Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Russian Foreign Minister Trolls US Elections: "So Many Pussies On Both Sides"

I concur 100%...Well done Sir...
"I don't know if it sounds indecent but... There are so many pussies around your presidential campaign on both sides that I prefer not to comment..."

Secret Service Officer Gary J. Byrne: ‘The Hillary Clinton I Know Is a Complete Pathological Liar’

by John Hayward, Breitbart:

Former Secret Service officer Gary J. Byrne, author of Crisis of Character: A White House Secret Service Officer Discloses His Firsthand Experience with Hillary, Bill, and How They Operate, joined SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Tuesday’s Breitbart News Dailyto discuss the state of the presidential race after the second debate.
Byrne began by saying he “couldn’t disagree with Glenn Beck more” about the radio host’s proclamation that voting for Hillary Clinton was a more moral choice than voting for Donald Trump.
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Clinton Blames Trump, Wikileaks And Moscow After Latest Leak; FBI Gets Involved

Hacked John Podesta, who is also Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, said there is a "reasonable belief" that Julian Assange passed information to Donald Trump in connection with Russian-directed e-mail hacking of Democrats in an attempt to influence the U.S. presidential election. He also said that the FBI is investigating a hack of his Gmail account.

Wikileaks Releases Another 1,193 Emails From John Podesta In Fourth Data Dump

And the hits just keep on coming. After the third and latest dump of Podesta Emails released yesterday Wikileaks just released its lastest, fourth data dump from the hacked email account of Hillary Clinton's Campaign Chair, John Podesta, which continues to be a major headache for Hillary Clinton and her supporter base.

WikiLeaks Bombshell: Emails Show Citigroup Had Major Role in Shaping and Staffing Obama’s First Term

by Pam Martens and Russ Martens, Wall St On Parade:
The Presidential election of 2008 was held on November 4, with Barack Obama winning on a promise of delivering “hope” and “change” to a nation in the midst of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. At that time, Citigroup was a financial basket-case. It had already received $25 billion from the government’s bailout program known as the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) in October; it was secretly receiving hundreds of billions of dollars more each month in below-market rate, revolving loans from the Federal Reserve — information which the Fed refused to make public despite multiple Freedom of Information Act requests from the media; and Citigroup was just 19 days from more hemorrhaging, requiring an additional government infusion of $20 billion and asset guarantees of more than $300 billion. Citigroup’s stock was at $13.99, a decline of 63 percent in just 12 months and it was on its way to eventually trade as a penny stock, at 99 cents.
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Hillary: Deceit, Debt, & Delusions (Part 2)

Here’s the game being played behind the curtain, never to be revealed by Hillary, Yellen, the captured dying legacy media, or anyone beholden to the establishment for their paycheck or bribe...

Yellen Will Not Be Pleased: Job Openings Miss Most On Record, Tumble To 2015 Levels

Considered Janet Yellen's "favorite job market indicator", today's JOLTS report revealed an unpleasant headline print: in August the number of job openings tumbled by 388K, the most in 12 months, to 5.443 million, the lowest print since December 2015, and the biggest miss to expectations on record which stood at 5.727MM. One reason for the disappointing print may be that last month's data was revised substantially higher to 5.831MM.

Political Risk Strikes US Equities

With just 26 days until the U.S. election, U.S. stock markets are starting to consider the possibility of a dramatic Republican loss - not just the Presidential contest, but the party’s hold on Congress.

Trump Campaign Manager Gives GOP An Ultimatum: "Stop Pussyfooting Around"

“Well we want the support of anybody who’s going to publicly endorse us. But enough of the pussyfooting around."

Even More OPEC Confusion: Unclear Who Cuts First, If Anyone, As Production Hits New Record High

Following yesterday's latest IEA report which showed that OPEC production had hit an all time high, this morning OPEC released its own estimate of production by OPEC member nations for September and, not surprisingly, the latest report showed that in the month OPEC was supposed to be set on "cutting" production, the 14-nation group produced a whopping 33.39 million b/d crude in Sept., up 220k b/d from August.

Professor Slams "Special Snowflakes" Living In "Fantasy World"

"...These precious snowflakes are the children of political correctness, their parents and schools lead them to believe that the world is perfectly moralistic — they don’t live in the real world, it is a fantasy..."

Crude Tumbles After OPEC Raises Doubts Over Cut Timing

Just when everyone thought "oil" was "fixed" the meeting ends and OPEC secretary-general drops this little tape-bomb - BARKINDO: NOT DECIDED WHETHER OPEC WOULD CUT BEFORE NON-OPEC.

British Bond Bloodbath Despite 'Softening' Brexit Sterling Bounce

It appears Theresa May's mild concession to the opposition to debate Brexit has done nothing to stop the selling in bonds as Gilt yields spike to Brexit levels despite a bounce in the pound.

Stocks, Gold Sink As Treasury Yields Spike Above Key Technical Level

The ongoing risk-parity-delveraging is wreaking havoc with mainstream's comprehension of how awesome stocks are. As bond-stock correlations force quant funds to delever, so the selling presssure has pushed 30Y yields above thei 200-day moving average for the first time since January and the overnight bounce in equities has faded quickly as Dow futures near 18,000 again...

Please Assume Crash Positions

The cliff and the gaps both beckon. That few believe Mr. Market can possibly stumble only increases the odds of a stumble.

Deutsche Bank Sells Another $1.5 Billion In Debt At Junk Bond Terms

Taking advantage of an open debt issuance window, overnight Deutsche Bank issued another $1.5 billion in bonds, tapping a $3 billion bond issue that prices last Friday. The reason for the heightened investor interest is that DB agreed to pay a "near junk bond" yield of 4.191%, confirming that while DB sitll has market access it comes at a substantial cost.

"We Didn’t Know Things Were This Bad" - Ericsson Shares Plunge 17% After Shocking Profit Warning

The reason for Ericsson's 17% crash, is that the Swedish network maker reported a surprising slump in third-quarter sales and profitability, warning investors that its business was deteriorating faster than expected, with no turnaround in sight.

Global Stocks Pressured By Weak Earnings, Rate Hike Concerns; Pound Jumps

Global stocks are pressured this morning after a plunge in the Thai stock market and currency on concerns about the king's health and Fed hikes coupled with some more bad news out of Samsung which cut profit estimates by a third, while European stocks are suffering after Swedish telecom giant Ericsson issued a profit warning, sending its shares plunging 17%.

One Giant Powder Keg... And The Fuse Is Already Lit

It’s hard to think of another place that has more tripwires for a global meltdown... When the next global crisis explodes, there’s a good chance Turkey will be involved somehow.

'Anonymous' Remembers "Hillary Clinton, Career Criminal"

Unlike Reuters' political "reporters", it seems the hacker collective "Anonymous" is less impressed by Hillary Clinton's awesomeness. Following Wikileaks' recent release of leaks, Anonymous reminds Americans of the 'career criminal' in a video containing a well researched list of wrong-doings, exposing the actions of Hillary over her career.

Doug Casey: Getting Rich in Today’s World, Debt Bubble to Cause Mining Mania

from Wealth Research Group:

Gold-Fix: ScotiaBank Ordered to Produce Internal Documents

from Silver Doctors:
Last week Marketslant was fortunate enough to break the story on Judge Caproni’s decision in the Gold Fix manipulation case. The decision is a landmark one and changes the landscape forever in commodity manipulation cases. Simply put, things are just getting started now. And today’s news is the first step.
We had received the original document from Kitco News’ Chief Editor “Dani“. Our goal at that time was to strip out the legalese and make the case particulars plain for readers. What was not discussed were the implications of the Judge’s finding for the Plaintiffs. In light of the first discovery demand, we will try to outline the rulings implications.
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One World Currency, The Rise Of The SDR: Jeff Berwick on A Minute To Midnight

from TheDollarVigilante:

VIDEO: French Police Officers Attacked, Set Afire by Muslim Mob

by Pamela Geller, Freedom OutPost:
They’ve gone from burning cars to burning cops.
Hillary has vowed to increase these migrants into this country by 550%. She must be defeated. Trump is our only hope.
This gruesome attack took place at Grande Borne, site of tens of thousands of car burnings by Muslims over a decade ago and home to Am├ędy Coulibaly, the man who killed a policewoman and four people in a kosher supermarket siege during January’s Charlie Hebdo attacks.
The Express: A DOZEN masked thugs set four French police officers on fire yesterday after launching petrol bombs at their cars. The officers were in patrol on the Grande Borne – a notorious housing estate in Paris – at the time of the sickening incident.
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NYC News Anchor: Flashes May ‘Inspire’ a Hillary SEIZURE

from TRU News:
UPDATE [14:09 ET]: A senior official with the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) told TRUNEWS Correspondent Edward Szall that the on-air statement by PIX11 anchor Kirstin Cole was incorrect.
The official said that CPD never spoke with Kirstin Cole. He said the town hall participants in the second presidential debate were not allowed electronic devices because of an established rule, and that the non-participating audience have never been allowed to use flash photography or cell phones during the debate because it can distract the candidates.
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Engage In Sex, Not War — Paul Craig Roberts

by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:
During the sexual scandals of Bill Clinton—the “bimbo eruptions” as Hillary called them—the Democrats and progressive opinion ruled out a person’s sex life as a political factor. Now suddenly nothing more than juvenile locker room banter without the actual sex has become the determinant of political unfitness.
Where did the 11-year old recording of locker room talk between Donald Trump and Billy Bush come from? Who recorded it and kept it for 11 years for what purpose? Why was it released the day prior to the second debate between Trump and Hillary? Was the recording an illegal violation of privacy? What became of the woman who recorded Monica Lewinsky’s confession to her of sex with Bill Clinton? Wasn’t she prosecuted for wiretaping or some such offense? Why was Billy Bush, the relative of two US presidents, suspended from his TV show because of a private conversation with Trump?
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“Credit Squeeze” Planned in China to Deflate Housing Bubble?

by Wolf Richter, Wolf Street:
The governor of the People’s Bank of China chimes in.

All kinds of officials are fretting about the dangers of the housing bubble in China that has been fueled by easy credit that officials have made available last year to stop the implosion of the prior housing bubble.
City by city, they’re grappling with this problem, trying to put a lid on it. Caixin Online reports:
About 20 Chinese cities tightened home purchasing requirements in late September to cool an overheated market, with some prohibiting property developers from selling homes to residents who don’t have a local hukou, or residency registration, and to those who already own more than one home. Other cities have raised the minimum down payment required.
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The Total Amount Of Debt In The World Just Hit A Record $152,000,000,000,000 (152 Trillion)

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:
If anyone ever asks you how much debt there is in the world, now you will know the answer. According to the IMF, the total amount of debt around the globe has now hit a staggering 152 trillion dollars. That is an amount of money that is almost unimaginable, and the IMF says that it is equivalent to 225 percent of global GDP. It is the biggest debt bubble in the history of the planet, and it is rising at an extremely alarming pace. Experts all over the world agree that when this debt bubble finally bursts, it is going to create an economic crisis on a scale that humanity has never seen before.
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RTD Ep:47 “The Dollar Is Already Dead” – Jeff Nielson (Bullion Bulls Canada)

from Rethinking The Dollar:


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