Thursday, October 13, 2016

Royal Air Force Pilots Ordered To Shoot Down "Hostile" Russian Jets Over Syria...

"We need to protect our pilots but at the same time," said a Sunday Times source "we're taking a step closer to war. It will only take one plane to be shot down in an air-to-air battle and the whole landscape will change."

Trump Campaign Warns Bill Clinton: "We're Going To Turn You Into Bill Cosby"

"We’re going to turn him into Bill Cosby. He’s a violent sexual predator who physically abuses women who he assaults. And she takes the lead on the intimidation of the victims.”

The Most Important Story is not the Election

by Brad Sebion, via SGT
We are four weeks away from electing the next President of The United States. If you turn on the television or radio that is all the hype. The main stream media, with a six percent trust rating, wants you to believe the latest political scandal of the day is important topic at hand. Keep your eye on what is happening around the world.
Tensions between Russia and the United States are on the rise. Vladimir Putin would like to have a Russian military presence in Cuba, and be 90 miles off the Florida coast. In response, the US Air Force dropped four test nukes in the Nevada dessert.
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"It’s A Fallacy To Think That This Is Like The Cold War. The Current Times Are Different And MORE DANGEROUS"

Putin Ally Warns Americans To Vote For Trump Or Face Nuclear War

"Americans voting for a president on Nov. 8 must realize that they are voting for peace on Planet Earth if they vote for Trump. But if they vote for Hillary it's war. It will be a short movie. There will be Hiroshimas and Nagasakis everywhere."

BREAKING: Wikileaks Emails Prove Clinton Insiders “Conspired to Produce an Unaware and Compliant Citizenry”

by Whitney Webb, True Activist:
A newly released email between Clinton insiders John Podesta and Bill Ivey expose how they and others “conspired” to keep the US public both ignorant and docile.
Earlier today, Wikileaks released its second batch of the ‘Podesta Emails.’ The release was announced the morning following the second Presidential debate, which many said had Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton on the defensive. The previous release of the emails from Clinton’s campaign chair, John Podesta, have exposed the corruption of the Clinton campaign, the mainstream press, as well as Hillary herself. However, an email found amongst the most recent release may implicate Clinton in an even greater “conspiracy.” In an exchange between Podesta and Bill Ivey, chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts under Bill Clinton, Ivey expresses his concern of Clinton facing Trump as Clinton “is not an entertainer,” unlike Trump who hosted TV reality shows and international beauty pageants prior to running for president. In the email, Ivery says he is unsure what Clinton can do to “offset” this perceived weakness but says she can count on at least one thing: the ignorance of the general public.
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Where Will The Money Go When All Three Market Bubbles Pop?

The chaos that will arise as trillions of dollars, yen, yuan and euros, etc. try to crowd through the fire exits as the asset bubbles pop will be monumental, and the spikes in small asset class prices as the hot money floods in will be equally monumental.

Dow Dumps Below 18,000, S&P Plunges To 3-Month Lows As VIX Spikes To 18

With China turmoiling once again, Yuan's tumble is rippling through global markets pushing US equity markets to 3-month lows. The S&P 500 is back at Brexit ledge levels, The Dow broke below 18,000, and VIX spiked to 18...

Global Elites Are Getting Ready To Blame You For The Coming Financial Crash

by Brandon Smith, Activist Post:
Those people who have any doubts about where the narrative is headed for global economic stability simply have not been paying attention lately.
As I pointed out in my pre-Brexit referendum article, “Brexit: Global Trigger Event, Fake Out Or Something Else? “the story being scripted by the globalists is one of the “failures and crimes” of conservative movements. I predicted that the Brexit would pass based on this language used by international financiers and elites leading up to the vote.
The vast majority of analysts in the mainstream and in the alternative media refused to acknowledge the possibility that a successful Brexit actually works in FAVOR of the globalists, because it provides them a perfect scapegoat for a financial crisis that has been broiling for years and is now ready to burst into flames. I find still that many people will not dare to consider the idea that a successful conservative resurgence is actually part of the plan for globalist institutions. Many argue that the elites just don’t have that kind of pervasive control over the system, or that I am attributing “too much power and ability” to them.
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by Michael F. Martin,
In 2008 I watched the collapse of the economy and the start of the Great Recession. I knew the bankers loaned money to people who couldn’t afford to repay the loans. At the time I largely blamed the government regulations and the ending of Glass-Steagall for the mess. I blamed the Federal Reserve policy of low interest rates, but still thought the Federal Reserve was part of the federal government at the time. I waited for the lines of bank officials to be marched into court and be prosecuted for fraud. Instead the government bailed out the big banks and no one went to jail. It took years for me to figure out what happened after the biggest fraud in global history occurred. It was the silent coup, and the big bankers became untouchable.
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The Imperial President’s Toolbox of Terror: A Dictatorship Waiting to Happen

by John W. Whitehead,
Presidents don’t give up power. Executive orders don’t expire at the end of each presidential term.
And every successive occupant of the Oval Office since George Washington, who issued the first executive order, hasexpanded the reach and power of the presidency.
The Constitution invests the President with very specific, limited powers. In recent years, however, American presidents have anointed themselves with the power to wage war, unilaterally kill Americans, torture prisoners, strip citizens of their rights, arrest and detain citizens indefinitely, carry out warrantless spying on Americans, and erect their own secretive, shadow government.
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S&P Plunges To 3-Month Lows, VIX Spikes To 18

With China turmoiling once again, Yuan's tumble is rippling through global markets pushing US equity markets to 3-month lows. The S&P 500 is back at Brexit ledge levels as VIX spiked to 18...

Wikileaks Releases Another 2,000 Podesta Emails In Part 6 Of Data Dump

Just hours after wikileaks released the 5th part of the Podesta emails dump which in turn came shortly after part 4 which together amounted to some 1,866 new email, Wikileaks has unveiled the latest, 6th part in what now is a daily event, which released another 2,000 emails, bringing the total number of emails released to over 9,000.

EU Seeks €20 Billion Brexit Divorce Settlement

The price of Brexit is high and rising.

Copper Crashes To 1 Month Lows

Selling pressure began during Asian trading following disappointing China trade data but as US markets started trading so Copper futures plunged through crucial technical support on extremely heavy volume to one-month lows...

US Equity Markets Break Key Technical Support

This broad gauge of the equity market (among others) has snapped its post-February uptrend line.

US Import Prices Drop For 26th Straight Month As UK Exports Most Delfation

US import prices have now fallen year-over-year for 26 straight months - the longest non-recessionary streak in US history. The 1.1% decline is slightly worse than expected as China's exported deflation was flat at 6 year lows but UK 'exported' the most deflationary pressure.

"This Is War" - Trump Drafting Lawsuit Against New York Times For Story He Groped And Kissed Women

With the Podesta email leaks now a daily feature providing futher insights into the inner workings of the Clinton campaign, and with the shock over the Trump Tapes fading, a new distraction had to emerge to keep the public distrated, and sure enough, it happened last night when several women came forward to allege they had been groped or forcibly kissed by Donald Trump, as far back as thirty six years ago.

Donna Brazile Denies Feeding Hillary Clinton Questions Ahead of CNN Town Hall [Despite Wikileaks Email Proof]

from Breitbart:
Democratic National Committee Chair Donna Brazile has denied providing Hillary Clinton with questions from a CNN town hall debate ahead of the event, despite WikiLeaks documents that suggest the former adviser to President Bill Clinton did provide a question to Clinton’s aides.
“I never had access to questions and would never have shared them with the candidates if I did,” Brazile wrote in an statement issued several hours after WikiLeaks broke the news of the alleged collaboration.
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Washington State Democratic Elector May Not Vote For Clinton In Electoral College

A Democratic elector in Washington says that if his party’s presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, wins the state, he may shirk his duty to cast his vote for her in the Electoral College.

Thai Stocks, Currency Rally As 'Investors' Buy The Dead King Dip

The last few days have seen carnage in Thailand's currency and stock markets following reports that the King's condition was unstable on Sunday. But the news that the world's longest reigning monarch has died this morning has prompted a buying panic in stocks and the Baht.

US Joins Yemen Conflict With Cruise Missile Strikes On Anti-Saudi Targets

Overnight, the U.S. military not only did not rebuke the Saudis for a military campaign that has claimed nearly 10,000 innocent civilian lives, but became the latest entrant in the Yemen offensive, when it launched cruise missile strikes on Thursday to knock out three coastal radar sites in areas of Yemen controlled by Iran-aligned Houthi forces targeted by Saudi Arabia.

Deutsche Bank Implements Hiring Freeze, Stock Slides

While much attention in recent weeks has fallen on Deutsche Bank's balance sheet, today we got a timely reminder that the bank also has substantial income statement problems when Bloomberg reported that the biggest German lender is implementing a companywide hiring freeze as CEO John Cryan "seeks to lower costs and shore up investor confidence."

World's Biggest Hedge Fund Evacuated After Receiving Wednesday Afternoon Bomb Threat

While bomb threats to schools and government institutions are a standard feature in this day and age, there was a twist on a familiar theme yesterday afternoon when employees of Bridgewater Associates, the biggest hedge fund in the world, evacuated from the company's Westport headquarters Wednesday after a " nonspecific bomb threat.

Global Stocks Tumble To Three Month Lows As China Fears Return

Remember when two weeks ago the China Beige Book warned that "It’s A Lot More Negative Than People Think" in the world's second biggest economy? Well after months of complacency about the Chinese economy and financial risks emanating from its $35 trillion financial sector, overnight the world got a rude awakening when China export figures tumbled, signalling a deeper slowdown than many anticipated just as the Fed prepares to raise interest rates.

State Department Asked What Is Difference Between Yemen And Syria Bombings, Awkward Moment Follows

Russia’s Foreign Affairs spokesperson, Maria Zakharova, lost her cool in response to a Western journalist who asked her the question: “Why is Russia supporting Assad, who is killing civilians?” But even more incredible was the utter lack of response when US State Department officials were asked what the different between bombings in Syria and Saudi air strikes in Yemen.

Doug Casey On "Quitaly" & The Collapse Of The EU

"...the entire situation has gotten much worse. The inevitable has now become the imminent."

Pension Benefits In Tiny California Town To Be Slashed As "Ponzi Scheme" Is Exposed

“I looked at what’s been happening with all the other entities, and I saw that eventually it’s got to collapse. It’s almost like a Ponzi scheme.

French Prime Minister Argues For United States Of Europe, With Its Own Military

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, wants to transform the EU into the United States of Europe, complete with its own European defense force. “Member states have a choice: give up on the EU or transform it,” writes Manuel Valls.

Stocks, USDJPY Plunge After Dismal China Trade Data

Following an unexpected plunge in China's trade balance (to 6 month lows), US equity futures and USDJPY are tumbling as Yuan turmoil ripples through markets once again.

Regime Change In The Philippines — Paul Craig Roberts

by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:
When will the neoconservative chant begin: “Duterte must go”? Or will the CIA assassinate him?
President Rodrigo Duterte has indicated that he intends a more independent foreign policy. He has announced upcoming visits to China and Russia, and his foreign minister has declared that it is time for the Philippines to end its subservience to Washington. In this sense, regime change has already occurred.
Duterte has suspended military maneuvers with the US. His defense minister said that the Philippines can get along without US military aid and prefers cooperation over conflict with China.
Duterte might simply be trying to extract a larger pay-off from Washington, but he had better be careful. Washington will not let Duterte move the Philippines into the Chinese camp.
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The 16 Superfoods That Can Keep your Heart Healthy

by Ethan A. Huff, Natural News:
Heart disease is the leading cause of death in America today, and many people are looking for ways to better protect their hearts through diet. The good news is that there are plenty of heart-healthy “superfoods” out there that can get the job done, and the following are some of your best options:
Salmon: Oily fish in general are excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acids that decrease the risk of heart conditions like atherosclerosis and arrhythmia, while lowering triglyceride levels and improving cholesterol levels.
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The Central Bank Wants More Control Of The Economy And It’s Pushing For It

from X22Report:

The Fed. Is Concerned About Their Own Monetary Policy Distortions. By Gregory Mannarino

from Gregory Mannarino:

What the Heck’s Going on with the New Global Reserve Currency, the Chinese Yuan?

by Wolf Richter, Wolf Street:
A “structural change”: capital flight in yuan.
The Chinese yuan fell to 6.722 to the US dollar currently, the weakest since September 2010. It’s down 3.3% so far this year. OK, a squiggle compared to the wholesale drubbing the UK pound has been taking since the Brexit vote, but there’s a difference: the yuan gets managed with an iron fist.
Some folks interpret this to mean that the People’s Bank of China has been weakening the yuan to gain some trade advantages and revive the export boom and kick economic growth back into gear. But evidence is piling up that the PBOC instead has been trying to slow down the yuan’s descent.
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WikiLeaks Emails: Hillary Clinton Team Courted Elizabeth Warren as Early as Spring of 2014 — With Inside Help

by Pam Martens and Russ Martens, Wall Street On Parade:
There have been many questions and much disappointment among progressives that Senator Elizabeth Warren withheld her endorsement of Senator Bernie Sanders for President when it could have potentially led to his victory in the primaries. After remaining silent on Sanders, Warren then gave an unrestrained endorsement of Hillary Clinton in June as well as in a keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention in July. The convention endorsement led to loud chants of “we trusted you” from the audience.
Yesterday, WikiLeaks released more emails that had been hacked from the email account of John Podesta, Chair of the Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign. Podesta was also a former Chief of Staff to Bill Clinton during his presidency, co-chair of the Barack Obama 2008 presidential campaign and a Counselor to Obama during his presidency.
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