Sunday, October 2, 2016

Some Deutsche Bank Clients Unable To Access Cash Due To "IT Outage"

Deutsche Bank suffered a further blow to its image over the weekend with a third alleged "IT outage" in the space of a few months on Saturday, that prevented some customers getting access to their money for a short time: "Customers can not access their cash because it is blocked", a customer complained to Germany's Handelsblatt.

About That Deutsche "Settlement" Rumor: Cryan Hasn't Even Started Negotiations With The DOJ

Deutsche Bank executives are heading to the United States in the coming days to negotiate a settlement over a fine of up to $14 billion for misselling mortgage-backed securities, the Frankfurter Allegemeine Zeitung reported. This means that Friday's rumor presenting the settlement renegotiation between DB and the DOJ as a done deal, was the latest unsubstantiated media hoax meant to push risk assets higher.

It’s Not Just Deutsche Bank. The Entire Financial Sector Is Sick

by John Rubino, Dollar Collapse:
These are great times for financial assets — and by implication for finance companies that make and sell them, right?
Alas, no. Just the opposite. Each part of the FIRE (finance, insurance, real estate) economy is imploding as “modern” finance hits the wall.
Interest rates, for instance, have fallen for three decades…
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Wikileaks Cancels Highly Anticipated Tuesday Announcement Due To "Security Concerns"

Wikileaks has abruptly canceled a much-anticipated announcement on Tuesday, according to NBC News. The announcement had been expected to be founder Julian Assange’s long-promised document dump on Hillary Clinton. NBC’s Jesse Rodriguez reported that the Tuesday announcement was canceled due to "security concerns."


by James Perloff,

(1) Why did Lester Holt confront Trump with accusations and disagreements, while never once displaying even a hint of negativity toward Hillary?
The following 7-minute video, containing all of Holt’s remarks, lets the double standard speak for itself:
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by Melissa Dykes, The Daily Sheeple:
As if Hillary hadn’t already alienated half the country with her “Basket of Deplorables” comment, now hacked audio released of a speech Hillary gave at a fundraiser she attended in February has her referring to Bernie supporters as ‘parental basement dwellers’ who are buying into the false promises of free college and healthcare… one of which Hillary herself has been promising here lately.
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The Next Great Depression Is Going To Be A Collapse Of Bonds And Governments:Martin Armstrong

from X22Report Spotlight:

Clinton Campaign Admits Hillary Used Same Tax Avoidance "Scheme" As Trump

Well this is a little awkward. With the leaked 1995 Trump tax returns 'scandal' focused on the billionaire's yuuge "net operating loss" and how it might have 'legally' enabled him to pay no taxes for years, we now discover none other than Hillary Rodham Clinton utilized a $700,000 "loss" to avoid paying some taxes in 2015.

The Situation in Syria is Very, Very Dangerous

by Michael Krieger, Liberty Blitzkrieg:
In case you haven’t been paying attention, the recent Syria ceasefire lasted barely a week. While all sides engaged in the conflict were accusing the other of violating the agreement from the beginning, it really unraveled when U.S. forces bombed Syrian government forces, killing at least 62.
As CNN reported at the time:
Hours after US-led coalition airstrikes reportedly killed dozens of Syrian troops, the US and Russian ambassadors to the United Nations chastised each other outside an emergency Security Council meeting.
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Fukushima Radiation Has Contaminated The Entire Pacific Ocean (And It's Going To Get Worse)

The Fukushima nuclear disaster has contaminated the world's largest ocean in only five years and it's still leaking 300 tons of radioactive waste every day.

How Do We Create Value When Knowledge Is Almost Free?

How do we create value in an economy that is increasingly dependent on knowledge? The answer is complicated by the reality that knowledge is increasingly digital and "unownable" and therefore almost free. Financialization as a substitute for creating value has run its course.

Trump "Deep Throat" Emerges: Someone Leaks Donald's '95 Tax Filing To The NYT

Pensioners Beware - Brits Considering First Step Toward Slashing Pension Benefits

That might be the price for survival now.  The aim is survival now, which gives you flexibility in the longer run."

Giuliani Rages That Mainstream Media Has Lost Its Mind Over Trump's NOLs

"Does that mean the rest of who don't look for every possible loophole and provisions to avoid paying our fair share of taxes...does that mean the rest of us are stupid?"

US Attorney General Finally Admits Weed Isn't A Gateway Drug... But Prescription Pills Are

While The National Institute on Drug Abuse admits “the majority of people who use marijuana do not go on to use other, ‘harder’ substances,” it still describes marijuana as a gateway drug. But U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch recently told a group of Kentucky high school students the role of marijuana in the national drug abuse debate has been overstated.

Hungary Referendum To Reject EU Refugee Quotas Likely Invalid Due To Low Voter Turnout

Hungarians are expected to reject the European Union's migrant quotas in a referendum on Sunday but turnout will likely be too low to make the vote valid, disappointing Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Brexit Means March: Theresa May Will Trigger EU Divorce In Q1 Of 2017

After weeks of speculation on the UK's timetable for invoking Article 50, and eventually exiting the EU, Prime Minister Theresa May today announced she’ll begin the U.K.’s withdrawal from the European Union in the first quarter of 2017, ending speculation about the start of the 2-year Brexit process.

Hillary Responds To Hacked Fundraiser Recording Mocking "Basement Dwelling" Millennials

With 'leaks' flying fast and loose across the election battlefront, the Clinton campaign is responding with distraction (NY Times' Trump taxes) and desperation to her leaked fundraiser comments about Millennials, claiming that she was "inspired" by the basement-dwellers who backed Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

New Report Exposes The Orwellian Tools Law Enforcement Use To Spy On Activists On Social Media

Last week, the California ACLU released an alarming report about California law enforcement agencies’ covert use of social media surveillance software. The report compiles records requested of 63 police departments, sheriffs, and district attorneys across the state. The ACLU found over 40% are using the software without any transparency or public disclosure.

Deutsche Bank Charged By Italy For Market Manipulation, Creating False Accounts

One day after Deutsche Bank stock soared from all time lows, on the back of what so far appears to have been a fabricated report sourced by AFP which relied on Twitter to "inform it" that the DOJ would reduce its RMBS settlement with the German Lender, today Bloomberg reported that Deutsche Bank and six of its managers were charged in Milan for colluding to falsify the accounts of Italy’s third-biggest bank and manipulate the market.



This weekend the mainstream media is reporting that ‘Germany’s Merkel cannot afford to bail out Deutsche Bank‘, to which we say, yeah no kidding. The $75 Trillion in derivatives on Deutsche bank’s books are sinking the bank like the Titanic, and the situation is terminal. Jim Sinclair and Bill Holter from JS Mneset join me to discuss what Jim says is “the most dangerous period in world history” and as goes Deutsche bank. “so goes the world.”

The United States Imports Record Amounts of Gold from Switzerland! Meanwhile, Deutsche Bank Faces Total Collapse

by Nathan McDonald, Sprott Money:
I have been pointing out for months now that something fishy is going on behind the scenes. It began last month, when I highlighted the fact that the United States had reversed a massive, long-lasting trend of exporting gold, and in fact was beginning to import record amounts of gold from Switzerland. Well, not only has this trend continued, but it has accelerated.
As has been in the breaking news this week, Germany is facing growing pressure to bail out Deutsche Bank as it becomes increasingly apparent that this bank is facing a massive crash and liquidity problems.
This is becoming a self-fulling prophecy as the CEO of the bank states, pitifully blaming hedge-funds and speculators for much of their woes. It could never have anything to do with the fact that they were, as many other banks are, horribly over-leveraged and lacking reserves.
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Three Reasons Why the Banking System is Rigged Against You

by Simon Black, Sovereign Man:
If there were ever any doubt about how completely RIGGED the banking system is against depositors, allow me to introduce the following:
Exhibit A: Governments are working to make banks LESS safe
Yesterday an unelected bureaucrat that no one has ever heard of made a stunning announcement that has sweeping implications for anyone with a bank account.
Dombrovskis is Europe’s top financial services official, so he controls bank regulations in the European Union.
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Nomi Prins: Jail Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf!

by Nomi Prins, DailyReckoning:
Consider this. You’re a mob boss. You run a $1.8 trillion network of businesses across state lines and continents. Many of these are legit, but a select subset of them – not so much. Every so often the illegal components flare up; some Washington commission launches an investigation, someone blows a whistle, people lose their homes, a pack of investors sheds a ton of money and lawsuits fly. You get reprimanded and have to pay lawyers and accountants overtime to deal with the paperwork. You settle on fines with the government — $10 billion worth. Then you keep going with no one the wiser, no wings clipped, no hard time. After all of that — you say you’re sorry, forfeit some money you didn’t even make yet, and (maybe) resign with boatloads more of it.
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Presidential Debate Questions Being RIGGED by Globalist-Run ‘Open Debate Coalition’ That’s 100% in the Pocket of Hillary

from Natural News:
On Sunday, October 9th at 9 pm, the eyes of much of the nation will once again be on TV for round 2 of our very own ‘Thrilla in Manilla’, the presidential debates featuring Donald Trump vs ‘War Criminal’ Clinton.
(Article by Stefan Stanford, republished from
While Trump tells reporters today he’ll ‘hit harder’ next time around after many supporters claimed he handled ‘the body countress’ with kid gloves, we get absolute proof today that the next presidential debate is already being fixed in the war criminal’s favor.
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