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This weekend the mainstream media is reporting that ‘Germany’s Merkel cannot afford to bail out Deutsche Bank‘, to which we say, yeah no kidding. The $75 Trillion in derivatives on Deutsche bank’s books are sinking the bank like the Titanic, and the situation is terminal. Jim Sinclair and Bill Holter from JS Mneset join me to discuss what Jim says is “the most dangerous period in world history” and as goes Deutsche bank. “so goes the world.”

The Contagion Deutsche Bank Is Spreading Is All About Derivatives

by Pam Martens and Russ Martens, Wall St On Parade:
One day after Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen failed to reassure the House Financial Services Committee that too-big-to-fail banks no longer pose a threat to the U.S. financial system, the stock market settled the debate. Germany’s largest bank had a dizzy spell and Wall Street banks swooned under a collective anxiety attack.
The writing has been on the wall for a very long time that this scenario was going to eventually play out given the lack of serious reform of Wall Street. What was notable about yesterday’s market activity is that among the major Wall Street banks, Goldman Sachs fared worst, falling 2.75 percent, followed by Morgan Stanley which shed 2.30 percent and Citigroup, which lost 2.28 percent.
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"Virtue Signaling"... Or Why Clinton Is In Trouble

Can fear of Trump motivate? Sure it can. But if Brexit taught us anything, it’s the limitations of a fear-based campaign, at least when the fear-mongers are the same smarter-than-thou elites who tsk-tsk their deep and abiding concern for the benighted masses from Davos or Jackson Hole. Status quo candidates don’t win on fear alone.

Deutsche Bank Charged By Italy For Market Manipulation, Creating False Accounts

One day after Deutsche Bank stock soared from all time lows, on the back of what so far appears to have been a fabricated report sourced by AFP which relied on Twitter to "inform it" that the DOJ would reduce its RMBS settlement with the German Lender, today Bloomberg reported that Deutsche Bank and six of its managers were charged in Milan for colluding to falsify the accounts of Italy’s third-biggest bank and manipulate the market.

Blatant Union Greed:Chicago Teachers Set Strike Date Oct 11

There are two words that describe the current state of affairs: Greed and Corruption.

Florida Democrats Outraged Over 'Fried Chicken' Voter Registration Drive

While not too concerned over their party's efforts to register dead voters in Virginia, Democrats are absolutely outraged over an “inherently unfair” and “overtly partisan” voter registration drive at a Chick-fil-A in Florida.

German Mayor Beaten Unconscious After Announcing Plan To Accept Refugees

Before being beaten unconscious over a plan to build housing for asylum seekers, a German mayor received a note warning that “He who will not listen will have to feel.”

Here's The Real Story Of How A Ms.Universe Became Part Of The Presidential Race

Millions of Americans heard the name Alicia Machado for the first time this week in the final minutes of the most-watched presidential debate in history. But there were actually a year’s worth of twists and turns, largely behind the scenes, that led Hillary Clinton to utter the name of the Latina beauty queen...

In Hacked Fundraiser Recording, Hillary Mocks Bernie Supporters "Living In Their Parents’ Basement"

"Some are new to politics completely. They’re children of the Great Recession. And they are living in their parents’ basement. If you’re feeling like you’re consigned to, you know, being a barista... then the idea that maybe, just maybe, you could be part of a political revolution is pretty appealing."

German Media Says Merkel Can Not Afford To Bail Out Deutsche Bank

Angela Merkel cannot afford to bail out Deutsche Bank given the hard line Berlin has taken against state aid in other European nations and the risk of a political backlash at home, a German media chorus blasted on Saturday.

Russia Warns US Military "Aggression" In Syria Would Lead To "Terrible, Tectonic" Consequences

The Russian Foreign Ministry said on Saturday that "U.S. aggression" against the Syrian army "will lead to terrible, tectonic consequences not only on the territory of this country but also in the region on the whole."

Three Reasons Why The Banking System Is Rigged Against You

If there were ever any doubt about how completely RIGGED the banking system is against depositors, allow us to introduce the following...

Judge Denies Attempt To Block Transfer Of Internet Oversight

An Obama-appointed federal judge ruled Friday that the transfer of internet domain systems oversight to an international governing body can move forward, overruling opposition from several state attorneys general and lawmakers.

coming to your neighborhood sooner then you think...

Caught On Tape: Militarized Police Turn Peaceful Native American Protest Into War Zone

Following the activation of the North Dakota National Guard on September 8, peaceful Dakota Access Pipeline protests quickly became flooded with militarized law enforcement. When the situation initially took a turn for the worse earlier this month, journalists on the ground who were broadcasting live video complained Facebook was blocking their streams. Now, videos and images from Wednesday are emerging that show an overwhelmingly militarized response to the peaceful prayer and protest.

Sept 11 Widow Is First American To Sue Saudi Arabia For Terrorism: Her Full Lawsuit

A woman widowed when her husband was killed at the Pentagon on Sept. 11, sued Saudi Arabia just two days after Congress enacted legislation allowing Americans to sue foreign governments for allegedly playing a role in terrorist attacks on U.S. soil. Stephanie Ross DeSimone alleged the kingdom provided material support to al Qaeda and is seeking unspecified compensatory and punitive damages

Revealed: The Orwellian Tools Used By Law Enforcement To Spy On Activists Via Social Media

by Jake Anderson, Activist Post:
Last week, the California ACLU released an alarming report about California law enforcement agencies’ covert use of social media surveillance software. The report compiles records requested of 63 police departments, sheriffs, and district attorneys across the state. The ACLU found over 40% are using the software without any transparency or public disclosure. They also reported law enforcement officers may be using the social media surveillance software in a way that specifically targets activists of color.
The three primary pieces of software cited in the ACLU report are MediaSonar, X1 Social Discovery, and Geofeedia. These tools are marketed to law enforcement agencies as ways to keep track of protesters, particularly protesters and activists of color.
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The Twin Towers of Economic Doom-The American Economy Has Exploded

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:
Would you throw good money after bad? Well, if you are keeping your money in the bank and still paying taxes after reading this, you are throwing away everything you have worked for.
The undeniable and catastrophic truth behind the absolute collapse of the American economy is discussed int his article. America is getting hit with two major economic tsunamis and only a scant few are paying attention.
Catastrophic Statistical Comparisons
Most financial experts agree that there is an 800 pound gorilla in the room that is totally being ignored by the main stream media. The 800 pound gorilla is the college Student Load Program.
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The Roundtable Insight: Macleod, Stoeferle, Boockvar, Townsend On Central Bank Effects

from Financial Repression Authority:

Venezuelan Hospital Keeping Newborn Babies in Cardboard Boxes

by J. D. Heyes, Natural News:
With each passing day the world learns something new and horrifying about the slow, steady economic decline and implosion of socialist Venezuela, and yet its leader, Nicolas Maduro, remains committed to the “revolution” that is destroying that once-vibrant South American oil producer.
Now, as reported by CNN, pictures released recently by the country’s political opposition show something you’d never expect to see in a modern hospital nursery: images of newborn babies sleeping in cardboard boxes, all lined up on a counter.
According to the opposition group, a hospital employee took the photos and passed them along.
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Trump’s Mic SABOTAGED – Admits Debate Commission Audio Engineer – Causing “Sniffling” Effect

from Mark Dice:

Straight Talk From Syria’s UN Envoy

by Stephen Lendman, The Sleuth Journal:
Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari is a longtime distinguished Syrian diplomat, a political science and history of Islamic civilization expert, fluent in Arabic, English, French and Farsi, author of five scholarly books – including on Syrian foreign affairs, as well as the UN and new world order.
He’s been active in Syrian foreign affairs since 1980, serving in numerous capacities, representing his nation with distinction – polar opposite a criminal cabal holding diplomatic and other positions in Washington, other Western capitals infested the same way.
US, UK and French UN envoys disgracefully boycotted his Sunday Security Council remarks on Obama’s war raping and destroying his country – walking out on him one of countless examples of imperial arrogance.
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Deutsche Bank Collapse: The Most Important Bank In Europe Is Facing A Major ‘Liquidity Event’

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:
The largest and most important bank in the largest and most important economy in Europe is imploding right in front of our eyes. Deutsche Bank is the 11th biggest bank on the entire planet, and due to the enormous exposure to derivatives that it has, it has been called “the world’s most dangerous bank“. Over the past year, I have repeatedly warned that Deutsche Bank is heading for disaster and is a likely candidate to be “the next Lehman Brothers”. If you would like to review, you can do so here, here and here. On September 16th, the Wall Street Journal reported that the U.S. Department of Justice wanted 14 billion dollars from Deutsche Bank to settle a case related to the mis-handling of mortgage-backed securities during the last financial crisis. As a result of that announcement, confidence in the bank has been greatly shaken, the stock price has fallen to record lows, and analysts are warning that Deutsche Bank may be facing a “liquidity event” unlike anything that we have seen since the collapse of Lehman Brothers back in 2008.
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