Thursday, October 27, 2016

Assange Predicts Trump Will Lose, Accuses Clinton Campaign Of Trying To Hack Wikileaks...

"I don’t think there’s any chance of Donald Trump winning the election, even with the amazing material we are publishing, because most of the media organizations are strongly aligned with Hillary Clinton."

New Evidence Links Voting Machines And Clinton Foundation

Could these connections be enough to implicate the Clinton Foundation in the alleged early vote rigging in Texas?

Paul Craig Roberts Explains "What's At Stake In The Election"

"If the American people are really so unbelievably stupid that they think lewd remarks about women are more important than avoiding nuclear war, the American people are too stupid to exist. They will deserve the mushroom clouds that will wipe them and everyone else off the face of the earth."

Let Crude Crash: US Oil Producers Are Hedging At Levels Not Seen Since 2007

Short positions in WTI futures contracts held by producers or merchants totaled more than 540,000 contracts as of October 2016, the most since 2007. Banks have tightened lending standards as crude oil prices declined, and some banks require producers to hedge against future price risk as a condition for lending. As a result, an oil crash may be just the windfall domestic shale producers need.

IMHO... if it was me I would be as offensive and politically incorrect as I could possibly be...
Remember I'll be wearing a Hillary mask covering my ass...just to piss off the bleeding heart liberals as we leave...

Trigger-Free Trick-Or-Treat Guide To Halloween Costumes

"It's Halloween and that can only mean one thing... people who wear offensive costumes are literally Hitler." This Halloween, don't be Hitler and have a trigger-free trick-or-treat by following the advice of Lauren and Faith from Rebel Media...

"The Fed Failed..." And That Changes Everything

Reception of and belief about QE have been very much cult-like and it was thus too thinly constructed to withstand being so thoroughly debunked..

LaGuardia Airport Closed After Mike Pence's Campaign Plane Skids Off Runway

Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence's campaign plane just slid off the runway at LaGuardia Airport in New York City during heavy rain. Emergency crews responded to the incident, but journalists on the plane quickly tweeted that there were no injuries.

Bill and Chelsea Respond To Clinton Foundation Scandal

“We have been very transparent about the work that we do and how it’s funded"...seems slightly disingenuous to take credit for "transparency" forced upon you by WikiLeaks.

Dennis Kucinich's Extraordinary Warning On Washington's Think Tank Warmongers

"Washington, DC, may be the only place in the world where people openly flaunt their pseudo-intellectuality by banding together, declaring themselves “think tanks,” and raising money from external interests, including foreign governments, to compile reports that advance policies inimical to the real-life concerns of the American people...We must not accept war as inevitable, and those leaders who would lead us in that direction, whether in Congress or the White House, must face visible opposition."

Artist's Impression Of "The Clinton Machine"

"vast right wing conspiracy..."

Jared Dillian: "The Fed Is More Hawkish Than You Think"

"This is not a good Fed. They aren’t making decisions on a predictive, forward-looking basis. They are very concerned about optics, appearances—how things look. And to them, right now the optics of having Fed funds at 0.375% with unemployment at 5% are very bad. But that isn’t how it’s supposed to work."

Foreign Affairs Confronts Trump’s ‘Populism’

from The Daily Bell:

The Globalization of Rage  Why Today’s Extremism Looks Familiar … Militant secessions from a civilization premised on gradual progress under liberal democratic trustees—the kind of civilization that D’Annunzio and his peers denounced as feeble and corrupt—are once again brewing within the West and far beyond it: and as before, they are fueled by a broad, deep, and volatile desire for destruction.    –Foreign Affairs
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Why I Now Feel Compelled To Vote For Trump

I am voting for Trump because of the people who don’t want me to, and I believe I must register my disgust with Hillary Clinton.
by Derek Hunter, Town Hall:
Last time a Clinton was on the ballot, I voted for Ross Perot. My vote didn’t deny Bob Dole the White House, but I confess I felt a smug sense of satisfaction in “refusing to settle.” I sure showed them, didn’t I?
I haven’t been as vocal as other “Never Trump” writers, but neither have I hidden my dislike or tempered my criticism. In a field of 17 Republican candidates, Donald Trump wouldn’t have been my 18th choice. I’m still not a fan. But they didn’t just ask me; they asked everyone. And more of everyone chose Donald Trump.
I couldn’t do it, I just couldn’t. For countless reasons I’ve covered over the last year, I dug in my heels and proudly basked in my self-satisfaction.
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Michael Moore Perfectly Explains Why Trump Will Win

It was an amazing thing to see…”
from Trump Man:

“…No Republican or Democrat had ever said anything like that to these executives. And it was music to the ears of the people of Michigan and Ohio and Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, the Brexit statesand it’s why every beaten down, nameless, forgotten working stiff who used to be part of what was called the middle class, loves Trump.”

Social Justice Warriors Vow to Call the Police on People Wearing “Offensive” Halloween Costumes

Zombie outfits or sexy Pocahontas costumes could get you in trouble
by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars:
Social justice warriors have vowed to call the police on people wearing “offensive” Halloween costumes!
If you thought the ‘triggering’ last year was bad, wait until you hear about what’s happening this October 31st.
If you do celebrate Halloween, please make sure you wear the most tasteless, offensive costume imaginable.
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Here’s What Happens When a Currency Hits an All-Time Low

by Simon Black, Sovereign Man:
I’ll start with an admission that I don’t do vacations very well. Or frequently. Over the past ten years I’ve probably only taken a week or two off in total.
A big part of that is a deep character flaw of me being a workaholic… but that’s a natural extension of genuinely loving all the exciting business ventures and wonderful people that I’m involved with each day.
I do recognize, however, that taking a break is healthy, and I’m trying to get better at it.
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China & Russia Prepare For Chaos: Buying Gold – Mike Maloney

from GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney):

Triggered: Journalist Snowflakes Scared Trump Supporters Are ‘Turning on the Media’

by Dustin Stockton, Breitbart:
Triggered journalists from across the nation are bemoaning the treatment members of the press are receiving at Trump campaign rallies from the Trump supporters the media routinely misrepresents as ignorant racists, fascist Nazis, or disenchanted working whites.
With increasing regularity, these journalist snowflakes are “reporting” their victimization at the hands Trump supporters who chant mean things like, “CNN sucks” and call them names like “presstitutes.”
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Watch This Incredible Video And Decide For Yourself: Did Hillary Clinton Cheat At The Last Debate By Using An Embedded Tablet Device In Her Podium?

by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:
New Wikileaks documents show that Hillary Clinton, in association with the mainstream media, was given debate questions ahead of time. It’s also been rumored that the former First Lady may have used an ear piece at one of the debates, giving her a significant advantage.
Last week footage of the final Presidential debate begain circling the internet and showed that Clinton may have been using some sort of screen at her podium. While many dismissed this as a lighting effect, an investigation by Piper McGowin at The Daily Sheeple suggests that Hillary may have actually been using some sort of tablet device.
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Martin Armstrong: The Worlds Top Forecaster, Reputation 2nd to None On The Markets & The US Electlon

from Michael Campbell’s Money Talks:

Don’t Diss the Dark Ages

by Charles Hugh Smith, Of Two Minds:
Much was lost when the Western Roman Empire collapsed, but islands of literacy, learning and security arose despite the constant conflicts and threats of invasion.
Once dissed as The Dark Ages, the Medieval Era is more properly viewed as a successful adaptation to the challenges of the post-Western Roman Empire era. The decline of the Western Roman Empire was the result of a constellation of challenges, including (but not limited to) massive new incursions of powerful Germanic tribes, a widening chasm between the Western and the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantium), plague, an onerous tax burden on the non-elite classes, weak leadership, the dominance of a self-serving elite (sound familiar?) and last but not least, the expansion of an unproductive rabble in Rome that had to be bribed with increasingly costly Bread and Circuses.
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Companies Are Preparing For An Event By Raising Terror Insurance Limits

from X22Report:


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