Sunday, October 30, 2016

Doug Band To John Podesta: "If This Story Gets Out, We Are Screwed"

"John, I would appreciate your feedback and any suggestions I'm also starting to worry that if this story gets out, we are screwed."

Clinton Manager Mook Lied About Creamer Relationship, Podesta Emails Reveal

"Hey Neera, Just wanted to pass along this note I sent to Bob Creamer, who as you may know is consulting for the DNC and is close to Robby Mook."

PLEASE HELP... Use ANY Social Media Possible...And Thank You to those already helping...
We are being severely censored... Please forward this link to everyone possible...Thank You

Social Media Blackout? FBI Emails Are Not 'Trending' On Twitter, Facebook, Buzzfeed, Or Snapchat

They are not known as 'weapons of mass distraction' for nothing...

BREAKING: Donald Trump Attorney Looking for Homeless Woman Beaten By Hillary Clinton Supporters in Hollywood

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:
The attorney for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is looking for the homeless Black woman seen on video being attacked by a mob of Hillary Clinton supporters as she protected Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame after it was sledgehammered by a Clinton supporter earlier this week.
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ABC / Wapo Clinton "Lead" Shrinks To 1-Point As New York Times Sees 4-Point Trump Advantage In Florida

A look at the latest polls from around the country that show Trump opening up leads in some key swing states even before the latest FBI bombshell gets factored into the results.

Could Venezuela Become The Next Syria?

It’s such a travesty that a nation as resource-rich as Venezuela could allow itself to rot from within. Its descent into chaos should serve as just the latest cautionary tale to other countries that are willing to risk stability and prosperity for even more socialism.

Sterling Set To Slide: BOE Declines To Dismiss Speculation Carney May Announce Decision To Leave

The FT is out with a report that suggests Carney's tenure at the BOE may indeed be coming to an end, when it reported that "the BoE declined on Sunday to dismiss speculation that the governor might announce his decision this week alongside the quarterly inflation report."

"Things Have Become Quite Precarious"

"Undeniably, Yellen’s main accomplishment is that she primes the pump for Wall Street and the big banks so they can siphon off the accrued livelihood of the hoi polloi.  All the while she mucks around with the lives of hundreds of millions of people in ways that only the most ardent of central planners could find pleasure slobbering over."

I'll bet the little Weiner...Dicks around...

Anthony Weiner Said To Be Cooperating With FBI Investigation

Former FBI Asst. Director Accuses Clintons Of Being A "Crime Family"

The Clintons, that’s a crime family. It’s like organized crime, basically. The Clinton Foundation is a cesspool." James Kallstrom added that “It’s just outrageous how Hillary Clinton sold her office for money. And she’s a pathological liar, and she’s always been a liar. And God forbid if we put someone like that in the White House."

Podesta Part 23: Wikileaks Releases Another 700 Emails; Total Is Now 36,891

Down the final stretch in the presidential race which has just over one week left, Wikileaks continues its ongoing broadside attack against the Clinton campaign with the relentless Podesta dump, by unveiling another 701 emails in the latest, Part 23 of its Podesta release, bringing the total emails released so far to exactly 36,891.

"It's As If The Whole City Fell Down" - Towns Collapse After Strongest Quake In 35 Years Hits Italy

FBI Found "Tens Of Thousands Of Emails" Belonging To Huma Abedin On Weiner's Laptop

"The bureau told Congress on Friday that it had uncovered new emails related to the Clinton case — one federal official said they numbered in the tens of thousand."

Remove ALL benefits including Medical Coverage, Security and Retirements from ANY Publicly paid employee who Pleads the Fifth Amendment...

Attorney General Lynch 'Pleads Fifth' On Secret Iran 'Ransom' Payments

"Who knew that simple questions regarding Attorney General Lynch’s approval of billions of dollars in payments to Iran could be so controversial that she would refuse to answer them? ...This has become the Obama administration’s coping mechanism for anything related to the Islamic Republic of Iran - hide information, obfuscate details, and deny answers to Congress and the American people."

China's Blowing Out TED-Spread Has Traders Bracing For A Cash Shortage

Traders in China’s interest-rate swap market are bracing for a cash shortage as the central bank cools an overheated property market, sending the local TED-spread to the widest since July 2015.

Like A “Concentration Camp” Police Mark DAPL Protesters With Numbers And Lock Them In Dog Kennels

by Claire Bernish, Activist Post:
On Thursday, police from no less than five states sporting full riot gear and armed with heavy lethal and nonlethal weaponry, pepper spray, mace, a number of ATVs, five tanks, two helicopters, and military-equipped Humvees showed up to tear down an encampment of Standing Rock Sioux water protectors and supporters armed with … nothing.
Under orders from the now-notorious Morton County Sheriff’s Office, this ridiculously heavy-handed standing army came better prepared to do battle than some actual military units fighting overseas.
But the target of their operation — a group of slightly more than 200 Native American water protectors and supporters opposing construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline — never intended to do battle with the armed, taxpayer-funded, corporate-backed, state-sponsored aggressors.
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Questions Obama needs to answer
from The Millions Will Rise:

More Bang for the Buck

by F. William Engdahl, New Eastern Outlook:
More bang for the buck is the most apt description when we compare spending of the United States Government with that of the Government of the Russian Federation on its defense sector and military technology development. A closer look at the two budgets reveals the huge fault line that cuts across the entire US economy today. It also mirrors the true collapse of the American hegemon as a world power. It need not have been.
In the official Fiscal Year 2017 the US Department of Defense officially requested $523.9 billion in what they call “discretionary funding,” as in, “we use it as we please, no independent audit allowed.” Another $58.8 billion was requested for so-called Overseas Contingency Operations, typical Pentagon-speak for wars everywhere from Afghanistan to Syria to military operations around the South China sea. That made an official total of $583 billion requested and granted by a docile Congress.
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The Director of the FBI Reopens the Hillary Case — Paul Craig Roberts

by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:
Word has reached me from Washington that the FBI has reopened the Hillary case of her violation of US National Security protocols, not because of the content of the new email releases, but because voter support for Trump seems to be overwhelming, while Hillary has cancelled appearances due to inability to muster a crowd. The popular vote leaves the FBI far out on the limb for its corrupt clearance of Hillary. The agency now has to redeem itself.
I myself do not know what precisely to think. Having been at the top of the Washington hierarchy for a quarter century, I have seen many mistaken judgments. At one time I had subpoena power over the CIA and was able to inform President Reagan that the CIA had misled him. He took note and proceeded with his policy of ending the Cold War with the Soviets. On other issues I have been mistaken, because I assumed that there was more integrity in government than actually exists.
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Italy’s Banking System on Verge of Nervous Breakdown

by Wolf Richter, Wolf Street:
The “Doom Loop” resurges.
One of the best indicators of whether a financial crisis is in full swing is when senior insiders begin to lose it in public. That’s precisely what happened in Italy on Thursday when Italian senior banker Giuseppe Guzzetti gave a speech at a conference in honor of World Savings Day, an international event that, unbeknownst to 99.9% of mankind, takes place every year on Halloween (Oct. 31).
During his address, Guzzetti admitted that Atlante II — one of two bad bank funds created to provide much-needed support to Italy’s crumbling banking sector (the other being its predecessor, Atlante I) — is chronically underfunded. The fund, set up in the spring to help Italy’s most fragile banks, in particular Monte dei Paschi, remove some of the most toxic debt off their balance sheets, has experienced six intense months of activity, “but is now out of breath,” Guzzetti lamented.
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The Kim Dotcom Theory

from Rush
RUSH: This is Jim in World Series Chicago. Great to have you on the program, sir. Hello.
CALLER: Thanks, Rush. I appreciate it. I think I can connect a few the dots here for you on the FBI investigation. Let me give you a little background just very quickly. Your question: Why now for the FBI? WikiLeaks has been releasing these emails and they have been progressively getting worse as they have been going along. But, as you recall, they’ve only been about Hillary. They haven’t been her emails, and that’s been the big thing, not her personal emails. Now, there’s a guy on Twitter, he’s a genius, Kim Dotcom. I sent you an email link of his stuff.
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FBI Sued Over Records of Clinton’s Loretta Lynch Meeting, Reopens Clinton Email Probe

from Sputnik:
A government watchdog group has announced a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the FBI in order to obtain records related to Hillary Clinton’s email server scandal, its investigation and Bill Clinton’s controversial July meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch.
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Video: ’Oh God!’ Joe Biden Learns Anthony Weiner Behind Renewed FBI Investigation of Hillary Clinton

by Kristinn Taylor, The Gateway Pundit:
Vice President Joe Biden could not hide his reaction when told during an interview with CNN that aired late Friday night that disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner, the estranged husband of close Clinton aide Huma Abedin, was reportedly behind the renewed FBI investigation into Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.
Host Michael Smerconish asked Biden about the renewed FBI investigation. Biden said he did not know where the new emails came from. Smerconish said, “Apparently, Anthony Weiner.”
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