Tuesday, January 26, 2016

China Warns Soros Against Starting A Currency War: "You Cannot Possibly Succeed, Ha, Ha"

Soros’s war on the renminbi and the Hong Kong dollar cannot possibly succeed — about this there can be no doubt. Reckless speculations and vicious shorting will face higher trading costs and possibly severe legal consequences. And just as proved in the yuan exchange rate case, the Chinese government has sufficient resources and policy tools to keep the overall economic situation under control and cope with any external challenges.”

3% Downpayment FHA Loans Surge As Subprime Buyers Are Back In The Housing Market

Americans across the country have been priced out of the U.S. housing market since the “recovery” began due to a combination of factors; stagnant wages, private equity purchases and money laundering foreigners. As such, many potential first time buyers have been sidelined despite the availability of meager 3% downpayment loans from the FHA as well as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Fortunately for the U.S. ponzi scheme economy, the U.S. government has a solution. Lower mortgage insurance premiums.

Case-Shiller Home Prices Miss For 7th Month In A Row As "Seasonal Adjustments" Dominate Gains

While the Case-Shiller home price index rose modestly MoM (+0.87%), it continues to disappoint expectations with the 7th consecutive miss in a row. Notably, unadjusted the monthly rise in prices was just 0.1%. Year-over-year gains of 5.8% for the top 20 cities is the fastest price appreciation since July 2014 - thanks once again to the magic of seasonal adjustments.

Deutsche Bank Declares War On Mario Draghi, Warns Him Any Further QE Will Push Stocks Lower

In what is the first official warning to a central bank to no longer do what has been done so far for seven years, earlier today Deutsche Bank came out with a startling presentation addressed to Mario Draghi, warning him explicitly that any more QE will not only not help stocks (and certainly not DB stock which continues to plumb post-crisis lows on fears it is overexposed to the commodity crunch and potentially such names as Glencore and various other commodity traders), but will actually push equities lower.

Why Dip Buyers Will Get Clobbered: The US Economy Isn't Doing "Just Fine"

As of June 2008 no Wall Street banking house was predicting a recession, yet by then the Great Recession - the worst economic downturn since the 1930s - was already six months old, as per the NBER’s subsequent official reckoning. Wall Street never predicts a recession. And that’s basically why the stock market goes up for 5-7 years on a slow escalator, and then plunges down an elevator shaft during several quarters of violent after-the-fact retraction when an economic and profits downturn has already arrived.

John Paulson Puts Up Personal Holdings To Secure Credit Line As AUM Plunges

Back in August we noted that John Paulson managed to get himself and his investors involved in two rather dubious "firsts" in 2015: Puerto Rico became the first US commonwealth in history to default, and Greece became the first developed country to default to the IMF. Paulson had invested in Puerto Rican and Greek assets. Now, amid a client exodus, the billionaire is putting up his own holdings to secure a longstanding line of credit with HSBC.

Not Even Bloomberg's Analyst Is Buying The "Saudi Production Cuts"

Moments ago Bloomberg's own oil strategist, Julian Lee explained that comments that Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Russia have become more willing to consider production cuts need to be viewed with caution.  "Saudi Arabia has said it would cut output as part of broader OPEC, non-OPEC agreement ever since current mkt share policy was introduced. There’s no indication that position has changed."

Is This Why Futures Soared Overnight?

"We shall strongly urge those who are still aggressively long of equities to become less so; we shall urge those who are upon the sidelines and are “punters” rather than long term investors to err obviously on the short side and we shall urge long term investors who’ve been fortunate enough to have gone to the sidelines to do what they can and what they must to convince themselves that things are not yet “cheap” enough to warrant even nibbling at equities." - Dennis Gartman

China Crashes To 13 Month Low After Last Hour Panic Selling; Crude, Futures Tumble Then Surge

It has been another volatile, illiquid, whipsawed session, driven by the only two things that have mattered so far in 2016, China and oil.... and stop-hunting algos of course.

Economic Activity Is Slowing Down Much Faster Than The Experts Anticipated

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

We have not seen global economic activity fall off this rapidly since the great recession of 2008.  Manufacturing activity is imploding all over the planet, global trade is slowing down at a pace that is extremely alarming, and the Baltic Dry Index just hit another brand new all-time record low.  If the “real economy” consists of people making, selling and shipping stuff, then it is in incredibly bad shape.  Here in the United States, the dismal economic numbers continue to stun all of the experts.  For example, on Monday we learned that the Texas general business activity index just hit a six year low
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Hillary Clinton’s Lobbyist Fundraisers Want Baby Steps: America Needs a Political Revolution

by Pam Martens and Russ Martens, Wall Street on Parade:
Hillary Clinton was stumping in Iowa last week, promising supporters that if she is elected President she will fight to get rid of the U.S. Supreme Court decision, Citizens United, which allows unlimited corporate money to influence elections. At one campaign stop, Hillary said the decision is having “pernicious effects on our electoral system.”
Hillary elaborated further on her views in an opinion piece for CNN last week, writing:
“It’s time to reclaim our democracy, reform our distorted campaign finance system and restore access to the ballot box in all 50 states.
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RELATED: Jewish activist Barbara Spectre calls for destruction of European through multiculturalism. This was all done by design.
by Geoffrey Grider, Now The End Begins:
Delays in processing applications may account for some of those missing, it is reported, buts other may have moved on to different EU countries, the Interior Ministry has confessed. The 1.1 million migrants registered with the German state’s ‘EASY’ system, operated by the German Ministry For Migration and Refugees. It does little more than record an applicant’s arrival and their country of origin.
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Davos Insider Vows Trump Defeat: “It Doesn’t Matter Who the GOP Puts Up, Hillary Will Win”

by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:
Voice of the people be damned. With a week until the Iowa caucuses, it would appear that the fix is in – at least if you take the words of some of the world’s most elite to heart.
It is perhaps no surprise that the Davos elite – which just converged in the snowy Alps – have it out for Trump. Reuters reported that the “Davos elite [are] alarmed at prospect of nominee Trump,” whom they consider “dangerous.”
Now, one of their attendees, Martin Sorrell – who heads WPP Group, a very powerful advertising and marketing firm that steers hundreds of entities who represent top corporations around the globe – is boldly predicting that Donald Trump will fail, regardless of his overwhelming support from voters.
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Welcome to “The Land of the Free, The Home of the Brave” — 1 in 4 Young Americans are TOO OBESE for Military Service

by Jennifer Lea Reynolds, Natural News:
Forget back and forth shifts in political decisions, terror threats and changing policies; the latest threat to national security may be the fact that many Americans are too obese to serve in the military. “I am very concerned about the reduced number of men and women who can meet all the qualifications required to serve in our armed forces,” says retired U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Steven Tomaszeski. “Nearly one quarter, 25 percent of all Americans ages 17-24 are too overweight to serve. Obesity is not only affecting those who can qualify for military service, it is also creating challenges for our active duty military,” he explains.
Shocking highlights of report detailing the consequences of obesity and military serviceThe statistics stem from a report released by retired Maryland admirals who are members of Mission: Readiness, a group of over 500 retired admirals and generals who are dedicated to preserving national security now and in the future. Titled, “Retreat is Not an Option,” the report details the surge in obesity while also making the case for healthier school meals, an increase in exercise and an overall awareness for the need for more fit military service members.
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