI's Blockbuster Announcement "Could Have A Meaningful Impact On The Presidential Race"

"We have warned throughout the campaign that Black Swan risks are extraordinarily high, and hence have been less bullish for a Clinton victory than consensus. These developments do constitute an "October Surprise" that could have a meaningful impact on the race. We emphasize the potential for more Black Swan events emerging making things more complicated for forecasters and pollsters" - Citi

CNN Decries "Fake News" Websites (Then Stealth Edits Its Own Article)

There is a plague of "fake news" apparently, and CNN is here to help you 'dear voter' see through the deception to the Clinton-campaign-confirmed narrative you should be paying attention. While it not enough that we have pointed out CNN's numerous questionable actions (here, here, and here), along with today's news of Donna Brazile's resignation, but just this weekend CNN was caught 'stealth editing' false claims made against Trump. Fake news indeed...

Cry Baby... "Wrong Way Gartman"...

Dennis Gartman: "Zero Hedge Needs To Cut Me A Break"

"If I put a price number on it, and I miss it by $5, I’ll look like an idiot and the guys at Zero Hedge, they’re always out to get me."

Trump To Weiner: "Thank You"

"We never thought we were going to say 'thank you' to Anthony Weiner."

48% Of Russians Fear Syrian Conflict Will Lead To World War III

The share of Russians who see the probability of World War III in the near future as high or very high is now at 48% and those who appraise it as low or very low comprise 42% of Russian society, according to the privately-owned public opinion research center Levada

Paul Brodsky: "We The People..."

The US government and its citizens are going to have to accept a less influential role in the world. The American people seem to be getting it and accepting it quicker than the US industrial political complex. The burgeoning conflict is located at the point where the changing preference of the crowd is meeting the rigid preference of established agents to keep power.

Your Future...Long scales (mechanical not battery operated)  large heavy rubber bands and suitcases......

"I Feel Like Pablo Escobar" - Venezuelans Resort To Weighing Cash As Hyperinflation Builds

Having thrown in the towel on hyperinflation by printing banknotes with 200-times-higher denominations, Bloomberg reports that things in Venezuela have continued to get worse with the currency now so devalued (with even simple purchases requiring so many bills) that instead of counting bills, they are weighing them.

Hugh Hendry Interviewed On His "Eureka Moment" Trade Of The Day, QE, China, The Dollar And Much More

In a recent interview with Macro Voices, Hugh Hendry is asked about the trade he has on in his fund, to which the Scotsman says that his team recently had a “eureka moment” and figured out how to design a trade, which has a negative carry when viewed in simple terms, such that they preserve the asymmetric of risk/reward while converting it to a positive-carry trade by adding another “European sovereign component to the trade”.

Gasoline Prices Soar After Colonial Pipeline Explosion In Alabama - Live Stream

A massive plume of smoke is filling the skyline after a gas pipeline exploded in Helena, Alabama according to CBS42. Fire units are headed to the scene, according to McAdory Fire Station #2. Alagasco has stated that the fire is from a petroleum line. According to the Shelby County Sheriff's office, the blast was on the Colonial Line, with 8-9 people injured.

U.S. Trucking Companies Slash Fleets Amid "Tepid Shipping Demand"

“It’s clear that overcapacity has driven down pricing.  We won't add trucks until we see meaningful improvement in the freight and rate markets."

The Devaluation Of Higher Education

With the government interfering now for decades with this precarious balance, it is not unexpected to find that the essential link which allowed the market to work efficiently has been fractured. The result is that higher education degrees no longer hold any value for employers.

The Real October Surprise: Stocks, Bonds, Gold, & Oil All Dump As The Dollar Jumps

Valeant Plunges On BBG Report Former CEO, CFO Are Focus Of Criminal Probe For Accounting Fraud

While details are still lacking, moments ago Valeant stock plunged on a Bloomberg report that the Ex-CEO and ex-CFO are the target of a criminal probe due to accounting fraud.

Saudi Finance Minister Al Assaf Fired On Royal Orders

Saudi Arabia's King Salman Bin Abdulaziz issued a Royal decree to appoint Mohammed Al-Jadaan as the new finance minister on Monday to replace Ibrahim Abdulaziz Al-Assaf.

You think your Vote Counts...


from Infowars and Bev Harris:


FBI Reopens Hillary Email Probe: Why Did It Take So Long?

by Jon Rappoport, Activist Post:
File this one under: “Come on. Really?”
The elephant in the room: HOW LONG HAS THE FBI KNOWN that new Hillary emails require reopening the probe in her handling of classified materials?
On or about September 23—over a month ago—the FBI announced it was looking into the Anthony Weiner sexting scandal, which involved a 15-year-old girl.
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How Obamacare Was Designed To Fail And Hillary Clinton Knew It All Along

by Daisy Luther, The Sleuth Journal:
If you signed up for Obamacare, you’ve been screwed.
If you didn’t sign up and opted to pay the penalties, you’ve been screwed.
If you didn’t sign up, didn’t pay penalties, and stuck with your original insurance company, you’ve been screwed.
If you didn’t sign up, didn’t pay penalties, and paid cash for medical care, you’ve been screwed.
Every person in America has been affected, regardless of what you did or did not do.
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Report Exposes Inner Workings of Facebook and How Clinton Loyalists Control Your Newsfeed

by Claire Bernish, The Free Thought Project:
Censorship by Facebook has become a thorn in the side of nearly anyone with an opinion differing from the narrative touted by the corporate press — for instance, sentiments not praising Hillary Clinton — and now, through both a new report from Reuters and emails published by Wikileaks, we have insight into why certain posts are targeted.
Facebook relies on a combination of artificial intelligence and human judgment to remove posts deemed offensive, violent, or otherwise unacceptable to its community standards — but precisely how the ultimate call to take down posts, pages, and groups are made remains unknown.
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Jim Willie Sounds the Alarm: UNPRECEDENTED US BOND DUMPING – Dollar Collapse Ahead!

from Silver Doctors:

“They Got In There And Totally Took It Over” – The Tea Party, Black Lives Matter and the 99% Protesters Have All Been Absorbed By The Establishment

by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:
If there’s one thing that the rise of Donald Trump and Britain’s Brexit has proven, it’s that the people have had it with the establishment. No matter what side of the aisle you’re on, you are likely sick and tired of the outright corruption prevalent in every aspect of the system.
Over the last decade we have seen several movements try to take the initiative to create real, lasting change by upending the business-as-usual behavior of entrenched politicians, corporate lobbyists and mainstream media. All have thus far failed and were eventually absorbed by the power structure.
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These Blast Points on Hillary’s Campaign… Only The Deep State Is So Precise

by Charles Hugh Smith, Of Two Minds:
The Deep State’s most prescient elements must derail Hillary’s campaign to clear a path to Trump’s executive team.
Back in August, I asked Could the Deep State Be Sabotaging Hillary? I think we now have a definitive answer: “These blast points on Hillary’s campaign… too accurate for the Mainstream Media. Only the forces of the Imperial Deep State are so precise.”
The Mainstream Media is presenting the FBI investigation as a “lose-lose” situation for embattled FBI Director Comey. If Comey remained quiet until after the election, he would be accused of colluding with the Clinton campaign and its allies in the Department of Justice (sic).
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from InfoWars:
Attorney General Loretta Lynch has plead the fifth to avoid incrimination
Attorney General Loretta Lynch has plead the fifth to avoid incrimination in the illegal transfer of billions of dollars in cash to Iran.
Lynch was first approached by Sen. Marco Rubio and Rep. Mike Pompeo earlier this month and asked numerous questions about details on the cash payment.
Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik responded for Lynch on October 24 and told lawmakers that not only would Lynch refuse to answer but that they would not be allowed to publicly disclose any information on the payment to Iran.
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