Thursday, October 13, 2016

Leaked Emails Reveals Clinton Campaign Plotted Supreme Court Threat Over Obamacare

"It was pretty critical that the President threw the gauntlet down...that was vital to scaring Roberts."



Hillary Clinton, the DNC and the corrupt GOP and neocon powers that support her cannot allow this micro-documentary to be seen. Please share it far and wide.

US Government Plans Are In The Works, Next Event Around The Corner

from X22Report:

An Inside Look At Two "Unrelated" Banker Suicides Reveals A Fascinating Rabbit Hole

The two most fascinating, and still unexplained, banker suicides have a common thread, one strecthing from Europe's oldest to Europe's biggest banks. Join us as we take a deep dive inside this most fascinating rabbit hole...

What Exactly Is Agenda 21?

To put it as simply as possible, Agenda 21 is world domination with a warm, fuzzy glow. Once you understand it, you’ll never look at “regulations” the same way again.

Obama To Decide Friday On Military Action In Syria

The time has come for the US to make a decision: on Friday President Barack Obama and his top foreign policy advisers are expected to meet to consider their military and other options in Syria as Syrian and Russian aircraft continue to pummel Aleppo and other targets.

Global Elites Are Getting Ready To Blame You For The Coming Financial Crash

Those people that have any doubts about where the narrative is headed for global economic stability simply have not been paying attention lately.

Physics of Money

Submitted by David Bryan,
The establishment conjectures of monetarism, corporatism, globalism, socialism, capitalism and communism consolidate immense wealth and power for the ruling establishment and are not for the benefit of the great body of people. Genetic engineering, financial engineering and social engineering are the modus operandi of the ruling establishment and these are the antithesis of physics. In an act of genocide against the great body of people they destroy the world’s ecology, economy and social fabric.
As long as you rely on “by means of” you will always be dependent on something false” – Huang Po, Tang Dynasty Zen Master
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Trump Attacks FBI & DOJ For Corrupt Hillary Investigation - “It Was Crime At The Highest Level”

“Did they make a deal where everybody protects each other in Washington?  We have to investigate the investigation."

Singapore Economy Crashes In Q3

After two quarters of lacklustre nothingness, Singapore's economy finally collapased in Q3. Against expectations of no change, GDP QoQ SAAR crashed 4.1% - the worst quarter since Q3 2012. MAS added that it did not expect GDP growth to pick up "significantly" in 2017.

WWIII on the way...Get your cannon fodder ready...

War Of The Worlds: Masks Are Ripped Away In Syria

In recent weeks, the battle for Aleppo has exposed the true heart of contemporary global politics with vivid clarity.

Subprime Auto Securitizations Show Signs Of Cracking As Delinquencies Rise

"The auto industry has also become intensely competitive, which has led to price competition, loosening of credit standards, and higher charge-offs."

Goldman Warns "Much More Downside" To Come For Pound Sterling

As the pound resumes its post-flash-crash, post-May-Brexit-debate bounce, Goldman's Silvia Ardagna warns of much more downside pressure to come for Sterling with a cumulative depreciation of as much as 25% by year-end.

Democratic Minnesota Gov. Blasts Obamacare: "Affordable Care Act Is No Longer Affordable"

“Ultimately I’m not trying to pass the buck here but the reality is the Affordable Care Act is no longer affordable.”

While Media Obsesses Over Pussy-Gate, US Debt Soars To $19.7 Trillion

The US government’s debt level has soared to just a hair under $19.7 trillion. To give it some context, that’s up over $170 billion in just eight business days.... the fastest pace in 13 months. It’s almost as if Barack Obama is intentionally and desperately trying to breach the $20 trillion mark before he leaves office in January.

How the NEW WORLD ORDER will divide the States of America

from USA-CANADA News:

Citi Should Worry About the End of Central Banking Instead of Yellen

from The Daily Bell:
Citi Is Worried About the Political Winds Blowing Against Yellen … A premature exit? … Citigroup Inc. on Tuesday posed an unspeakable question: will a political storm sweep Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen after the election that will force her to quit before her term ends in February 2018? -Bloomberg
Citi claims to be worried about the demise of Janet Yellen as Fed head but actually its top officials – the ones who report to London’s City – are more worried about the gradual unwinding of central banking itself.
We wrote yesterday about the unwinding of the Western – and US – political system. But central banking won’t last any longer than the current political “democracy” – and for the same reason. Too many people understand that like politics itself, central banking is not what it seems.
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Cameras Banned At Rallies To Protect Hillary From Seizures!



Please Assume Crash Positions

by Charles Hugh-Smith, OfTwoMinds:
That few believe Mr. Market can possibly stumble only increases the odds of a stumble.
You know how to get into crash positions, correct? Here’s your guide:
Very few punters expect a real downturn here in stocks. The reasons for confidence are many: the Fed has our back, buy the dip has worked great and will continue to work great, the Fed won’t raise rates until December (if ever), the Powers That Be will keep the market aloft lest a plunging market upset the election of the status quo candidate, and so on.
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What IS the difference between  black lives matter...the DNC or the KKK...Hillary's best friend was Byrd and Soros...I would like a clear answer...will never get one ...

People Demand Professor be Fired for Saying Black Lives Matter Is Like the KKK

by Tim Brown, Freedom OutPost:
It almost seems like a broken record, reporting and commenting on the death of college free speech. If there weren’t so darn many examples of bias and outright animosity toward free speech on college campuses, it would easier to ignore.
Douglas Muir is a rather unassuming restaurant owner and engineering professor at the University of Virginia. However, he made the critical mistake of posting a comment, “responding to a Facebook post that included a photograph of a recent appearance by BLM co-founder Alicia Garza in Charlottesville.” Garza was speaking at a nearby theater on “Rooting Out Injustice…”
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WikiLeaks Revelations From Hillary’s Highly-Paid Wall Street Speeches

by Stephen Lendman, The Sleuth Journal:
Hillary’s persona in public and private are polar opposites. Comments in highly-paid speeches reveal the true mettle a deplorable aspirant for any public office.
Publicly with cameras rolling, she’s for middle class values, helping America’s poor and lots more lofty pledges. In speeches to Wall Street firms, paying her six-figure remuneration fees as high as half a million dollars or more at times, she admits support for monied interests, explaining she’s “far removed” from middle class struggles she knows little or nothing about, or cares – showing as president she’ll serve wealth, power and privileged interests exclusively, the needs of ordinary people be damned.
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Do You Feel The Urgency To Top Off Your Food Storage And Preps?

by Ken Jorgustin, Modern Survival Blog:
I’m not sure if it’s because I spend a fair amount of time each day reading alt-news (news other than the ‘mainstream media’), but lately I have had the gut feeling to urgently prepare even more. The thing is, I feel like I’m already quite well prepared, however I’m getting the feeling to do even more… and to do it quickly.
Do any of you have this sense of urgency lately? And why do think that is?
The title of this article includes the word “Urgency”. I definitely feel the urgency. And then there is the phrase to “top off”. To top off? One wonders how much is enough to feel as though you have enough? Surely that depends on what we’re talking about. In this case, lets say ‘food storage’ (but that’s just one of many categories that I feel urgent about).
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Russia Fires Nuclear-Ready Ballistic Missiles: “Increasing Tensions With the U.S.”

by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:
Got nuclear war?
Russia is clearly prepared for it, and ready to send a message to the belligerent American policy hacks who have been continuously egging things on.
With diplomatic ties between the U.S. and Russia at their lowest point since the end of the Cold War, it is difficult not to take notice of how rapidly Putin and his generals are preparing for all-out war.
And they may have it.
Most recently, Russia test-fired three nuclear-capable ballistic missiles – from submarines in the Sea of Okhotsk and the Barents Sea, as well as one from an inland location.
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