Monday, October 10, 2016

Trump Lives to Fight Another Day Thanks To Just Five Words...

"...because you'd be in jail"

Carl Icahn Defends Trump, Slams Hypocrisy Of High-Level People "Outraged By Locker Room Talk"

"It's amazing that everyone is outraged by something that everyone knows is going on in every locker room in the country...over my years I've listened to a lot of salacious talk in locker rooms, bachelor parties etc. by a lot of high-level people, some of whom are now supposedly so outraged."


from The Next News Network:


Another "Hot Mic" Snafu: Was CNN Caught On Tape Coaching Its Debate Focus Group?

In the latest "hot mic" incident CNN may have accidentally caught itself coaching a member of its post-debate focus group how to respond to a question following last night's debate.

CNN Faked Undecided Voters Focus Group / Live Poll to Help Hillary

from Mark Dice:

Article 50 "Perfectly Timed" For Turmoil

Politically speaking, May knows precisely what she is doing. The date was carefully timed, precisely to put pressure on Angela Merkel...

Debate Post-Mortem: Trump Crushes Clinton - "You Should Be In Jail"

From the no-handshake start, following the most awkward Bill-Melania pre-debate greeting, it was clear the gloves were off. Lashing out at Bill's indiscretions "his actions are worse than words", Hillary's lying "you should be in jail... I will call for a special prosecutor", and the biases of the moderators"it's one of three here" even the crowd cheered.. before being quickly shushed. Online polls, unbiased commentators, and the Mexican Peso agreed Trump won.

Summarizing The Second Presidential Debate, For Dummies

Martha: But really, Hillary - what's up with the emails you sneaky fuck.
Trump: Of course - anything to divert from this question, you crooked shrew.
Clinton: Anything to divert from your campaign, you incompressible jizztrumpet.

Here’s Where the Next Bank Deposit “Bail-In” Will Strike…

by Nick Giambruno, International Man:
One shot from a pistol pierced the night right before Antonio Bedin collapsed, dead.
Antonio, a 67 year-old retired Italian, had just committed suicide. He was plagued by health problems and by the loss of his savings.
Last year, four small Italian banks became insolvent and immediately needed capital. They turned to a bail-in.
Antonio was one of thousands of small savers who were wiped out. Antonio lost everything. Then he shot himself.
He wasn’t alone.
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Venezuelan Medical Collapse: 1 in 3 People Admitted to Hospital Die from Medicine Shortages

by J. D. Heyes, Natural News:
Venezuela’s experiment in socialism continues to wreak havoc on the country’s economy and its people, to the point now where one-third of those admitted to hospitals – even for minor scrapes – die from shortages of key medicines.
The Associated Press reported recently that if the South American nation – once the hemisphere’s richest and most successful – has collapsed into such an economic basket case that it is now difficult enough for even the healthy to get by. The sick and injured often have nothing to look forward to except death.
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UBS Chairman Warns Central Bank Intervention Is Forcing Investors "To Make Bad Choices With Their Money"

"...I don't think a single trader can tell you what the appropriate price of an asset he buys is, if you take out all this central bank intervention... it is a sure reminder of where we were in 2007."

"Verbal Stimulus" Sends Oil To 1-Year Highs... Now What?

Thanks to the miracle of "verbal stimulus" oil prices have recovered to their highest since July 2015... But what happens next?

Goldman Tells Clients To Go To Cash As "Growth Shocks" Are Coming

"In the recent environment of low volatility, and with high valuations across assets, we are inclined to keep cash reserves to take advantage of more attractive entry points in case of shocks. Potential ‘growth shocks’ continue to loom until year-end as political risks remain elevated, given the upcoming US presidential elections and Italian referendum, and the UK government’s plan to trigger Article 50 by March 2017."

BTFD! One Chart Shows Why This Is The Only Strategy That Matters

We've all been told to BTFD. Now, we finally have a chart to remind us why this is truly the only strategy that matters in these "markets."

Twitter is in the Shitter...

Twitter Tanks As Deal Dead-Cat-Bounce Dies

From hype to hope to nope. Twitter shares are extending losses (down 12%) and have erased all post-deal-rumor gains...

Key Events In The Coming Week

In the US focus will be on the market's reaction to the second presidential debate, FOMC Minutes but also retail sales, import and producer prices and Michigan sentiment. We also hear from various Fed speakers throughout the week, and Chair Yellen gives a keynote speech on Friday.

Saudi Arabia Launches Bond Deal As Oil Spikes Above $50 On Latest Chatter Of Russia, Saudi Output Freeze

Oil prices are rebounding from their Friday drop as first the Saudis, then Russia dropped more hints at the potential for maybe, possibly, kinda, sorta considering an output freeze...

Ballistic Missiles Fired By Yemen Rebels At Saudi Arabia Land Near US Destroyer

Two missiles fired from rebel-held territory in Yemen landed near an American destroyer in the Red Sea, the U.S. Navy said Monday, the second such launch targeting ships in the crucial international waterway in recent days. AP reports that the missile launches Sunday came as a ballistic missile fired from Yemen apparently targeted a Saudi air base near the Muslim holy city of Mecca, the deepest strike yet into the kingdom by Shiite rebels and their allies.

German Bond Yields Spike As Investors 'Flee' To Safety Of Most Systemically Dangerous Bank In The World

With US Treasury markets closed, all eyes are on Bunds which are pushing on further above the cruclal 0.00% they broke Friday. Touching 5bps (yield) today, 10Y yields are nearing the upper bound of their post-Brexit range... as Deutsche Bank is bid.

ECB Allowed Deutsche Bank To Cheat In Latest Stress Test, FT Reports

As part of the July stress tests results, which "promised to restore faith in Europe’s banks by assessing all of their finances in the same way" Deutsche Bank’s result was boosted by a "special concession" agreed to by Mario Draghi: DB's results included the $4 billion in proceeds from selling its stake in Chinese lender Hua Xia even though the deal had not been done by the end of 2015, the official cut-off point for transactions to be included.

Stocks Levitate After Dramatic Debate; Yuan Tumbles To 6 Year Low; Bonds Closed For Columbus Day

While the entire nation was transfixed on last night's latest, and most scandalous yet "debate", in which there was little actual debating and a lot of talking points and character assassination attempts, index futures were little changed throughout Sunday's 90 minutes event, suggesting that no clear winner had emerged on either side.

Hungary To Amend Constitution, Block EU Migrant Plan

"Brussels or Budapest, that was the question, and the people said Budapest."

"It's About Time For Recession" Property Manager Warns As Rents Drop "For First Time In Career"

More evidence that housing prices and rental rates in America's largest cities are on the verge of collapse...

Newly Leaked Emails Reveal Unprecedented Coordination Between Hillary Campaign And Press

New leaked emails reveal the very tight relationships between the mainstream media and the Hillary Clinton campaign

Paul Ryan Tells House GOP He Will Not Defend Or Campaign With Donald Trump

Moments ago, Politico's Jake Sherman tweeted that while there was no formal decision, Paul Ryan announced that he won't defend Trump and "will focus the next 28 days on keeping the House majority"

Carl Icahn Shuts Trump Taj Mahal After 26 Years Of Operation; 3,000 Union Workers Lose Their Jobs

The Trump Taj Mahal, which Donald Trump opened 26 years ago calling it "the eighth wonder of the world", officially closed today. To be sure, the now defunct structure had no trace of ownership to Trump, and instead was until yesterday owned by Trump's friend and fellow billionaire Carl Icahn, who closed the casino on Monday morning, making it the fifth casualty of Atlantic City's casino crisis. Nearly 3,000 workers lost their jobs, bringing the total jobs lost by Atlantic City casino closings to 11,000 since 2014.

World Gone Mad, Part 2: “Perpetual Preferred”

by John Rubino, Dollar Collapse:
Towards the end of a credit bubble, ideas that might have seemed crazy in more boring times are not just accepted but embraced by investors desperate to keep the high that comes from effortless bull-market profits.
In the junk bond bubble of the late 1980s, for instance, there was the “PIK preferred,” a kind of stock/bond hybrid that paid its holders in more securities (PIK stood for “payment in kind”). Companies could issue them with zero near-term cash flow consequence while credulous investors bought them for their “high yields.”
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Every Time THIS Has Happened Before, A Financial Crisis Followed!

from The Money GPS:

Russian Foreign Minister Says US is Not Fighting Al-Nusra in Syria

from Sputnik News:
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that Moscow does not see any signs that the US fighting the Al-Nusra terrorist group in Syria.
Moscow “doesn’t see any facts that the US is seriously battling Al-Nusra [now known as Jabhat Fateh al-Sham],” Lavrov said in an interview to Channel One Russia on Sunday.
He said that American fighter jets return to their air bases with unspent ammunition. The jets make a lot of flights but their efficiency is very low, about 15-20%. Washington even called on Moscow to cease bombing runs in Aleppo, because “there are also allegedly representatives of the “moderate opposition,” who are surrounded and have nowhere to go except to Al-Nusra,” he said.
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Australia Considers Precrime Indefinite Detention

by Kurt Nimmo, Activist Post:
Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has introduced legislation that would keep prisoners convicted of terrorism offenses locked up indefinitely.
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EXCLUSIVE: New Email Leak Reveals Clinton Campaign’s Cozy Mainstream Press Relationship

by Glenn Greenwald, Lee Fang, The Intercept:
INTERNAL STRATEGY DOCUMENTS and emails among Clinton staffers shed light on friendly and highly useful relationships between the campaign and various members of the U.S. media, as well as the campaign’s strategies for manipulating those relationships.
The emails were provided to The Intercept by the source identifying himself as Guccifer 2.0, who was reportedly responsible for prior significant hacks, includingone that targeted the Democratic National Committee and resulted in theresignations of its top four officials. On Friday, Obama administration officials claimed that Russia’s “senior-most officials” were responsible for that hack and others, although they provided no evidence for that assertion.
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