Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Hillary "Can’t Recall" Suggesting A Drone Strike On Julian Assange...

Hillary Clinton repeatedly could not “recall” the answers to 27 different questions from the FBI about her private email server and communications habits when interviewed in July. Now she can't recall if she also suggested droning Julian Assange.

Guccifer 2.0 Hack Exposes Clinton Foundation ‘Pay-to-Play’

from TRU News:
Guccifer 2.0 has released a detailed dossier of 100,000 files hacked from the Clinton Foundation server.
(VERO BEACH, FL) Documents reportedly hacked from the Clinton Foundation servers have identified major Democratic donors and troubling ties between TARP aid given to banks and their political contributions. One folder is outright labeled “Pay to Play.”
A Hacker calling himself “Guccifer 2.0,” who claimed responsibility for previous breaches of the Democratic National Committee and the congressional Democrats, published the documents on Tuesday afternoon ahead of the vice-presidential debates.
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Brexit Mastermind Farage Resumes Leadership Of UKIP As Replacement Quits After 18 Days

Just 18 days after she took the mantle of running the UK Independence Party, Diane James has stepped down - citing personal reasons for her decision - leaving Nigel Farage stepping back in as 'acting leader'. But, as SkyNews reports, MEP Farage ruled out re-applying on a permanent basis for what he called a "rotten job".

5 Stories The Mainstream Media Ignored While Reporting On Kim Kardashian's Robbery

One of the saving graces of the ailing corporate media - for the folks setting the agenda, anyhow - is its relentless ability to hyper-focus the public’s attention on altogether meaningless events.

DOJ Drops Charges Against Arms Dealer Who "Threatened To Expose" Hillary Arming Islamic Extremists

According to an associate of arms dealer, Marc Turi, the government dropped the case because the proceedings could have embarrassed Clinton and President Barack Obama by "calling attention to the reported role of their administration in supplying weapons that fell into the hands of Islamic extremist militants."

Hillary Should Ask Jamie Dimon What Kind of Genius Loses $6.2 Billion

by Pam Martens and Russ Martens, Wall St On Parade:
Yesterday, building on the momentum afforded her by a series of articles in the New York Times, Hillary Clinton asked the audience at a campaign stop in Toledo, Ohio: “What kind of genius loses a billion dollars in one year.” Clinton was referring to the New York Times revelation on Sunday that Donald Trump’s 1995 tax return showed a loss of $916 million. (See video clip below.)
If Hillary really wants to know what kind of genius can lose a billion dollars in one year or $6.2 billion in the case of traders at JPMorgan Chase, she should ask the bank’s CEO Jamie Dimon. The $6.2 billion London Whale loss at JPMorgan Chase is far more scintillating a feat since it involved wild derivative gambles in London in 2012 using the taxpayer-backstopped, insured savings deposits at the largest bank in the U.S. The U.S. Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations conducted an in-depth investigation and report of the matter. The Chairman of the Subcommittee at the time, Senator Carl Levin, stated that JPMorgan “piled on risk, hid losses, disregarded risk limits, manipulated risk models, dodged oversight, and misinformed the public.”
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Bill Blain: "If The ECB’s Bond Buying Largesse Is Over Get Set For The European Debt Crisis Part Two"

With the rumor, or at least trial balloon, of an ECB taper rocking bond markets and pushing EM equities lower, a dire forecast has emerged from Mint Partners' head of capital markets Bill Blain who in his latest note warns that "if the ECB’s trillion-billion bond buying largesse is over – then get set for the European sovereign debt crisis Part Two as markets focus back on debt fundamentals."

FYI...Your in a Depression...

BofA Says It Has Found Evidence Of An "Imminent Recession"

"In examining some of some of our favorite indicators’ recent trends, we did find evidence for an imminent recession. While the range of signals is wide, in aggregate they do suggest that, if data were to continue to weaken in line with the recent pace, history would point to a recession in the second half of 2017"

Bond Yields, Dollar Spike As 'Survey' Data Sends Nov Rate Hike Odds To Record Highs

"Soft" survey data from ISM appears to have trumped "hard" data from construction spending and factory orders, juicing expectations for a rate-hike in November to around 30% - the highest since The Fed began its so-called normalization cycle. The USD Index and bond yields are jumping on the news, stocks are unclear, and silver and gold are slipping further.

WTI Tests $50 On Another Surprise Inventory Draw, Production Cut

Following last night's surprisingly large draw from API (-7.6mm vs +1.5mm exp), DOE reported a smaller 2.976mm draw (but still a draw). Cushing saw a bigger than expected (and API) build but Gasoline stocks rose less than expected (and API). Crude production fell modestly week-over-week, but hoveres around 8.5mm b/d. Crude prices dropped, then ramped towards $50...

"October Surprise": Is Trump About To Release His Tax Returns?

It has been one of the biggest mysteries of the presidential debate, but - according to one calculation - it may be resolved in as little as two weeks. According to the WSJ, Donald Trump may have "one last tax card to play", and it’s a doozy: his 2015 tax return.

Factory Orders Decline For 22th Straight Month - Longest Non-Recessionary Streak In US History

Fiction, peddled...

Trump Gets Unexpected Momentum Boost From Pence "Debate Victory"

While we found it hard to call a winner in last night's VP "interruptionfest"debate, others were quicker to note that it was Trump who was the biggest beneficiary. As the Hill noted overnight, Donald Trump got help from an unexpected quarter on Tuesday night as Hillary Clinton's running mate, Tim Kaine, delivered an uneven performance in the year's sole vice presidential debate, adding that "stylistically at least, Trump's vice presidential nominee, Mike Pence, was the clear winner of the encounter."

ISM Services Jumps Most In History Despite "Business Optimism At Lowest Level Since Financial Crisis"

The last two times ISM Services jumped this much, the US economy crashed into recession imminently...

"Janet's With Her" - The Fed & Politics

The Fed has acted in favor of the few and to the detriment of the many. It, along with its employees, bosses, cronies, and drinking buddies, is firmly ensconced among the “One Percent” of the Washington-Manhattan axis. Rather than recognize any “conflict of interest,” it ignores its own biases in order to keep the racket going.

Capital Flight Intensifies From Italy, Spain

The ECB statistical data warehouse released Target2 Balance figures today. The numbers are reflective of intensifying capital flight in Italy and Spain.

Banks With $12 Trillion In Assets Threatened By Persistent "Shocks", IMF Finds

The global economic recovery would still leave about a quarter of banks in developed countries too weak to support further growth and susceptible to future shocks. This means that banks controlling about $12 trillion of assets would remain vulnerable during a rosy economic environment marked by faster economic activity, rising interest rates and declining defaults

"Wrong Way Gartman"

Gartman On The Gold Carnage: "We Have Wounds To Lick And Heal"

"Do we think gold is overdone on the downside; yes, we do indeed, but so much technical damage has been wrought that any bounces toward $1292-$1297 will prove to be formidable resistance on a first bounce. For now, we have wounds to lick and heal."

As WTI Nears $50, Is The Oil Price War Finally Over?

“This is the end of the production war – OPEC claims victory!” cheered Phil Flynn, an analyst at Price Futures Group in Chicago. He told Reuters, “The cartel proved that it still matters, even in the age of shale.” It’s more likely, however, a reluctant acknowledgement of a very simple truth – Saudi Arabia’s oil policy isn’t working.

US Trade Deficit Unexpectedly Grows In August, Pressuring Q3 GDP

While the recently reported advance trade data showed a far better than expected recent trade picture for the US, today's official international trade data showed another modest disappointment, with the US trade deficit in August growing from an upward revised $39.6 billion to $40.7 billion, well above the expected $39.3 billion, as imports increased more than exports. The goods deficit decreased less than $0.1 billion in August to $60.3 billion. The services surplus decreased $1.2 billion in August to $19.6 billion.

ADP Employment Tumbles Near 3-Year Lows As Manufacturing Slump Continues

The US economy added 154k jobs in September according to ADP, missing expectations of 165k and down from 175k revised lower in August. This is the weakest print since April as manfacturing slows (down 6k) once again, near 3 year lows.

Russia Delivers Anti-Aircraft Missiles To Syria As US Mulls Airstrikes Against Assad

A battery of Russian S-300 air defense missile launchers has been transported to Syria, Russia’s Defense Ministry said in a statement. Its sole purpose is to defend a Russian naval base and warships, the ministry added.

European, EM Stocks Slide On ECB Taper Concerns; US Futures Flat

With China on holiday, overnight sessions remain relatively quiet: at this moment, S&P500 futures are little changed as European stocks fall for first day in seven, on yesterday's concern that the ECB is moving toward tightening monetary policy; Asian indices rose slightly for third day. WTI climbs to $49.40, the highest since June 30 after yesterday's surprisingly large API crude draw report.

The Eurasian Century is Now Unstoppable

by F. William Engdahl, New Eastern Outlook:
I recently returned from a fascinating two week speaking tour in China. The occasion was the international premier of my newest book, One Belt, One Road–China and the New Eurasian Century. In the course of my visit I was invited by China’s Northwest University in Xi’an to give a lecture and seminar on the present global political and economic situation in the context of China’s New Economic Silk Road as the One Belt, One Road project is often called. What I’ve seen in my many visits to China, and have studied about the entirety of this enormously impressive international infrastructure project convinces me that a Eurasian Century at this point is unstoppable.
The idiotic wars of the Washington war-hawks and their military industry–in Syria, in Ukraine, Libya, Iraq and now the South China Sea provocations against China–are not going to stop what is now clearly the most impressive and economically altering project in more than a century.
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The INVISIBLE CRASH – Mike Maloney Previews Episode 7 Hidden Secrets of Money

from GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney):

Hungarians Tell European Union They Can Keep Their Muslims, Vote 98% AGAINST Forced Muslim Quotas For Their Country

by Walid Shoebat, Freedom OutPost:
The divide between East and West, Christian and Muslim just became deeper after not only the Hungarians voted against the European Union’s Muslim “quotas” for Hungary, but they rejected it by an overwhelming 98% margin:
98.3% of Hungarian voters have rejected mandatory EU asylum seeker quotas in a referendum proposed by PM Viktor Orban. But the opposition boycott of Sunday’s ballot appears to have worked, as turnout failed to clear the key 50 percent threshold.
Only 1.7 percent of the voters answered ‘Yes’ to the question “Do you want the European Union to be able to mandate the obligatory resettlement of non-Hungarian citizens into Hungary even without the approval of the National Assembly?”
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Donald Trump Remains 4.7% Ahead of Hillary, as Clinton’s “Smear Campaign” Fails Horribly – Nathan McDonald

by Nathan McDonald, Sprott Money:
ince Hillary’s literal collapse witnessed around the world on September 11th, during the 9/11 memorial, Hillary’s campaign has been in free-fall.
On September 12th, Donald Trump overtook her in the widely-watched general election polls hosted by the Los Angeles Times and since that time, Hillary and her campaign staff have been attacking Trump from every angle, calling on the masses to ” dig up ” any dirt they can find on their opposition.
This strategy has largely been a bust, and the only information that they have thus far been able to find and make stick has been a story from 20 years ago. This story has made international headlines and is of course about the former Ms. Universe Alicia Machado, in which he called “Ms Piggy”, following her rapid weight gain after winning the contest.
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The Bond Market Is Flashing Red, Something Is About To Happen

from X22Report:

Gold & Silver Slammed At Comex Open: Something Bad Is Coming

by Dave Kranzler, Investment Research Dynamics:
This is starting to smell a lot like 2008. By nearly all private sector reported economic data series, the economy is starting to tank hard. Just today the employment component index of the NY ISM manufacturing report plunged at its fastest pace in history and hit a 7-yr low. A bevy of private sector reports yesterday showed similar trends. Most notably construction spending fell in August – vs. a .7% gain expected. It was the second month in row construction spending declined after a big downward revision pushed July into a decline vs. June. Construction spending is now contracting for the first time in 5 years.
But there’s an even bigger problem to throw in the mix. It’s called “Deutshce Bank.” Despite inexorable pleas to the market by CEO, John Cryan, DB is exhibiting ALL of the characteristics displayed by Lehman in the months leading up to Lehman’s collapse. If DB were forced to undergo an independent – and by independent I mean non-Central Bank, impartial outside third party – audit and a bona fide mark to market of its off-balance sheet “assets,” the bank would be catastrophically insolvent. As it is now, the stock market values DB stock at just 26% of DB’s stated “book value.” It’s true book value is likely negative by at least few $100 billion.
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