Friday, October 7, 2016

White House Intervened To Suppress Hillary 'Secret Server' Scandal, Leaked Emails Reveal

Newly revealed emails between the White House and State Department reveal that, not only was Obama aware of Hillary's private email server, his administration actively intervened to suppress the story on her behalf.

Wikileaks Releases Hillary's Paid Wall Street Speech Transcripts: Hundreds Of "Sensitive" Excerpts

"If Everybody's Watching, You Know, All Of The Back Room Discussions And The Deals, You Know, Then People Get A Little Nervous, To Say The Least. So, You Need Both A Public And A Private Position" - Hillary Clinton

Two Boxes Of Hillary Emails Mysteriously Disappear

More signs of Hillary evidence tampering that, of course, didn't add up to intent according to the FBI...just a series of unrelated events and circumstantial evidence that "no reasonable prosecutor" would attempt to prosecute.

Florida Governor Denies Clinton Request For Voter Registration Extension

While Hillary claimed that visiting Louisiana weeks after flooding would have interrupted recovery efforts, she apparently has no problem releasing her legal army on Florida to push for voter registration extensions in the middle of Hurricane Matthew.

Major Election Fraud Alert – Is This How They Are Going To Steal The Election From Donald Trump?

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:
Every ounce of effort that ordinary Americans have put into getting Donald Trump elected could be completely wasted if we allow them to steal the election. If you have confidence in the integrity of our elections, that confidence will be shaken by the time you are done reading this article, because I am about to share some information with you that is absolutely astounding. Yesterday, I showed you that dead people are being registered to vote right now and that they have been voting in elections across the country for years. I also showed you that illegal immigrants have been voting in important swing states such as Virginia and Pennsylvania. But all of that pales in comparison to the evidence of systematic election fraud that we witnessed on election day in 2012.
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Foreigners to Inspect & Scrutinize US Elections

from TRU News:
People watch live broadcast of the first U.S. presidential debate between Republican U.S. presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democratic U.S. presidential nominee Hillary Clinton at a cafe in Beijing.
Foreigners to Oversee US Elections, Obama invites the Organization of America States to “inspect” and “scrutinize”.
(OAS) will send roughly 30 to 40 spectators to polling locations across the country.
Russian Embassy in Washington, interested in sending officials to watch Americans cast their ballots.
Donald Trump told a crowd in August that he was “afraid” the election in November is “going to be rigged.”
The measure has not been taken before in the history of US elections.
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Commuter-In-Chief: Obama Cuts Sentences Of Some More Drug Dealers

With his latest 102 commutations, Obama has commuted the sentences of a total of 744 prisoners, more than the previous 11 presidents combined.

The War In Syria: Who Is Actually To Blame?

It's complicated...

Trump Apologizes For "Locker Room Banter" After Recording Emerges Of "Extremely Lewd" Conversation About Women

This was locker room banter, a private conversation that took place many years ago... [Former President] Bill Clinton has said far worse to me on the golf course - not even close. I apologize if anyone was offended."

Black Swans: 9 Recent Events That Changed Finance Forever

Almost every market participant out there has at least one horrific war story on a crash that profoundly affected their portfolio or world view.

Weekend Reading: Up Down Sideways

We seem to be stuck...

Stocks & Bonds 'Pounded' After Biggest Risk-Parity Plunge In Over 6 Months

Caught On Tape: Massive Storm Surge From Hurricane Matthew Leaves Millions Without Power

Hurricane Matthew has stayed offshore, for the most part, preventing a "worst-case" scenario for Florida residents.  That said, 1 million people have been left without power as dramatic video footage reveals the massive storm surge experienced by people choosing to ride out the storm.

Sneak Peek Of 2nd Presidential Candidate Debate

En Garde...

US Officially Accuses Russia Of Hacking Democratic Party, State Election Systems

On Friday afternoon, the Obama administration officially and publicly accused Russia of carrying out a wide-ranging campaign to "interfere with the 2016 elections," including by hacking the computers of the Democratic National Committee and other political officials.

Doomed To Failure

In short, the U.S. economy may never reach “escape velocity” unless it is first allowed to crash.  It has been too larded up and larded over with debt for any real sustainable growth to take root.  More evidence, to this effect, was revealed this week.

Russia Considers Restoring Strategic Outposts In Cuba, Vietnam As US Rhetoric Rises

As Washington turns up the anti-Russian rhetoric to '11', it appears Vladimir Putin is not waiting around for the next move. As Reuters reports, Russia is considering plans to restore military bases in Vietnam and Cuba that had served as pivots of Soviet global military power during the Cold War.

Consumer Credit Has Second Biggest Jump On Record, As Student And Car Loans Soar

On a non-seasonally adjusted basis, when removing the artificial Arima-X-13 seasonal factors, August consumer credit soared by a near record $46.8 billion, an absolute outlier month, and surpassed just once in history.

The Coming Collapse Of The World's Biggest Economy

The stage is set for the collapse of the world’s largest economy - the European Union. The trigger: Italy’s exit from the euro currency.

Some Of The World's Best Investors Are Putting Their Money In An Unexpected Place

And curious group of markets - India, Indonesia, The Philippines and Vietnam - have been identified as the best investing opportunities by a group of leading Asia macro strategists, who think that Asia and the emerging markets will considerably outperform the developed world.

Someone Is Lying

A Look Inside The Pound Flash Crash: What Really Happened In Those 30 Seconds

At just after 7 minutes after hour, whether 7pm on the east coast, midnight GMT or early Friday morning in Asian trading, pound sterling plunged by more than 6%, in the span of 2 minutes although the bulk of the plunge took place in just 30 seconds: from 7:16 to 7:46, when the market became "disorderly" in technical parlance, or in simple terms, broke. Here is what happened in those 30 seconds.

ISIS, Not Russia, Is The Enemy In Syria

Obama would be committing an impeachable act if he started shooting down Russian or Syrian planes over Syrian territory. He might also be putting us on the escalator to World War III.

Wholesale Inventories Contract For First Time In 6 Years, GDP Hockey-Stick 'Guesses' At Risk

While GDP forecasts are being dragged lower from exuberant hockey-stick levels already, today's weakness in wholesale inventories will do nothing to help. A 0.1% decline YoY is the first since June 2010 and has always coincided with US economic recessions.

EU Doesn't Want Brexit "Negotiations" - The EU Wants "Blood Revenge"

It is becoming increasingly apparent there is actually no reason for the UK to show up at the Brexit “negotiations”. Judging from EU reactions from the “gang of 27”, and more recently from France and Germany there is no reason at all for the UK to show up. The EU doesn’t want Brexit “negotiations”, the EU wants “blood revenge”

After Last Night's Fireworks, Citi Unveils The "Insanity Index"

Citi: "G10 FX has lost its mind a bit in the past two years, taking over from EM as the tail risk king."

New Mega Oil Discovery In Alaska Could Reverse 3 Decades Of Decline

A small company just announced that it has made a “world-class” oil discovery in Alaska, which could be the largest find in the state in years.

Rumor Of Qatar Investment In Deutsche Bank Denied; Speculation Of A $1.2 Billion Margin Call Remains

Last Friday a fake Deutsche Bank headline saved the market. Can they do it again?

"Wrong Way Gartman"

Oil Slides Below $50 After Gartman Turns Bullish

"the trend line’s been broken and any correction over the next week or two back to this trend line is to be bought."

Gold "Pounded" As Someone Dumps Over $2 Billion In Under A Minute

Having spiked above $1265 on post-payrolls USD weakness, the European close seems to have been the perfect time for someone to decide to dump $2.25 billion notional gold into the futures markets, busting the precious metal back below the crucial $1250 level...

Since 2014 The US Has Added 547,000 Waiters And Bartenders And Lost 32,000 Manufacturing Workers

According to the BLS' seasonally adjusted "data", starting in March of 2010 and continuing through September of 2016, there has been just one month in which restaurant workers lost jobs



You won’t believe the George Soros tactics Hollywood is employing to promote the new movie ‘Birth of a Nation‘, and you’ll get a real kick out of what trillionaire Lynn Forester de Rothschild has to say about her puppet Hillary.

Trade Deals – A Global Issue

by Alasdair Macleod, GoldMoney:
The annual Conservative Party conference commenced last Sunday, and the media focus was mostly about the Government’s stance on Brexit.
This is hardly surprising, because Mrs May is being secretive, avoiding stoking a public spat with the EU by negotiating in public. The only hard news to emerge was that Article 50, formally giving notice of Britain leaving the EU, would be triggered by the end of March, in other words before the end of this tax year.
Brexit is mostly about trade deals, which is why big business is lobbying furiously, and EU functionaries are winding up their punitive rhetoric. In the US, Donald Trump has also wound up the rhetoric over trade, threatening to tear up NAFTA and refuse to ratify the trans-Pacific partnership. He also attacked China, accusing her of stealing American production and jobs. We should never believe anything a politician says on the stump to gain votes, but if nothing else Trump does seem to have identified electoral resentment on the trade issue.
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Russia & China Combining Forces in Syria

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:
The Russians are preparing to win World War III. They have presently evacuated 40 million Russians who have been transported to a bunker in an effort to practice to survive and an American nuclear strike.
Meanwhile, what has Obama done to protect the lives of American citizens? The answer is that he hate America/Americans and will not lift a finger to save even one American. This is why we have no bunkers.
Hillary Clinton has promised to enforce a no-fly zone in Syria. This means certain war. John Kerry has threatened to send terrorists to destroy Russian cities. Defense Secretary, Ashton Carter, has stated that our children will live in a world that is a burned out cinder. As if Russia needed more provocation to launch a first strike against America, there are four reasons why Putin will do exactly that and all four reasons relate to Syria.
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Global Economy Deflation as Currency Devaluation MELTDOWN Continues!

from The Money GPS:

Doesn't this just make you proud as hell to be and American? It makes me sick...and I don't smoke dope...

National Guard Used Helicopter to Raid 81-Year-Old’s Home and Seize a Pot Plant

by Carey Wedler, The Anti Media:
Though Americans are growing increasingly comfortable with the prospect of legal marijuana, the Massachusetts National Guard and the state’s police are proving resistant to change — so much so that last month, they used a military helicopter to raid an elderly woman’s home over a single cannabis plant.
At the end of September, the Daily Hampshire Gazette reported, both entities waged a mission to confiscate weed from Massachusetts residents, sweeping through neighborhoods and snatching up sprouting cannabis plants that were “outside and in plain view” from homeowners’ yards.
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Wait till the economy collapses...your stores will look exactly like this...

“Shelves Go Empty, Sandbags Run Out” As Florida Braces for Emergency Evacuation, Cat 5 Hurricane

by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:
For those living in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina or North Carolina, and in the path, hopefully preparations have already been made – because store shelves are already running out of critical emergency supplies and the situation looks severe.
IF weather forecasts are worth anything in tracking and predicting the course of Hurricane Matthew, the Category 5 hurricane could make a dramatic double-dip around Florida, and batter the peninsula and the people on it twice over. Weird stuff, and it will very likely cause significant damage.
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How Much Gold and Silver Do You Need For Retirement?

by Gary Christenson, GoldAndLiberty:
You want to retire soon but you don’t trust debt based fiat currency paper assets. Besides, the stock market looks toppy and bonds have about run their 30+ year bull market to its inevitable and ugly end – as indicated by negative interest rates, QE, helicopter money, ZIRP, central bank insanity and more.
How much stacked gold and silver do you need to retire? It clearly depends upon your individual situation – your age, expenses, other income, medical expenses, and more.
Assume that average annual US wages indicates a rough estimate of your annual retirement expenses. Below are graphs of average annual wages expressed in ounces of gold and silver based on their average annual selling price.
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OPERATION BRASS TAX – Corrupt Chicago Police Were Taxing Drug Dealers and Targeting Their Rivals

by Jamie Calven, The Intercept:
Chicago police officers Shannon Spalding and Danny Echeverria began investigating an elaborate criminal enterprise within the department that included extortion and possibly murder.
IN THE SPRING of 2007, converging police scandals in Chicago threatened to engulf the Daley administration. Against the background of the long-running Jon Burge torture saga, stories of police criminality dominated the media. A major scandal involving the department’s special operations section had erupted. The charges included not only robbing drug dealers but also stealing from ordinary citizens and attempted murder for hire. This was a particular embarrassment to Mayor Daley, for SOS had been strongly identified with his campaign against, as he often put it, “gangs, guns, and drugs.”
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China’s Hidden Plan to Accumulate Gold

by Jim Rickards, DailyReckoning:
China wants to do what the U.S. has done, which is to remain on a paper currency standard but make that currency important enough in world finance and trade to give China leverage over the behavior of other countries.
The best way to do that is to increase its voting power at the IMF and have the yuan included in the IMF basket for determining the value of the special drawing right. Getting those two things required the approval of the United States because the U.S. has veto power over important changes at the IMF. The U.S. can stand in the way of Chinese ambitions.
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Why Russia Is Preparing For The Worst RIGHT NOW!

from WeAreChange:


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